Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 246 – Will Block It (2)

Hundreds of stone spears appeared from the earth and shot toward the sky.
They were following Cale’s will and the will of their previous owner as they headed toward the light.

“Where did these stones…?!”

The Bears could not hide their shock after seeing the stone spears heading into the sky. The boulders in the Gorge of Death, the smaller rocks from the broken debris, and even the rocks that had broken down into small particles.
All of those had gathered together in order to become those spears.

They became the sharpest and sturdiest weapon to destroy the enemy and aimed for their necks.

The Dragon half-blood started to laugh while looking at the hundreds of sharp spears that were pointed at him.

“Yes, Yes! My life has always been full of thorns like this! Kahahahahah!”

Everything was becoming jumbled in the Dragon half-blood’s eyes, however, he could feel the sharp stone spears that were pointing at him, as well as the red-haired man and the Dragon in his arms.

He could also feel this damned power of light that he had gotten from his father.

The Dragon half-blood had a twisted smile on his face. The corners of the lips that were as ugly as the veins popping out of his face were full of anger and jealousy.


I could not grow up like that.
The bastard that was supposedly his father made him grow up in a cave without being able to see any light. He claimed that was the only way for his thirst for light to grow in order to receive a destructive light power.

He had never forgotten about the chilliness he felt crawling up the cave ground to his body. He could only see the world after going through his first growth phase.
After having gone through something like that, he hated all Dragons, including the Dragon in Cale’s arms, so much that it was driving him crazy.

His eyes rolled back.
The Dragon half-blood ignored the rationality of the Dragon’s blood inside of him and let the wave called emotion carry his body. His internal organs were roaring as if they were swept up by a tsunami.

“Ugh. Hehehe, ugh.”

The darkness left behind by that damned human bastard was still eating away at his body.
The berserk Dragon half-blood had to get rid of this anger and sense of unfairness.

“Go! Spears, swords, I don’t care, destroy them all!”

Crackle. Crack. Crackle.
Many strands of light flashed before slowly heading back down to the ground.
The stone spears rushed to meet these strands of light in midair.

It was the moment that the extremely bright lights and the sturdy stone spears were about to hit each other.
Cale started to speak.

“Prepare to attack!”

His voice filled the area.
The strong and confident voice made the people running away stop.

“Magic Brigades, activate magic shields! Soldiers and knights, open up your shields and create a circle in order to reduce the aftershock of the explosion as much as possible!”

Cale’s gaze headed toward a different direction.
This was where his group was standing.
His gaze stopped at the warriors.
The Whales, Tigers, Rosalyn, Lock, and Choi Han.

“An individual going berserk like this will end up dying without being able to control their strength.”

This type of, ‘going berserk,’ was one that gave you power beyond your limits in return for your life.
All that would be left for the Dragon half-blood as time went on would be his death.
That was why they had originally chosen to run and let time go by. Although the Gorge of Death would be destroyed and the people who weren’t fast enough would end up dead, they had no choice.

However, Cale was speaking as if they were going to block it. Everyone’s gaze was focused on Cale such that they did not see the video communication device in Cale’s hand.

Beeeeeep- Beeeeeep-

The sound that signaled an emergency call echoed in the area.
There was only one person who would contact Cale through this video communication device right now.
Alberu Crossman.
The crown prince had finished his preparations.

It was almost too late.
Thankfully, it was right on time.

Cale threw the video communication device to Rosalyn. Rosalyn caught it in confusion and quickly connected the call.
Cale started to speak again as she did that.

“I will block those strands of lights.”

That word made Choi Han bite down on his lips and clench his fists.

‘Is this how it is going to be in the end?’
Did they just have to wait for the Dragon half-blood to die while Cale held on?

However, Choi Han stopped biting on his lips after hearing Alberu’s voice.

– It is prepared.

Cale gave an order as soon as he heard Alberu Crossman’s voice.
It was their task while he blocked those strands of light.

“Bring him down.”

He then looked toward the video communication device and continued to speak.

“Your highness, let’s get started.”

A reaction came up from the enemy formation as soon as Cale finished speaking.

“What the hell are you doing?”
“Ugh! Why are you attacking us?!”

They could hear screams coming from the other side of the Gorge of Death.
It was not because of the Dragon half-blood’s thunderbolts. Choi Han raised his head.

They would crash soon.
The slowly moving forces would crash in the air.

“Y, you Paerun bastards!”
“Are you betraying us?!”

