Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 177 – Tricked? (5)

Cale’s group split up as soon as it turned bright. They would meet again in the plaza when the sun started to set.

‘I am curious about the magic of the north. I will go to the library.’
‘Cale-nim, I will go get a sword.’

Rosalyn went to the library, Choi Han went to a weapon store, and the two Whales disappeared into the festival in order to take care of their own things as well as fulfill Cale’s orders.

In the end, the three children averaging nine-years-old were left with Cale.

“…Human, can I really keep eating?”

Raon could see a warm smile on Cale’s face.

“Of course.”

Cale responded gently before putting a Northern Special Beef Steak in front of Raon. He then wiped the sauce off of the side of Raon’s mouth.

The Black Dragon had a suspicious gaze in his eyes, but decided to eat the steak for now.

They were currently in a VIP room on the fifth floor of a restaurant by the plaza. Cale handed a piece of cake and a plate of Rosé pasta to Hong and On respectively.

Hong immediately took a bite of cake with excitement while On tilted her head in confusion.

“…This is weird. You are pretending to be nice.”

Cale flinched at On’s comment but quickly put on a bright smile.

“Pretending? No. You need to eat a lot in order to grow up strong.”

In the end, On started to slurp on a pasta noodle as she observed Cale. However, Hong and Raon were too busy eating to notice anything.

The children were excited because they could eat all they want and observe the plaza without being invisible or pretending that they couldn’t talk.

Raon shouted with excitement.

“Human, this is great! Let’s play until later and take care of the fireworks properly!”

Cale nodded his head and casually responded back.

“Sure. Let’s also add a fiery thunderbolt as an extra.”

Raon’s round eyes blinked a couple of times.

“…Fiery thunderbolt?”


The fork that was in Raon’s front paw dropped to the floor. Raon then started to frown.

“Human, you are going to use the fiery thunderbolt?”
“I won’t faint.”
“We can use magic!”
“We can’t use magic.”
“Why not?!”
“They will know that it is magic.”

The sword master Clopeh and the mages needed to think that today’s incident was, ‘something the Empire did,’ while feeling the power of nature as well.
Raon scrunched his face at Cale, who seemed to have already made up his mind, before pushing the plate of steak toward Cale.

“Human, eat it!”
“I’m full.”
“Why is your stomach so small? Is it because you are weak?”

‘…Isn’t it you that’s amazing for being able to eat ten steaks?’

Cale couldn’t tell what Raon would consider a small stomach but just proceeded with what he needed to say instead of pondering over it.

“I will only use a small one today. I won’t faint.”
“Yes. I just need enough for it to flash.”

Raon continued to frown but did not say anything after hearing Cale’s confident voice. The kittens also seemed to accept it as they returned to eating their food.


Cale felt sorry for himself that he needed to get these children averaging nine years of age to approve his use of his own powers. He would not have cared if it was the Whales or the Tigers. How did it end up this way? Cale even thought that it might have been easier when he was living as trash.

However, Cale still continued to wipe the sauce off of Raon’s mouth every so often. The three children were still wary of him as they exchanged gazes with each other.

‘We will destroy everything if he faints!’

Hong nodded at Raon’s gaze while On shook her head and sent a different message.

‘How about we just protect him instead of thinking about destroying things? We will use our poison fog if any strong people come nearby. Everybody, whether they are Lions or sword masters, will all fall in the end if they are poisoned.’ ((PR: T-This was all said with a gaze?) )
‘Oh! Good idea!’

Cale did not know about the children’s vicious exchange as he slowly ate a cookie. The children continued to peek at him from time to time, but Cale had no idea.

Cale looked out the window and started to think.

‘The fiery thunderbolt.’

He had fainted after using it at the maximum power last time.

‘Then I’ll use just half.’

Since it would be used during night time, even using it at half power would make it flash brightly.

‘I shouldn’t faint if I use it at half power, right?’

Cale felt his heart starting to beat faster. He then started to frown.

‘Is it completely crazy now?’

He shook his head at the voice that was going off like an alarm in his head. It had been going on since early in the morning.

– Are you planning on destroying it?

It was the Scary Giant Cobblestone.

‘Is it because I made up my mind to use the fiery thunderbolt?’

Cale had no idea why the Super Rock was acting this way.

“…Is there no way to turn this voice off?”

The children who had been secretly whispering to each other froze after hearing Cale’s mumblings. However, Cale did not look toward the children.

‘This Super Rock is really useless.’

Maybe it was because Cale thought that, but the Super Rock said something else this time.

– Are you trying to destroy the traces of the fire’s eternal rival?

‘Hmm? Eternal rival? The Fire of Destruction’s rival?’

Cale thought about what he was going to destroy.
It was the lake with the legend of the god’s tears.

