Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 174 – Tricked? (2)

The group descended into silence.

The Killer Whale Archie and half-blooded Whale Paseton seemed to be at a loss for words while Rosalyn and Choi Han seemed to be contemplating something.

The silver kitten On avoided Cale’s gaze with an expression that seemed to be saying she expected as much from Cale.

However, Cale did not have time to pay attention to this silence as there was a loud voice echoing in his mind.

– Human! You really are our human! We cannot let people get hurt during our firework show!

Raon sounded very excited. How could there be such a vicious six-year-old? Cale shook his head and looked toward Choi Han and Rosalyn.
Choi Han quietly looked back at Cale before starting to speak.

“What do I need to do?”

Choi Han had heard what Cale had said.

‘We don’t want to hurt anybody.’

Choi Han had no hesitation because Cale always thought like this, even when he was acting like a villain.

“We’ll figure it out together.”

He then smiled at Cale’s response. Together. For someone like Choi Han, who had lived for tens of years in solitude to survive, a word like, ‘together,’ was always nice to hear.

Cale then made eye contact with Rosalyn, who was also smiling.

“Sounds like a very effective plan and the perfect time to do it.”
“I knew you would say that, Miss Rosalyn.”

The two Whales seemed even more confused, but Cale did not care as he gave Paseton an order.

“Paseton, let’s get a place to stay first.”
“Ah, yes sir!”
“Then we will go sightseeing around the lake.”

That word made Paseton gulp as he guided Cale’s group into the Paerun Kingdom’s capital.
People could not help but peek at them.

Their group had the typical travelers’ robes that made it difficult to see their faces. That was not weird.
However, there was someone these robed travelers were surrounding as if they were guarding him.
The white-haired priest was who the people were peeking at.

Cale felt their gazes and started to smile.

– You are smiling like that again even though you are not talking to the crown prince!

As for Raon’s comment, he just ignored it as usual.

* * *

Crunch, crunch.

His footsteps were calm as he walked through the snow. Cale looked around him.
He did not see many people. The people who passed by them every so often were chatting with one another in quiet voices, but they all seemed to be happy.
It was quiet, but not solemn.

Cale casually walked as if he was taking a stroll through the park. Raon started to speak in his mind.

– Human, there are many patrolling soldiers in addition to the guards at the entrance!

He’s very good about doing things without being told these days.
Cale was satisfied with Raon who was taking the initiative to do things now that he was one year older. Choi Han approached him and whispered in his ear.

“They said that we cannot go to the Northern part of the lake because they are preparing for the offering, but we should be able to force our way in anywhere if we want.”

Choi Han was good at reporting things now as well.
Cale was feeling very satisfied with the growth of Raon and Choi Han.

The Black Dragon that used to leave wild boars for him and the boy who followed him for food had both grown a lot. Cale looked forward with a proud heart.

Pat. Pat.
Hong patted him on the arm. Hong pointed to the front with his paws once Cale looked down. Hong seemed to be shocked.


Hong meowed and asked with his gaze as he could not say anything right now.

‘Didn’t you say this is the place we are going to set on fire?’

Cale quickly understood what Hong was trying to say. ((PR: I can’t even read lips, but young master Silver Light can understand animals!) )

“Yes, this is the place.”

The kitten and Rosalyn, who were both looking at Cale, could not say anything. Rosalyn turned her head. She could see the two Whales that had been standing speechless for a while.

Rosalyn understood what they were thinking.

‘…It’s so big.’

She could see the lake of God’s Tears in front of her.
The bottom of the completely dry lake was full of cracks. She slowly approached Cale.

The northern corner of the Paerun Kingdom’s capital.
The large lake appeared once you followed the wide path from the plaza.
The size of this dry lake made everyone pause for a moment upon arrival.

Rosalyn cautiously asked Cale.

“Young master Cale, isn’t this pretty much a third of Bago City?”
“It seems to be that way. It is smaller than I expected.”

Rosalyn flinched, but Cale did not care as he put On and Hong down and started to walk while following the edge of the lake.

“Let’s split up and enjoy the view before we gather back together.”

Cale said that one statement before walking away from the others. Only the invisible Raon was with him.

God’s tears.
Cale had done a lot of research on this lake.

