Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 226 – Do not worry (7)

The day for Cale’s departure arrived.
Of course, not everyone from the Roan Kingdom was leaving. However, Cale, as well as a portion of the mages, the knights, and Dark Elves, were all leaving today.

Most of the Empire’s forces were leaving as well.


Cale barely managed to smile at crown prince Valentino who grabbed his hands again.

“I will see you next time, your highness.”
“Yes, yes.”

Valentino smiled gently toward Cale with a sad expression before erasing all emotions from his face and turning to look at someone else with just a smile on his face.

“Thank you for all of your help, Duke Huten.”
“No, your highness. The Mogoru Kingdom and Caro Kingdom’s friendship is known by everyone.”

‘Friendship my ass.’

Cale snorted internally at Duke Huten’s words while admiring Valentino’s poker face.

‘He’s good at acting.’

Cale recalled what Alberu had told him when they chatted last night.

‘Valentino? He’s quite humane. Honestly speaking, he is a pretty good person.’

Valentino was someone who would show anger when he was angry and sorrow when he was sad. He was someone who cherished the citizens of his kingdom while knowing how to use fear and anger as he needed.
That was the evaluation Alberu had of Valentino.

‘But the Caro Kingdom is the land of casinos and auctions. He is someone who rose to the position of crown prince in such a kingdom.’

However, emotions and rationality were extremely different.

‘He calculates things faster than anybody I know. That is why he won’t let go of us until the end of the war, regardless of whether he trusts what we have to say or not. Also…’

Alberu looked toward Cale with an odd expression.

‘He seems to admire the Roan Kingdom quite a bit.’

‘…Your highness, did he explain his admiration with a straight face?’

Alberu and Cale looked toward each other and chuckled.

‘…His style doesn’t suit me.’

‘Me neither.’

They had agreed for the first time in a while.
Cale recalled that conversation as Duke Huten approached him.
The crown prince was thanking each of the Empire and Roan Kingdom’s leaders and saying goodbye to each of them one by one. Duke Huten took that time to approach Cale.

“I hope to see you again in the future.”
“I wish for the same, Duke-nim.”

Absolutely. Cale absolutely wanted to see him again in the future.

“Good. I have never seen anybody with such a strong shield in my life. It is an honor to know someone with such profound strength.”

“It is embarrassing to hear that from a sword master like you, Duke-nim.”

The two were chatting jovially. Duke Huten shook his head.

“No. I reflected a lot after seeing you and the Roan Kingdom.”

Duke Huten had a sincere smile on his face. He then looked at the people around Cale.

“…This is how you should grow your strength.”

‘Grow extremely strong while remaining quiet.’

Duke Huten did not say that part out loud. His gaze then headed back toward Cale.

‘The red thunderbolt.’

He still had not figured out the identity of that power.
It was strong enough to destroy Arm’s magic circle. Who could that power belong to?

It did not belong to the Empire, Arm, nor the Indomitable Alliance.
Then it had to be someone from the Roan Kingdom.

And the person in front of him was the center of the Roan Kingdom’s forces.

“Haha, Duke-nim. It will be a useless power once the war is over.”

Duke Huten jokingly started to shake while looking at Cale.

“I’m scared of the Roan Kingdom.”

“What is there to be scared about? The Roan Kingdom and the Empire are on friendly terms with each other. I have the symbol of that friendship on me.”

Cale pointed to the medal that was inside his jacket.
It was the Mogoru Empire’s medal of honor.
He looked extremely proud of this medal as he moved his gaze back to Duke Huten.

Duke Huten smiled back.

Cale Henituse.
He was someone at the center of the Roan Kingdom’s strength as well as the string that tied the Empire and the Roan Kingdom together.
They just needed to slowly conduct their investigation of the Roan Kingdom. They could do it while gently dealing with Cale Henituse.

“Hahaha, of course. I am extremely happy to see the Mogoru Empire’s medal on you. I must be going now. See you next time.”
“Of course, Duke-nim. We must meet again.”

Cale looked as if he really wanted to visit the Empire again as he said the word, ‘must.’ Duke Huten hid his relief and sneer as he walked into area for the teleportation magic circle.
Cale quietly watched him leave.

– Weak human, aren’t we heading to the Empire in order to destroy everything next time?

