Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 29 – You… (4)️

Cale’s carriage leisurely headed to the south of the capital. Huiss, the capital of the Roan Kingdom. People were clearly busy getting ready for the upcoming birthday celebration.

Cale looked out through the slightly lifted curtain and started to think.

‘Choi Han should arrive in about 3 days.’

Unless he moves like a crazy lunatic, Choi Han should arrive three days later. He will bring Rosalyn and Lock with him, and they will run into the secret organization while getting Lock, which will delay them even more.

In the novel, Choi Han ran into Lock, the only survivor of the Blue Wolf Tribe and someone with the Wolf King’s bloodline, before running into the secret organization once again. After that, Choi Han would run into the secret organization once more at the capital terror incident.

Harris Village, Choi Han’s first residence outside the Forest of Darkness. This secret organization was the one that had murdered everyone in the village. He had run into the organization twice, but he did not have much information on them.

‘The assassins don’t have stars on their clothes.’

Since assassination was the goal for both Harris Village and the Blue Wolf Tribe, the secret organization sent their assassin squad. The assassin squad only wears black clothes without the stars, just in case something goes wrong. They were people who chose to take their own lives if they were caught.

But things will change starting at the capital.

‘That blood-loving punk will show up.’

While preventing the terror incident with Rosalyn, Choi Han comes in contact with a leader of the secret organization. That leader and their subordinates all have the white star and five red stars on their chest.

Cale had already come up with an excuse to give Choi Han as well for their uniforms when they rescued the dragon. He just blankly stared outside, before shutting the curtains once again.

The happy citizens decorating the streets, and the streets that were becoming very beautiful. All of this would turn into a place of despair in a week.

“Young master Taylor.”

They were now at the southern part of Huiss, at the location of the noble residences. Cale’s carriage stopped in front of a building, and Cale stood up and got ready to exit.

“Ron will take care of you once we arrive at the residence. You just need to head out that way.”

He was looking at the door as he continued.

“Forget everything.”

He could hear Taylor and Cage’s voice coming from behind him.

“Thank you very much.”
“See you in a joyful environment next time.”

Cale started to smile. Cage and Taylor continued to look at him, but neither Cale, nor the two kittens, paid the two people any attention.


The carriage door opened.

“Young master, we have arrived.”

Cale, Hans, and the kittens could all see Taylor and Cage, but did not look at them. They just acted like the two of them weren’t there, and got off the carriage.

Cale instantly turned toward the driver’s seat once he got off the carriage. Ron had a benign smile on his face and nodded his head. Ron, who heard the situation from deputy butler Hans, would take care of the rest. Ron headed with the driver to park the carriage.

Cale did not pay any more attention to the carriage, and turned around.


He then let out a gasp of admiration. The kittens, On and Hong, seemed to be surprised as well, as their golden pupils were extremely dilated.

“…It’s even better than I expected.”

The Count really was wealthy. Past the large iron gate was a five-story residence. There was even a garden between the gate and the building itself. It was not fancy or shiny, but it definitely looked more expensive than the nearby noble residences.

It had the aura and look of a building that definitely took a large amount of money to build. At the center of it was, naturally, a sculpture with the Henituse family’s golden turtle on it.

Screeeech. Bang!

The large gate with the golden turtle crest on it slowly opened. The guard opening the gate, as well as the butler of the residence and the servants, all lined up to greet Cale.

“Young master Cale Henituse! Welcome to the capital!”

It was an extremely respectful greeting. They were bowing their heads so low that their heads looked like it would reach the ground. The old man who seemed to be in charge was speaking so loudly it looked like he might hurt his vocal chords.

“We will do our very best to serve you!”

‘Why are they like this?’

Cale looked toward Hans, who was pretending that he had no idea what was going on.

‘He definitely knows what is going on.’

Hans definitely knew the reason they were acting this way. Cale found it annoying to ask, and approached the old man in charge and helped him up. He then looked toward the rest of the servants and started to speak.

