Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 242 – I Will … You (7)

“…A tsunami?”

Confusion and anticipation appeared on Witira’s face. How could there be tsunami in this place where there was a wall of fire created by a Dragon?
However, she could not get a response from Cale, who was not looking at her.


Cale’s calling made Mary’s gaze turn toward him from underneath the black robe. She then heard Cale’s order.


Mary immediately understood what he was trying to say. However, she did something else first. She stopped hesitating and cautiously asked Cale a question.

“Young master-nim, wouldn’t it be safer if Mr. Choi Han came down and stood next to you?”

This was the first time Mary ever said anything back when Cale gave her an order. Her gaze was locked in on Cale, Lock, and Raon without moving.

“You think that we will get hurt?”

Mary could not respond to Cale’s cold gaze.
She did not want to see Raon who showed her around the night sky and the Forest of Darkness, her good young brother Lock, nor the most benevolent young master Cale getting hurt.
She heard a stiff voice speaking to her.

“That won’t happen.”

Mary could see Cale’s cold but confident gaze.

“I don’t plan on getting hurt.”

He really meant it.
Hadn’t he worked so hard in order to not get hurt and not be in pain? There was nobody in the world who wanted to get hurt.
There was a drastic difference between coughing up blood and then feeling refreshed thanks to the Vitality of the Heart and being in pain because someone beat you up.

He did not want to get hurt because of that crazy bastard’s strength.

Cale started to smile.

“Plus, that bastard is probably not normal right now. You know about it too, Mary.”

Mary’s gaze headed toward the Dragon half-blood.
Mary had seen the Dragon half-blood through the wyvern skeleton’s empty eye sockets during the battle at Caro Kingdom.

A thunderbolt had pierced through the Dragon half-blood’s body.
Raon had sent that attack.
The Dragon half-blood had run away, but he must have still gotten injured.

“Raon’s strength is not that weak. He said he definitely left traces.”

Raon said he had left a trace on that Dragon half-blood.
The injuries left by the Black Dragon.
And Raon had not pushed for them to go find that Dragon half-blood yet. That meant that the injuries left by Raon were still there.

However, he didn’t know whether the injury was shallow or deep.
Regardless, that Dragon half-blood was not fully healed yet.
The enemy was not at 100 percent power.

That was the important part.

“I will persist.”

Mary immediately started to move the wyvern skeleton. Choi Han was the first one to respond to that movement. The wyvern had stopped while flying toward Cale. Black lights filled the wyvern’s empty eye sockets.
Then it turned its head toward the Dragon half-blood.

Choi Han took out his sword. He was quite an intelligent person.
The Cale he knew did not push for sacrifice. Furthermore, he also did not make them use their powers for no reason.

He was weaker than the Dragon half-blood.
Cale knew that.

“We meet again. You are still stupid enough to take your sword out in front of me.”

The Dragon half-blood mage’s sneer and entertained expression made Choi Han realize what he had to do.

Buy some time.

Choi Han knew what Cale wanted without him having to say it. And if that was indeed the case…

“Mary, let’s go.”

…Mary would start to move as well.

As expected, the wyvern started to move.
The Dragon half-blood started to laugh at the sight he found after coming at the request of the Bear ruler. He increased the number of light orbs spinning around him.
At the same time, he looked at the wyvern heading up the pillar of fire in order to reach him. It was a black bone wyvern that was wearing white bone armor.
The Dragon half-blood honestly asked Choi Han who was on top of the wyvern a question.

“Why do you try when you know that it is useless?”

The Dragon half-blood received the answer to that question via a black aura being launched at him. Choi Han’s black aura shot out of his sword.

The black aura shot up like lightning shooting up into the sky as if it was a snake crawling up the wall of fire.
Baaang, baaaang, baaang!
The darkness of his aura climbed up the pillar of fire without disappearing. The black aura went all the way up until it crashed into the light orbs.


