Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 219 – Reversal (5)

He started to think at the same time.

‘It’s going to get annoying.’

Cale looked down at the Sound of the Wind in his palm.

‘Won’t it get extremely annoying if I revealed another ancient power?’

People were already going nuts about his shield, so wouldn’t they try to force him to do all sorts of things if he showed them this power as well?

‘…Will I be able to stop at just being a commander?’

Cale suddenly felt fear.
He felt as if the slacker life was flying far, far away from him.

He recalled his life as Rok Soo when he was extremely busy. He had to work so hard before and after he became a team leader. His life was full of aches every day.

‘But it’s not like I can just not do it. Is there no other way?’

Cale started to frown when he and Choi Han heard the invisible Raon’s voice.

“Weak human! I’ll do it too! My whirlpools will be ginormous! Let’s save them all!”

That word echoed inside Cale’s mind.

He was able to hide things from the Roan Kingdom’s troops because the fog was present last time. He had brushed it aside as someone else had done it.


Cale looked in front of him. He could see Choi Han’s back.

“Are you currently debating whether you should reveal another one of your powers?”

He’s smart.’

“I’m sure that it may just be my misunderstanding, but it looks as if you don’t want to reveal another one of your powers.”
“You’re right. That is exactly it.”

Cale was amazed by Choi Han’s perceptiveness as he agreed. He then casually added on.

“…I’m scared. I’m scared of showing more of my power.”

He was actually scared that he would not get to rest.
He was scared that his dream job of being a slacker would disappear.


Cale could feel a small paw patting him on the shoulder. Of course, he could not see it because Raon was still invisible.

Tap. Tap.

“Do not worry. You do not need to be scared. I am a bit great and mighty!”
Cale’s confusion was visible on his face, however, the mouth of the person whose face Cale could not see, Choi Han, opened and closed multiple times without being able to say anything.

He never expected Cale to say such a thing.

At the same time, he was at a loss for words since he thought of a reason why Cale would want to act weak in front of Raon and himself.

‘It is probably because the two of us are the strongest.’

He finally started to speak after a long time.

“There are times I am scared as well.”

Although the wind was no longer as cold as winter was ending, the wind brushing by Choi Han was still very cold.

“However, I think it will be fine as long as we are together. I will make sure to protect you.”

‘…What the hell is he talking about? Why would he protect my slacker life?’
Cale could not say anything in response.

“Furthermore, if you do not wish to reveal another ancient power, I can do my best to stop the ships.”
“…But I have no plan to show any other ancient powers.”
“Excuse me?”

Choi Han could not help but turn around.
He could see Cale’s left hand shooting out a silver strand of light instead of the Sound of the Wind. However, the Sound of the Wind was still roaming around his left hand as well.

Choi Han could see Cale smiling.

“Human, why are you laughing like that again?!”

Raon looked toward Cale as well. The two wyverns stopped a bit ahead of the enemy fleet over the ocean.
Cale shared the plan he had of using both powers at once.

“Wouldn’t it be fine as long as other people think it is only one power?”

Cale looked down below.
He could see that the enemy was looking at the two undead wyverns. He could also see mages appearing on the decks.

He then recalled what that slightly crazy dude, Clopeh, had told him.

‘Two of Arm’s red stars are mages. One is an old man, while the other is young. The young one looks a bit dumb, and he only seems to be good at attack magic.’

The ships were still heading toward them.
The mages standing on the decks of the ships were creating magic circles in the air.

The different magic circles showed that the Indomitable Alliance’s mages were preparing to use all different types of magic.

“Choi Han.”
“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale touched his wyvern’s neck and moved it forward. He flew past Choi Han and continued to speak.

“The greatest defense is a good offense.”

At that moment, Cale felt a vibration in the air.
It was coming from down below.

“Shoot more magic!”
“Attack level 1!”

The mages’ manas shot up to the sky.
“I understand.”

Clang, Choi Han took out his sword.

“Mary, let’s go.”

