Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 209 – Your Back (4)

Cale heard Raon’s voice in his head.

– Haaaaaaa, he’s really lost it.

Cale could not say anything in response to the six-years-old Dragon’s sighing tone.
He saw the odd way Paseton was looking at him, as well as the stiff steps of Witira and Archie who had just walked into the patrol station, but he could not show any response to Clopeh’s words.

The Killer Whale Archie especially looked shocked.

“…Wow, damn, what cra-, I mean, what amazing thing you did again.”

Archie quickly changed his words to those of a compliment as he looked toward Clopeh.
The Killer Whale Archie could not help but close his mouth after hearing Clopeh’s next words.

“This esteemed sir’s words are all correct and he knows about everything. We can go down the right path if we follow this sir.”

Archie could not believe the way Clopeh was praising Cale. However, the thing that shocked him even more than that was the truth behind those words.

‘It’s actually true.’

Clopeh’s words were actually true. Although that nuance was a bit difference, hasn’t young master Cale always been a step ahead of everyone in order to do the right thing?

“I guess it’s true.”

The Killer Whale Archie saw Witira nodding her head and shut up. Witira was smiling with an entertained expression on her face.

‘…What a scary human.’

The Killer Whale Archie was thinking that Cale was scarier than the Whale King Shickler who had beaten him to a pulp. He then pretended not to see anything even though his eyes were still shaking.

However, there was someone here who could not ignore what was going on.

– W, what the…

The Guardian Knight’s father.
Rock Sekka, the head of the Sekka household. He could not comprehend what was going on right now.

God, legend.
He was aware of how his son was always obsessed with legends. However, that was because he himself wanted to become one, not because he wanted to serve someone else who was a legend.
Duke Rock’s gaze headed toward Cale Henituse.

Cale had been making an odd expression while looking at Clopeh all this time.
However, the shock on his face had disappeared after a few moments. New thoughts filled his mind instead.

‘Oh, how interesting.’

Contrary to Cale’s mind that was moving quickly, a shocked voice filled the patrol station.

– Captain Clopeh Sekka, what nonsense are you spewing right now?

The Duke called Clopeh, ‘Captain,’ instead of son in order to try to make him come to his senses. Cale wanted to applaud the Duke who was somehow able to maintain his calm.

Even he had been shocked by Clopeh’s words, so how shocked must the Duke have been?
His mind was probably complicated right now, thinking about whether his son had gone crazy or if he was being threatened.

‘Do I need to step in?’

Cale was debating whether he needed to step in to steer this in the right direction.
Clopeh started to speak at that moment.


His voice sounded normal.

“Just three days.”

Clopeh was rationally thinking that Cale was a legendary figure.
He had simulated many different scenarios in his head while in the underground prison.
The necromancer had shared how they were able to achieve an overwhelming victory out in the ocean with innocent purity. That was why he was able to come to his own conclusions.

-… 3 days?

The Duke responded to his son while sending many signals to the mages. This conversation could not go out of this room. It definitely could not be sent to the Indomitable Alliance.

The Paerun Kingdom’s influence in the Indomitable Alliance had been falling because Clopeh Sekka was captured and the Arm member who had been controlling the wyverns was missing in action.
The Bear tribe and the Dwarves, as well as the Norland Kingdom and the Askosan Kingdom, which both had a navy, had more influence than the Paerun Kingdom.

‘Why is the Roan Kingdom invading at a time like this?!’

The Duke felt a headache as things were not going well. It was okay because the Paerun Kingdom had a larger than average number of soldiers and knights, otherwise, their influence would be even smaller.

Duke Rock was about to sigh. It was at that moment.

“Yes, just three days. That is how long it would take for the Roan Kingdom to conquer the Paerun Kingdom’s capital.”

Both Cale and Duke Rock flinched.
Clopeh confidently started to speak about the forces that could not help but become legends.

“Adding on the Whale tribe, they can take down the Paerun Kingdom in just hours if they really wanted to do so.”

Clopeh slowly continued to speak.

