Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 249 – Will Block It (5)

“But even with the coordinates, there should be defensive maneuvers in place in order to prevent unapproved magic from being used inside the palace.”

Rosalyn commented about Cale’s plan.

Even if Askosan and Norland were not very adept with magic, they should still have basic palace security measures.

“Furthermore, we need the permission of the palace’s mage to teleport in.”

Other than teleportation magic circles used in secret inside the palace, the majority of the public teleportation magic circles were programmed to need the mage’s permission for security measures.

Cale didn’t respond to Rosalyn’s questions and just looked toward Clopeh, who responded back confidently.

“We have bribed them.”
“What, just what-”

Rosalyn stopped herself there. It was because Clopeh continued to speak.

“There are some mages who remain in the palace for the defense of the capital instead of going to war, however, there are some selfish ones who do not go to simply to protect themselves. It is not hard to bribe one of those types of mages.”

The calmly smiling Clopeh was giving off an aura that was fitting for the North’s majestic Guardian Knight.

“There are bound to be potential traitors no matter where you go. There will also be people who like money.”

However, the words he spewed out had no traces of that majestic nature.

“Furthermore, the teleportation magic circle we will be transporting to is not the teleportation magic circle inside of the palace.”

‘Didn’t he say the coordinates for the palace?’

Clopeh gently continued to speak after seeing the confusion on Rosalyn’s face.

“When we were first creating the Indomitable Alliance, the Paerun Kingdom had purchased residences close to the two kingdom’s palaces. We purchased them in the name of a fallen noble household.”


Cale let out a quiet gasp.

Trust and teamwork would have been important in the beginning stages of the Indomitable Alliance.
However, the Paerun Kingdom had planted the necessary seeds for betrayal from the beginning.

‘Are these bastards going to do the same thing to us?’

Cale peeked toward Alberu, who stealthily nodded his head to respond back. He then calmly started to speak to Clopeh.

“Then you must have installed the teleportation magic circles inside those residences.”
“That is the case.”
“Then let us move now. It is a battle against time now.”

Cale agreed with the crown prince.

They only needed to send a few people. They couldn’t allow the enemies to notice that they had left and start to attack again.

Of course, they would not lose that easily because only Cale and a few others were missing.

Cale looked toward the source of his confidence. Alberu shrugged after seeing Cale’s gaze.

“I will stay here leading the troops for the time being.”

There was someone who could effectively lead the troops while Rosalyn and Cale were both gone.

Alberu Crossman.

As someone who was known as having more strength than a middle-grade knight, the knights would listen to his orders. He was also the true master of the Mage Brigade, so the mages would listen to him anyway.

“Then let us move right away.”

The leaders inside the tent all started to move in order to take care of business. Cale and Rosalyn watched Clopeh prepare before approaching Alberu.

“Your highness.”

Crown prince Alberu would soon be left alone to watch the enemies’ movements. They were coming to say goodbye.
However, they could not help but blankly stare at what Alberu had to say with his beautiful face.

“You just walk around covered in blood. What do you have all those potions for? Do you keep a bunch of potions on you as a hobby?”

Alberu’s gaze moved from Cale’s black uniform that was covered in dry blood to the bundle of blankets in Cale’s arms. It was weird that Cale was holding onto them even though his arms had been shaking since earlier.

“By the way, what is inside those blankets?”

Cale gently smiled, making Alberu flinch.

“Are you curious?”

He asked that question gently and calmly. The crown prince with a beautiful smile on his face responded back without any hesitation.

“No, not at all. Seeing your face made me forget my question and not want to see what’s inside. I don’t want to get involved.”
“…You’re saying a lot of things all at once, your highness.”

Alberu’s sincere refusal made Cale look at him dejectedly. It was about time to tell him about the Dragon, however, the crown prince avoided something that would make him choke after eating like a ghost.

The crown prince shrugged his shoulders and said goodbye to Cale, who would leave soon.

