Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 267 – Hey Friend! (3)

Cale then moved the crown away from the Dragon half-blood’s body with an iffy expression on his face.

Slurp, slurp.
The crown seemed to be full.
The white crown then let out an even holier light and started to give off an odd aura.
But it did not matter.


The crown was thrown aside.
The crown left Cale’s hand and slammed down onto the training ground floor before rolling away.
Everybody focused on Cale’s sudden action as Cale casually went to pick up the crown before responding.

“I was just annoyed.”

Cale then started to think to himself.

‘I truly was born to be trash.’

The way he threw something that he did not like seemed very much like trash.

“…This unlucky bastard, huuuu.”

The ancient Dragon had a calm expression on his face, however, he could sense the complication in Cale’s mind based on his actions.

‘Humans really are emotional creatures.’

This unlucky and sly bastard was also a genuinely good person, so Eruhaben could easily tell that there was a lot going through Cale’s mind right now.

However, Cale was actually not thinking about much.

“Paseton, Archie.”

He called out to the Whales outside the training ground. The Killer Whale Archie peeked his head in after hearing his name.

“W, what is it, young master-nim?”

Cale turned away from Archie and looked toward the Dragon half-blood. Archie gulped as he saw Cale turning away.
He was currently hiding Witira’s young brother, the half-blood Humpback Whale Paseton, behind his back.

“…I want to see what is going on as well.”

Archie pushed Paseton away and gave him an expression that seemed to be saying, ‘no,’ before he looked back at Cale.

‘…As expected, even young master Cale is…weird.’

The aura that had flooded out of the training ground just now.
That aura had given Archie the chills. Paseton had felt it as well and wanted to look inside the training ground, however, Archie just thought that this was the case only because Paseton was weak and did not realize the full extent of that aura.

It was an aura that was even stronger than the Whale King, Shickler. Archie had never expected Cale to give off such an aura.
There was a reason that Cale was close to two Dragons. That was why Archie could not believe it.

‘How could they tell me I need to protect this human because he is weak?!’

He felt that Cale’s group was filled with people speaking nonsense. He recalled how the palace destroying trio had thrown a fuss about how they needed to protect Cale.

‘…I guess I have matured and realized how big the world is.’

Archie was proud of himself but wondered how the trash of the ocean had ended up an adult like this. Archie who was smiling and congratulating himself when he made eye contact with Cale again.

“What are you doing?”
“Ahem, it’s nothing, young master-nim.”

Archie got rid of that silly smile and looked toward Cale.
Cale pointed to the Dragon half-blood.


Archie gulped while looking at the Dragon half-blood.

He could see a human with a pale face. He could not feel any strength other than that of a normal adult human.

‘…I guess the traces of a Dragon haven’t disappeared though.’

There were still traces of a Dragon left on the Dragon half-blood.
Archie could see parts of the Dragon half-blood’s body because he was still wearing the same thing that he had worn while they were fighting.

Archie looked at the upper left portion of the body, the spot where his heart should be.
There was still a Dragon’s scale left on the heart.

Although the powers of a Dragon were gone, the traces of a Dragon on the human heart, that attribute, was still there.

Archie could hear Cale’s voice as he continued to look at the Dragon half-blood.

“Put him in an empty room. Don’t forget to tie him up.”

Cale looked at the rag-like robes and the Dragon half-blood’s messed up and bloodied body underneath.
It was a human’s weak body.

He headed out of the training ground and walked past Archie. He said one last thing as he passed by.

“Make him look more like a person.”

The ancient Dragon Eruhaben let out a sigh-like laughter. It was Cale’s way of confirming that the Dragon half-blood was fully human now.

‘More like a person.’

Although it was the same thing, using the word person made it seem more affectionate than saying human. Eruhaben felt an unexplainable emotion.
The traces of the Dragons that the Dragon half-blood had eaten were gone other than the small amount still left on his heart.
The only thing left were the traces of the Eastern continent’s ancient Dragon, Olienne, who was eaten by the fake Dragon Slayer.

Archie’s voice echoed inside the training ground at that moment.

