Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 163 – Somehow Once Again (3)

Cale made eye contact with Imperial Prince Adin and started to speak.

“I am okay, your highness.”

Cale did not look hurt as he was currently standing tall.
However, everybody could see the bloodied handkerchief in his hands, as well as the slightly shaking hands holding onto it.

There was also the weak smile on his face.
He did not look okay at all.
Cale started to speak at that moment.

“Is everyone else okay?”

One of the administrators who came with the Imperial Prince let out a gasp.

Adin observed Cale for a quick moment. His eyes had a cold gaze that did not seem to show any care or warmth.

Adin’s face suddenly showed both gratitude and concern as he quickly made eye contact with Cale again.

“Yes, everybody is okay thanks to you. There are some who have minor injuries, but it does not seem to be too serious.”
“I see.”

Cale slightly frowned after hearing the words, ‘minor injuries.’ His gaze then looked past the Imperial Prince and toward the mages and Alchemists.
He started to speak after observing them continuing to support the tower.

“It should be okay, right?”

‘This tower should be fine now, right?’
Adin energetically responded to Cale, who continued to show his concern until the end.

“It will be fine.”

That made Cale respectfully bow his head before looking back up. He pushed back his slightly messed up hair. The tips of his fingers were shaking.

The Imperial Prince thoroughly observed Cale’s shaking hands. The crown prince interjected himself into their conversation at that moment.

“Your hand is shaking so much. It is worse than last time.”
“No, your highness. I am okay.”

Cale shook his head while smiling at Alberu. Alberu started to frown.

“Okay?! The last time you did this you had to rest for a couple of months! The reason you coughed up blood is because your body is breaking down on the inside!”

‘…An internal breakdown? Isn’t that a bit too much?’
Cale was debating whether he should do something about Alberu’s choice of words when someone suddenly grabbed his arms. It was Daltaro.
He quietly whispered as they were in front of the Imperial Prince. However, it was still loud enough for others to hear.

“You do not need to force yourself to stand up like this. Young master Cale, it is okay to rest now.”

Daltaro’s eyes were sparkling with both concern and a sense of pride. Cale felt iffy after seeing such a gaze, but he decided to play along for now.

Imperial Prince Adin, who had been quietly observing him, started to speak as Cale tried to say something.

“It will be fine. We will take care of everything from here, so you can go get some rest.”

It was as if he was giving a stern command.

This was something that happened in the Empire, and the Royal Palace at that. He was sternly telling Cale that the Empire would take care of the rest and that Cale should stop concerning himself with it.

Cale opened and closed his mouth a few times, but did not say anything as Alberu started to speak.

“I am included in that, ‘we,’ you speak of, right?”

Alberu was trying to tell Adin that the Roan Kingdom’s envoy was involved as well. The Imperial Prince looked toward Alberu for a bit before putting on his uniquely warm smile.

“Of course.”

However, Alberu could not help but scoff at him internally.
Adin was looking at Cale and Alberu with a concerned expression, but had never apologized for this incident.

‘He’ll only say something like it was a pity that something like this happened in the official declaration as well.’

The Imperial Prince did not lower his head in front of the Roan Kingdom’s side.

That was that the way the Mogoru Empire, the only Empire in the Western continent, treated the Roan Kingdom that was known as being below average.

Crown prince Alberu accepted that demeanor for now. He then reached out and patted today’s hero on the shoulder.

“Go. I will call my personal physician to check you out.”
“Thank you very much.”

Cale thanked Alberu for taking the lead in preventing a doctor from the Empire being stuck to him as he accepted the support from one of Alberu’s knights and started to walk away from the Sun Palace.

Many people watched Cale slowly walking away while being supported by the knight before quickly returning to their tasks.

It was a chaotic night.

This was the same for Cale.
A couple of different people surrounded him as soon as the Dark Elf, who was the crown prince’s personal physician, left the room.

“…What is it?”

Cale could see the Gold Dragon, Eruhaben, looking at him with an odd expression. Eruhaben had thoroughly inspected Cale’s body before clicking his tongue.

