Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 300 – The Back of the Neck (3)

Boom- booom-
The inside of Cale’s body was pounding.

Cale could hear a loud cry coming from inside his body.
Something was happening to the fiery thunderbolt tattoo over his heart.
That thunderbolt was slowly being absorbed into his body.

That was the only tattoo that disappeared from his body.

‘Black magic…’

‘The Birth of a Hero’ only had one sentence about black magic.

< Necromancers and Black Mages. >

It was a story about when the necromancers met their end at the hands of the Church of the Sun God.

< Although both necromancers and black mages use dead mana, one moves within the boundaries of nature while the other rebels against nature. >
< Black magic that is said to have disappeared after ancient times is something that goes against rationality. >

Cale looked toward the creatures that was created while going against rationality.


The chaotic voices of the Mogoru Empire’s forces reached his ears.

“Just who is that man?”
“Does that mean he can destroy the other golems as well since he managed to destroy the largest one?”

The soldiers were crouching in fear while the nobles and leaders were shouting.

Screeeeeech- screeeeeeech-

The black smoke and the eerie screeches.
The golems seemed to be strong war machines created by their Empire, but there were terrible things flowing out of it.

“…W, what is that?”

It was disgusting.
Furthermore, the people who were attacking those golems seemed to be a priest and Holy Knights of the Church of the Sun God.

“…Something is weird.”
“I know, something’s definitely weird.”

The soldiers started to be wary of what their leaders might say next.
Cale heard Imperial Prince Adin’s voice just as he realized this.


Vice Tower Master Metelona raised her hand and started to shout.

“Attack that swordsman and the birds that destroyed the Sword of the Empire and our golems, the holy relics of ancient times!”

The mages and alchemists started to attack in unison.
Hundreds of magic spells flew into the sky again.

“Ha, haha-”

Cale started to laugh.

‘You scummy bastards!’

Choi Han, Clopeh, and the white skeleton birds were now close to the Golem Brigade. But the Empire was launching their attacks toward them right now?

What they were doing was obvious.

‘They’re trying to cover it up.’

They were trying to cover up the black smoke and the terrible screeching.
It was probably a method to calm the chaos in the minds of the soldiers and nobles.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

Rosalyn and the Whipper Kingdom’s side cast spells as well. She had no choice. They had to protect the white skeleton birds.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

The black smoke and terrible screeching were being drowned out by the sound of the spells exploding.

– Human! Choi Han and I destroyed the golem and saw the black liquid flowing out of the orb. We need to destroy these things! But I don’t know how to do it! We need to call Goldie gramps!

Cale could hear Raon’s voice through the loud explosions.
He raised his head up at the same time. He could see a white skeleton bird flying up to dodge the spells. There was a helmeted swordsman on top of that bird.

– And something was weird about Choi Han! He seemed to be bewitched by that black liquid!

‘…Choi Han became weird?’

– But what do we do with those thirty or so golem cores? This is bad! Who will destroy them all?! We need to save everyone but I, I am great and mighty but have not learned everything yet!

Cale repeatedly opened and closed his fists.

‘Do I need to step in?

I don’t have a choice.
I can’t let that linger behind.

I need to get rid of it.’

However, his act of pretending to be on the Empire’s side would become useless if he did that. He needed to have Sir Rex as well.
Stepping in would make that extremely difficult.

Furthermore, his stepping in would mean the Roan Kingdom would be involved in this battle as well.
But the Roan Kingdom did not want to see their citizens shed any more blood.

It was at that moment.
He could hear the Fire of Destruction’s voice at that moment.

– There were others who could purify the black despair as well.

Does that mean I don’t need to step in?’

– Dark Elves and necromancers.

Cale was flabbergasted.
The Dark Elves who had to live in hiding because humans loathed them. And the necromancers who were destroyed by the Church of the Sun God and the other light-affinity churches.

– They are still a part of nature.

Nature has never thrown away the Dark Elves and the necromancers.
Cale recalled someone’s voice at that moment.

It was someone from the black desert, that Land of Death. That person had lived in that underground city their whole life.

‘It felt as if all of the veins in my body were going to explode. I needed to learn to control dead mana in order to survive through that pain. That was why I chose to be a necromancer instead of a black mage.’

The ten-year-old Mary had chosen to become a necromancer in order to survive.
And she was now needed to save the people on this battlefield.
Cale couldn’t help but laugh as he continued to think.

– Human, are you okay? Did you go crazy because you are so angry? You can’t become like Clopeh!

‘Black magic was being covered up as alchemy right in front of the Church of the Sun God’s eyes?’
There was nothing more comical than this.

Booooom- Booooom-
The rumblings in his body became even stronger.
Cale felt his body starting to heat up.
The fire was starting to get bigger.

