Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 197 – There’s a Dragon? (2)

Beeeeeeep- Beeeeeeep-

All of the video communication devices were consistently shining red.

Basen Henituse, the second son of the Henituse family, looked out of the window of the information monitoring room.
This room was located in the tallest tower of the castle.

Although this should be the busiest room in the Henituse estate right now, everybody was just standing there with blank expressions.
This was especially true for Basen, who was holding a video communication device in his hand as he stood there with his jaws dropped. Someone’s voice could be heard through the video communication device.

– Hahaha, my goodness.

Alberu Crossman. It was the voice of the crown prince.
He was currently observing Rain City through the video communication device.

He had seen Cale’s shield, as well as the higher than expected number of wyverns.
He also saw the hundreds of monster skeletons, as well as the Dragon skeleton.

‘That crazy bastard.’

He was thinking that Cale was a crazy bastard.
However, Alberu felt the tips of his fingers going numb as he watched that crazy bastard through the screen.

‘We can do it. It’s possible.’

‘The entire Roan Kingdom will become heroes.’

This crazy bastard had never said anything that he could not deliver. That was the reason Alberu had chosen to believe him, and the sight in front of his eyes was beyond his expectations.

‘Your highness, the Henituse territory will ignore all communication from the temples starting this moment.’

That was what Cale had said as he called forth the necromancer. Alberu had immediately responded back.

‘I will take responsibility for it.’

Alberu mumbled to himself as he watched the large Flying Skeleton Brigade heading toward the wyverns.

– Looks like I have no choice but to take responsibility.

He then started to smile.
However, there was someone else who could not smile at the current moment.

It was Clopeh Sekka, the Guardian Knight who was dreaming of creating the legend of the Sky Conqueror. He had a stiff expression on his face.


He had never seen such a sight in his life.


One of the knights on a wyvern quickly approached Clopeh. The knight was staring at him through the helmet, however, Clopeh only saw the wyvern that the knight was riding.

The wyvern let out a screech as it shook its head left and right. It seemed as if it was afraid.

That word made Clopeh look past the approaching skeletons. He was looking at the large black Bone Dragon. This dead Dragon was making the wyverns afraid.
Clopeh lowered his head.


He looked at the mutant wyvern he was riding on. This one was baring its fangs toward the Bone Dragon. It was acting as if it was looking at a prey.
Clopeh tightly clenched on the reins around the wyvern’s neck.


Clopeh started to speak as the knight called out to him once more.

“It is a necromancer.”

The long-lost necromancers were the only ones who could do such a thing.

“…A necromancer? Such a cursed existence……!”

The subordinate was shocked, but Clopeh quickly turned around. The subordinate stared at Clopeh before stepping back.
Clopeh could see the smiling red-haired man. That smile angered Clopeh.

‘That bitch is not a hero.’

A hero would never draw in a necromancer that uses dead mana.

Clopeh took his sword out of the scabbard. Aura began to flow out of his sword.

Sword master Clopeh.
He used his aura as he started to shout.

“Snap out of it!”

His aura vibrated in the air.

Flap, flap.
His voice could be heard in between the flapping of the skeletons’ wings. The knights tightly clenched onto the reins of their wyverns in response.
Clopeh then blew into the flute once more.


The wyverns’ expressions quickly changed. The fear in their eyes had disappeared.
Clopeh looked down and quietly mumbled to himself.

“…The Bears will find the necromancer for us.”

He then started to speak loudly. His voice that was amplified with aura could be heard even inside of the Henituse castle.

“They are just corpses that are being controlled.”

It definitely seemed to be a group of weak bones. Although there was a Bone Dragon, it was just like a puppet. Clopeh thought that Cale might have prepared the necromancer as a secret weapon, however, the Wyvern Knights Brigade was an existence beyond their expectations.

‘In that case!’

Clopeh thought to himself as he started to speak even louder.
‘What a great opportunity.
It is a chance for me to become a holy hero!
I can become a legendary hero, a god among men.’

A necromancer, a being that uses dead mana, was the perfect prey.

“They do not have any wills of their own! The Henituse territory dared to call forth a dirty and evil necromancer!”

The soldiers on the castle wall, especially the knights, gasped at Clopeh’s comment. As learned individuals, they knew about the fear and loathing people had for necromancers.
They could not help but look toward Cale.

However, they soon had to turn their gazes away.

The Guardian Knight’s white aura endlessly shot up to the sky. The knights of the Henituse territory could not help but become aware of the existence of this sword master once again as their expressions turned grim.
Clopeh moved the reins.

“Our Indomitable Alliance will show you what justice is!”

The white wyvern rushed toward the Flying Skeleton Brigade. Clopeh swung his sword and the white aura cut through the sky.