The light and darkness intertwined.
However, the darkness soon crumbled like dust and disappeared.
The black aura became like sands in a desert. The Dragon half-blood with white gold hair could see the wyvern swinging it claw toward him.



A light orb crashed into the wyvern’s claw.

The piece of white bone armor broke off and disappeared into thin air, however, the black claw underneath the white armor was still fine.

Creak, creak.
The Dragon half-blood turned his head after hearing some odd noises.
“Ahhh! Dragon-nim. M, my wings, please!”

The black thread coming out of the wyvern was once again destroying the nearby Bear’s wings.
The Bear’s body tilted to the side as another two Bears grabbed onto him in order to prevent themselves from falling.
The metal and magic stones fell to the ground.

Click, click.
The white bones moved in order to create a new armor for the black claw.


The Dragon half-blood started to laugh. At the same time, his hand shot out to the left.

A short but loud noise. The aura around Choi Han’s sword quickly disappeared.
The Dragon half-blood made eye contact with Choi Han at that moment. He could see that Choi Han was smiling at him.

In some ways, it could have seemed like he was mocking him. Choi Han looked as if he was sneering at him. Choi Han’s voice reached the Dragon half-blood’s ear.

“You’re a Dragon, no, aren’t you a Dragon human? You are half human after all!”

The light orbs that had surrounded the Dragon half-blood instantly disappeared. His eyes were glowing oddly through his pale expression.

“…I kept you alive because you entertained me, but you are saying all sorts of funny things right now.”

The Dragon half-blood’s robes started to flutter.

“Do you wish to die?”

There seemed to be no emotions behind that confidently asked question. However, the anger behind the Dragon half-blood’s eyes could clearly be felt.

Choi Han maintained his twisted smile.
As expected, being half-human was a sore spot that angered the Dragon half-blood.
Choi Han did not enjoy touching someone’s sore spot. However, whether he enjoyed it or not wouldn’t matter if he was dead.
He recalled what the Dragon half-blood had just asked him.

‘Why do you try when you know it is useless?’

Why does he still try?
There were many things in battles.

Choi Han had to become witty and use underhanded tactics in order to survive when he was the weakest in the Forest of Darkness.
The only thing that had changed since then was that he was not just protecting himself anymore. That was why Choi Han planned on using these underhanded tactics as much as he needed to do so.

Choi Han’s voice that had a touch of mockery in it reached the Dragon half-blood.

“Do I want to die? No, I just want to have a conversation from one person to another.”
“…You useless and worthless human, you dare-”

Crackle, crackle.
The wind started to roar.
At the center of that wind, the light orbs surrounding the Dragon half-blood significantly increased in number.

“I will turn you into dust.”

The light orbs started to charge toward a single person.
Naturally, they were aimed at Choi Han.
At the same time, the wyvern’s wings started to move quickly.
“Mary, it starts now.”

It starts now.
The time that they needed to persist starts now.
Choi Han stuck close to the wyvern skeleton’s back and curled up his body. At the same time, he sent his black aura toward the light orbs without stopping.

Choi Han had done it in the Forest of Darkness for so long that he lost track of time. Choi Han started to smile while knowing that he was assigned a task that he knew how to do best.

The Humpback Whale Beast people Witira who was watching started to frown. Light orbs. She could feel the strength of the Dragon half-blood.

“…He’s almost an adult Dragon. How did a Dragon half-blood… he’s at least gone through two growth phases.”

Witira had lived for over 250 years. She knew a bit about the lives of Dragon half-bloods. That was why she expected something to be a bit off about him when she had first heard about the Dragon half-blood.
However, this Dragon half-blood’s light was completely pure.

“Witira-nim, we need to go.”

She nodded her head at Archie, who was rarely this serious.
Archie, the Whale tribe’s greatest warrior. He could feel the Dragon half-blood’s strength as much as Witira. However, she did not move even after Archie said, ‘let’s go.’
Instead, she looked toward someone.

Cale Henituse.

