Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 221 – Do Not Worry (2)

– Are you going to sacrifice yourself?
– Can I eat this?

Cale ignored the Super Rock and the glutton. He clenched and then unclenched his fists.

‘Let’s use it.’

He decided to use the fiery thunderbolt. Thunderbolts had a tendency to be much stronger over water. That was why he needed the fiery thunderbolt in order to destroy the mage’s thunderbolts.

He could not take a step back and just watch when others were getting hurt.

Crackle, crackle.
The fiery thunderbolt started to fiercely rotate in Cale’s hands.
At the same time, the sky started to roar above his head.

That noise made Choi Han raise his head. He could see the clear sky. However, Raon was speaking in his mind.

– Choi Han, our human says he is going to strike with the fiery thunderbolt, but don’t worry since I will be the one to do it. I am a bit great and mighty!

The child’s ramblings continued in his head. Although it could sound annoying, Choi Han smiled and swung his sword.

The black aura cut through a piece of the deck.

“Hahaha! I haven’t seen such an entertaining human like this in a long time!”

The mage with white gold hair dodged the black aura as he continued to laugh. It could not be helped.

Choi Han was charging at him with red eyes even though he had injuries throughout his body. He had not seen anybody do something like this in a long time.

‘What a chaotic aura!’

He could see the black aura shooting out in multiple directions.
This chaotic aura was running wild as if to show that the calm and peaceful aura from earlier was all a lie.

At the same time, it felt free.

“You’ve been wearing a mask!”

He had taken off the mask that made him look poised as a noble or a knight and returned to his wild self. He was like a wild animal that did not look at anything other than its prey.

However, the mage sneered at the wild animal.

“You think you can beat me? How entertaining!”

This wild animal was probably the strongest swordsman among the humans. He was born with a significant amount of talent. Due to that reason, this wild animal had probably never met an overwhelmingly strong opponent like himself.
That was what the mage was thinking.

“Who did you say will win?”

However, Choi Han was the weakling instead of the dominant wild animal.
The Forest of Darkness.
He had been the weakest existence in there. He had to dig a hole and hide underneath for multiple days at a time even while starving himself in order to survive, and there were times that he would have to go days without being able to sleep.
He could not even groan when he was in pain.
He needed to survive.
It was a matter of life and death instead of winning and losing.
The enemy had to die for him to survive.
That was it.

“I will kill you.”

Choi Han kicked off the Dragon that was made of wind and water and shot up into the air. The black aura became a rotating arrow as both Choi Han and his sword shot toward the mage.

It seemed to be a violent attack.
It was also an attack that would not let go of the enemy, regardless of whether they were strong or weak.


The mage sneered at Choi Han once more and dodged.

Bang! Baaaaang!

The black aura arrow and the water Dragon’s jaws soon landed where the mage had been standing.
The ship started to tilt toward one direction as it slowly started to sink.

“Ahhh! S, save-“

The people from the Indomitable Alliance who were on the ship tried to escape. However, the small thunderbolt was still on top of the water and light mana orbs were continuing to shoot into the water. It was light with the thunder attribute.


The moans of the people who escaped into the water could be heard. However, those moans could not be properly delivered above the water.

The Dragon’s mouth that was filled with both wind and water rushed toward the mage once again.

Another piece of the deck broke off with a loud noise. The mage had already moved back into the air. The water Dragon was right on his tail.
The water Dragon and the mage looked like two snakes that were coiling together.

And then there was the black aura that was aiming for the mage’s neck.

Pow! Pow! Pow!
The mana orbs shot out but they were useless.

“So annoying!”

The mage started to frown.
The Black Bone Wyvern that was almost completely destroyed continued to use its body in order to defend the water Dragon from the mana orbs.

The mage who was staring at the Black Bone Wyvern made eye contact with Choi Han. Choi Han asked a question in confusion.

“Why are you running away?”

The mage started to smile.

“Oh, you were aware of it.”

It was at that moment.

Boom- boom- booom-
They could hear the sound of drums.
At the same time, Choi Han realized that a different noise had disappeared.

Ruuuumble. The roaring of the sky. The sound of Cale and Raon’s fiery thunderbolt had disappeared. Instead, it was the sound of drums that was taking over the area.
Boom- boom-

It was not just one ship.
The largest of the Indomitable Alliance’s ships were full of people beating on the drums.
These large ships had braved the roaring water in order to get from the shores to the vicinity of the silver shield.

Boom- boom-
There were people in black outfits with stars on their chests beating the drums while standing on the deck.

They were members of Arm.

Choi Han’s body started to move up. The water Dragon was shooting up into the sky.
He could finally see it.

He looked down at where he had been fighting against the Dragon half-blood mage. He could see the ship that was starting to sink.
The large ships were creating a circle with that ship at the center.

There were a total of 20 ships.

He could not see the Indomitable Alliance people who were the original navigators. People wearing Arm’s black outfits had taken over all of the positions.

At the same time, something was happening on the decks of these large ships.


Lights started to appear from their decks. They were creating magic circles with high-grade magic stones.

“…No way!”

Choi Han looked down at the twenty magic circles and suddenly had a thought.

‘Are they all a single spell?’

“Ahahahaha! Now do you get it?”

Choi Han could see the mage continuing to laugh. The mage then opened his arms up.

“This is the strength of the human mages that I have trained.”

Choi Han thought about what Cale had told him before.

‘Arm supposedly has a Magic Brigade as well.’

Choi Han realized who had created that Magic Brigade. He subconsciously stomped his foot.

Splash, splash.
The water on the top of the water Dragon’s head splashed.

Choi Han was asking Raon a question with his actions.