Cale naturally ignored Raon’s question.
He then touched the corners of his lips.

He had a natural smile on his face.
His smile was not forced as he was speaking the truth.

He would definitely return to the Mogoru Empire.

– Human! What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about destroying things?

Cale ignored this as well before stepping onto the teleportation magic circle.

Choi Han, Mary, Tasha, and Hilsman. He could see all of their faces. Cale closed his eyes as the teleportation magic circle started to vibrate as the others stood there with unexplainable expressions on their faces.

* * *

He then opened his eyes. He had already returned to the Roan Kingdom.


The Roan Kingdom’s front lines of the northeast region. The Henituse territory.
This was where he had returned when he opened his eyes.

He had returned home alone.
His family was present to greet him.

“I am back.”

– Human! I am back as well! We are back at house #1!

Raon was naturally with him.
Count Deruth approached Cale who was stepping off the teleportation magic circle. He looked at his son’s face and body before patting him on the shoulder.

“Welcome back.”

He did not say anything else. It was the same for Countess Violan. She nodded her head when Cale bowed toward her and then turned around.

“I had them prepare all of your favorite foods, so let’s go eat.”

She then started to walk toward the dining room first. Count Deruth left with her.
Cale felt relaxed as he started to walk as well. His siblings, Basen and Lily, approached him as he did that.

“I did not manage to buy any souvenirs.”

Cale answered back before motioning with his chin that they should hurry. Basen hesitated for a moment after seeing Cale’s action before starting to speak.

“…I heard that there will be a large celebration parade for the Roan Kingdom’s people who managed to achieve an overwhelming victory in the Caro Kingdom. Why did you return here alone?”

Everyone other than Cale were heading from the Caro Kingdom to the Roan Kingdom’s capital. The Roan Kingdom’s side had prepared a welcome back parade for them.

Basen thought that his brother was the one who deserved to be there the most. However, his brother had declined that spot and returned home alone.

His parents did not ask about it. However, Basen and Lily were both curious. They wanted to know why Cale was avoiding such a glorious position. It was because Cale was a source of pride for them.

Basen could see Cale frowning as if what he had said did not make any sense.

“Something like that does not suit me. It is fine as long as we won. I do not need anything else.”

He would have to deal with the terrible sight of people waving shields at him if he went to the parade.
Cale was relieved that he could escape on his own.

Even without him present, Choi Han, Mary, and Tasha would be the focus of everyone’s attention.
That was his goal.
Furthermore, he was not worried about not being in the procession.

‘Hilsman, Tasha, and his highness will take care of it.’

The combination of Vice Captain Hilsman, the Dark Elf Tasha who was knowledgeable about the kingdom’s politics, and the crown prince who was good at taking care of business, was reliable. He didn’t even have to worry about the terrible actor, Choi Han, nor the innocently good Mary with the three of them around.
‘Choi Han and Mary agreed as well.’

He had expected the two of them to retort back, however, both of them, especially Choi Han, seemed to be listening carefully to everything he told them.

‘Ah, Choi Han. Just ignore the nobles even if they talk to you. His highness will take care of everything.’
‘I understand. Please do not worry.’

Cale saw the innocent smile on Choi Han’s face and moved on. He had heard Raon’s voice at that moment.

‘Choi Han, why are you smiling like that?’

Why is he saying that to Choi Han?’

Cale turned his head back after hearing Raon say the words that were usually reserved for when he was about to scam someone. He could still see Choi Han with the same innocent smile. He could also see Mary who was standing there with her fists clenched.

‘Hahaha! Do not worry, young master-nim. Mr. Choi Han and our Mary will do a good job. The two of them are stronger than you think.’

‘… But I know that they are strong?’


Cale started to frown because he did not understand why Tasha was laughing so loudly. He then patted the final troublemaker, Hilsman, on the shoulder before giving him a warning.

‘…As for you, don’t bring up that nonsense about young master Silver Shield or what not.’

‘Hahahaha! I understand! Young master-nim!’

Cale recalled Hilsman’s loud laughter as he started to walk. He then mumbled to himself.

“…Being at home is the most peaceful.”

He always had to do so much work whenever he left the house.
His siblings who heard Cale’s comment looked at each other but kept their mouths shut. Their older brother’s large back felt quite small today.

