Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 224 – Do Not Worry (5)

Vice Captain Hilsman, who had been following behind Cale, quietly walked up next to him when he noticed that Cale had stopped and closed his eyes.
Choi Han and Mary just watched from the side. Hilsman then flinched after hearing what Cale was mumbling.

“Young master-nim, are you dizzy by chance?”

Cale slowly opened his eyes. He then felt annoyed after seeing the way Hilsman was looking at him.
Although Hilsman’s face currently showed concern for Cale, Cale did not like it.

Cale subconsciously let out his inner thoughts.

“Why is it so hard to live.”

‘I can’t play, I can’t even relax.’
He didn’t know it would be so hard to be able to lay around in bed all day doing nothing.
Cale shook his head and started to walk again.

Hilsman watched all of this with a sad expression.

Someone patted him on the shoulder at that moment.

“Let’s go.”

It was Choi Han. Hilsman turned around to look at Choi Han before flinching.

“Y, yes. Let’s go.”
“We need to move quickly. The young master-nim does everything quickly.”

Mary walked past Choi Han and Hilsman with her black robe dragging on the ground as she caught up to Cale. Hilsman had never seen Mary walk so fast before.
Choi Han followed behind her as well, and Hilsman recalled Choi Han’s expression one more time before feeling chilly again and starting to walk once again as well.

– Weak human, life is meant to be hard. I learned that when I was two years old. Of course, there will be more good days than bad days. I learned that when I was four years old. Weak human, let’s eat all of the delicious food! That will make us happy! ( (PR: This. This is adorable. And sad. )

Cale’s mind was still filled with the ramblings of the Super Rock and the young Dragon.

* * *

Cale’s plan to resolve the voice in his head was to contact the source of the problem.

– It’s been a while, young master-nim.

He could see the crazy priestess Cage casually waving her hands.

The Super Rock Villa.
There was a video communication device that Raon had created for the villa which only allowed them to contact Cale.

He could also see the blonde twins behind Cage.
The sword master Hannah who survived being poisoned with dead mana, and the half-saint Jack. The two of them greeted Cale as well.

– Young master-nim, I heard you did something amazing. You truly seem to be someone who follows the light of truth.

Saint Jack’s innocent expression made Cage, Hannah, and Cale all be at a loss for words. Finally, Hannah interjected.

– You need to leave some for me.

“There’s plenty for you. And when we go to the Empire, well, you already know, right?”

A smile appeared on the face that seemed to be filled with black spiderwebs.

– Yes, I’m training just for that moment. I’m going to dye the palace red with blood.

Cale turned stoic.
He didn’t plan on dying the palace red, however, Hannah continued to say whatever she needed to say without waiting for his response.

– How’s Mary?
“She’s doing well. She seems happy to be able to see the Dark Elves again.”

Cale noticed Hannah pick her sword up and leave after hearing his response. She seemed to have nothing else to say. He heard Jack’s voice again.

– Hannah is working hard every day in order to gain the strength to defeat the evil Arm and save the Empire. She wants to help you, young master-nim.

Jack’s perfectly innocent smile made Cale feel a bit guilty. However, he brushed it aside as he had something to do.

“Miss Cage, what is the status of the stone pillar?”

Cage started to frown.

– It started yesterday.

She recalled what she noticed yesterday.

– I woke up feeling a bit off. It felt as if the God of Death had dropped by. I decided to take a walk around the Forest of Darkness with Miss Hannah just in case. I thought that an enemy might have arrived.

– However, we did not find anybody.

No monsters even approached them because Hannah had both her golden aura and black smoke coming from her body. That was why Cage had thought that it was just an odd dream.

– But it was the moment we entered the underground plaza…

A loud noise had echoed from inside of the plaza.
Cage ran toward the source of the noise in shock and managed to figure out the source.

– This exploded and made that loud noise.

A piece of chain was on her palm. It was part of the many chains that were covering the stone pillar. A piece of the seal around it had exploded.

– The stone pillar started to be a bit weird after that.

Cage continued to speak with an iffy expression.

– I thinking bouncing is a better word than shaking for what it is doing.

Cale ended up with the same expression as Cage at that moment.

“Are there still chains around it?”
– Yes. Approximately 1/5th of the chains are still there. I put a temporary seal on the broken areas with the power of the God of Death.

“It sounds like I need to hurry back.”

Cage waved her hand in order to say that it was not needed.

– You don’t need to hurry. It doesn’t look like it will break anytime soon. If anything pops out of it, I’ll use the power of the God of Death or Miss Hannah will use her aura to ki-, mm, defend against them. Although I was excommunicated, I still seem to find it difficult to say the word, ‘kill’ as a former priestess. Hahaha!

Cage laughed out loud while Cale rubbed his eyes with his hands.

‘I need to go back soon.’

He didn’t know what those people would end up doing.
The crazy priestess, the even crazier sword master Hannah, and the doofus of a half-Saint. He just realized that this combination of people was terrible.
They could go around destroying everything and healing each other in order to return without any injuries.

‘…I can’t allow my villa to be destroyed.’