The Bear tribe’s angry shouts and the Indomitable Alliance’s screams could be heard.
Cale started to smile. Alberu’s voice could be heard as well.

– It is wonderful to stab the enemy in the back.

The Paerun Kingdom’s swords were striking the Indomitable Alliance right now.
Cale, Alberu, and Clopeh Sekka.
They had not thought about just running away once the Dragon half-blood appeared.

The way to defeat a strong enemy was to create the smallest of openings.

The Indomitable Alliance.
Something that was scarier than the berserk Dragon half-blood appeared for the Indomitable Alliance.

It was the swords stabbing them from the back.

The Paerun Kingdom, the land of knights.
Their knights and soldiers were strong.

Flap, flap.
A different flag started to rise in place of the flag of the Indomitable Alliance.

“You crazy bastards, you are betraying us at a time like this?!”

The members of the Indomitable Alliance started to shout in anger.
They were using the moment that the Dragon half-blood was going berserk and attacking everyone regardless of ally or enemy to try to kill them! They were infuriated at the mercilessness of the Paerun Kingdom.

Flap, flap.
However, the Paerun Kingdom’s knights who raised up the Paerun Kingdom’s flag just quietly showed through their actions.

It was because it was a moment like this that they were betraying them.

Two strong powers were clashing in the air.
It was the power of a berserk individual and a calm and collected individual.
Naturally, it made sense to fall in line behind the calm and collected one.

The still calm and collected individual, Cale, started to shout.

“We will definitely win this battle!”

His voice echoed throughout the Breck Kingdom’s formations.
His shout for victory was still full of confidence.

The soldiers in formation could feel their hearts beating fast. The enemy was in a state of chaos and two strong powers were about to clash in the air. However, for some odd reason, the word victory became etched in their hearts.

“Activate the magic shields!”
“Hold up your shield and crouch down!”

The mages and knights were shouting.
The soldiers wanted to stare at the red-haired commander who was telling them that they would be victorious, however, they knew that they needed to do their respective tasks.

Then it happened.
The stone spears and thunderbolts finally slammed into each other.


A loud noise that felt as if it would burst their eardrums, shook the area.

The stone spears that slammed into the thunderbolts started to break. At the same time, the thunderbolts started to explode as well. Explosions of light that looked like fireworks continued to go off.

However, it was not beautiful at all.

“I told you I’m okay.”

Cale sighed after seeing the large body that was standing in front of him in order to protect him from the explosion. However, Lock did not budge, even after hearing the sigh as he stood in front of Cale and Raon.
This was his task.

Lock raised his head and looked up at the sky.
He could see the others taking care of their respective tasks as well.
He could see people flying toward those brightly exploding lights. A thin red magic thread was sending them up into the air.

Rosalyn was using magic spells again.
He then looked toward one of the people flying with the red magic spell.

Clang! Clang! Clang!
The broken pieces of rubble slammed against his body. They brushed by his face and left scratches, however, Choi Han was only looking up.

The stone spears had blocked the thunderbolts. No, they had destroyed them.

Choi Han used Rosalyn’s magic and the breaking stone spears to continue to move higher up into the air.
He was clear about what he needed to do.

He took out his sword.

Choi Han and the Dragon half-blood made eye contact.
Both of them had to spend tens of years in darkness. A dark cave and the Forest of Darkness. They both had to grow from within the darkness.

The Dragon half-blood’s monstrous appearance caught Choi Han’s attention.
The originally white gold hair was being dyed black.

The Dragon half-blood’s hair and eyes returned to their original color that he had been using magic to dye white gold.

“Cough, ugh. I’m not done yet!”

The Dragon half-blood’s pupils started to become cloudy. Everything was in pain from going berserk. However, the Dragon half-blood did not stop using his powers.
Thunderbolts appeared in his palms again.

They then headed toward the bastard who was coming up to him.


Those rays of light were shot toward Choi Han, however, Choi Han did not even move his sword as he stared at those thunderbolts.


Instead, he activated his black aura. He continued to channel his incomplete darkness into his sword. He then only looked straight forward at the Dragon half-blood as he pushed on.

It was because he had faith.

Choi Han was not afraid of those thunderbolts headed to him.


A whip slammed into those two thunderbolts. The tip of the water whip shook before breaking apart. However, the thunderbolt had changed directions.

Witira was creating a path for Choi Han.
At the same time, a stone spear destroyed the thunderbolt that had changed directions.