Cale had no idea about any of this as he focused on the food in front of him. However, he needed to respond to Countess Violan’s questions every so often.

“Cale, did the Caro Kingdom feed you properly?”
“Yes they did.”
“Cale, have you been sleeping well?”
“Mm. Well, I usually sleep well.”
“I see. Cale, has anybody looked down on you for not having a title?”
“Not for that reason, but the Church of the Sun God’s bishop did look down on me.”
“…I see.”

Cale honestly responded to the questions before taking another bite of the juicy sausage made by the Henituse family chef and starting to smile.
On the other hand, Count Deruth looked at the cold gaze in his wife’s eyes before looking at his son, who was happy because of a simple sausage, and filling his bitter stomach with cold water.

* * *

“It’s our house! It’s been so long!”

Raon rushed past Cale in excitement and headed down to the underground plaza with the Super Rock Villa.

“Tsk tsk, the little kid has only improved his physical strength.”

Eruhaben clicked his tongue as he leisurely walked next to Cale.
They were at the Super Rock Villa underneath the Forest of Darkness. Cale, who had returned here for the first time in a long time, looked toward the holy twins and the crazy priestess who were chatting with Raon as he peeked toward Eruhaben.

“What is it?”

The ancient Dragon felt Cale’s gaze and asked.

“Arm’s Dragon half-blood that we met mistook me for a Dragon half-blood as well.”

How could he mistake him for something so preposterous? Cale was shocked at the bastard’s extremely wacky thought and felt iffy about why someone would think that way.
That was why he had shared this fact with Eruhaben and managed to see his reaction.


He seemed to be holding back his laughter. Cale started to get a bad feeling as he stared at the ancient Dragon who was trying very hard to hold back his laughter.
Eruhaben then walked in front of Cale before casually answering back.

“How can you be a Dragon half-blood when you have that item with you?”

That item.
Hearing that made Cale flinch.
There was a crown in Cale’s spatial pocket bag that was inside his inner pocket. It was the crown that was said to like Dragon blood.
He then heard Eruhaben’s quiet chuckles.

“You really are extremely unlucky. You always bring back such useless things.”

Cale was at a loss for words.
He was amazed at the same time.
There was a reason that an ancient Dragon was an ancient Dragon.

He was amazed that Eruhaben could feel the aura of the crown that Raon could not feel.

That was why he was relieved when standing in front of the shaking stone pillar. The crazy priestess Cage whom he had not seen in a long time started to speak in a calm voice.

“About 2/5 of the chains are broken.” ( Author originally said 1/5 was remaining, but now only 2/5 is broken, so I am going to assume he meant 1/5 was broken earlier. )
“But it looks like you used the power of the God of Death to hold it down.”
“He should at least do this much.”

Cale turned his gaze away from Cage who seemed to make light of the situation and looked back at the stone pillar.
It was the path that the Super Rock was said to have sealed. It was supposed to last 100,000 years.

‘I knew he sounded a bit crazy, but it looks like I can’t trust him.’

‘100,000 years my ass.’

It looked ready to break at any moment.

Screech, screech.
The chains were still moving, and the stone pillar looked ready to fall over. He could take a peek at the path underneath each time the stone pillar jumped up.
It was an oddly purple color.

It didn’t look like somewhere Cale would want to venture down. Cale turned his head and looked toward Eruhaben, who started to speak.

“It looks like the other side was broken. This is reacting to it.”
“The other side? The Eastern continent?”
“Yes. Someone must be messing with it on the Eastern continent’s side.”

Cale’s expression became darker.
Who was touching this stone pillar?

Anybody with enough strength would not touch the seal on this stone pillar.

‘Is it Arm?’

Cale asked the great ancient Dragon who was aware of even the crown in his position.

“Eruhaben-nim, then what should we do?”

Eruhaben responded right back as if there was nothing to debate.

“What can you do? Just don’t worry about it.”

His face seemed very reliable as he told Cale not to worry. Cale thought that he could see the wisdom of the aged Dragon. Cale was waiting for Eruhaben’s response when Eruhaben smiled gently and sternly responded back.

“We can just destroy it first.”

“Ohhh, Goldie! Let’s destroy it!”

That feeling of Eruhaben being reliable quickly disappeared from Cale’s mind.

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