He couldn’t lose one of the many things he needed for his peaceful slacker life.
He could not just let the issue be, as there was a reason for him to head to the Eastern continent.

The Eastern continent.
He needed to go there in order to find the Water of Judgment.

‘And then I can put on the crown.’

He was planning on controlling the crown that loves Dragon blood once his body was balanced.

“Human, human! Are we going home? Are we all meeting up at the Super Rock Villa?”

Cale stopped thinking about it after hearing Raon’s excited voice.

“Yes, we are all going to meet up there.”
– Oh, young master-nim. I brewed some alcohol with the fruits from the Forest of Darkness. I will reveal it when you all get here.

“…Sure. That sounds good, Miss Cage.”

– I was bored, so I made some cups out of wood as well. Yours is special as it as a silver shield on it. Look forward to it. Drinking alcohol in a silver shield cup, ahh!

“…I will contact you soon.”

Cale casually responded back to Cage, who was laughing, and Jack, who urged him to return quickly as he was the one who helped Cage brew the alcohol, before ending the call.

“… Aigoo, my head.”

Cale put both of his hands on his head.

‘…I need to contact Eruhaben-nim and that lunatic, Clopeh.’

At that moment, the bedroom door clicked open. Cale noticed Raon did not turn invisible and started to speak.
It was bound to be Choi Han, Mary, or Hilsman.


Cale stopped moving. He turned his head.
He could see Choi Han who was bandaged up, as well as Mary who was wearing her usual black robe.


The wheels started to roll as a large food cart entered into the bedroom. On the cart was a tray that was full of food and wine.
Cale could hear Raon gulping next to him.

Choi Han noticed the gaze of the Dragon as he started to speak.

“I thought you might be hungry.”
“You are fabulous, Choi Han. You truly are smart and wonderful.”

Cale jumped up and moved the food to a table. Choi Han, Mary, and Raon’s magic helped him, making the table almost instantly full of food.
Cale sat down and asked.

“What about Hilsman?”
“…He is with the soldiers telling people about the shield battle and discussing things with the Caro Kingdom’s knights.”

‘Shield battle?
Discussing with the knights?’

Cale’s expression turned odd, but he decided it sounded normal as Hilsman had become close with Toonka’s Whipper Kingdom’s soldiers as well.
Furthermore, he was too hungry to think about it. He started to eat right away. The others started to eat as well, and soon the only noise in the room was the sound of Raon’s excitement.

“Human, this is delicious! Have some! Mary, you should have some of this! Choi Han, you need to eat a lot in order to heal faster!”

Cale sighed while watching Raon take a bite and then passing all the delicious food off to the other people as he handed new plates to Raon one after another.

It was the moment Raon moved a piece of steak to someone else’s dish and Cale placed a new steak in front of him.

Beeeeeep- Beeeeeep-

The video communication device at the center of the table was glowing red.
It was an emergency call.

Cale wanted to chuck the plate of steak after hearing the alarm, however, he put it down gently as it was delicious meat. He then started to think.

‘Is it the Breck Kingdom? Maybe Lock? Or the Roan Kingdom again?’

Cale sighed and turned his gaze to the video communication device as Raon informed him of who was calling.

“It is Goldie gramps!”


The Gold Dragon was the one who was calling.
Eruhaben had not responded when Cale left him a message last time.

Cale wiped the sauce off of his mouth and gave the order.

“Connect it.”

Cale’s expression stiffened up while thinking about why Eruhaben might be making an emergency call.
Raon immediately connected the call and a man with white gold hair appeared on the screen.

– It’s been a while.

Eruhaben had the majestic air of a Dragon, as usual. Eruhaben looked at Cale, Raon, Mary, and Choi Han at the other side of the screen and started to smile.

He then noticed the look in Cale’s eyes.

– …Why are you looking at me like that?

Cale bluntly asked his question.

“Do you have a son?”

Choi Han choked while Mary gently put down the fork in her hand. At the same time, Raon’s round eyes were looking toward Cale.

However, Cale was thinking about someone.

The Dragon half-blood with white gold hair.
Dragons were said to each have their own unique colors.

Cale did not know anything about the Dragon half-blood, however, if they had a mix of Dragon and human blood, wouldn’t they follow the Dragon’s color as well?

The only white gold Dragon Cale knew about was Eruhaben. Cale’s calm gaze headed toward Eruhaben, who was looking right back at him.

-Yes. I guess the chaos of war can make a human go crazy. I understand. Has it been that hard?

‘You unlucky human, tsk tsk.’

Eruhaben clicked his tongue as he looked toward Cale with a pitiful gaze. Raon’s paw that was covered in sauce patted the back of Cale’s hand as well.
“Weak human, the white gold hair from earlier was from magic.”

Choi Han and Mary let out a gasp while Cale was at a loss for words. That was why Raon explained the story of the Dragon half-blood to Eruhaben instead.
Eruhaben said just one word after listening to the story.

– …Interesting.

Cale looked back toward the ancient Dragon.

– He would normally die.
“Excuse me?”

Cale asked in confusion as Eruhaben tilted his head and answered back.