“Tsk, tsk, what an unlucky human.”

Cale turned his head away as he was at a loss for words. Raon was sitting on the bed looking at him as if they were the only ones in the room.

Raon’s gaze made Cale feel weird, so he turned his head once again. He could see Choi Han this time.

‘Why does he have such an expression?’

Choi Han was touching the hilt of his sword and seemed to be thinking about something.
Clank. Clank.
The sword came a bit out of the scabbard before going back in. This process continued to repeat itself multiple times.
Cale suddenly felt chilly and started to speak.

“Where are they?”

Hilsman and the Cat Knight.
Cale was asking about their location.

Choi Han walked over to the bathroom that was attached to Cale’s bedroom. He then opened the door.

Cale could see Hilsman inside as the door opened.

“What the hell did you do on your way back?”

Cale frowned while looking at Hilsman, who was covered in leaves and dirt. The Cat and two empty potion bottles were in Hilsman’s arms.

“Bring him here.”

Cale flicked his finger and Hilsman approached with the Cat. The Cat Knight was observing Cale with a piercing gaze.

Cale started to speak as soon as he saw the Cat.

“Sir Rex.” (Rex is a knight so I’m using Sir as in the British fashion. )

The Cat flinched. Hilsman put Rex on the chair next to Cale’s bed. Rex had to sit there and listen to Cale speak.

“The Palace did not fall.”

The Cat revealed his fangs before they quickly disappeared.

“Your friend lit himself on fire, but he survived. And then he was caught.”

Rex started to frown. Cale did not care as he leaned back on the head of the bed and continued to speak.
He did not have much time.

“Do you know the alcoholic Alchemist?”

The Cat flinched.
Of course, he knew about that Alchemist. He was known as a decent guy and Rex had purchased some bombs from him as well.

‘Is that person working for him?’

Cale looked toward Rex’s questioning gaze and continued to speak.

“Sir Rex, that Alchemist is someone who gives food to the children of your neighborhood, the slums. Choi Han will take you to him. Your family and the rest of your organization are already in hiding, right?”

Cale was pretty sure that they would have hidden themselves before this incident started.

“However, the Imperial Prince will find them within a day knowing your level of doing things. Hide everyone properly with Choi Han’s help.”

Rex hesitated without being able to respond to Cale right away. He heard Cale’s voice once again at that moment.

“What is it? Are you thinking that you can’t escape on your own when your friends might get tortured and killed?”
“Do it right.”

Rex shut up after hearing Cale cut him off.
An unknown sense of pressure could be felt from Cale.

“I plan to destroy the Alchemists’ Bell Tower. I also will not let the next Emperor of the Empire have the name of Adin.”

These were the thoughts he had after hearing the Holy Maiden’s story. Cale observed Rex, who was one of the key players for his plan.

Rei Stecker would be the new leader of the Alchemists.
Rex would be the center of the citizens.

He would be the hero of the rebellion that would save the people.

“There’s no way such a thing would be possible.”

Rex shook his head. Cale laughed and started to speak.

“Can’t you see that Dragon over here?”

Rex was suddenly at a loss for words. He had not noticed the Black Dragon until now. Cale then continued to speak.

“Choi Han, who will take you to the slums, is a sword master.”

Rex slowly peeked toward Choi Han. Choi Han slowly raised his aura.

“Furthermore, the new hero that will appear in the Empire will help you out.”
“… A new hero?”

Rex looked toward Cale. Cale raised his finger up.


He then pointed to himself.

Rex was confused.

However, Cale did not say anything wrong.

The Empire would not be able to hide this incident with the falling tower. Too many people had seen it.
They also needed to hide the fact that someone tried to assassinate the Vice Tower Master of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower. They needed something else to draw the citizens’ attention away.

Anybody who was there would know that Cale was the one who prevented the tower from falling down. Cale was planning on happily being a part of that diversion.