– Human! I will contact Goldie gramps for now!

Cale didn’t stop Raon. It was something that Eruhaben needed to know.

The Empire’s base was currently loud.
Cale started to speak as he stood with crown prince Valentino in a spot away from the others.

“Go bring Mary.”

Cale gave an order toward the video communication device in Vice Captain Hilsman’s pocket.

– Young master Cale?

Cale ignored Rosalyn’s voice and continued to speak.

“Don’t destroy the golems for now, just block them.”

Cale’s gaze quickly moved through the Imperial Prince, the battlefield, and Maple Castle.

‘I will contact prince Alberu right away as soon as Raon finishes contacting Eruhaben.

I’ll make my move after that.’
Cale had made up his mind.

It was at that moment.

– Human! Human!

Raon’s urgent voice could be heard. Cale felt his heart drop.

‘Did something happen to Eruhaben-nim?’

He could hear Raon’s voice.

– I can’t contact Goldie gramps!

‘Ah, damn it.’
Raon hesitated and continued on as Cale started to frown.

– Human! T, there is a message that was just left on the video communication device.

From Who?’

– It’s from the Jungle! Litana sent the message!

‘Litana, the Queen of the Jungle?
What does she need?’

She was currently leading the Jungle’s warriors to the section of the Jungle that was close to the Empire’s southern border.
Cale and Litana had changed their plans from the Jungle helping the Whipper Kingdom to the Jungle aiming for the Empire’s southern region once the Empire lost this second round to the Whipper Kingdom.
Furthermore, that was when crown prince Valentino and the Caro Kingdom would make their move as well.

Raon quickly recited the contents of the message.

– ‘Young master Cale! The Jungle is under attack! The Empire is attacking Section 7 of the Jungle!’ is what she said!

Cale felt his mind go blank.

Section 7 of the Jungle.
Of the fourteen sections that made up the Jungle, Section 7 was at the center of the Jungle with a large river flowing through it.
That was also where the head of the Jungle, the King’s palace was located.
It was pretty much their palace.

‘The Empire attacked that area?’
That was bad.

‘There’s probably not that many warriors in Section 7 right now! Litana isn’t there either!
Damn it!’
Cale looked toward Imperial Prince Adin.

He was certain that this bastard made his move knowing they weren’t there.
He made the move knowing Litana and the warriors would not be in that section.

– She also said, ‘young master Cale, I think there is a spy within our Jungle!’

Cale clenched his fists.

That made Cale recall when the Jungle had started the fire in Section 1 of the Jungle.

‘Yes, that had to be it. There was no way for the Empire to set that fire without a spy.

But the spy can’t be a leader since they don’t know about the alliance between the four kingdoms and one tribe.’

“…I was too complacent.”

‘No, I was stupid.’

“Young master-nim?”

Vice Captain Hilsman cautiously called out to Cale whose face suddenly stiffened up, however, Cale did not hear him.

‘The Birth of a Hero’ had told him about the spy on Toonka’s side. However, it did not say anything about a spy when it discussed the pillar of fire in Section 1 of the Jungle.
That was why he had believed the Empire had done it on their own.

But Cale suddenly had a question.

‘How did the Empire directly attack Section 7, the center of the Jungle without running into the Jungle’s warriors?’

Cale realized the answer as soon as he asked that question and Raon answered it as well.
Litana had left the answer.

– ‘They say that a flying object has appeared! It had the Mogoru Empire’s flag on it!’ is what she said!

The Empire had a way to dominate the air as well.

As expected, Adin was not an easy enemy to defeat.
They would openly attack the Whipper Kingdom while also dealing with the Jungle that was aiming for their back.

Baaaaang! Baaaaaang!

The spells continued to crash against each other while the white skeleton birds and the golems continued to smash at each other.
The Whipper Kingdom did not attack the golems and just focused on defending.
It was because of Cale’s order.

Cale knew that as well.
It was at that moment.
Raon told Cale about the last message Litana left.

– ‘Young master Cale, I’m sorry but I am retreating. I need to save Section 7! According to the reporting warrior, alchemists appeared on the deck of the flying object and are trying to summon something. I have a bad feeling about this, I will contact you as soon as I know what they are summoning!’ is what she said. Human, that thing they are summoning!

Raon hesitated before adding on.

– What if it is something like that golem?

There were probably only a few warriors left for defense and Section 7 of the Jungle was filled with regular people.
What would happen if golems or that black despair covered up that land?

The Fire of Destruction gave Cale the answer.

– The black despair is the same as poison to the living as it originated from dead mana. In fact, it is an even stronger poison than dead mana. They have cursed abilities.
Hell would break loose there.

Cale opened his mouth to speak at that moment.

