Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 179 – I Did Pick It Up … But (1)

However, the voice of the Super Rock disappeared as soon as he landed on the field.

“Isn’t this a field?”
“This is the right place.”

Cale responded to the invisible Hong’s question as he approached the quietest spot in the Estate.

– There are no magic devices!

It was possible because Raon had already informed him in advance.

The Guardian Knight household of Sekka.
Cale naturally had gathered all of the information he could gather about the household. That was why he knew about this spot.

He could immediately tell that this was the, ‘field,’ that he had learned about.

The person who was the first Duke of the Sekka household as well as the first Guardian Knight. That person had created a front garden, a rear garden, and a small field in the corner.

He personally maintained the field once he became old. He grew all sorts of vegetables, fertilizing them, watering them, and repelling insects in order to keep them healthy.

The way he looked after the small field looked so simple and modest that it became another way to describe the man’s demeanor.
That was why the family used this field even after the man’s death.

However, the number of people personally using this field went down as the years passed by, and, in the end, it now remained just a part of history, being maintained to look neat but not used for anything else.

But the fact that they would keep this useless field around for the sake of history and maintain it for so long was still a praiseworthy action.

“This is nice.”

That was why Cale just walked through the field and commented on its decent condition.

– Human, are we digging?

He ignored Raon’s question.


Instead, he focused on the Sound of the Wind.
Cale looked around. He could see the rear garden, as well as the buildings of the estate that were brightly lit but calm, unlike the chaotic plaza. Of course, the people inside probably could not sleep.

He could also see the field.
Finally, he could see a small shed next to the field.

It was a small and old shed.

“…This must be it.”

Cale started to smile.
He quickly headed toward the shed. The shed was so small that Cale needed to crouch to enter.

Choi Han watched Cale look at the shed before standing in the field to stand guard.

Tap. Tap.
Choi Han looked down after feeling something tap his shoe. There was nothing there.


He then heard On’s meow. Fog started to slowly appear to cover the area around the field.
Choi Han reached his hand out toward this invisible and reliable ally and On climbed up his arm to sit down on his shoulder.

Cale did not pay any attention to the dark and foggy surroundings as he stood in front of the shed and crouched down. He saw a rusty door.
He tried to pull on the door with all of his strength.

Screech, screech!


It did not move at all.
It seemed to be too rusted to move.


He heard Raon’s sigh and Hong’s meow of disbelief. Cale ignored it and let go of the door.

– I got it, our weak human. I don’t even need to use magic on this. My front paw is enough.

Cale couldn’t help but think about Raon’s comment.
‘You can open doors with those short paws of yours?’

Apparently, he could.


The door had two imprints in the shape of Raon’s paws as it easily opened. No, it broke. Cale looked at the barely hanging door and started to speak.

“Let’s erase those imprints.”
– Alright.

Crack, crack, bang!
Raon grabbed the door and kicked at it a few more times. In the end, the imprints were gone and a large hole replaced it. People would never expect it was a Dragon’s paw now. It looked more like a mana orb was used to break open the door.

“I could have melted it with poison.”

Cale ignored Hong’s sad voice.
He then left the two children behind as he entered the shed. He could not even stand up straight in here.

“Raon, light.”

A small light orb appeared in order to light up the shed. Cale’s expression turned odd.

“…Farming tools?”

He could only see farming tools.
There was a shovel that seemed pretty new, a hoe that seemed to be a few years old, and an old pickaxe. There were many other miscellaneous tools as well.

Cale picked up the hoe. There was a hoe in his magic bag as well.

Although he wished that this old hoe was the divine item, unfortunately, the wind pointed to the corner.
Cale looked toward the corner that was filled with miscellaneous items.


He sighed before crouching down to clear the items. Although he looked tacky moving the items aside, Cale was focused on the work.
However, he frowned and started to speak.

“Time to pay up.”

“Meeeeow. “

Hong came over to help.

“Human, let’s just blow it away with the wind! Uhh, will the shed fly away too if we do that?”

Raon was speaking out loud as they were currently inside the shed.

“Yes, it will.”
“I see! But something is weird here!”

Cale threw a copper plate to the side as he looked toward Raon.
Raon had noticed the divine items last time based on the feelings he got.

“What is weird?”

Raon happily answered Cale’s question.

“Anger! Destruction!”


“A grudge!”

‘…A grudge?’

“Those are the things I can feel!”


A small tong in Cale’s hand fell to the floor. He had found the item that the Sound of the Wind was touching at that moment. Raon’s voice continued on as well.

“Yes! That is the item! I feel a grudge as cold as winter coming from it! It feels like the revenge of the snow! Oh, that is a good name! The Snow’s Revenge!”

‘This is driving me nuts.’

Cale looked toward the item that Raon was calling the, ‘Snow’s Revenge.’

It was a watering can.

It looked like a common blue watering can.
It just had an outdated design due to its age.

Cale covered his face with both hands.
This did not seem to be the, ‘God’s Tears.’ (God’s Tears seems to be the divine item, so it will be capitalized from here onward. I think I got most of them already though. )

‘Anger and grudge? Sounds more like, ‘God’s Rage’ than God’s Tears.’


Cale lowered his hands from his face.

There was no reason for the entire legend to be true.


Cale looked toward Raon, who blinked his round eyes a few times before going, ‘ah!’ as if he realized what Cale was thinking.

“Human, I do not think it is dangerous to us! It is not getting angry at us!”