The skeletons that could not dodge disappeared without a trace. The skeletons disappeared almost instantly, as if any resistance was futile.
Even if there were hundreds of these skeletons, tens of them disappeared from a single attack from Clopeh.

The other knights jerked their reins as well. The wyverns started to roar once more. They definitely looked as if they deserved the title of being the conquerors of the sky.

Clopeh, who was thinking that they had seized the momentum, looked back toward the red-haired man for a moment.
He could see Cale’s indifferent expression. Clopeh was about to start to smile.

It was at that moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!
The Bears started to stomp the ground. A Bear with reddish brown fur started to shout.

“Half of you go find the necromancer! Find them and rip them to shreds!”

Boom! Boom!
The large Bear stomped and started to laugh.

“The other half will destroy the castle walls!”

The knights could hear the Bear’s shouts. Clopeh finally started to smile.
There was Clopeh who was smiling while the people of the Henituse territory had grim expressions on their faces. There was a drastic difference in their expressions.

However, the people on top of the castle walls heard some odd noises at that moment.


It was a roar.
The Henituse territory was a territory that was surrounded by hills and stone mounds. Even Rain City, the central city of the territory, was surrounded by mountains.

The roars were coming from the mountains.

They were the roar of animals.

The trees started to shake and the wind started to roar. One of the soldiers who was clutching onto his spear heard someone comment on the roars.

“They’re late.”

The soldier tried to look toward young master Cale before he stopped moving. Large animals were headed toward them.
No, they were people, but also animals at the same time.
The Tiger tribe.
The Tigers were all coming down from their mountains and preventing the Bears from approaching.
The soldiers could hear the knights starting to speak behind them.

Many of the knights across the castle wall were shouting the same thing.

“They are the Tiger tribe that moved into Harris Village this winter! They are our fellow residents!”

The knights then took out their swords.

“The enemy will not get past this castle wall! We will not let them get past us!”

It was the moment that the knights holding their swords looked toward Count Deruth. Count Deruth looked toward Countess Violan, who had come out with armor as well. He looked down at the person who was being held in place by the Countess and asked.

“We can get started, right?”
“O, of course, Count-nim. I, I prepared everything! Hehe.”

The mix-blooded Dwarf Rat Mueller. The sole successor of the household that developed the Magic Tower nodded his head.
The knights lowered their swords as the Count gave them the signal.

“Commence defensive formation!”

The knights started to shout and the few soldiers who had been training since last year quickly proceeded to move. The soldiers with spears and bows followed them into the formation as well.

Something was appearing on top of the thick castle walls. It soon became visible that there were catapults appearing on the castle walls. The large catapults started to aim toward the Bears.
These catapults that were equipped were all sorts of magic devices were Mueller’s masterpiece.

The knights started to shout.

“We are stronger on the ground!”

The atmosphere on the castle wall quickly changed.
This scene made Clopeh start to frown.

‘Just what the hell?’

What the hell was going on?
His sword, no, the aura around his sword, swung forward to destroy even more skeletons. The Bone Dragon behind the Flying Skeleton Brigade was just floating there without doing anything.

‘These stupid bones aren’t the problem!
There are Tigers that don’t exist in the Western continent, and what the fuck is up with those catapults?
Why does a rural territory, a stupid territory with nothing but rocks, have all of these things?!’

Although it wasn’t the capital of any kingdom, it seemed better equipped than most capitals.

Clack, clack.
One of the smaller skeletons that had lost one wing was flapping its other wing as it roamed around Clopeh.

Clopeh started to get angry.

He couldn’t let it continue like this.

Clopeh looked at the still numerous skeletons as he turned his wyvern around.
He could see Cale smiling once again.

‘I need to get rid of that bastard first.’

It was a matter of momentum.
Beep, beeeeeeeep-
The white wyvern’s black pupils started to change color. They became as red as fire.
The wyvern then started to increase its speed as it charged toward Cale. Clopeh lowered his head in order to stick close to the wyvern.

They were moving at an extremely fast speed.
However, he was still smiling.

Cale was still smiling at them.
He looked toward the approaching white wyvern and started to speak.


The Bone Dragon that had been still this whole time finally started to move.

The person behind Cale started to move as well.
The invisible Mary was moving her hands. Her face was pale as she controlled the Bone Dragon. However, there wasn’t even an ounce of hesitation in her movements.

These bones were all just decoys.
The Flying Skeleton Brigade suddenly screeched and started to run.

However, ‘that,’ started to move without making any noise.
The Bone Dragon’s empty eye sockets suddenly lit up with black glow. It then quickly started to fly toward the shield.