“Fuck it all.”

Vice Captain Hilsman and crown prince Valentino who were looking at him looked completely shocked. However, Cale just continued to speak.

“Call them over.”

Cale’s hand wrote a name in the air.

He then pushed Hilsman who was supporting him away.

“Young master-nim? Huh? Young master-nim! Why are you leaving?”

Hilsman tried to catch Cale in shock but Cale ignored him and nonchalantly started to walk.
He was walking toward Imperial Prince Adin. He slowly headed to the center of the battlefield where Adin was standing.

The battlefield was chaotic.

“Oh, commander. Why aren’t you resting?”
“Commander-nim, please get some rest.”

The nobles and the Empire’s forces all commented with concern as he headed toward the center of the battlefield.
However, Cale’s gaze was only focused on one spot.

It was focused on Imperial Prince Adin who was calmly standing at the center.
The relaxed Adin turned his head and made eye contact with Cale.

“Commander, what is it? Is your body o-”

It was the moment he started to speak.
Wind rose up at the tip of Cale’s feet.
It only took a split second.

His body shot forward like an arrow.
Cale reached his hand out.
He then grabbed Adin.

“Okay- ugh!”

The Imperial Prince gasped for breath.
Pale hands were choking his neck. Adin realized something at that moment.

‘He’s not in pain!’

There was a lot of strength in Cale’s pale hands contrary to how they looked. The Imperial Prince’s head was tilted back and he could see the reddish brown eyes looking down at him.
Cale, the owner of those eyes, smiled extremely brightly as he started to speak.

“Your back is so open.”

All of this only took a few seconds.

“Eek! Commander!”
“Your highness!”
“What the hell?”

The Empire’s side turned into a mess.
However, Imperial Prince Adin looked toward Cale and started to smile.

“I, I knew, ugh, that I should be suspicious of you.”

There was a reason he had not let go of that one percent chance.
There was also a reason he was smiling.

‘Can you act so brazenly?’

Could the Roan Kingdom, could Cale Henituse act like this?
Adin could see that Cale Henituse was smiling even brighter than he was smiling.
Cale whispered in Adin’s ear.

“Hey, Adin.”

Cale’s joyful voice reached Adin’s ear as he let out a groan.

“I will definitely kill you myself.”

Adin flinched.
Cale’s eyes really seemed to be full of anger and desire to kill him.
Cale heard Raon’s voice in his mind at that moment.

– My magic is not working! My goodness, this is magic? It’s at Goldie gramps level! It’s the same as me! Human! Shield!

Cale immediately activated the Indestructible Shield. Black wind arrows suddenly shot toward Cale from the right side.


Cale’s body jerked back from the shock and couldn’t hold onto the Imperial Prince anymore. He was okay thanks to the shield and Raon’s shield around it, but the shock shook Cale up.
However, Cale continued to smile as he looked toward the person standing in front of the Imperial Prince.

Honte, the Tower Master’s disciple.
Cale spoke toward Honte’s eyes that were full of vitality unlike his body.

“You’re the Tower Master, aren’t you?”

Honte started to smile.

“You bastard, you’re saying some funny shit. I was wondering what was going on, but you even have a Dragon with you.”

‘Wow, he’s not even denying it.
He even realized the Dragon by my side?

The final red star must be a black mage.’
Cale looked around.

He could see people who were in shock and could not decide whether to attack him or not.

Metelona, the Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s Vice Tower Master’s shouted at that moment. She figured this was a good opportunity.
It was a chance to capture Cale and justify attacking the Roan Kingdom.

“Catch the bastard who attacked his highness!”

Someone dared to touch the Imperial Prince. This person dared to kill the Imperial Prince.
He deserved to be executed for his actions.
Metelona could not figure out why Cale suddenly attacked the Imperial Prince. She believed it was his error or improper decision making.

“Catch him right away! We cannot forgive him!”

Her continued orders made the soldiers, knights, and mages surround Cale to attack.

Cale let out a quiet laugh.

‘It’s a ruined.’
He had ruined the plan to move in the darkness while pretending to be on the Imperial Prince’s side with his own hands.
He needed to remain in hiding to do that.

‘No way I can hide anymore.’

How could Mary get rid of these golems and the ones in the Jungle alone?
Cale had to step in as well.

And it was only a matter of time for the Roan Kingdom and Cale to be revealed if Mary stepped in anyways.

‘What do I have to lose to do it out in the open when these bastards are doing the same thing?’

And beyond all of that…
After seeing this situation, knowing the origin of the golems and all of the Empire’s dirty tactics…

“I’m so angry.”

His instincts as a trash popped out.

“Let’s flip everything over.”

It was the moment something sparkled in the mumbling Cale’s eyes.