“Have a safe trip. No need to worry about this place. I may be weaker than the strong individuals in this room, however, I have the highest status, so I will use this authority that I have temporarily been forced to take to good use.”

Alberu flinched after making that comment.
It was because Cale was silently staring at him.

Cale recalled what Raon had told him in the past. It was when the children of the nobles had met in the Roan Kingdom’s capital. It was the first time he had met crown prince Alberu. Raon had told Cale something at that moment.

‘Hmm? This human is not weak. Weak human, be especially wary of him. You will die.’

Alberu Crossman was known for having average strength and sword skills.

However, would the person who had lived while hiding his identity as being a quarter Dark Elf have revealed all of his strength?

He was pretty strong for Raon to say that he was not weak.

Alberu felt chills on his back after seeing the smile on Cale’s face.

“Sure, I’ll trust you.”
“…I’ve been caught.”

Alberu had a stoic expression as he admitted it.
However, Cale did not care as he prepared to move.

He did not look good as he headed out of the tent and started to walk.

‘…Why can’t we contact him?’

The ancient Dragon, Eruhaben. He was not contacting them back.
Rosalyn said she had left a message, so did something happen to him?

Huuuuuuuu, huuuuuuu.

Raon was having issues due to his first growth phase while Eruhaben could not be contacted.
He could not go to the Eastern continent without the two of them. It was impossible for Rosalyn to do such long-distance teleportation.

Ron, Beacrox, On, and Hong. The four of them may end up having to stay on the Eastern continent forever.

‘Damn it.’

He was extremely annoyed, however, he thought about something positive that was going on.

The amount of Dominating Water in his possession had decreased significantly, however, his body was still fine.
Cale calmed down and decided to release all of his pent-up feelings in a refreshing way.

The result of that happened right by the teleportation magic circle in a few moments.

* * *

“Young master-nim, is it fine with so few people?”

The person speaking sincerely seemed to be worried. Archie looked around the secret teleportation magic circle that was hastily built.

“Why? I think it is enough.”

Cale questioned Archie’s thoughts as he looked around.

Choi Han, Lock, and Rosalyn were on one side.
Archie, Cale, and Raon, who was inside the bundle of blankets, were on the other side.

This group of six were the only ones going to the palaces. However, there were a few other people, including Witira, inside the tent.

Cale could feel Mary, who was standing behind Clopeh, showing signs of wanting to tag along, however, he ignored her.
The person Clopeh feared the most was not Cale, but Mary who had given him the new limbs with bombs inside of them.

‘I will have Mary quickly take care of that crazy bastard if he tries anything.’

Archie could not be relieved while Cale was satisfied that he had created a safety device for Clopeh.

“Mm, for destroying palaces, this is a bit…”

Archie thought Choi Han was not normal, so he let it pass, but Rosalyn and Lock seemed extremely normal such that he didn’t think they could quickly destroy a palace.

However, Rosalyn smiled brightly back at Archie once they made eye contact.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Archie. The three of us have destroyed a palace before.”

Rosalyn, Choi Han, and Lock had caused a ruckus at the Breck Kingdom in the past. She had destroyed the nobles who had hired assassins to kill her before destroying the palace in order to free herself of her responsibilities and title as a princess.

Rosalyn continued to smile at Archie who was at a loss for words.

“It was quite refreshing and fun.”

Choi Han and Lock just stood there with stoic expressions. Archie started to mumble after seeing the three of their reactions.

“You’re speaking as if it is as easy as destroying an island.”

Cale flinched. Did Archie consider destroying an island as being easy?
He did not want to ask. That is why he just said what he needed to say instead.

“We will go to Norland first and then to Askosan. Everybody remember the plan?”

They all nodded their heads.
Cale looked toward Rosalyn after seeing their responses and she quickly activated the teleportation magic circle.


Witira, Mary, and Clopeh watched them leave as the teleportation magic circle started to activate. Crown prince Alberu was busy settling the troops in his temporary role.