Mary moved her hand as Choi Han whispered to the Black Bone Wyvern.
Choi Han’s body started to head down. Black aura appeared at the tip of his sword.

His aura soon clashed against the magic attacks.

“Keep attacking!
Continue to raise the level of attack! Don’t let him get close!”

Choi Han continued to descend without any hesitation.
Another attack clashed against the tip of his sword and exploded. The wyvern’s body turned at that moment.

Another magic attack exploded, while Choi Han headed for another attack. He could see tens of magic attacks surrounding him when he raised his head.

The ship had a magic stone on it. Although he didn’t know the grade of the magic stone, the fact that a magic stone was present made the mages stronger than usual.

However, Choi Han started to smile.

It was not strong enough to kill him.
It didn’t matter as long as he didn’t die.

Choi Han’s wyvern’s wings opened wide. It seemed to have opened up in order to block the magic attacks flying toward Choi Han. Choi Han felt Mary’s intentions as he started to speak.

“Let’s go.”

The pair from the Henituse territory’s battle started to move together once again.

“Continue to attack!
Do it in waves so that he doesn’t have any openings!
Keep it up! Bones are bound to break down!”

The tip of Choi Han’s sword accurately pointed toward the tens of magic attacks coming up from below.

It was at that moment.
It was the moment that his elongated black aura struck against the magic attacks.

Choi Han flinched.


He had heard something.
He turned his head, and then he saw it.

The water was going wild as a wave shot forward.
He could see something cutting through the water behind it.

It was a large silver wall.

“…Ha, haha.”

Choi Han started to laugh.
‘As expected.’

“Yes, this is the type of person he is.”

A large obstacle appeared in front of the ships that were heading for the northern shores.

This large shield had defended Castle Leona before.
Now, it was placed in the middle of the ocean.

“Grab the wheel! Turn the key! Dodge the waves!”

Rough waves were created as the shield cut through the water. The soldiers grabbed onto whatever they could as their ships started to shake.

They did not want to fall overboard.

“Why did the shield suddenly appear?”
“You could even use a shield like this?”

Shouts of confusion could be heard on every ship.

“Son of a…! Change directions! Dodge the shield!”
“Turn the mast!”
“Shit, it’s going to take even longer!”

This large shield was in their way. The enemy fleet quickly started to change directions in order to avoid the shield that had defended Castle Leona earlier.

– Choi Han, that shield will not break. That is because this slightly great and mighty Raon Miru’s shield is in front of it!

The six-years-old Dragon’s voice echoed in Choi Han’s mind.


Choi Han could only continue to laugh. He then looked down below.
The ships that were changing directions had to deal with something else as well.

“Huh? What is going on?”
“What the hell!”

The ocean was roaring.
Choi Han was certain that Cale and Raon’s whirlpools that were underneath the water were causing this situation.

The whirlpools were preventing the ships from moving.
The enemy was caught with the shield in front of them and the whirlpools underneath them.

Why should he be afraid when he had friends like these?

“Let’s go.”

Screech. Screeeech-
The wyvern headed down once again. It looked ready to slam into one of the large ships without any hesitation. However, it did not manage to do so.

“Shields! Activate the shields!”

The black aura was pointed to the deck before the wyvern could hit it.
It was the ship with the largest magic circle. They were currently right above it.

‘Ah, Choi Han. That slightly crazy bastard said that Arm has a magic brigade as well. The north is the land of knights. That is why the place with the most mages is probably Arm.’

Choi Han had found his prey.

‘He also said one of the remaining two red stars is a mage. Be careful because he might be there. But Clopeh says that he is weaker than the Dragon Slayer.’
‘We can’t trust everything a crazy person tells us.’

That was the truth.
They could not trust him.
They could not trust someone who was once their enemy.

However, Choi Han trusted Mary and himself.
That was why the black aura shot out to the ship with the most mages without any hesitation.

“Activate the shields! All soldiers return inside!”
“Change the magic circles to defensive ones!”