Booooom! Boom!
The rumblings inside his body stopped.
Metelona shouted at the same time.
“What are you all doing? Capture that bastard who is standing there like an idiot!”

However, her voice was drowned out.
Cale had shouted in a louder voice.

“The regular citizens of the Empire and any believers of the Church of the Sun God step back!”

The people approaching him, especially the Sun God believers, flinched at the unexpected statement.
Believers of the Church of the Sun God. That was approximately two thirds of the Empire’s citizens.

They could see Commander Cale Henituse shouting so loud that his neck veins were showing. He was someone who had said something similar to the tenets of the Church of the Sun God while he received the medal of honor from the Empire.
He continued to shout.

“Did you see the black smoke and the black arrows? They are people who use dead mana!”

Dead mana.
The light-affinity priests and believers flinched this time.
The Vice Tower Master, Imperial Prince, and Honte all looked toward Cale. Cale continued to shout with eyes full of vitality.

“I got a clear look at his highness’s eyes just now!”

Raon spoke in his mind.

– Human, they will be here soon!

Cale continued to speak.

“He has been captured by black magic!”

Black magic.
That term made Vice Tower Master Metelona flinch.

‘How did he know about the black magic?’

She believed that nobody would know about black magic that was said to have disappeared in ancient times. Even a Dragon would not be able to realize it right away.

That was because a Dragon’s life lasted only one thousand years while the ancient times were over ten thousand years ago.

“Stop with the nonsense! Immediately catch this heretic! He is a person from the Roan Kingdom, not the Empire!”

Metelona shouted and a few knights pointed their swords toward Cale.
It was at that moment.

– Human, they’re here!

A bright light surrounded the battlefield.
A teleportation magic circle appeared next to Cale at the same time.


The knights stopped moving.
The name that Cale had written in the air earlier.

Call Saint Jack over.

He was someone any of the Empire’s Church of the Sun God believers would recognize.
The man with the innocent and gentle expression appeared.

The Saint and the Holy Maiden. The people who had ran away after being called terrorist and murderer.
However, the Empire’s forces could not open their mouths while looking at Jack.


A strand of light was coming out of Saint Jack.
It was divine power with healing qualities.

The light injuries on the knights and soldiers slowly healed as the light surrounded them. The soldiers’ pupils shook as they watched what happened.
Jack had the pure and warm touch of the sun that there was no way he could be a terrorist.


The knights who were believers stopped their attacks while the soldiers who were believers dropped their weapons.
Cale continued to speak.

“We will move forward.”

It was close to what the Church of the Sun God had shouted when they got rid of the necromancers.
We will head toward the light.

Something similar but not exactly the same as what they had said came out of Cale’s mouth.

It was obvious.
The Roan Kingdom, Whipper Kingdom, the Jungle as well as the necromancer and Dark Elves would head together from here on.
It was just a new history to be written by multiple kingdoms, many churches, many tribes and all humans.

They would focus on a new enemy different than how the necromancers and Dark Elves were suppressed in the past.
Their enemy was the Imperial Prince and black magic.

‘I just need to create a new plan if I need to reveal myself.’

He just had to fight with a new plan.
Cale attacked the Imperial Prince’s neck. Then the Saint appeared.
Those shocking images will be etched on everyone’s minds.
Cale looked toward Saint Jack.

Jack could not figure out everything that was going on because he was suddenly called over.
However, he subconsciously knew what to say after seeing Honte and the black smoke in the sky.

“We will overcome it together.”

It was the new will of the world that he had learned while being with Cale until now.
Right after that.

Piiiiiii- Piiiiiiii-

They heard the sound of a flute.
The Empire’s forces lifted their heads up.
The largest white skeleton bird was flying above them. The white-haired priest and the helmeted swordsman reached their hands out toward Cale and Jack.
The birds of the people who looked like Holy Knights surrounded them.

It was as if they had come to rescue to Saint.
They all saw something at that moment.

“…L, light!”
“That is-!”

A different light than the one that had been healing the Empire’s forces’ injuries appeared.
It was so bright that it made Saint Jack look dull.
It was gold in color like the sun but a blood-red color that instilled fear was mixed in with it.
Raon was honestly shocked as he shouted out.

– H, human! You look so freaking strong right now!

The rose gold light started to surround Cale’s body.
It was a mix of the blood-red color of destruction and the bright light of purification.

Cale could hear the voice of the Fire of Destruction.

– Destroy the despair. Please.

The flame that was known to have burned brightly before disappearing reappeared in the world.
Cale climbed onto the white skeleton bird and shouted out. He made eye contact with the Imperial Prince and Honte.

“Destroy the golems that were made with black magic!”

He’ll destroy them all.
His instincts as a trash kicked in for the first time in a long time.

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