“Come back soon.”
“Sure. Witira, please keep a good watch over that half-blood bastard.”
“Of course, don’t wo-”

Beeeeeeeep- Beeeeep-

“…Please don’t worry.”

Witira stopped for a moment after hearing the beeping before finishing what she had to say. She then looked toward Cale.

Beeeeeeeep- Beeeeep-

Cale Henituse.
The alarm was going off around Cale.
Cale handed Raon over to Lock before quickly looking through his pocket.

Beeeeeep- Beeeeeep-

An item that was shining red was finally brought out.
It was a video communication device.

It was not the video communication device in Raon’s spatial dimension, but the one he had received from Rosalyn and used during the battle.
That was why there was only one person who could be sending an emergency message like this.

The Gold Dragon was the only one.

Rosalyn had left a simple message.

< Raon is sick, the Dragon half-blood is back. >

She had left one other piece of information at the end. It was the most she could do while leaving a message for whom she considered to be their lifeline.

Their coordinates.

She had left the coordinates of where the battle at the Gorge of Death was taking place.
She had left coordinates for a location that others would not notice, but was still close enough to them.

Both Rosalyn and Cale knew about that location.
They were the only ones.

“Miss Rosalyn.”

Rosalyn started to speak as soon as Cale called for her.

“Young master Cale, we will go on our own.”

Lock handed Raon back to Cale and slowly pushed him out of the teleportation magic circle.
Choi Han looked toward Clopeh once before turning back to Cale and starting to speak.

“Cale-nim, please.”

Please take good care of Raon.
He didn’t say the full thing, but Cale understood what he was trying to say. Archie peeked around for a bit before casually adding on.

“Well, it doesn’t look like you have any strength to destroy buildings anyway, young master-nim. Choi Han and I will destroy them all. It is my specialty.”

There was nobody looking at Archie who was proudly puffing up his chest.
Cale looked at Raon, the video communication device, and the group before responding back.

“I’ll at least watch you leave.”

Rosalyn smiled and reactivated the teleportation magic circle as the group quickly disappeared.

Cale verified that they had left before leaving the tent alone, leaving Mary, Clopeh, and Witira behind.

* * *

Beeeeeep- Beeeeeep-

Cale was quickly walking as the alarm continued to go off.
He finally arrived at his destination.

It was his tent.

It was the Roan Kingdom’s Northeast Region’s Commander’s personal tent.
Rosalyn had left the coordinates for this location.

Cale entered the tent.

“You look like a mess.”

A beautiful man with white gold hair greeted Cale while clicking his tongue.
Cale closed the entrance flap before asking a question instead of greeting the ancient Dragon.

“Did something happen?”

He had not been able to contact Eruhaben.
He had gone to meet a Dragon that he had protected during its first growth phase a long time ago in order to learn about the Eastern continent, Mount Leeb, and the stone pillar.

Cale laid Raon down on the bed and asked, thinking that something must have happened.

Cale heard a quiet laughter as the blanket rolled over and the sick Raon became visible.

The ancient Dragon was laughing, however, Cale could see the anger in his eyes.

“The fake Dragon Slayer. Is that bastard still alive?”

The Dragon Slayer Syrem.
Why was Eruhaben talking about him?
Cale could hear Eruhaben continue to speak before he could ask his question.

“He’s dead.”


“The Dragon I went to see was already dead.”

Eruhaben had told something to only Raon in the past.
Dragon Slayers.
Dragon Slayers were people who grew stronger by eating Dragons. He had shared that story only with the young Dragon.

‘This unlucky bastard shouldn’t know about that.’

Eruhaben recalled the empty lair and the old corpse that looked as if someone had eaten it up as he slowly continued to speak.

“Someone had killed him.”

Cale slowly turned his head.

Huuuuuuuu, huuuuuuu.
He could see the still unconscious Raon.

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