Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 244 – I Will … You (9)

The Dragon half-blood raised his head. He could see the confident gaze looking at him. He could see Choi Han, whose expression did not change at all even as the light burned his hand.

Choi Han’s violent darkness followed the injury Raon left behind in order to cut through the Dragon half-blood’s insides.

“Ugh, y, you trash!”

A large light arrow that appeared in the air shot toward Choi Han.


However, that light arrow did not manage to reach Choi Han.
A bunch of white bones silently disintegrated instead.

Mary’s black wyvern had used the armor that was made from white bones in order to prevent the light from reaching Choi Han.
The Dragon half-blood twisted his body in attempts to throw off Choi Han, who had abandoned the wyvern and stuck to him to hurt him with the black aura, however, Choi Han did not fall off.

Craaaackle, crackle.

The Dragon half-blood activated light throughout his body.
His entire body started to be covered in light.

“Ugh, you crazy bastard!”

However, Choi Han did not hear anything he was saying. All he did was slowly increase the size of the injury as he sent even more darkness into the Dragon half-blood’s body.

The Dragon half-blood’s eyes started to become red. It was the result of veins popping inside of his eyes. The Dragon half-blood clenched his teeth as he felt the higher power run wild inside of his body.

The power was incomplete, however, it was still able to run wild because his body was incomplete right now as well.


Choi Han grunted as his body was flung away from the Dragon half-blood. The bone wyvern rushed over to save him.

Tap, roll.
Choi Han rolled across the bone wyvern’s back before stopping with a smile.

He had done it.
It was not over yet, but he had made it possible to buy more time against the Dragon half-blood. He grabbed onto the bone wyvern’s backbone with his burnt hands as he slowly stood back up.

“Huff, huff, huff.”

He could see the Dragon half-blood standing while clenching his stomach which was dyed black from his aura.
Choi Han’s darkness that he placed inside the injury that Raon caused would not disappear, no matter how much he surrounded it with light. It violently moved around even within the light as it cut away at the incomplete body of the Dragon half-blood.

Now the others just had to work together in order to take down that incomplete enemy.
Choi Han was certain that it was possible.

It was at that moment.

“You think this is funny?”

Choi Han flinched.
He could see the Dragon half-blood’s bloodshot eyes looking at him.

“You, dare, a damn human dares. An incomplete existence dares to laugh while looking at me? Hmm?”

Crackle, crackle.
The light surrounding the Dragon half-blood’s body started to roar as if they were strong waves during a storm. Blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“Huff, huff.”

The Dragon half-blood touched his stomach. He could feel intense pain in that area.
A damn human and a stupid Dragon that had not even completed its first growth phase had made him like this.
The two existences that he hated the most made him this way.

The Dragon half-blood did not fit in with either of his halves. For as long as he could remember, he had been a monster that could not be a part of either community.
The deep grudge in his eyes that was hidden underneath the anger started to show itself.

That black-haired human and the young Dragon that had injured him.
He could not forgive the two of them.
He could never ever forgive them.

“…You fucking bastards, you dare to harm me-”

Crackle, craaackle.
The Dragon half-blood’s white gold hair started to stand up as his body became wrapped up in light.

Choi Han subconsciously clenched both of his hands.
He had a bad feeling about this.

The injured Dragon half-blood looked weaker than ever, however, he had this ominous feeling that he shouldn’t attack him right now.
It was at that moment.

Caw. Caw. Caw.
The crows reacted to shaman Gashan’s orders.
They started to send the Tigers and Whales back to the ground. Actually, to be more specific, the crows ran away to the ground. Choi Han could see the Tigers and Whales’ shocked expressions.
One of the crows flew toward Choi Han at that moment.

It opened its mouth and started to speak.

“To the ground! Choi Han, come down!”

He was certain that it was Cale’s order.
The wyvern urgently started to descend. It quickly moved as if it was an arrow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Choi Han’s heart was beating wildly.
This was a sense of danger.

Both the water wall and the pillar of fire had disappeared from the Gorge of Death.
However, the enemies did not cross over the rubble, no, they could not do so.
Choi Han turned his head and looked behind him.

He could see the Dragon half-blood up in the air.
He could also see the veins popping out of the Dragon half-blood’s face and hands.

Choi Han heard Cale’s voice as soon as the wyvern landed on the ground.

“It’s going berserk.”

Choi Han became confused and looked toward Cale.

“…Dragons can go berserk?”

However, Cale did not respond to Choi Han’s question and just looked up at the sky.
He had sent everyone, including the crows, Tigers, and Whales, back down to the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Cale’s heart was beating wildly.
Something started to speak in his mind for the first time in a while.

– A Dragon’s blood is going wild.

It was a profound voice.
It was the owner of the Dominating Aura. It was the person who had told him about the Dragon Slayer’s strength and the relationship it had with the white crown.
Cale’s heart was beating wildly after hearing that voice, while his mind became complicated as if it wanted to explode.

A Dragon’s blood going wild.
That could only mean it was going berserk.

Volume one of, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’
The story of how Choi Han had met Raon.

