Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 232 – Something Obvious (1)

Cale headed back to a corner room on the third floor of the old inn. He left Ron outside the door and had Raon immediately connect the call.

“Human! Are we going to fight against that slightly crazy bastard today?”
“There’s no need.”

However, contrary to what he was saying, Cale’s expression did not look good.

He recalled the battle in the Caro Kingdom. He had suffered significantly because he had trusted Clopeh’s comments about how the Dragon half-blood was weak.
Just thinking about that made him want to forget about working with the Paerun Kingdom and instead just smashing them apart.

Crackle, crackle.

He watched as the screen floated above the video communication device and waited for Clopeh. He had made up his mind to give Clopeh a piece of his mind.

– Cale-nim.

However, Cale became anxious once the call connected.

“…First of all, don’t clasp your hands like that.”

Clopeh appeared on the screen with his hands clasped as if he was praying toward Cale.

– I had a feeling you would be uncomfortable with this, Cale-nim.

Clopeh Sekka lowered his hands as he sat there with a calm expression. In return, Cale’s expression turned extremely odd.

‘He looks fine, but he’s a total looney.”

– Cale-nim, the reason I called-
“Hold on.”

Cale cut Clopeh off and asked.

“I’ve been curious about this for a while, but why do you keep calling me Cale-nim? Your position is higher than mine. Just call me young master like everyone else. People will think it is weird.”

It was fine for Choi Han to call him, ‘Cale-nim,’ since he had done so from the beginning, however, Clopeh Sekka could not call him that, especially thinking about how they would work together in the future.
Cale thought that Clopeh would understand the meaning behind his words.

– I cannot do that. Cale-nim is not just a young master or a commander. Cale-nim is the g-

Cale felt as if he should not hear what Clopeh would say next.
He didn’t want to hear that word that started with a, ‘g.’ Cale held back his sigh and continued to speak.

“Why have you been quiet all this time and just now giving me a call?”

Clopeh could see that Cale was looking at him with a cold gaze even though his voice was calm.

It had been much longer than one week since Cale had the Whale tribe strike the Paerun Kingdom’s northern patrol stations. Cale had given them one week, however, the Paerun Kingdom had not contacted him until now. Why did it take them so long to respond?

Clopeh smiled after seeing that Cale was still calm without any signs of anger nor uneasiness.

– I could not come empty-handed.

Cale started to smile.
‘I knew this guy’s head worked well.’

“Yes, you can’t come empty-handed to make a deal.”

The Caro Kingdom’s battle.
The Paerun Kingdom had realized that they needed a new source for survival other than the Indomitable Alliance after seeing the results. They also knew that the Roan Kingdom was the one who would give them an alternative path for survival.


Cale leaned back onto the old chair and motioned toward Clopeh with his chin.

He was telling Clopeh to show him what the Paerun Kingdom had brought after such a long time.

“I will decide after I see what you brought.”

Cale and the Roan Kingdom had the upper hand and could make up their mind afterward. Clopeh had to stop the corners of his lips from going up.

‘I knew I was right.’

The path to a legend.
Clopeh had felt chills throughout his body after hearing about the Caro Kingdom’s battle. Hearing about the appearance of the Dark Elves and how Cale’s shield had defended against the light arrow was electrifying.

He knew that Cale would have underestimated Arm’s mage after his unintentional misinformation.
Even then, Cale managed to defeat a formidable foe who suddenly appeared.
That was what a hero, no, what a legend should be able to do.

The white snake could see a path to survival in Cale. That was why he had done everything he could in order to prepare this for him.

– The Indomitable Alliance is currently barely managing to hold on.

It was obvious.
They had been destroyed in both of the major battles.

– But they cannot retreat just like this. Arm, which has somehow become the central figure of the alliance, is pushing for a final stand.

Arm’s final stand.
Cale could easily imagine where the location of this battle would be.

He thought about two different people.

Rosalyn, who had thrown away her position as a princess in order to focus on being a mage, and Lock, who would end up walking the path of the Wolf King.

He was thinking about the Breck Kingdom where the two of them currently were, as well as the Gorge of Death within the Breck Kingdom.

“The final battle will be at the Gorge of Death.”

Clopeh could no longer stop himself from smiling. It was because Cale’s expression was one of someone who already knew about it.

– As expected, Cale-nim’s foresight is amazing. It is fitting for someone who will become a legend.

Cale quickly cut off the crazy bastard’s nonsense. He then observed the white-haired Guardian Knight, Clopeh Sekka, who was looking at him.

Currently, only the Roan Kingdom and a few of the Paerun Kingdom’s people knew about Clopeh’s whereabouts. The rest believed that he was currently missing or that he had been killed in the Henituse territory.

That was why there were many uses for him.
Cale slowly started to speak.

“If it was you, with the weakened Indomitable Alliance, no, let me put it differently.”

Cale’s side will naturally be the ones to win the battle at the Gorge of Death. The winning side can enjoy their victory. But what about the losers?