Choi Han could see the back of a white-haired man in front of him. He stepped onto that man’s shoulder.
He used that shoulder as a stepping stone to keep moving forward. Archie’s two hands became Choi Han’s last stepping stone as Archie used all of his strength to send Choi Han flying up.


Archie shouted.
Choi Han lifted his hand that was holding the sword above his head.
The sword had turned into what seemed to be a black spear after being infused with the black aura over and over again.
Choi Han remembered when he had received this sword from Cale at the battle at the Henituse territory.

‘Use all of your strength.’
‘It is your history that you will write here.’
‘I trust you.’

Choi Han smiled as a black bird flew by him.

“This, what the…What is this crow! Such a worthless existence dares to…! Get off!”

Multiple crows covered up the Dragon half-blood’s face. It was the moment that the Tiger shaman Gashan had covered up the Dragon half-blood’s sight.

Choi Han’s darkness became a spear that was sent flying toward the Dragon half-blood.

However, the Dragon half-blood did not miss the power that was aiming for him. He could feel the higher power approaching him. It would really be the end for him if it touched his currently twisted body.
There was no way that he would not know this, even while in a berserk state. The Dragon half-blood started to move his arms.

“You think I’d fall for such a stupid, ugh!”

His arms got tied up.
Who could manage to tie him up even for just a little bit? Witira’s split whips were holding onto him even as they were evaporating because of the light.

“Damn it! I, I, I will kill you all!”

The Dragon half-blood started to flail around.
All he could see was darkness, while his body would not move.
It was similar to the dark cave that he grew up in.
No, growing up was not the right way to describe it.

It was more like being raised like an animal.
This reminder of his past made the Dragon half-blood’s body reach its limits.

The Dragon half-blood felt something breaking in his mind. At the same time, his body became extremely hot to the point that he could not breathe.

“Oooooo, ugh.”

Bright light started to seep out of the Dragon half-blood’s body.
An unknown sense of danger similar to a bomb that had started its countdown was coming from him.

‘It’s hot, it’s hot!’

The Dragon half-blood shouted internally as his body continued to get brighter.

The water whip ended up being completely evaporated by the light.

“Everybody run!”

Witira shouted as soon as her whip was destroyed. It was burned away by the light.

‘He is going to explode.’

The Dragon half-blood’s body was finally going to explode.
Then they would die.

The aftershock of that explosion would be enormous.
Witira jumped down as she felt the power heading toward this bomb.
It was the person who would put an end to the countdown.

A black spear.

Choi Han opened up his arms as he fell to the ground. He didn’t even think about landing safely as he kept his eyes open and focused on a single location.

The flying black spear finally reached the light.
No, it reached the speck of darkness within that light.
It was the location of Raon and Choi Han’s past attacks.

The darkness pierced through the light.


The Dragon half-blood let out a scream.
Choi Han had seen the person who looked the most like him ever since he came to this world.
Black hair and black eyes.
The shout of the Dragon half-blood who returned to his original color filled the Gorge of Death.
A moment later.


The sky shook once more.

Choi Han felt something stopping his fall.

Creak, creak.
The awkwardly combined bones creaked as they supported his back. Mary had quickly conjured up a new bone wyvern in order to prevent him from falling.

Choi Han could feel his darkness through the bright light.
And then he was certain.

“…I fulfilled the order.”

‘Bring him down.’
He had done as Cale had told him to do.

Choi Han could see the enemy slowly falling from above. The black existence that looked neither like humans nor like Dragons and was instead a monstrous combination of the two was slowly falling to the ground.

Everybody on the battlefield watched as he fell.

One of those people, Cale Henituse, looked at the falling person as he listened to Raon’s breathing.

Huuuuuu, huuuuu.
The breaths Raon was letting out were hot. This young Dragon seemed to be getting sicker. However, he was being very calm and docile in the process.
Cale started to frown at this fact as he took out something in his pocket that was heating up as much as Raon.

“Young master-nim, where are you going? Why are you going toward the falling enemy?”

Cale could hear Lock’s voice, but continued to walk without hesitation.
He could anticipate where the Dragon was going to fall, so that was where he was headed.

He clenched onto the item in his pocket.

It was the white crown.

It was the crown that likes Dragon’s blood.
It was the final ancient power that the Dragon Slayer was looking for, but Cale had swiped in the middle.
Cale held it in his hand as he moved to greet the final moments of the falling enemy.

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