“Everybody, lift your heads up.”

The servants quickly raised their heads. They had never seen Cale while working at the residence. However, they had definitely heard stories about Cale from the people that visited from the Henituse territory.

The trash, Cale. The servants here heard that Cale considered people who worked in the estate as either nobles or useless people. Sometimes, he didn’t even treat them like people. They were anxious about what Cale was going to say next and waited for him to continue.

“No need to be this respectful in the future. I do not like to cause any issues to people who do their job well.”

The servants’ gazes all turned toward Cale. Cale could see that they were all still stiff and started to frown.

“I heard that mother picked all of you. She said you all have a lot of pride for your work, so I’m sure you will perform very well.”

The servants’ expressions all turned odd.

“Ask Hans if you have any questions.”

He had enough to do as is, so it was better to leave everything to Hans. Plus, there was no reason to pay a lot of attention when he was leaving again in just a few days. Cale looked toward the servants, whose expressions were getting slightly better, and started to walk.

“Let’s go.”

Cale walked in front as they headed to the five-story building. When a homeowner enters their house for the first time, they needed to personally walk from the gate to the door of the residence. This symbolized that this was his territory.

When the crown prince became the king, the crown prince, no, the king, walked from the castle gate to the center of the palace, where his throne was located. It was a similar kind of logic.

Count Deruth and the Countess had walked into this residence like this before, but Cale was now the owner of this large residence.


The large iron gate with the golden turtle closed. At the same time, as it usually is with information in the capital, the nearby nobles all learned of the arrival of the Henituse family’s representative. This happened even faster than the person Cale sent to the palace to inform the crown of his arrival could reach the palace.

That was why these three people, who were members of the Northeastern Noble’s gathering, started to worry. They started to frown while drinking tea with each other.

“Sigh…it really is not young master Basen but young master Cale. This is going to make things complicated.”
“But we need to carry him with us, since he is one of our own.”
“That is true. I’m sure even a trash will not act up in front of us, right?”

The neutral Henituse family and the nice, but not flexible, Basen. Then, there was the trash of the Henituse family, Cale. These three, whose families were close to the Henituse family among all of the Northeastern noble families, decided to make the decision that made sense for their future.

“We just need to protect him and prevent him from doing anything stupid. Let’s first meet with him and talk.”

To them, Cale was like a toddler walking by the water that needed their protection. At the same time, Cale was dangerous and could cause a scene at any point. They immediately sent an invitation letter to Cale’s residence, which was quickly delivered into Cale’s hand by that evening.


Cale threw the letter to the table with an extremely annoyed expression.

“Will you not go?”
“Can I not go?”
“No. It is a Northeastern nobles meeting.”
“I knew it.”

Nobles were really fast at getting information. Cale was the same way as well. Hans handed the document he received from the residence manager to Cale.

“This is the list of nobles who are currently in the capital.”
“Good. Did Ron take care of things properly?”

Hans had a short response to Cale’s question.


Cale was satisfied with that answer. Cale had prepared a lot for Taylor. A wig, a robe, a wheelchair without the Stan family crest, and even money. He had given everything to Taylor properly. Well, other than the money, Hans handled the delivery process for everything else.

“Good work. Get some rest.”
“Yes sir. I will make sure to get some rest.”

Hans was not the type to say that he was okay when told to rest. Cale said one more thing, as Hans quickly tried to leave.

“Ah, but have them send something up for me to eat.”
“I will make sure to do so.”

Hans quickly responded to Cale’s statement, that indicated he would not be going down to the dining room, and soon enough, Cale’s chamber was filled with a feast. Cale looked at the dishes that included meat, desserts, and even wine, and smiled with satisfaction before heading over to the terrace.

His chamber was located on the third floor. It was the room that received the most sunlight. He opened the large window heading to the terrace and called out.

“Come in.”

He then left the window open and sat down next to the table. Soon enough, Cale could see a couple leaves floating in the sky and sitting down on the chair across from Cale.