“…Uh, mm, young master-nim, I am a Whale Beast person, so I know how to make him like a Beast person, but not like a person.”

Archie heard Cale’s sigh and responded in reflex.

“Ah! I remembered! Now I know! I will make sure he is completely like a person!”

Archie could not understand why his mouth was saying the things it was saying right now. However, Cale was not interested in the chaos inside Archie’s mind.

He peeked toward the sleeping Dragon half-blood before heading to his bedroom.
He recalled what Eruhaben had told him before. Before Eruhaben left to get the trio from the Super Rock Villa, he had told only Cale about the conversation he had with the Dragon half-blood in the underground prison.

‘The White Star, Arm’s leader, supposedly has another organization other than Arm. That is the main organization.’

Arm was only a subordinate organization.
If that was the case, then what was the main organization?

Where could it be located?

Cale’s expression turned cold as he walked to his bedroom.
An aura of coldness surrounded him.

He looked the same as he had looked every time he planned things out as Kim Rok Soo.

“There are too many reasons to flip the Empire over.”

He thought about the information he had received from Eruhaben.

‘That organization supposedly uses alchemy.’

If he had Arm in the Eastern continent, he had alchemy in the Western continent.
Cale could feel the White Star’s greed to lay the routes down in both continents in order to gobble them both up at once.

‘The Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s Tower Master is the final red star.’

Although he had met the Vice Tower Master before, he had never met the Tower Master. He also had no information about that person.
Appearance, personality, age. There was nothing known about that person.

‘And Cale.’

Cale’s expression quickly turned stoic.

‘The White Star’s hair color is supposedly the same as yours.’

It was not bright red like Rosalyn’s sun-like hair, but a bloody-red color like Cale’s sunset-like hair. ( Still not sure how the sun is red, but just go with it… (PR: Ey, it is another world. Could be a different star!) )
Cale stopped walking and looked out the window in the hallway. He could see his hair that had grown a bit past his shoulders now.

That was good information to have.
Cale thought about this enemy who had the same colored hair as him and gave off a similar aura and started to smile. He could slowly start to get an image of this unknown enemy.

‘He said that the way he smiled underneath that mask seemed very similar to you.’

Cale could not help but smile even more. He used that information as well as his reflection in the window to draw out an image of the leader at the top of the enemy hierarchy.

* * *

However, that smile quickly disappeared.

– Long time no see! My friend!


Hearing it again gave him the chills all over.
Cale was frowning as he looked at Toonka through the video communication device. Cale looked as if he had eaten the most bitter medicine in the world.

“Since when have I been your friend? I told you that I am a bad guy and someone you shouldn’t trust.”
– Ahahahahahahaha!

‘Aigoo, my ears.’

Toonka’s laughter was loud.
Cale looked at the children averaging nine-years-old who were covering their ears in a blind spot of the video communication device before flinching at Choi Han caressing his scabbard and looking back at Toonka.

“Be quiet.”

‘…Or Choi Han is going to beat you up.’

– Kehehe.

Toonka suppressed his laughter and casually commented.

– I saw the information crown prince Alberu sent over. The Empire is aiming for us again?
“That’s his highness to you.”
– Yes, his highness. The information that his highness sent over.
“It’s the truth.”

Cale’s blunt response made Toonka observe Cale without saying anything. Cale was looking right back at Toonka.

Toonka seemed even more wild and violent than before.
His physique had become even more muscular. This meant that the Whipper Kingdom had not just been sitting back and watching the other kingdoms fighting against each other.

– I’ve been waiting for the right moment as well.
Cale chuckled at Toonka’s response. However, that slowly disappeared.

– Whether it is the Empire or Umpire or whatever it may be, I will rip apart anybody who shows up.

The crazy bastard who had flipped the Whipper Kingdom over and aimed for the Empire.
Cale had thought that the crazy bastard might have calmed down a bit, but that was not the case.

– Kehehe, the scents of strong individuals are coming from the Empire. Hehe, I’ve been waiting for too long.

‘…His laughing face does not seem normal.’

He did not seem crazy. The bastard who should be going wild seemed to only have become vicious as he waited to strike.