Choi Han had killed the berserk young Dragon in order to give it peace rather than pain. The novel had said that the Dragon had enough strength to blow up an entire mountain, along with the village around it.

That young Dragon was a four-year-old Dragon who, forget a first growth phase, had not learned anything.
However, the Dragon half-blood in front of them right now was an extremely strong individual that was incomparable to the Raon of that time.

“Kahahaha! All, I will kill you all! I will definitely kill all three of you bastards!”

The veins on the Dragon half-blood’s face became thicker as he started to become extremely ugly. The black aura in his stomach only continued to grow and hurt him even more as he did that.

However, the Dragon half-blood did not seem to care at all.
His gaze headed toward Cale. He then looked at Choi Han before looking at the existence that was not visible as it was wrapped up in a blanket.

His dream was to kill a Dragon.
He thought that it would be a dream that he would never get to fulfill. However, he was given a chance. Anger and excitement. Those two emotions filled the Dragon half-blood’s body.

Bang! Bang!
The light orbs around him could not handle the power and crashed into each other before they exploded.
The Dragon half-blood raised his hands.

He was reaching high up into the sky.
Numerous light arrows started to appear in the air.

They were the same light arrows that tried to destroy the Caro Kingdom’s Castle Leona.
However, this was completely different, as hundreds of light arrows appeared in the sky.

“…O, oh my.”

As a mage, the power of the Dragon half-blood made it difficult for Rosalyn to breathe. Her hands and feet were shaking.
A Dragon going berserk. That phrase filled her with fear.
However, Rosalyn bit down on her lips. As a commander, she needed to maintain her calm.

Archie and Paseton looked toward Witira. She could not take her eyes off of the Dragon half-blood that was going berserk.
They were currently not in the ocean.
What could she do in such a place?

In order to escape-

“We need time.”

The light arrows looked ready to strike at any moment. She needed to block them in order to give the others time to escape.
That was her duty as the ruler of the ocean.

Boom. Boom!
Witira turned her head after hearing heavy footsteps. The black wyvern had left Choi Han on the ground and flown back up.
Her gaze headed toward Mary.
The necromancer was having the same thoughts as her.


She heard Rosalyn’s voice at that moment as well.

“Activate the teleportation magic circles! Mages, create shields and everybody, yes, everybody-!”

Rosalyn’s voice that was using amplification magic could be heard throughout the Gorge of Death.


Rosalyn was preparing to cast a large magic shield as she said that. Witira started to laugh. At the same time, she sighed in disappointment.

All of Cale’s group knew it.
They knew there was someone who could defend against that berserk Dragon half-blood.


Raon, that young Dragon could at least create a shield, even if he couldn’t attack the Dragon half-blood. He could defend alongside Cale, just like he had done at Castle Leona.

They could not ask Cale to block that attack on his own.
That was the reason for it.

“Young master-nim.”

Lock pulled on Cale’s sleeve.

“Rosalyn noona, Mary noona, Choi Han hyung, let’s gather them all and defend together. Then it should work.”

Huuuuuu, huuuuu.
Raon’s breathing that became even heavier reached Lock’s ear. He saw that Cale was not moving, and pulled on Cale’s sleeve again.

He thought Cale might have a bad idea again.
Lock was scared that this person would have another of his usual bad ideas.

Lock could hear Cale’s normal calm voice at that moment.


He could see the back of the person who was shorter than him.

“You remember your task, right?”
“Yes sir. I remember.”

Holding Raon while standing behind Cale.
Cale’s voice continued to speak to Lock, who knew what he needed to do.


Cale raised his head as Lock flinched after hearing an unexpected response.

It sounded like a large storm was approaching. However, there was not a single black cloud in the sky. In fact, it was too bright.
It was so bright that it looked as if the end of the world was coming.

Hundreds of thunderbolts were crashing against each other as the sky roared.

“Hehehe, never, I will never let you leave here alive, you useless fools!”

There was a man standing at the center of the thunderbolts. The Dragon half-blood slowly lowered his hands that were reaching up to the sky.
He could see the people running away. Forget allies and enemies, all he could see were the fools that were running away and the fools who were creating shields and using their powers in order to defend against his attack.

He could see something else as well.
It was an existence that was different than these fools.
The greatest existence in the world.

A Dragon.

He could see the Dragon that was wrapped up in a blanket.
The Dragon half-blood started to smile.

‘I will kill him.
That Dragon will become useless now. He will become like me, he will become a monster. Or maybe he will face a beautiful death as he will die before he could become a monster.’

The Dragon half-blood started to laugh at the thoughts filling his mind.
Even after death, everything else would be better than his life.

He was the most pitiful being in the world.

“Kahahahahaha! All of you will die!”

The light shot down as he lowered his hands.
Hundreds of thunderbolts were rushing toward the ground.

“Young master-nim!”

Lock called to Cale. At that moment, a large shield appeared in order to block the thunderbolts. It was Rosalyn’s shield. There was also someone standing in front of that shield.

The Black Bone Wyvern quietly opened up its wings.

Lock could see Cale through that chaos.

Cale was looking around.
There were soldiers and knights who were running away, his group who stood their ground, and Choi Han who was standing in front of him.