The dragon had entered the room with a couple of leaves stuck to him.

On and Hong also sat down on chairs to the left and right of the invisible dragon.

Cale stared at the three of them, before opening the wine bottle and telling them to eat.

“Go ahead and eat.”

The red wine filled the glass.

“You gathered ingredients for us, but you never got to eat any of it.”

Cale brought the wine glass to his lips as he continued to speak.

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy following us.”

At that moment, the Black Dragon removed its invisibility magic and revealed itself. On helped remove the leaves that were stuck to the dragon, while Hong stuffed a piece of steak that Beacrox had cooked into the dragon’s mouth.

The average age of these three animals was 7 years old. Cale just watched the three animals eat, before pushing more food toward them. Seeing Cale being so nice made On and Hong flinch, while the Black Dragon stopped chewing and just started to observe Cale.

Cale took another sip as he started to think.

‘They’re going to be working very hard in the future.’

Since they will need to work on his behalf, the least he could do was feed them well. Maybe it was because they were all so young, but Cale was able to relax for the first time in a long time, even around stronger than average individuals.

“It would be great if it could just stay like this.”

A house about this size, delicious food like this, and time to relax. Cale was thinking about how great it would be to live a life with those three things.

His goal was to live like this once Basen became the official successor. Cale made up his mind once more. He then turned on the magic music box in the corner.

A song that he was not familiar with started playing as Cale took another sip of wine. He could see the sky starting to get darker.

“This is great.”

‘Now this is living.’

Cale had a relaxed smile on his face. At that moment.

Knock knock knock.

The Black Dragon immediately turned invisible again, while the kittens started to pretend to be normal kittens by washing their faces. [1]
Cale got up to head to the door.



He accidentally hit the wine bottle while getting up, and it fell down and broke into pieces. The carpet started to get stained with the red wine.

‘… I have a bad feeling about this.’

Cale suddenly had a bad feeling for no reason. He quickly headed for the door.

‘Why do I have such an ominous feeling?’

Cale could not figure it out.

‘Is it Choi Han? No, it can’t be. Unless he travels like a lunatic, there is no way he arrived here already. He won’t be here for another 3 days.’

There was no way someone like Choi Han would force an injured Lock to move faster. Even though Choi Han had potions that Cale had given him, the wolf tribe was disowned by the gods. Since potions were made with divine power, it did not work on them.

And there was also no way that Rosalyn, the careful and cautious person who hid her magic abilities at first in the novel, would use advanced magic to transport them all to the capital.

But, most importantly, Cale had told Choi Han that he would be staying at a specific hotel in the capital. He was going to go meet Choi Han there once before leaving Ron and Beacrox to take care of the rest.

‘Right. This ominous feeling is just a side effect of hanging around people like Ron or Choi Han for too long.’

Cale calmed himself down before vigorously opening the door.


Cale’s heart sunk as soon as he opened the door. An urgent and desperate voice quickly reached Cale’s ear.

“Cale-nim. I’m sorry. You were the only person that came to mind.”

A desperate Choi Han was standing in front of him. He seemed to have rushed here as quickly as possible, as he looked like a total mess.

Cale felt like he had seen the scariest thing in his life. Next to Choi Han was the deputy butler Hans, who had a similar expression as Choi Han, but with a bit of confusion mixed into it. However, the moment Cale saw the person who came with Choi Han, as well as the person on Choi Han’s back, he quickly opened the door.

“Come in for now.”

The person on Choi Han’s back was none other than the Wolf Tribe member, Lock.

“Bring him with you.”

Lock of the Blue Wolf Tribe, the successor of the Wolf King, seemed to be in a dangerous state.

Lock was currently going through the pain before transforming into berserk mode for the first time in his life. Cale did not know why this state that happened a year later in the novel was already happening.
However, he looked around at everybody and said just one thing.

“Don’t worry.”
1. Something like this

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