Cale decided he didn’t need to hear anymore.
That was why he just said what he needed to say. This was easier to do.

“Toonka, because of that…”

Toonka, who had been laughing while thinking about fighting, turned to look at Cale as he heard Cale’s voice.

“Are you good at playing with fire?”

Toonka flinched.
The pillar of fire that had surrounded Maple Castle. He hated fire ever since that moment.

– …Playing with fire?

Yes, Cale meant playing with fire. He wanted to show those Empyrean bastards the ways of a crazy bastard.
An idiot doing crazy things should be very scary.
Cale could not help but laugh.

“Yes. How about a sea of fire?”
– …A s, sea of fire?
“What about beating things down?”
– That’s my specialty.

Toonka responded on reflex before flinching after seeing the smile on Cale’s face, however, he soon joined in and started to smile as well. He knew that something big always happened when Cale smiled like this.
The itchy eyes of the tyrant started to sparkle. Cale soon gave him the words that he was waiting for.

“I’ll be there soon.”
– I’ll be waiting for you! You truly are the only one to help me when I am in need. You really are my friend!

‘I told him I’m not his friend.’

Cale started to frown.
His original plan was to go to Toonka first, however, it was time to change his plans.

‘I’ll take my time to get there.’

– Thanks! …My friend!

‘…Tonka seems to be maturing.’

– Thank you very much.

Cale just hung up the call. Chatting with Toonka drained his energy for a different reason than fighting on the battlefield.
He was still a tyrant, but he was becoming more personable of a tyrant.
Cale didn’t know whether that was good or bad.


Choi Han approached Cale who was trying to forget about Toonka thanking him.
Although the others were chatting and relaxing with the Super Rock Villa trio, Choi Han had followed him to the bedroom.
Cale casually asked after seeing the look on Choi Han’s face.

‘I wonder what’s up with this punk.’

“What is it?”
“Can I come with you this time?”

Cale was shocked to hear this question.

“Why are you asking such an obvious question?”

Choi Han was quiet for a moment before he slowly asked.

“Are you planning on going to the Whipper Kingdom first?”


On and Hong approached Choi Han and Cale. Cale had asked Raon to bring On and Hong back from the Eastern continent on their way back from the Gorge of Death. Raon approached from behind the two kittens and asked.

“Human! Are we going too?”

On and Hong’s eyes opened wide after hearing that they were going too. They then started to rub their bodies on Cale’s legs. Cale did not care as the children averaging nine-years-old asked more questions.

“Human, where are we going?”
“I’m curious too!”
“I want to know where it is if it is not the Whipper Kingdom.”

Choi Han was also looking at Cale with a stiff expression. Cale casually pointed to the ground with his finger.

“To the lowest point of the Empire.”

The lowest point of the prosperous Empire.
The area that the nobles avoided.
The slums.

“We are going there.”

Cale was heading to the lowest point of the Empire that still had the power to destroy the Empire at any moment.

* * *

Night at the Mogoru Empire’s capital.
Contrary to the center of the capital that was lit up with magic lights, this area was completely dark.
This old house in the slums was completely dark as the curtains were shut in order to prevent even the moonlight from entering.

However, a bright light suddenly appeared in that old house and got rid of the darkness.
At the center of that bright light.
A couple of people appeared as the light faded from the teleportation magic circle.

“Long time no see.”

The three people in the old house showed different reactions to Cale’s greeting. Cale realized what the issue was after seeing their reactions, so he opened up his arms and started to smile.

“Ah, is this your first time seeing me looking like this?”

Cale was in his long white hair with blue eyes priest look and looked very holy.

“I’ve seen it once, young master-nim.”
“I know it, young master-nim.”

The alcoholic alchemist from the slums and the Flynn Merchant Guild’s Billos responded back before bowing toward Cale.

Contrary to these two, one person found it odd and awkwardly bowed toward Cale.

The Cat Knight, Sir Rex.
He was originally from the slums and escaped from the Alchemists’ Bell Tower at a young age, so he wanted to destroy the Alchemists’ Bell Tower.
He was the leader of the group that tried to assassinate the tower’s Vice Tower Master.