The Bone Dragon opened its mouth as it aimed for the white wyvern’s neck.


The white wyvern revealed its fangs as it tried to fight back.
However, the black-eyed Bone Dragon did not get pushed back even though it was just a pile of bones.


Clopeh urgently pulled on the reins.
Flap, flap.

The Bone Dragon opened up its wings in front of the Henituse Castle wall. Anybody would think that this sack of bones was guarding the Henituse Castle.

Bang, bang!
The white aura clashed with the black light.

The white wyvern’s claws and teeth rushed toward the Bone Dragon at the same time.
However, the dead mana just shook rather than disappear. The Bone Dragon did not even have a scratch on it.

The shield began to shake once more as the wyverns started to ram into it again. They seemed focused on destroying the shield. The wyverns that now all had red eyes even tried to rip the shield apart with their claws.

However, Cale still remained calm.

“Choi Han.”

Cale started the last step of his plan.

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han did not say anything else as he stood next to Cale. Cale got rid of the silver light connected to the shield from one hand as he continued to speak.

“It’s your turn.”
“…There was something for me to do?”

Cale had not told Choi Han what he needed to do. That was why Choi Han had been standing by Cale’s side like a shadow in order to protect him.
However, Cale had determined what Choi Han would do a long time ago.

“Use all of your strength.”
“…Is this the new history that you were talking about?”

Choi Han could see Cale smiling with a pale expression at his question. However, Cale’s calm voice answered Choi Han’s question.

“Yes. It is your history that you will write in this place.”

‘My history that I would write in this place, my second hometown.’
Those words were echoing in Choi Han’s mind.

The soldiers around them looked toward the pair in confusion. They were wondering what the two of them were doing during this emergency situation.
Cale took a sword out of a magic bag at that moment and pointed the handle toward Choi Han. It was a sword that Mueller had forged.

“It’s yours.”

Cale was planning on giving Choi Han his original role in the novel.
This would be when Choi Han becomes a hero.

The Birth of a Hero.
The fifth volume may have ended, but all he had to do was create a new opportunity for the birth of a hero.

“I’m sure you know best what you have to do.”

Cale looked toward Choi Han and gave him an order.

“Come back soon.”

Choi Han received the sword from Cale. He did not debate it much before taking it out of the scabbard. The blade was shiny, unlike the scabbard.
Choi Han smiled brightly toward Cale.

“I like this sword.”

The sword started to rumble at that moment. Black hair and black eyes. An aura the same color as the teenager-looking man’s eyes and hair started to cover the sword.

“S, sword master……!”

The soldier gasped before covering his mouth.
The black aura was shooting up into the sky.

Sword master.
The young man who was known as Cale’s guard was actually a sword master.

Necromancer, sword master, and the Tiger tribe.
Then there was Cale who was giving them orders.

A different emotion other than fear was giving the soldier the chills. It was at that moment.

“I will kill him and return.”

Choi Han calmly stated what he needed to do. His role was to kill Guardian Knight Clopeh. Kill Clopeh, or at least the white wyvern that he is riding on.

However, Choi Han suddenly saw Cale motioning toward him. Cale was even stuttering a bit.

“L, let’s hug before you go fight!”

‘Hug? In the middle of a battle?’
Choi Han wondered if Cale even had such an affectionate side.
He gave a light hug to Cale, who was still keeping the shield up with one hand.

Cale shouted in a loud voice in order for the others to hear.
“I trust you!”

Choi Han suppressed his emotions as he answered back.

“…Thank you very much. I will definitely return with his head.”

‘Why is this punk saying such a thing?!’
Cale whispered in a quiet voice so that others could not hear.

“Don’t kill him.”

Why waste such a useful pawn and kill him right away?
Cale looked toward Choi Han, who was still so innocent albeit hanging out with him for so long, as he continued to speak. His voice sounded wicked.

“Pick up both of those white things.”

Choi Han let out a gasp.
Cale’s expression seemed to be saying that it was obvious.
It would be a waste to kill him right now. Shouldn’t he at least figure out how to control the wyverns before killing Clopeh?
Furthermore, there was so much money to be made if he caught that bastard.

“I will successfully complete this mission.”

Choi Han jumped off the wall through the gap that Cale opened up in the shield for him. His feet then landed on the black bones of the Bone Dragon.

Choi Han lightly jumped on top of the Bone Dragon.
He stood up straight and looked toward the two white things.

Choi Han, whose senses were beyond the limits of normal human hearing, heard Cale’s faint but firm voice.


Cale gave the order.
The still anonymous sword master and the Dragon, an existence that had been forgotten about in the world.
The two beings who would soon be recorded in the continent’s history started to move following Cale’s order.

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