‘I will create a tsunami for you.’

This human says he would create a tsunami the size of the giant pillar of fire in front of her.

Witira could not believe his words, however, she had no choice but to do so after seeing what happened next.

‘I will create a tsunami for you.’
Rosalyn’s expression changed the moment Cale had said that. She continued to take magic stones out of the bag as she raised her voice toward the Magic Brigade.

“Everybody, use water magic! Use the largest magic circles possible! We need magic that creates large supplies of water!”

Large supplies of water.
That statement made Witira believe that Rosalyn firmly believed in Cale.


Her younger sibling Paseton approached her and urged her to hurry.

“Paseton- Hold on!”

She suddenly stopped moving.
Her heart was beating wildly.

She subconsciously closed her eyes.
She could feel the beating of her heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Her heart slowly started to beat faster. She could see an image in the darkness as she stood there with her eyes closed.

A large wall of water.

The Gorge of Death did not even have a tiny strand of river water underneath the cliffs. In fact, the current situation was the opposite of a river, with a pillar of fire that was reaching up into the heavens.

But she could feel the power of a large amount of water.

And it was not just regular water.
There was a reason that the Whales loved the ocean.

Although it might seem fickle, the roaring waves and the splashing water did not even show the Whales, who lived a long time, its true self.
However, there was one thing it did show. The ocean was strong and dominated over everything.

That power of domination.
The Whales couldn’t help but get along with the ocean. The future Whale Queen suddenly thought of something.

The Dominating Water.

Witira opened her eyes once she thought about it.
She turned her head at the same time.
The Dominating Water was pricking at her skin.

“…Witira-nim. Wow, shit, this-”

Witira raised her hand in order to shut Archie up. She then started to walk somewhere. At the same time, someone else headed toward the cliff as well. A tall boy with a blanket in his arm followed behind that person.

He was moving to a spot a bit away from the pillar of fire.
It was a cliff that was still not destroyed.
That person was slowly walking there.

The blue jewel in the necklace on Cale’s neck was slowly glowing bright and brighter.
Cale reached both of his hands out at that moment.

– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?
– Looks like I need to eat one more?

He heard the Super Rock and the glutton priestess’s voices in his head. He also heard Rosalyn’s voice by his ear.

“Young master Cale! Eruhaben-nim is not picking up, so I left him a message.”

‘Damn it.’
Although he was swearing internally, Cale started to smile. Rosalyn understood the meaning behind his smile.

“Everyone activate your magic circles!”

Her shout that was almost like a scream echoed throughout the area.

Tap. Tap. Tap.
A magic stone was placed at the center of the large magic circle. The mages were currently confused with Rosalyn’s order.

‘Why do we suddenly need to use magic for large supplies of water?
Are we trying to put out the wall of fire?’

Although they were confused, they still followed their leader’s orders. Their leader opened up her arms at that moment. Another blood vein popped inside Rosalyn’s eye.

Her eyes were turning bloodshot again. However, the highest-grade magic stones around her made it impossible for her to stop.
She could hear a loud noise.

That noise was not caused by her magic.
It was caused by something that was different than mana.
However, it was also a power of nature.

It was an ancient power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Cale could feel his heart beating wilder than ever. However, he ignored it.

His plate was not complete yet. However, each of his powers supported each other, with the Vitality of the Heart and its regeneration abilities preventing them from clashing.

Cale chose a method that would put him in a bit of danger. ( (PR: A BIT!?!?! This is a bit more than, ‘a bit!’) )
It didn’t mean that he would get hurt or die. He would just be walking a tightrope. That was similar to his past life, so he was not afraid.

“Young master Cale!”

He could hear Rosalyn’s voice.

“It’s ready!”

Everything was ready.
It was the moment her voice echoed across the cliffs.


The sound of water could now be heard.


The mages who were reaching their hands out toward the large magic circle all turned toward the same direction.

It was the sound of water.
It almost sounded peaceful.