“Long time no see, Sir Rex. I’m sure you recognize me after hearing my voice?”

Sir Rex smiled awkwardly at Cale’s gentle tone.

“Yes, of course I do. Young master-nim.”

Sir Rex answered like that but still gulped after looking at Cale wearing a priest outfit as well as the others behind him who were in white robes as well.

He knew because he was a knight.
The people hiding their faces inside those white robes were all strong individuals.

However, there was a different reason that he gulped.


Two kittens.
The two young kittens walked up to Rex. They then looked up at Sir Rex.
Rex’s body froze the moment he looked into their eyes. He could feel an unknown sense of pressure coming from them.

It was at that moment.

Rex looked at the hand that was on his shoulder. It was Cale.

“Alright, I guess I need to introduce all of you to my group. Everybody already knows who Billos is.”

Cale was about to start introducing the alchemist and Rex to his white robe brigade.

“Alright, let me introduce Sir Rex first.”
“…Young master-nim, should I introduce myself?”
“No need. I need to do your introduction.”

Rex felt something was odd after hearing Cale’s response.

‘Why does he need to do it? I am perfectly capable of introducing myself?’

However, that question soon disappeared.
Cale’s calm voice echoed inside the old house.

“Sir Rex is the person who will suppress the Emperor and the Imperial Prince and take their place.”


Rex looked toward Cale in shock.
No voices could be heard in the old house.
Silence filled the area.
Cale was the one to break that silence.

“In simple terms, he is the central player for this revolution.”
“…Excuse me?”

‘What? The central player for this revolution?’

Rex mentally asked back with a blank expression.
However, Cale did not care.

“Ah, and he’s a Cat.”

Cale patted Rex, who was at a loss for words, on the shoulder before gently smiling. Rex was the most important individual to destroy the Empire.
It was at that moment.

“He’s a baby!”
“He’s a baby like us!”

Cale flinched and lowered his head.

On and Hong were snickering at tapping away at Rex’s legs.

‘A baby? Rex is a baby?’

Cale looked at the adult Rex and his pupils started to shake.

‘This full-grown man is a baby?’

On and Hong continued to speak.

“This hyung is part of the Fog tribe. I can smell the Fog tribe on him.”
“It looks like he ran away like us. Am I wrong?”

‘The Fog tribe?
The same Fog tribe that is known for being the Cat tribe that is most talented in assassination and poison?
The same tribe that On and Hong ran away from?’

He remembered that Rex had been thrown away as a kid and raised by human parents.

Cale started to smile.
However, his expression stiffened after hearing what On and Hong had to say next.

“He’s an older hyung, but he’s still a baby because he hasn’t gone through his first berserk transformation!”
“He’s right! They said all Cats are babies until we go through our first berserk transformation! He’s the same as us!”

‘…He hasn’t done what? Isn’t he in his mid-twenties?’

Cale turned his gaze away from On and Hong and looked at Sir Rex.

“…Do you know much about Beast people?”

Sir Rex flinched before answering Cale’s question.

“…Not much at all.”

Cale lowered his head after feeling a tap on his foot.

“This hyung is going to become the Emperor?”

Cale weakly nodded at Hong’s question.

“How shocking!”
– Oo! The weak human continues to say whatever he wants!

Cale could hear the children averaging nine-years-old’s voices in his ear and in his mind.
He was definitely talking about the revolution and the new Emperor, however, the children destroyed the moment.
Cale looked around and saw the sword master Hannah snickering underneath a white robe before looking back at Sir Rex.

Rex was a just person who became a knight but still wanted to get revenge for the people of the slums, his family, and those who unfairly lost their lives.
He asked this reliable Rex a question. Rex was looking at Cale with a serious expression as well.

“Sir Rex, is this your first time seeing other Cats?”
“Yes sir, I was the only Cat I’ve ever met.”
“What about berserk transformation?”
“What is that? Is it some type of sword art?”

Cale was at a loss for words.
He then got the chills. He had this feeling that he was going to be overworked again.
His gaze was focused on the innocent faces of the three kittens who had not had their first berserk transformations yet.

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