But a rival?

Cale’s expression turned serious. Raon was curious about what Cale was looking at and turned his head in that direction before stiffening up.

He could see a street vendor selling apple pies.
Seeing that Cale was not moving at all, Raon slowly took out his piggy bank and removed 1 silver coin from it. On and Hong each took out 1 silver coin as well.

However, Cale was not paying attention to anything right now. A new topic had complicated his mind.

‘There’s no way that the Super Rock would lie.’

‘Are you trying to destroy the traces of fire’s eternal rival?’

That was why Cale had thought about something after hearing that phrase.

‘…Did the main character of the legend possess an ancient power?’

No matter how crazy the owner of the Fire of Destruction may have been, Cale didn’t think he would have gone up against a god. The easiest conclusion was that someone with a water attribute ancient power was the fire’s rival.

Cale suddenly thought about a myth.


He had heard about it from Taylor Stan in the past.

The guardian who protected the Northeast region in ancient times. It was the one about how a guardian had protected the land of boulders.

But why was he thinking about that guardian right now?

‘Why does that guardian make me think of the Super Rock?’

Cale let out a sigh. He then made up his mind and got up from his seat.

‘None of my business.’

The Super Rock did not ask, ‘are you planning to sacrifice yourself?’ That meant that Cale had nothing to worry about. In that case, there was no reason to think long and hard about this.

Cale could see Raon quickly flying toward him.

“Human, human! Are you going to get some apple pies?”

‘Apple pies?’

Cale looked toward Raon wondering what he was talking about as the Dragon and two Kittens puffed up their chests and stood in front of him. Cale shook his head at the children who seemed to be waiting for his answer.


Raon started to chuckle.

“Human, I understand! I know you got this restaurant for us! Look forward to an apple pie!”
“We have a lot of money now!”
“We need to repay the favor.”

‘What the…?’
Cale could not understand the three children and just ignored their comments before starting to speak.

“Let’s finish the food.”

The children quickly started to eat the pile of food on the table. Cale looked toward the children who seemed excited and thought that there was no reason to worry about good things and started to think.

Raon left in a bit while saying, ‘human, I will go see Choi Han for a bit!’ but Cale was too busy thinking about things to even notice.

* * *

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Cale sat up after hearing someone knocking on the door. It was time for the door to this VIP room that was reserved in the Flynn Merchant Guild’s name to be opened again.

“Come in.”

The door opened and Choi Han and the others walked in.

Cale turned his head and looked out the window to see the plaza becoming dyed red from the sunset.

“Looks like it is time.”

Cale stood up from his seat.

The street vendors in the plaza were slowly closing shop as the soldiers started to clear the ground. A large wooden pillar appeared at the center of the plaza.

“Cale-nim, do they dance while burning that pillar?”

The moment they light the wooden pillar on fire, people will start playing instruments they brought with them or start to sing and dance until midnight.

Once it becomes the next day, they will pour water to put out the fire in order to signal the end of the celebration.

Boom. Booooom- Boom.

The wooden pillar was lit on fire with the sound of drums.

“It will be a night that burns like a fire!”

Someone’s shout echoed in the plaza and the people in the plaza started to cheer.

Booooom- Boom. Boom, Boom, Boom!

The drums started to become louder as other instruments and human voices added onto it.

Tap, tap.

Cale slowly lowered his head.

Raon, On, and Hong were awkwardly dancing in rhythm with the Paerun Kingdom’s citizens. Cale watched this interesting dancing until it became completely dark. He then took off his robe.

A black outfit appeared underneath.

“Let’s go.”

Cale did not wait for a response as he began to gather wind at the tips of his feet.
He then headed to the terrace and easily jumped up to the roof.

Tap, tap.
– Human, let’s go together!

Cale felt his speed increasing with Raon’s magic as he jumped over the roof. Cale and his group headed away from the plaza that was shining brightly.

They arrived at the quietest and darkest spot in Bago City.

Choi Han walked up to Cale and gave a short report.

“I determined the patrol route earlier. Please follow me.”


Choi Han touched his scabbard and took the lead.
Rosalyn then walked up to Cale and kept pace with him.

“There were no magic devices by the lake. Based on what I read in the library, Paerun does not have many mages and are weak in magic.”

Cale’s group had not gone out just to play throughout the day. Rosalyn added on with confidence.

“There is no need to worry about magic.”

Cale peeked toward the two Whales who were standing behind him like guards. Paseton reported the things he noticed while observing the celebration all day.

“There were many nobles who reserved restaurants with good views. I think that the reaction will be bigger than we expected.”
“The Sekka Estate was quiet. It is confirmed that Duke Clopeh is in the castle.”

Cale stopped walking after hearing Archie’s report.