“The strength of the three kingdoms in the north will be dismal after they lose at the Gorge of Death.”

The Paerun Kingdom, Askosan, and Norland will all be weak after the battle.

“Wouldn’t the weakened north be easy prey for someone?”

Was there anything easier than swallowing up a weakened enemy?
Cale might be wrong, however, why would Arm spend so much resources in order to have the Indomitable Alliance prepare for a final battle?

Maybe Arm realized that they would not be able to take any of the southern lands through the Indomitable Alliance and were instead thinking about taking the northern lands instead.
The Lion tribe, Bear tribe, and the Flame Dwarf tribe probably all want their own territories.

In that case, would they want the difficult to acquire southern lands or the easy to take northern lands?

The answer was obvious.

“Clopeh Sekka, the enemy is within your ranks.”

Cale was giving Clopeh and the Paerun Kingdom a warning.
It was at that moment.

– Hehehe.

Cale could see Clopeh Sekka suddenly starting to laugh like a maniac.

– Hehehe, Cale-nim, you really are, hehehe.

‘What is wrong with him?’
Cale’s pupils started to shake.

It seemed as if Clopeh was getting crazier even though all he said was to be wary of Arm. Cale slowly tried to move away from the screen.

– Human, this guy is not just slightly crazy.

Cale and the six-years-old Dragon had the same thought.
Clopeh started to speak at that moment.

– Cale-nim, we are prepared.

The person who had been laughing like a maniac had returned back to normal. Cale’s expression was still iffy, but his expression changed after hearing what Clopeh had to say.

– We have prepared a route to invade all the way to Askosan and Norland’s palaces.

Cale flinched. He then observed Clopeh. Clopeh still had a calm expression his face, however, his eyes were glowing.

– We have prepared the shortest route from the Paerun Kingdom in order to take down both Askosan and Norland. We have also installed a large-scale teleportation magic circle in the Paerun Kingdom’s knights training ground. That is the reason we were a bit late.

There was something that Cale had missed until now.
Clopeh Sekka was the crazy person who had waged war against the continent in order to make himself into a legend.
He had already been crazy. He was someone who would do anything and figure out everything necessary in order to achieve his goals.

– I plan to offer that route to the Roan Kingdom. No, I offer that route to you, Cale-nim.

Clopeh slowly started to smile.

– You mentioned that Arm may aim for the northern kingdoms, right?

Clopeh Sekka.
He knew very well that the true symbol of his household was a white snake. It was because that was his personality as well. However, he had strong feelings about being a person from the Paerun Kingdom.


The Paerun Kingdom’s royal family and leaders were the ones who had turned this white snake household into the Guardian Knight household.
They too had felt strongly about being citizens from the Paerun Kingdom for similar reasons.
A bright smile settled on Clopeh’s face.

– Cale-nim, that action that Arm may or may not take. That is our Paerun Kingdom’s specialty.

He was talking about being the hidden enemy within the alliance.
The Paerun Kingdom was confident that they could do it as well.

– We just have to do it before Arm makes their move. No, Cale-nim, you, and the Roan Kingdom can do it first.

The Paerun Kingdom had found a route for survival and was offering this as part of the deal.
Cale honestly responded back to Clopeh who was on the other side of the screen.

“…You crazy bastard.”
– Hahaha, don’t I need to move quickly in order to keep up with a legend?

Cale sternly responded to Clopeh who was now laughing.

“Put your dad on the line.”

He felt as if he needed to talk to someone sane right now.
Cale chose to chat with Duke Rock Sekka instead of Clopeh.

* * *

The call soon ended. Cale brushed his face with both hands.

– Weak human! Will the Roan Kingdom control the entire North?
“…Do you think that is possible?”

Cale scoffed at Raon’s comment, however, he felt chills at the back of his neck as well.

– But according to that white-haired father-son duo, although we may not be able to take their hand, wouldn’t the Roan Kingdom be able to threaten the three northern kingdoms?

Cale could not respond to Raon’s question this time.
In the end, he opened the room door with an ominous feeling.

The door opened and he could see Ron who was standing guard. He then sternly spoke to Ron who was looking at him.

“I will be heading back to the Western continent for a bit. I will be back in a month, so you know what to do, right?”

Ron understood exactly what Cale was getting at and responded back.

“I will prepare a plan to eat up the Leeb-An City’s underworld. One month should be the perfect amount of time to plan for the opening of the inn as well.”

Ron truly was reliable.
Cale looked toward the Dragon standing next to Ron. The ancient Dragon casually responded back.

“I will look for another Dragon while you are not here. I’m sure that you need to learn about the history of Leeb-An City.”
“Thank you very much.”

The ancient Dragon stepped up in order to figure out the secrets behind the history of the city. Cale gave a short thank you before using the teleportation magic circle to return to the Western continent’s Super Rock Villa with the children averaging nine-years-old.