– Do you know why Dragons are an unmatched existence? It is because nobody else can handle them. Of course, the Dragon Slayers eat Dragons. However, eating them and receiving the bloodline of a Dragon are completely different things.

Eruhaben had a serious expression that was also full of curiosity.

– Interesting. Usually, Dragons and humans do not make children. The child is unable to handle the Dragon’s blood and thus dies after suffering for a bit. Even if Dragons are shameless, they wouldn’t go to that level.

Dragons are rational creatures.
Although they are violent and emotional on the outside, they are rational enough that even if they fell in love with a human, they would not get them pregnant.

That was their natural instincts telling them it wouldn’t work.

– But you are saying there is someone who managed to survive?

Eruhaben’s curiosity about the Dragon half-blood only continued to grow.
The fact that he was alive was shocking.

– The fact that he avoided the little kid and ran away should mean that he’s at least gone through his first growth phase.

“Goldie! Dragon half-bloods go through growth phases as well?”

– Of course. There is Dragon blood inside of them.

“Ah, I see!”

Raon seemed to be happy to see Eruhaben for the first time in a long time as he asked all sorts of questions in order to continue to conversation. However, Cale realized something odd.

This made his expression slowly turn odd as well.

He had not noticed because of Eruhaben’s shockingly handsome face and his question about his son, however, he could see it properly now.

– What is it?

One Dragon was looking at Cale through the screen while another turned his head in order to look at him as well. Cale slowly continued to speak.

“The scenery behind you seems familiar.”
– Ah, I am by your house.
“… The Super Rock Villa?”
– Yes. I’m in the Forest of Darkness.

‘Did he find out about the stone pillar?’
Cale’s expression turned serious.
It was at that moment.

– My house was destroyed.


– That is why I came to see you and to stay here for a bit.

“Excuse me?”

The video communication device had been glowing red.
Cale now understood the reason behind it.

– You know about the Ten Finger Mountains, right? It was the location of the Elf Village.
“…Yes I do.”

‘I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t know why, but I have a really bad feeling about this.’

– You protected their branch of the World Tree.


– That was robbed a few days ago.

Choi Han let out a gasp.

– I went to the Elf Village because of that and my lair was destroyed when I got back. Hoho, they think they can do whatever they want because I won’t make it past another year.

“… Was it done by Arm?”

– The Elf Village was definitely Arm, but I can’t be sure about my lair. I’ll need to look. However…


Why did that word sound so scary to Cale?
Cale started to get anxious. The reason for it was quickly revealed.

– Where in the Caro Kingdom are you right now?

Cale hesitated to answer. Raon happily answered at that moment.

“Castle Leona! The biggest room on the third floor of the southern annex!”

Raon followed up with the coordinates and the approximate location of the room. Cale tried to shut Raon up, but Raon was much faster.

– I see.

The call was suddenly ended.
A weird noise then appeared inside of the room.


A bright white gold light filled the bedroom. A voice could be heard as the light disappeared.

“It’s been a while.”

It was Eruhaben.


Raon flew over toward Eruhaben, however, Eruhaben flinched after seeing Cale’s expression.

“…Why do you have such an expression on your face?”

Eruhaben thought Cale might find it burdensome or annoying if he arrived, but expected Cale to deal with it. That was why he had prepared a present, however, the expression on Cale’s face was different than he had expected.
Raon recognized Cale’s expression as well.

“Human! Why are you smiling like that again?”

Cale ignored the two Dragons as he looked at the other person who came with Eruhaben.

“Ah, ah ah. It’s been too long, Raon-nim. You have become even more gloriously cute in the time we have not seen each other. This Elf Pendrick has found another joy in life.”

Pendrick praised Raon before looking toward Cale.

“Young master-nim, it has been a while.”

Cale slowly reached his hand out toward Pendrick, the eternal Dragon fanatic who was speaking properly again.

“Long time no see.”

Cale smiled brightly.
Pendrick was an Elf who could not handle Elementals but had healing abilities. He had died early in the novel, however, he was talented enough to play the role of healer in Choi Han’s group for a while.

His healing abilities that used the power of nature instead of divine power didn’t seem that different from divine healing abilities at a quick glance.

The Empire and the church are a set.
Cale did not forget about that.

The moment he saw Pendrick, something clicked in his mind.

“Pendrick, I am so happy to see you.”

“Is that so? I am so happy to see you welcome me like this after our short time together.”

“Of course. Shall we do something good together?”

“•••Excuse me?”

Cale planned to destroy the Empire and the church from the bottom up.
He needed to do that in order to fill them with his own people so that he could restructure the entire place.

“You are just a believer of the Sun God starting today.”
“Excuse me?”

Pendrick looked toward the two Dragons in confusion. Eruhaben took a step back while Raon flapped his wings while saying that it was a good thing.
In the end, Pendrick had no choice but to look back at Cale.

“You happened to develop the power to heal people along the way. You developed those powers through a pure and just person. That person was a pioneer of sorts.”

The person he was talking about was naturally the half-Saint, Jack.


Cale asked with a bright smile.

“I’ll be providing your lodging for a while. Don’t you think you should pay me back somehow?”

Pay me back.
That phrase made Pendrick flinch.

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