“This sir has enough forces to decimate the remaining wyverns, and although they may have been at the lowest level of strength, all three of Arm’s red stars that helped us have been captured.”

Clopeh believed that he was still perfectly sane.

“He also has the strength to instantly destroy three hundred ships at once.”

He had thought about it and had come to a conclusion that he was certain about.

“He has a sword master, a necromancer, and many sword experts. There are also other people at about the Whale tribe’s level of strength protecting this sir.”

Clopeh had not gone crazy.
He was just moving in the best way in order for him to maintain his life.

“Father, no, Duke-nim.”

Clopeh was also a sword master. He had started this war in order to become a legend.
He too was someone who had spent hours to reach the apex of the way of the sword.
That was why he could see it.

“I wish to live.”

The future that Clopeh simulated was explained to his father.
“The Indomitable Alliance will not be able to take any of the southern lands.”

Duke Rock Sekka could see the certainty in his son’s eyes. The originally blank eyes of his son were now sparkling. These were the eyes of the Sekka household, the eyes of the white snake that never missed the opportunity to find a way to live.
Clopeh did not hide this gaze from Cale.

“We must follow this esteemed sir.”

The white snake wanted to follow the legend, even if it was at the coattails.

“Then we will at least be able to follow the path of a legend.”

The Henituse territory was a small territory in an average Kingdom. It would be the story of how Cale started from such a small territory and shook up the entire western continent.
Wasn’t that the perfect start that was similar to the heroes of legends?

Clopeh spoke to his father and the Paerun Kingdom behind him.

“Duke-nim, at least we need to survive.”

They could get rid of the Indomitable Alliance in order to survive.

Duke Rock subconsciously gulped.
His son Clopeh Sekka had accepted Arm’s help while saying that he would become a sword master and create a legend.
Although Arm was now the center of the alliance, the original Northern Alliance was focused around his son.

The look in his son’s eyes right now looked even more determined when he had told the alliance that they should head for the southern lands.
An unknown source of uncertainty started to fill the Duke’s complicated mind.

“Alright, now then…”

Cale Henituse, the man who had been standing there with a hand on his son’s shoulder, looked toward Duke Rock and continued to speak. It was with a very official tone of voice.

“I will now teach you how you can survive.”

However, the words he was saying were things that he should not be confident about.
Cale patted Clopeh on the shoulder as he explained himself.

“It will allow the Paerun Kingdom to not fall and to continue to be the strongest power in the western continent’s northern region after the war.”

Duke Rock was focused on how they will continue to be the strongest power in the northern region.

– …How could there be such a method? Just what-
“If you wish to know.”

Duke Rock looked toward Cale who had cut him off. He did not seem to have any hesitation even while addressing a Duke like himself. He just had a look that seemed ready to take care of business.

“Please come on over. I do not enjoy chatting while standing up.”

Cale Henituse was telling Duke Rock Sekka to come to him, however, it was more of a threat than a request.
Duke Rock could see the destroyed patrol stations through the window behind Cale. Cale’s relaxed voice reached his ears at that moment.

“Ah! By the way, if more than five people show up, we will take that as a declaration of war and immediately start our attack. The Whale tribe will probably destroy the entire coastline.”

Duke Rock could see Cale’s gentle smile. Cale Henituse gave off the serious vibe of a noble as he opened up his hand.

“Since it should be possible for you to teleport.”

He opened his hand to show five fingers.

“Five minutes.”
Bring a maximum of five people in the next five minutes.
It was his way of saying that he would not give them any time to think.

Forget a god, Cale seemed more like the devil in the Duke’s eyes. The devil continued to speak.

“Let the alliance know if you want. Nothing will change for the Paerun Kingdom nor the Sekka household either way. Of course, I will take it as you rejecting our offer if you do that.”

It was the truth.
Would the Indomitable Alliance that was heading south turn back to help the Paerun Kingdom that had neither wyverns nor a sword master anymore?
Cale’s voice reached the Duke’s ear once again.

“One minute has passed.”

He then ended the call.
Duke Rock closed his eyes for a moment.

“Hurry up and get it prepared!”

He quickly shouted an order as he reopened his eyes.