* * *

Cale finished his preparations at Super Rock Villa before moving elsewhere.
He was wearing a clean black uniform. The teleportation soon completed and Cale’s sight returned.

“Your highness.”

Crown prince Alberu Crossman.
He could see him in the distance.

This was a secret teleportation magic circle inside the palace.
Cale had used this to stealthily enter the palace.
Cale started to speak in reflex as soon as he saw the crown prince’s face.

“You are as fancy and passionate as the rising sun as usual-”

Cale stopped talking.
He quickly returned to his usual voice as he continued to speak.

“Your highness, I know this is going to sound terrible, but what’s wrong with your face? Did something happen?”

Alberu Crossman. His face was a total mess.
He seemed tired from being stuck in the middle of a bunch of annoying things. The way he was standing as he greeted Cale seemed a bit desperate as well.

‘…Is there something for me to do again?’

Cale started to get a bad feeling again.

“…Cale Henituse.”

Alberu was not using the title of commander and instead was using his name for the first time in a long time, however, there was no energy in his voice. Cale started to consider teleporting right back. It was at that moment.

Alberu started to speak in the most serious voice he had ever used.

“You only seem to have people that cause headaches around you.”
“Excuse me?”

‘People that cause headaches?’


Cale quickly understood what he meant.
Alberu was talking about the people who had been staying in the capital while Cale was in the Eastern continent.
Choi Han, Mary, and Hilsman.
Cale nodded his head.

‘Yes, I’m sure his highness found the terrible actor Choi Han and the innocent Mary to be hard to handle.’

For someone like Alberu, who found it difficult to handle even the Caro Kingdom’s crown prince, Valentino, Choi Han and Mary must have been extremely difficult. Cale had a good understanding of it.

“I guess Choi Han and Mary are really difficult to handle.”

One was too stiff and terrible at acting while the other was too innocent and nice.
Cale could see crown prince Alberu scoffing at his response.

“…Your meaning of, ‘difficult’ is quite surprising.”
“Excuse me?”
“…Never mind. It’s nothing.”

Alberu shook his head. He then turned around and started to walk, making Cale follow behind him with a confused expression. He heard Raon’s voice in his head as he walked.

– I knew Choi Han’s smile was weird.

‘What is he talking about?’

Cale looked at Alberu’s back as they headed out of the secret underground room.
He heard Alberu’s voice at that moment.

“You seem to be someone who is quite loved.”
“…Are you really sick your highness?”
“…You have suffered quite a bit.”

Just what was going on? Cale did not understand Alberu’s words as he continued to follow behind him.

Alberu opened the door heading back to surface and they appeared in a room.
It was Alberu Crossman’s new office.

It was the same one he would use once he became king.
The office was full of papers. Cale heard someone’s voice as he took a step back in disgust.

– Young master Cale.

Cale looked toward one of the walls.
A screen from a video communication device was taking up an entire wall.

– Long time no see, young master Cale.

He could see a face through the video communication device.
It was someone whose beautiful red hair was different than Cale’s in that it resembled the sun in the middle of the day.

She greeted Cale with a smile.
Cale smiled back and greeted her as well.

“Long time no see, Miss Rosalyn.”

She smiled again and asked a question.

– The Indomitable Alliance is heading down in two days?

Rosalyn’s smile became even wider after hearing Cale’s short response.

– We will get to see all of them, the Bear tribe, the Lion tribe, and the Dwarves?
“Of course.”
– The Flame Dwarf tribe made devices for them to cross the Gorge of Death?

Rosalyn, who was wearing a robe over her leather armor, pushed the corners of her lips back down with her fingers.

A battle against the Indomitable Alliance.
Although she did not wish for it to happen, a part of her had been longing for this moment.

She had stayed at the Breck Kingdom even when her friends were fighting in the Roan Kingdom and the Caro Kingdom. She did not contact them via video communication device either. It was partially because she believed they would win, however, there was one main reason.

She knew that there was royal blood flowing in her body. The blood of a king. Although she had thrown away her position as a princess, the blood still flowed through her.
That blood was making her angry right now. The blood of a king could not forgive those who aimed for their territory.
It was for the Breck Kingdom and her family, as well as for the people who were precious to her that were coming to help the Breck Kingdom out.
It was so that she could protect all of them with her own hands.
It was also so that she could relieve her anger against those who were aiming for her land.

Rosalyn had been training to become stronger with Cale’s help. She was happy knowing that the time that she had been waiting for was near as she asked Cale a question.

– Will the enemy be able to get past the Gorge of Death?

Rosalyn could see Cale starting to smile.

“What an impossible imagination.”

He was saying that the enemies getting past the Gorge of Death would never happen.

– I will see you soon.

Rosalyn said a short farewell before ending the call.
Cale turned around and looked back at crown prince Alberu. Alberu motioned for Cale to speak.

“Your highness, it looks like we will need to gather people together one more time.”

It was now the end of winter.
They needed to do it one more time before spring arrived.
Cale started to prepare for the final battle against the Indomitable Alliance.

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