‘I don’t know anything about magic, but Raon, you know what is going on, right? Isn’t that the case?’

Choi Han continued to tap the head of the water Dragon with his foot. However, he soon pulled his sword back out.

“Let’s go.”

The water Dragon started to move again the moment Choi Han spoke, hoping that Raon heard him.

“Why? Why do you still not give up?”

Choi Han could see the mage sneering at him. However, Choi Han focused his gaze on the mage as he let the water Dragon quickly move forward.

Splaaaaaaaaaaash, splaaaaash-
The large water Dragon cut through the water in a rough fashion. It was rushing forward while trying to attack the mage. The Black Bone Wyvern followed behind the water Dragon as well.

The mage laughed as he welcomed them with open arms.

Boom- boom-

The twenty magic circles started to intertwine and become fused as one. The mage who was standing in the middle of all of this was still laughing.

“I will kill you all! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!”

At the same time, multiple light mana orbs started to float around him. He welcomed the still-developing wild animal with a bright smile.


Choi Han looked at the mage as he kicked off of the water Dragon’s head and shot up into the air. It was the moment that the mage smiled while seeing him jump up.

The Black Bone Wyvern supported the bottom of Choi Han’s foot.
He passed by the mage just like that.

The black aura sharply curved.

A loud explosion occurred on the large ship that the magic circle was being fused together on. The black aura looked like the devil as it caused a ruckus on the ship’s deck.

“You bastards!”

The water Dragon attacked the mage at that moment.

Choi Han could hear the roar of the water Dragon.

Snap. Snap.
The mage who had only been snapping until now used both hands in order to cast different magic spells.

He pierced the water Dragon’s mouth with a light spear. He then cast a shield on the ship so that the black aura could not destroy it anymore.

“…How entertaining.”

The mage was scoffing at Choi Han who tried to use such a strategy.

“But you are too late.”

Snap. Snap. Snap.
The mage started to snap multiple times as shields appeared around all twenty ships. Choi Han and the wyvern were unable to break through those shields.
It was at that moment.

The drumming stopped.

Silence filled the area.
This made Choi Han have an ominous feeling.
He could see a large purple magic circle. There was an eerie power coming out from the magic circle.

Choi Han then turned to see that the mage was smiling widely. He could also see the mage’s cold eyes.
The silence finally broke.

“Humans really have many things to pay attention to.”

The man with the cold gaze confidently spoke to Choi Han.

“That is why they are annoying and pitiful. Well, I guess it is cute as well.”

All twenty ships beat their drums at the same time.
It was at that moment.

The lines connecting the twenty magic circles together started to shake. Purple light then started to spread in the air.


Choi Han grabbed onto the wyvern’s neck bone.

Swoooooosh swooooooosh-
Wind was gathering inside the magic circle. The Black Bone Wyvern was having a hard time flying straight, almost as if it was in a storm.

He heard the mage laughing at that moment.

“Hahahaha! How pitiful. All of the people in the castle are going to die.”

The mage looked as if he wanted to roll over and laugh his heart out. Choi Han whispered to the Black Bone Wyvern’s bones.

“Mary, let’s go.”

Choi Han did not know where he wanted to go.
However, he continued to tell the Black Bone Wyvern, and in turn, Mary, to go.

“We need to go. Mary.”

However, the Black Bone Wyvern was faltering and unable to navigate the rough winds. The black bones were still sturdy, however, it seemed to be low on power after defending against the lights with its body.

Choi Han then felt something above his head. He lifted his head up in order to see.
He could see the purple sky and a purple wind that was heading toward it.


The wind now resembled vines as it wrapped around each other. It then finally turned into one large orb. The purple orb was roaring as if it was ready to bring down disaster onto the world.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The beating of the drums could be heard again.

“Kahahaha, ah, so fun! I knew it would be fun to come to watch!”

The mage turned toward Choi Han. He could see Choi Han blankly staring at the wind.

“What do you think? This is what great magic is like.”

The mage gently asked the first person he was curious about in a long time.


However, his expression soon turned odd.

“Yes. It is great and mighty.”

Choi Han was smiling.
He could see a small light beyond the purple orb and the purple sky.

It was slowly cutting through the purple sky.
That light was red in color.
It was a color that Choi Han was familiar with.
He started to slowly smile.
He could see the water Dragon flying back toward him.

– Choi Han! You won’t get hurt! Neither will Mary’s bones!

He could hear Raon’s voice in his head.
Choi Han saw a flashing red light at that moment.

It was the fiery thunderbolt.
The fiery thunderbolt was headed down toward the purple orb.

He could feel Cale and Raon in the thunderbolt. Raon’s strong power was especially present in it.

Choi Han and the Black Bone Wyvern grabbed the water Dragon at that moment. Actually, it was more as if they were embracing it.
The water Dragon quickly moved and stopped somewhere.
They passed by the Indomitable Alliance’s fleet. They then approached the large silver shield that was blocking the enemy.
Choi Han looked toward the other side of the shield.

He could see someone standing there.

“Are you okay?”

Cale asked in a calm voice.
He had his usual stoic expression as he handed Choi Han a potion. At the same time, the fiery thunderbolt in Cale’s other hand, as well as the fact that Cale had curled up in order to not get hurt, caught Choi Han’s attention.

“Hey, stick to the shield.”

Cale ignored the smiling Choi Han and stuck close to Raon’s shield.
He then covered his ears.


The fiery thunderbolt pierced through the purple orb.

– I truly am the great and mighty Raon Miru, and I am six years old! I am great and mighty!

Cale started to think.
Dragons really are great and mighty.

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