* * *

The door to the old communication room in the central patrol station opened.
Duke Rock Sekka had his subordinates standing behind him as he observed the situation behind the open door.


There was a man sitting on a chair with his legs crossed and drinking tea. Cale welcomed the Duke who was standing by the door as if he was frozen.

The Duke could see his son sitting on a wheelchair while drinking tea. He could also see the people that he presumed were the Whales.
Duke Rock Sekka, who was both a Duke and a father, subconsciously started to speak.


However, Duke Rock could only hear Cale’s voice.

“I will create a new legend for the Paerun Kingdom like your son wants.”

The Duke’s movement stopped.
Clopeh’s expression changed as well. The teacup in Clopeh’s hand was shaking. Duke Rock’s gaze focused on Cale after seeing this reaction.
He could see that Cale was smiling.

“Three things.”

Cale gave the Duke some proposals.

“I will request three things for you. I will also tell you three truths.”

Their conversation and their deal started with those words.

Cale shared his three conditions. He then told the Duke the three truths for those conditions. It did not take long to say all of those things.

Just one hour.
Although the tea in their cups was now cold, it was just a short amount of time.
Cale and Duke Rock’s conversation ended after that time. He stood up from his seat and ended the conversation.

“You have one week to prepare.”

Cale did not say anything else before turning away from Duke Rock Sekka.

“…One week.”

Duke Rock could see the vicious gazes of the Whales still in the ocean.
One week. Although he had been given some time, some of the Whales and whales stayed behind. The Whales’ movements would be determined based on Cale’s decisions in a week.
Duke Rock could not leave the central patrol station for a long time.

* * *

On the other hand, Cale needed to receive Raon’s questioning after leaving the patrol station.

“Weak human! Why did you give him time to prepare? Is there something happening in this week?”

Cale laid down on Archie’s back as he answered back.

“Just a bit of the world turning chaotic.”

‘Yes, yes indeed.
How could they not be shocked after seeing Dark Elves revealing themselves for the first time in hundreds of years?’

Cale imagined that scenario as he casually answered, however, someone else understood this a bit differently.
The large Killer Whale’s back twitched as he started to sweat. Raon did not care as he responded to Cale.

“Ah, I see!”

The Black Dragon casually answered before laying down next to Cale. Archie was swimming faster than he had ever swum before in his entire Whale life.

* * *

“Human! We got a call from the crown prince!”

Raon approached Cale with a video communication device shining red in his arms.
Bedroom. This was somewhere that only the children averaging nine-years-old and Ron were with him.

“Connect it.”

Raon connected the call and moved to a corner of the room with On and Hong. The children averaging nine-years-old had sauce on the sides of their mouths.

The video communication device was connected and Alberu’s handsome face appeared.

– Young master Cale Henituse, the star of our kingdom … are you eating meat?
“Yes, your highness.”

Cale put a piece of beef steak in his mouth as he nodded his head.

The wine cup next to Cale was being filled with red wine. Cale picked up the cup that Ron had handed over and took a sip.
He then started to speak.

“I’m sorry, your highness. I am hungry as I have just returned from the Paerun Kingdom. That is why I am eating right now. I apologize for picking up your call like this.”

Cale responded back with whatever came to his mind.
He expected Alberu to say, ‘crazy bastard,’ or, ‘you’re driving me nuts,’ before getting down to business. He then stabbed a piece of steak with his fork.

Although Alberu may say things like that, he was not the type to complain about his eating during the call.

However, Cale felt that something was off today. He held the fork with the meat in his hand as he looked back toward the video communication device.


The crown prince was smiling brightly.

– Yes, you should eat when you are hungry. Our young master Cale should definitely eat when he is hungry!

‘This is weird.’
Cale was thinking this was very weird. He then realized the reason for this feeling.

– Aigoo, is only one plate of steak enough? Even a fancy table full of food would not be enough for our young master Cale!

‘Why is he like this?’
Cale felt something from what the crown prince was doing.

A glib tongue.

Cale started to frown. That change made Alberu’s eyes shake for a moment, but he continued to smile just as brightly as he spoke.