“I will probably be a hero by tomorrow morning. The citizens of the Empire will also probably like me quite a bit.”

Eruhaben looked at Cale in a questioning manner, but he did not say anything. Raon vigorously nodded his head.
Rex was looking at everyone before he jerked his head back toward Cale after hearing Cale’s next statement.

“This is because I saved everyone.”

Cale was not planning on hiding his involvement this time. He spoke to the Cat.

“Sir Rex, nobody died.”

Rex let out a gasp. His face started to frown, but Cale could not tell whether he was relieved or disappointed.

“Sir Rex, we do not have much time.”

Cale then turned his gaze away from Rex in order to look at Choi Han. Choi Han nodded his head and picked up the still injured Cat.
Rex continued to quietly observe Cale.

“Rex, take the opportunity when it is in front of you.”

That word made Rex open his mouth to speak. However, Cale’s next words made him close his mouth without saying anything.

“And watch your mouth about what happened today.”

Cale focused the, ‘Dominating Aura,’ on Rex as he said that. He then turned his gaze toward Choi Han after seeing that Rex was unable to say anything.

“For Billos.”

Cale handed a memo to Choi Han who put it away in his pocket.

“I will be back soon.”
“Good. Be back before morning.”

Choi Han did not say anything as he left through the window. Cale quietly watched Choi Han disappear in the distance.
Tap. Tap.
There was a front paw tapping on his arm.


Cale did not think much of it as he started to speak. The Black Dragon responded back.

“Lay down.”

Cale laid down.
Raon pulled the blanket up to Cale’s neck. Eruhaben continued to sigh in disbelief. Raon made sure Cale was tucked in as he started to speak.

“Goldie gramps will nurse you. I will go follow Choi Han. It will be even better if I go with him.”

Raon puffed up his chest as if he was saying, ‘just leave it to me.’ Cale started to speak.

“Just stay by my side.”

He had a bad feeling that things would become more complicated if Raon went as well. The combination of Choi Han and Billos was good enough. Billos was talented when it came to stealthy things.
Raon frowned for a moment before opening his eyes wide and asking.

“…Would you like it if I stayed by your side?”

Cale gave a short response because he was feeling lazy and Raon’s lips started to twitch before he rolled up in a ball next to Cale.
Cale then slowly fell asleep.
It was loud outside his bedroom, but that was none of his business.

* * *

Cale flinched as soon as he woke up the next morning.
The Black Dragon Raon was no longer visible. Eruhaben, Hilsman, and Choi Han were standing there looking cleaned up from last night.

“Why are you so shocked? Our dear young master Cale.”

Crown prince Alberu was sitting on the chair right next to the bed.

“Your highness, you are indeed the Kingdom’s star, even when you are the first thing I see when I open my eyes.”

Alberu cut him off and Cale shut up before lifting his body up. He then heard Alberu’s voice again.

“Looks like you’ll need to get a medal.”

Alberu could see Cale flinching after hearing his words. Alberu recalled how Cale had not wanted any medals nor power after the Roan Kingdom’s Plaza Terror Incident as well.
That was why he quickly added on.

“Of course, there are also rewards like money in addition to the medal. The Empire currently needs a way to divert attention from what happened last night-.”

Alberu stopped talking and looked toward Cale.

“You seem to be happy?”

Cale welcome the morning with happiness as he started to speak.
“Your highness, why don’t we make it big and do a medal ceremony?”
“The just noble.”

Cale slowly lifted his fingers up one by one as he continued to speak.

“The just noble who is weak but has a strong sense of justice and is willing to sacrifice himself to save the weak. He does not care about identity nor nationality and has a strong and beautiful ancient power.”

Alberu could see the refreshed look in Cale’s eyes.
Cale slowly continued to speak.

“Your highness, I wish to be the hero of the Empire’s people.”

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    //Choi Han was touching the hilt of his sword and seemed to be thinking about something.
    Clank. Clank.
    The sword came a bit out of the scabbard before going back in. This process continued to repeat itself multiple times.//


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