However, what they saw in front of them made it difficult for them to breathe.

It was shooting up.

It shot up as tall as the pillar of fire.
It rivaled the wall of fire.

A significant amount of water shot up into the sky.

The mages did not feel mana coming from that power. It was caused by an ancient power. Their gazes headed down as soon as they thought about that. They looked toward the person who activated this wall of water that was continuing to grow in size.

Commander Cale Henituse.
The mages heard a shout as they watched him.

“Activate the magic circle!”

It was Rosalyn.


The magic stones surrounding her slowly started to turn blue.
Rosalyn knew about the power of the water ancient power that was helping in keeping the balance in Cale’s body. They had all heard about it when they went to Eruhaben’s lair.

She also knew that this water was something that could be used up. She had heard that when he put out the fire in the Jungle.

There was blood coming out of her mouth again, however, Rosalyn could not stop since she knew what Cale was trying to do.

Drip. Drip.
It soon started to rain from above the water wall. It only rained on top of that water wall.
Rosalyn had created the rain.
The rain fell down and wet Cale’s clothes.


There was still black blood dripping out of Cale’s mouth.

– I guess I don’t need to eat it yet.

It was the voice of the glutton priestess.
Cale did not use all of the Dominating Water.
He left a small portion of the third that was remaining in the necklace.

‘I can’t let myself die.’

The water wall was as tall as the wall of fire, however, it was not as wide.
This was Cale’s current limit.


However, even more rain started to fall from above the wall of water. The magic circles had activated.


The water wall was next to the wall of fire that the Dragon half-blood was currently floating above. The water turned into mist and slowly started to eat up the fire.

That water wall would disappear when the water ate up all of the fire. No matter how much it rains, the water wall will eventually end up disappearing.
Now it was a fight against time.

However, Cale had no plans on wasting that time. He then opened his mouth to speak.

“Go up.”

A large water whip started to climb up the water wall. At the same time, someone rushed past Cale and started to climb up the water as well.

“I will not waste this opportunity.”

It was Witira’s voice.
Cale raised his head.
He could see two people easily climbing up the water wall.

Witira and Archie.
The two Whale Beast people calmed their wildly beating hearts as they climbed up the water wall. The Dominating Water slowly started to surround their bodies.

The Whale tribe’s berserk transformation.

This was Cale’s first time seeing it.

Witira and Archie.
Their builds did not change.
However, their hands and feet became half-transparent. Water then started to cover up their half-transparent hands and feet. The water surrounding them started to glow like the ocean water that was hit by the light from the sun.

The Whales had the Dominating Water around their bodies.
The two Whales who looked as if they were wearing half-transparent armor could see someone at the top of the wall.

“Ha! I’ve never seen berserk Whales before.”

The white-gold haired Dragon half-blood’s pale expression.
The individual floating above the wall of fire could see the Whales standing at the same height.

However, The Whales did not respond to the Dragon half-blood. The Whales could tell from Rosalyn’s desperate actions that this water that Cale was using came at a cost.

They were certain that this water had even more repercussions than the silver shield.

The two Whales could see something approaching them.

Caw, caw.
A crow had come by their side.


There was a mixture of the sound of rain and water vapor.
White fog slowly covered the Gorge of Death.

– Are you sacrificing yourself now?

Cale blinked after hearing the voice in his head. He could see the battlefield.
‘What a damn world.’

He then opened his mouth to speak.


The Whales heard the order through the crow.
The two violent beings covered in water armor started to move. The Whales were cutting through the air as if they were swimming in the ocean.


The battle between the Whales and the Dragon half-blood started with a loud bang.
The Wolf boy Lock had his eyes focused somewhere else other than the battle. He could see Cale’s back that seemed even smaller after getting wet by the rain.
Lock subconsciously held Raon a little tighter.

However, the owner of that back, Cale, was paying full attention to the battlefield after giving the order. His gaze was still calm and collected.

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