– Yes. I should treat our young master Cale to a delicious, no, the best meal the royal kitchen can make. Don’t you agree? Steak and wine are not enough!

Cale’s blunt voice responded back.

“… Do I need to go to the capital?”

The crown prince put away his bright smile after seeing that Cale understood what he needed, as usual, and continued to speak with his usual expression.

– I called to discuss something with you.

The crown prince was aware that Cale was his partner in this war. That was why he delivered honest information about what was going on at the capital.
He thought that was the respectful thing to do.

– In the end, the Caro Kingdom is seeking help from us and the Empire. They seem to have gotten scared after hearing about the Indomitable Alliance’s ships.

Cale realized something after seeing the crown prince’s calm expression.

– And this problem is difficult for the crown to handle on its own.

The Roan Kingdom was still at war. It would be hard to defend their own kingdom while helping out the Caro Kingdom as well. Do it wrong and the nobles could spread rumors to the citizens that the kingdom has thrown away its own citizens in order to help foreign kingdoms for benefits.
Cale took another sip of wine. His face started to flush red.

“Are the nobles against helping the Caro Kingdom?”
– There are always people who oppose things, however, Marquis Ailan made the atmosphere weird.

Marquis Ailan. His family was known as the Roan Kingdom’s greatest martial arts household.
Cale felt an odd sensation.
The crown prince continued to gently speak.

– I wish to hear your opinion.

Cale brushed his eyes with his hands.

– Marquis Ailan’s faction and the central noble faction want to officially hold a Grand Nobles Meeting in order to hear your opinion.

The northeast region with the Henituse household.
The Stan household with the formerly pushed aside firstborn, Taylor Stan.
The Gyerre household with Antonio that guards the southwest region that borders the Empire.
There were factions in the southeast region and the central region as well.

– They said that it would be best to listen to the thoughts of our northeast region’s Commander-nim that is protecting our Roan Kingdom.

The nobles wanted confirmation that the Roan Kingdom would continue to be safe and that it was okay to assist the Caro Kingdom. They did not want to hear this from the crown prince, but from the person who had achieved victory in the war.
This was to Cale’s expectations as well. That was why he had prepared documents and was ready to chat through a video communication device.
However, the problem was that it was not such an innocent request.
Whether it was because they were wary or because it was out of their good will, some of the nobles wanted to see this upcoming power for themselves. It was the actions of people who did not want to lose power even during a war.

Cale slowly started to speak.

“What bullshit by the southeast region and the central region.”
– Indeed.
“But they aren’t wrong.”
– It is still annoying.

Cale could see the crown prince’s face. He could sense the annoyance on his face.
The crown prince would not be annoyed like this if they were calling Cale over simply because they were truly worried about the Roan Kingdom and not because of this faction battle. In some aspects, it made sense to listen to the opinion of the northeast region’s Military Commander.
However, their intentions were not good.

Tap. Tap. Tap.
Cale tapped his finger on the table.

– They also want the sword master and the necromancer to accompany you. They claim it is to praise their abilities.

Tap, tap-
The finger that was tapping on the table stopped.
They probably did not have good intentions for wanting to see Choi Han and Mary either. That was why the crown prince had called Cale.

– However, I will take care of that, so do not worry about it. You can ignore all of the useless calls from the central region.
“That is okay.”

The crown prince flinched before starting to smile. He understood Cale’s intentions by looking at the expression on his face.

– You really do have a tendency to take good care of your subordinates.

The look of annoyance that was on Cale’s face had changed to something else. The crown prince looked at the cold gaze on Cale’s face as he added on.

– The citizens of the capital wish to see you as well. The most popular weapon that they are selling in the capital is apparently the shield right now.

Cale let out a deep sigh, however, that sigh soon turned into a smile. It was time to show the citizens a new hero.

“I guess I need to cause a ruckus at the capital first.”
– The capital?

The crown prince looked toward Cale, who had decided to come to the capital, before adding on.

– The entire kingdom will become chaotic.

However, he didn’t know whether it would be because of people cheering or because of people fearing.

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