And finally, although he could not see them, he could feel Lock and Raon behind his back.


Cale was responding to a question in his mind.
He could hear the question again.

– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

Cale reached his hand out.


The wyvern was destroyed into pieces. The wyvern that had opened up its arms in order to defend the ground dissipated into dust.
Boom, boom!

The shield was destroyed as well.
Rosalyn was unable to create more than one layer of a shield that was so large.

The thunderbolts looked ready to strike them on the ground.


A silver shield opened up its silver wings and looked ready to protect the ground.

“Ahahahaha! I can tell that it is actually a useless power! You had hidden it with the Dragon’s help! You think this kind of power, this kind of human power, will be able to defend against my attack?” ( (PR: Remember that nature ancient powers and human ancient powers are different, with nature ancient powers being stronger.) )

The Dragon half-blood laughed at the strength of the shield that did not have the Dragon’s help. It was useless compared to a great and mighty Dragon.
The Dragon half-blood’s amplified voice echoed throughout the Gorge of Death.

“I will kill you, this shield, and the source of your powers!”

The source of your powers. That was certainly talking about Raon.
Cale bit down on his lips.

Boom, boom! Bang! Bang!
The thunderbolts continued to strike.


Screams filled the area as the thunderbolts killed the Dragon half-blood’s allies as well.
Cale could not handle it, even after the Indestructible Shield had become stronger.

‘The shield will break soon.’

– Should I eat again?

The glutton priestess asked.
However, Cale knew that it would not end, even if he kept his shield up like this.

What could fight against these hundreds of thunderbolts?
Was there something that could match up against it?

There was indeed such a power.

“Damn it.”

It was a unique power.
It was something that would allow Cale to fight against those hundreds of thunderbolts on his own.

Cale recalled the power he saw at the basement of the Super Rock Villa. He recalled the stone spears that had killed all of those monsters in the path to the Eastern continent.

What if those stone spears clashed against those thunderbolts?
Wouldn’t the thunderbolts explode in the air?

That was something that nobody else, not Choi Han, not Mary, and not even the Whales could fight against.
As for Rosalyn and the Tigers, they had used up too much energy in order to win against the Bears. He could not let them try to fight and potentially die.

“Young master-nim-”

He could feel the tall but young boy pulling at his sleeve.

“Cale-nim, blood, stop, please stop and run!”

It was Choi Han’s voice.

Huuuu, huuuuu.
Raon’s breathing was becoming even rougher. How far could they run with an unconscious Raon? Would they be able to last until Eruhaben arrived?

Would it be possible even though that bastard’s light attribute made him specialize in fast movements as well?

Cale thought about the Vitality of the Heart. It still existed even though it was eaten up by the shield. Cale would not easily die thanks to that power. He would heal quickly, even if he was in pain.

“Choi Han.”
“Yes, Cale-nim.”
“Step behind me.”
“…Excuse me?”

Cale walked past Choi Han, who was not moving. He could feel Lock and Raon in his arms following behind him.

He then raised his head and saw the Dragon half-blood who was floating beyond the silver shield that was slowly fading away.

“…You son of a bitch.”

It felt better to at least swear.
Cale opened his mouth in order to respond to the voice in his mind.

– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

He had no plans on sacrificing everything.

Cale Henituse, no Kim Rok Soo knew.

He knew that the reason people earned money, gained power, and lived a busy life trying to find a place for themselves in the world was so that they would not need to sacrifice.
It was so that they do not need to sacrifice themselves nor their people.

However, Cale Henituse also knew something else.

“…Young master-nim, we need to run.”
Huuuuuuuu, huuuuuuu.

‘I am the adult.
I am the guardian of these two children.
I need to take full responsibility since I chose to take them in.
I need the Super Rock’s power.’

Cale’s voice echoed in the area.

– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

It was the first time he responded to the Super Rock’s question.
Cale flinched after hearing the Super Rock’s comment.

He was prepared to sacrifice himself and prepared to fight, even if it was painful.
But this was what the Super Rock said.

The Super Rock responded back to Cale, who finally answered the question about sacrificing himself.

– I will protect you.

Cale felt a rumbling inside of his body.

– To protect is my duty.

The owner of the Super Rock, the person who had spent his whole life alone in the underground villa, had one regret.
He had lived a life protecting a large number of people.
He managed to protect a lot of people by going around looking for people who needed help, however, he was unable to protect others as a result.

– My friends always sacrificed their lives to fight in the front. I was unable to protect them.

He had been unable to protect his friends.
They had all sacrificed themselves and left the world before him.

– Now I wish to protect those who want to sacrifice themselves.

The imposing voice in Cale’s mind was firmer than ever.
It was as imposing as a boulder.

– That is my only remaining request.

Cale felt the ground underneath his feet starting to shake.

The owner of the Super Rock was someone who spent his entire life protecting something.
The power of that person was the original component of boulders.

The earth.
The existence that gave up its own body in order to create a place for all lifeforms on the world to live.

– I will destroy it to protect you. I will stand in front of you to protect you.

The ground started to move.

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