There were a temple and an altar at the northern part of the lake. That place would be closed off for the festival, but the rest of the lake would remain open.
Cale headed toward a spot with not too many people and stopped in front of an information sign.

< God's tears >
< There is a legend about this lake. A god felt sorry for the Paerun Kingdom that was always frozen and created this lake that would not freeze. >
< Humans initially cheered because of this lake that could not freeze. However, humans quickly started to become greedy for more and eventually lusted after something that they should not have touched. That made the god shed some tears as he took away the water from the lake. >

Cale stood there and continue to read.

< The humans finally realized their greed and protected this lake. They continue to pray that that god will once again bless this lake with water. >

Cale became curious after reading this information that he already knew about.

‘Who is it?
Which god is it?’

Cale was curious each time he read it.

< When the water returns to the lake is the moment that the god returns from the south. >

“The south.”

Cale focused on the word, ‘south,’ and turned his head. He then became anxious.

– Human, why do you look so surprised?

Raon called out to Cale in shock, but Cale quickly turned his gaze away and started to think.

‘Why is that punk over here?’

Cale quickly recalled the information from, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’

< Clopeh looked at the white-hair that was a symbol of his family and firmed his resolve to make the legend become reality. >

There was a white-haired man looking at the bottom of the dry lake. Cale peeked toward him and confirmed his thoughts. At the same time, he recalled some more information from, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’

< The Wyvern Knights Brigade. He would make that legend a reality. Clopeh, the successor to the Guardian Knight Sekka household, had made up his mind. >

Clopeh Sekka.
The Paerun Kingdom’s Guardian Knight.
The leader of the Wyvern Knights Brigade.
The focal point of the Northern Alliance.


Cale could not help but be shocked.
‘I never expected to see Guardian Knight Clopeh here.’
He had not expected it.

However, it was actually a good thing that he did.

– Human, are you shocked because of that human over there? Mm, he is indeed a bit strong.

‘A bit strong?’
Cale flinched at Raon’s evaluation.

Clopeh. He had shown up in the first five volumes of ‘The Birth of a Hero,’ even less than Imperial Prince Adin. That was why Cale did not have much information on him.

He had one piece of useful information, but nothing else other than that.

– He is as strong as Mary.

‘He is as strong as the necromancer Mary?’
Mary was between Choi Han and Rosalyn in strength. That meant that Guardian Knight Clopeh was pretty strong.

– Human, Choi Han is coming!

Cale turned his head.
Choi Han was walking toward them with a stiff expression. He had probably noticed Clopeh’s strength and was walking over just in case.

Cale waved his hand and Choi Han stopped walking. Cale told Choi Han to hold his position as he slowly started to walk.

He was naturally walking toward Clopeh.

-Human! There are two or three knights around that white-haired knight.

Cale recalled the information from, ‘The Birth of a Hero,’ as he listened to Raon, the wonderful danger detector.

< Clopeh believed in the legend. He was the type to believe in legends, fables, and superstitions. >

The corners of Cale’s lips were twitching.

Why had he come here with white hair and wearing a priest robe?
Why was he planning to create a pillar of fire in the lake of God’s Tears and calling it god’s rage?

– … Human, you are smiling too much like a good person. No, you are a good person, however!

Cale listened to Raon’s chaotic voice as if it was background music as he looked down toward the lake with a smile.


Clopeh Sekka. He brushed his hair back after feeling the gentle but cold winter breeze before he turned toward the direction of the wind.
It was because he felt someone standing there.

‘Is he one of our citizens?’

He believed that the person standing there was one of the citizens who had come here for the festival.
Clopeh had not revealed himself for a while.
His time to show himself again was when the Wyvern Knights Brigade would make its presence known in the world. The Paerun Kingdom would head toward unfrozen ports and lands at that moment.

However, he did not hide his white hair. It was because it was the symbol of the Guardian Knight Sekka household that he was extremely proud of.
That was why there were citizens who came up to him every so often.

The Guardian Knight household was a strong shield and spear for the citizens.

The god had dropped a drop of water as he gathered up the water of the lake.
That drop of water landed on a person and that person’s hair had turned white. He was said to have become a knight and protected the northern land from darkness.

He was known as the person who had received the will of the god.
Clopeh believed that he was the descendant of that person.