It was chaotic on the deck.
It was at that moment.

Choi Han could see a mage raising his head.
The mage’s hood came off and he could see the mage’s face.

He looked a bit dumb.
However, his intuition was telling him something else.

It was the moment that the mage’s extremely skinny finger twitched.

‘It’s him!’

One of Arm’s red stars.
He was certain of it.

Choi Han’s aura changed directions. It headed toward the skinny mage.
It was at that moment.


The wyvern stopped. There was also someone pulling him by the neck.


Choi Han was dragged up by the neck without having any idea about what was going on. The wyvern Choi Han had been riding on ran away toward a different direction.

“Clopeh, that bastard is just crazy! Totally useless!”
“…Excuse me?”

Choi Han turned his head.
He could see Cale, who had dragged him up with shaking hands.

He then saw behind Cale.

“I know! Damn it!”

Cale’s wyvern opened up its large wings and started to move. It was headed toward the shield.
It was the moment that Cale and Choi Han left where Choi Han had just been.


It was not a loud noise.
It had brushed by them with a very quiet noise.
However, Choi Han felt chills run on his back.

It was a small thunderbolt.
An extremely small thunderbolt.

However, there was more to it than that.
There was something that made Choi Han become nervous.

He had no chance to figure out what that was as he heard Raon start to shout.

“Human! T, that bastard is not human!”

That bastard.
Choi Han lowered his head.

“Clopeh you crazy son of a bitch! Weak? He only knows attack magic?”

He could hear Cale swearing.
He then saw it.

It was the dumb-looking mage.
His extremely skinny face that made it possible for Choi Han to see his cheek bones that were moving up to smile.

He could read the mage’s lips.

‘Too bad.’

‘Too bad?’

The mage flicked his finger once again. A shield appeared on top of the ship.
A small thunderbolt then landed on the shield.


The small thunderbolt made a louder noise than Cale’s shield when it had been activated.
That thunderbolt let out tens of mini thunderbolts the moment it landed on the shield.

It traveled through the shield and caused the ocean to roar.

“He’s doing that on purpose! Weak human, the mage bastard is doing it like that for us to see! He could get rid of his magic, but is showing it off by creating that shield!”

Arm’s mage was showing them his attack and defense on purpose.
Choi Han clenched his sword.
He heard Raon mumble at that moment.

“But he seems a bit strong. Something is weird. He is not completely human.”

‘He’s not human?’

“…I smell something familiar on him.”

Choi Han turned his head and looked toward Cale. He saw that Cale had his mouth closed.
Cale had his head down while looking at the mage.

The navigators on the ships were trying their best in order to move toward a different direction. However, this was difficult due to Cale and Raon’s whirlpools.

However, Cale was not focused on any of that as he was looking at the mage.

“What did that bastard just say?”
Choi Han answered it for him.

“…He said it smells like a Lord.”

The only thing Cale could think of was a Dragon Lord. Although there should be no reason for it to smell like a Dragon Lord here, there was at least a Dragon.
Cale asked Raon a question.

“Is that a Dragon?”

Raon’s shocked voice responded back.

“Oh! Weak human! You’re right!”

‘It’s a Dragon?’
Cale felt his heart drop.
Even if Arm was an extremely strong organization, a red star that served the white star was a Dragon? An egotistic Dragon was willing to serve someone?

Did he go crazy while having some fun?
Should I call Eruhaben?’

Raon’s refreshing answer could be heard along with the sound of his wings fluttering.

“It’s mixed with the scent of humans! He’s a half-blood!”

‘Damn it.’

‘I guess it only makes sense for Choi Han’s enemies in the novel to be at least of this level of strength.’

‘Cale-nim, that dumb-looking mage’s attack magic is said to be weaker than the old mage. I’m certain that our Roan Kingdom and the Paerun Kingdom’s alliance will win. There will be no one capable of getting in your way, Cale-nim.’

‘Clopeh, you bastard.
I suppose it’s my fault for believing everything a lunatic had to say.’

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