The eastern forest of the lake. Cale entered the lake through the stealthiest location. He could only see some lamps around the dry lake and did not see any people.

Cale looked toward the north.

He could see the temple and soldiers.

Cale had ordered Choi Han and Archie to bury the pillar of fire fluid in the center of the lake early this morning. It was the entire amount that they had taken from Maple Castle.

“Young master Cale, should we light it on fire with a magic bomb?”

Cale understood why Rosalyn seemed confused.
They needed an explosion to destroy the orb because they did not bring the timed magic bomb.

“Then how-”
“I will do it.”
“You will?”

Cale ignored Rosalyn, Archie, and Paseton who seemed confused and started to walk. They needed to move before the patrol got here.

“… Cale-nim.”

Choi Han responded to Cale’s movements.

He remembered Cale’s power that was similar to a magic bomb.
The thunderbolt had flashed the entire Ten Fingers Mountain’s valley with a red light.
Rosalyn and the Whales had not seen it, but Choi Han had seen the power as well as how Cale had fainted afterward.

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han, who was about to walk up, heard Cale calling his name. Cale casually gave an order.

“Once I use my power, take On, Hong, Raon, and me to the Sekka Estate immediately no matter what. Got it?”

Choi Han bit down on his lips before nodding his head.

“I understand … I remember the plan.”

Rosalyn became even more confused at Choi Han’s response. Cale’s order just now was weird as well.

Wouldn’t it be obvious to do that?

However, nobody answered her question.

Cale reached both hands out toward the lake.
He then turned his head.

He looked at the burning wooden pillar in the plaza before starting to frown.

“…It is brighter than I expected.”

The burning wooden pillar was taller and brighter than he had expected.

A small thunderbolt may not be visible from the plaza.

‘Oh well.’

Cale decided to use a bit more power than originally planned. Just enough so that he would not faint.

‘Then Choi Han will carry me to the Sekka Estate.’

Cale didn’t think much of it as he gathered the Fire of Destruction into the tip of his hands.

– You are destroying it in the end.

Cale heard the Super Rock’s voice.
Choi Han raised his head at that moment.


The night sky started to rumble.
They could hear it clearly as this area by the lake was completely quiet.

“…Is he?”

Rosalyn raised her head up like Choi Han. It sounded like the night sky was crying. She then lowered her head to see Choi Han walking up toward Cale’s back.

– Little Rosalyn, take out a potion.

She then heard Raon speak into her mind.

– I will create a shield.

She also saw On creating a fog to surround the group as well.

It was at that moment.


The rumbling was even louder this time.
The priests and soldiers at the temple in the distance came out to look up at the sky.


The group heard a quiet voice. This was one of the few times Raon spoke while remaining invisible.

“It is coming.”


The group’s gaze headed up to the sky before moving down toward Cale.

It was at that moment.


A red light flashed in front of them.
The rose gold light blinded them for a moment.

The sky seemed to have turned red for a moment.
They then heard a loud noise.


That word became stuck in everyone’s minds.
Rosalyn slowly regained her sight. That short duration of blindness felt as if it had gone on forever.

She could then see a pillar heading up to the sky.

“…My goodness.”

A pillar of fire was shooting up from where the red thunderbolt had landed.
Rosalyn felt as if she could not breathe.

A huge natural power had come pouring out of Cale just now.

“Y, young master Cale!”

She then let out a shout that was almost a shriek.


Choi Han calmly called out her name before easily carrying Cale, who was staggering.

He looked toward the shocked Rosalyn and Whales as he started to speak.

“What should we do?”

A weak but clear voice answered from Choi Han’s back.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Everybody could see Cale’s tired expression. However, he continued to speak.

“Follow the plan.”

Rosalyn and the Whales came back to their senses at his response.

“I understand.”

Choi Han responded back before moving toward the Sekka Estate with Cale on his back. Raon, On, and Hong followed behind him. The rest of the group watched them for a bit before moving as well.

Cale was heading toward Bago City that was now completely silent without any music or laughter.
The red thunderbolt had filled the capital with silence.

Cale was having this thought at that moment.

‘I’m hungry.’

He was fine other than that. He felt as if he could even move on his own.

However, this was not the time to stop because he was hungry.
Raon, On, and Hong approached him while they were moving.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you moving quickly?”

They didn’t get offended at Cale’s weak voice before Raon took something out of his spatial dimension and handed it to him. The three children had pooled their money in order to buy 10 apple pie slices.

“Human, aren’t you hungry? You said that you were hungry as soon as you opened your eyes last time!”

Cale opened his mouth and Raon fed him a slice of apple pie. Of course, he was still on Choi Han’s back at the moment.

Cale slowly entered the shocked plaza while munching on apple pie.

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