That was why Clopeh’s eyes turned wide when he turned his head.

He saw someone else with white hair.

Furthermore, he saw a priest robe that was as white as the snow. Although there was no symbol on the robe to show which god the priest served, he felt an aura that made it difficult to easily approach him.

The wind brushed past that white-haired priest.

The priest mumbled to himself as if he had not noticed Clopeh’s gaze.

“Will I be able to see him if I head south?”

Clopeh flinched.

Those words pierced his heart.

< When the water returns to the lake. That is the moment the god returns from the south. >

He recalled the statements written at the temple as well as on the information board.
Was this priest thinking about the god who went to the south?

Guardian Knight Clopeh. He would soon head south.

He sought to take control of unfrozen land, sea, and lakes in order to turn the current Paerun Kingdom into a legend.

‘…Who is it? Who is this formidable person?’

Clopeh slowly started to walk toward the white-haired priest.

Cale heard some rustling, as well as someone’s voice.

“You will be able to meet him in the south.”

‘Got you.’
Cale removed the smirk from his face and slowly turned his head.

Clopeh started to feel odd after seeing Cale looking extremely calm, even after seeing his white hair.
Clopeh thought that, although this person was not strong, there was an unexplainable source of pressure coming from him.

The priest started to speak.

“The esteemed god gathered up his gift to the humans and left because of human greed. He had never been angry at them and instead just cried tears of sorrow. I wonder what he was-”

The priest stopped speaking for a moment.
He then looked toward the lake with a sad expression.

“I wonder how he was feeling. I wonder how sad he was at that moment.”
“…Are you someone who serves a god?”

Clopeh’s sincere gaze was directed at Cale.
Clopeh was like a traditional knight of a fantasy novel with white hair and a handsome appearance.

‘This is driving me nuts.’

However, Cale did not care about that.

The wind started to blow again and created a mysterious atmosphere between Cale and Clopeh.
However, Cale became anxious after feeling the Sound of the Wind which had made him stop talking.

‘…Why are you going crazy looking at this bastard?’

The Sound of the Wind. The thief who had stolen a divine item was going wild while looking at Guardian Knight Clopeh.

‘Does he have the God’s Tears? Or maybe it is in his house? …Should I loot it?’

Clopeh asked once again while Cale was debating what to do.

“Can you not tell me which god you serve?”

However, Cale was being disturbed by the Sound of the Wind which was going crazy, as well as the Super Rock.

– Are you trying to sacrifice yourself?

He had to calm this collaboration between the two ancient powers, so he just said whatever came to his mind.

Clopeh could not help but flinch after seeing the priest’s gaze suddenly stiffen up. The priest started to speak at that moment.

“Everything will be visible in due time.”

Cale’s mouth always knew the right thing to say.

Plop plop.
The wind was getting strong enough to flutter the priest’s sleeves. Clopeh looked toward the rustling trees before feeling the wonders of this wind that was getting stronger.

“I pray that the lake fills back up soon.”

Clopeh could see the priest’s eyes.
Rather than praying for it, he seemed to be certain of it.

Boom! Boom!
Clopeh’s heart started to beat louder.

The lake will fill back up.

That was a sign.
That was a sign that the legend would start again.

Of course, Cale was planning on filling the lake up with a pillar of fire instead of water.

Clopeh felt as if he needed to ask this question now.

“Who are you?”

He felt as if he needed to know this person’s identity.
At that moment, Clopeh saw the priest pointing to the bottom of the dry lake.


Clopeh was filled with an unknown feeling.
This person had a charisma that even the king did not have. The priest smiled mysteriously as he walked past Clopeh and answered back.

“Just a wanderer passing by.”

Although he definitely did not look like a wanderer, Cale answered that way before walking away.
Clopeh just blankly watched Cale leave.

– Human, he is looking at you.

Cale listened to Raon’s report and started to think.

I’ve set the bait.

He then whispered quietly so that only Raon could hear him.

“Raon, tell the others not to approach me.”
-Alright. But I will still be by your side.
“And ask Paseton where Duke Sekka’s residence is located.”

Raon’s innocent voice echoed in his mind.

– Human, are we looting there next?

‘He definitely got smarter.’
Cale nodded his head with satisfaction as he answered back.

“We’ll take a look first.”

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