Cale immediately picked the watering can up after hearing Raon’s comment.
He then inspected it thoroughly. There was nothing on the outside, the bottom, nor the top. Nothing at all. He did not see any writing.

“…Was I wrong?”

Cale recalled the God of Death’s book. He had expected something to be written on this watering can as well. Of course, there were divine items like the Sun God’s divine item that Cale could not see anything.


Cale opened the lid of the watering can with disappointment. There was nothing inside of it as well.

‘Is there nothing here?’

He sighed before closing the lid.


He then opened it back and flipped the lid around.

“Ha, haha-”

Cale started to laugh.

There was a very faint line of text underneath the lid. It almost looked to be a lace patterned decoration.

Cale pointed to the words and asked Raon a question.

“Can you enlarge it with magic?”
“Of course I can do it! I am great and mighty!”

Raon looked at the words on the lid and started to speak.

“They are words!”
“Read it.”

Cale immediately ordered Raon, who slowly started to read.

“The same thing repeats over and over! It seems to be here at least a hundred times!”

Cale was curious about the contents of the tiny text that was hidden in the shape of a pattern.
Raon’s voice echoed inside the small shed.

“Life ends with nothing. The water will eventually overflow, even if you build a dam. I had created a river for the frozen land, but all of you blocked it from flowing.”

Cale had realized that he had something wrong from the beginning.

The lake from the legend of the, ‘God’s Tears,’ was not actually a lake.

It was a river.

Raon continued to read.

“There is only one conclusion for all of you who chased away my precious child in order to fill your greed.”

‘Precious child? The legend said that the god left behind a Guardian Knight?’

The final statement came out of Raon’s mouth.

“Everything will return to normal just as the river eventually flows.”

Raon finished reading and looking up at Cale.

“Raon, what kind of letters do you see?”
“It is a runic language!”

Raon had read the runic language similar to what they saw in the God of Death’s book. The fact that it was not a magic item even though the runic language was written on it made it likely that the truth was written on this watering can.

Of course, this was the truth from the perspective of the god.

Cale thought through the information one at a time.

The god originally created a river for the frozen north. However, the people who used to live in this land in the past turned the river into a lake in order to horde the water for themselves.
That made the god rage and leave behind this divine item.

Furthermore, the people chased away the god’s precious child before they made the lake.

If these statements were true, that meant that the current legend had changed a lot of the information.

‘The Guardian Knight is not someone the god selected.’

The Guardian Knight that the citizens of the Paerun Kingdom and even Clopeh himself believed to be chosen by the god held a completely different history.

‘Is that precious child the Fire of Destruction’s rival?’

He recalled what the Super Rock had said.

‘Are you trying to destroy the traces of fire’s eternal rival?’

He was feeling as if a lot of complicated things had gathered together.

But Cale soon stopped thinking about it.
There was no reason to figure everything out right now. This was neither the time nor the place to do that.

Cale looked down at the watering can.

“Raon, let’s pack this away for now.”
“Alright! This will not bring us any harm!”

Raon immediately put the watering can in his spatial dimension. Cale then crawled back out of the shed only to see that a thick fog was surrounding the area.

Cale raised his head and saw that Choi Han had walked over to him. He asked a question.

“Is it almost time?”
“Yes, Cale-nim. I think they will be here soon.”

Cale gave an order to On and Hong.

“Let’s get started.”


The fog around the field started to spread out. The fog was completely white. It was full of poison that would make people lose their sense of direction. This poisonous fog surrounded Cale and the field that they were in. However, the fog did not touch Cale at all. It just surrounded him in order to protect him.

– Human, are we going to Arm now? Are we taking their stuff?
“Not yet.”

Cale shook his head at Raon’s question. He then fixed his answer after hearing Choi Han’s voice.

“They seem to have arrived.”

Choi Han looked toward the main gate. He felt a strong presence that was making itself known as it approached the door.

– They’re here! Is it time now?
“Yes. Let’s go say hello to Arm.”

Choi Han flinched at Cale’s phrasing.
However, Cale asked Raon to use flight magic in a relaxed demeanor.
His body that was surrounded by the poisonous fog slowly started to float up.

It was at that moment.


Loud banging noises echoed throughout the Sekka Estate, making the entire area become rowdy. Cale could see what was going on once he landed on the roof.

“Hahahaha! How weak!”

A man who was wearing a black mask and the shabby secret organization outfit was laughing while stepping on the remains of the wyvern sculpture that he had just destroyed.

The Killer Whale Archie had destroyed those ugly sculptures with his bare hands. Archie had been given this order by Cale earlier in the day.

‘Do it however you want.’

Archie swung his fists toward the knights that were running toward him.


The last wyvern, the symbol of the Guardian Knight, was destroyed. Archie was able to do as he pleased for the first time in a long time.

“Wow, is this a wyvern or a fly? How cute! They break so easily if you just tap on them! Ahahaha!”

Cale smiled with satisfaction while watching Archie acting like a lunatic. Rosalyn and Paseton, who were both wearing the same shabby outfit, were standing behind Archie.


Cale looked toward the knights and the male Lion heading toward them as he enjoyed the cold breeze.
The male Lion was wearing leather armor instead of Arm’s uniform. He started to shout with a frown on his face.

“H, how dare they wear such terrible fake outfits! They must be those bastards!”

Cale felt even better.

“The night air is so refreshing.”

It was still the middle of the night.

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