Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 160 – Rolling in By the Vine (7)

The Sun Palace.
It was named this way because it supposedly resembled the sun’s bright light.

Inside the Palace at the corner of the banquet hall’s first floor.
Cale was standing by a table that was full of desserts.

-Human! There are so many delicious things! It would be great if our family was here as well!

Munch munch.

The sound of Raon eating echoed in Cale’s head.

– It would be great if Goldie gramps was here too!

Unfortunately, Cale did not bring Choi Han nor Eruhaben with him. Eruhaben said that he was tired and wanted to rest.

‘Choi Han could not come because of the Empire’s sword master.’

Cale’s gaze headed toward someone.

It was the middle-aged man chatting with Imperial Prince Adin at the middle of the banquet hall.
The man known as the Knight of the Sun was at the zenith of the Empire’s sword arts.

He had reached the sword master level approximately 10 years ago, and, although he looked like a middle-aged man, he was actually in his late sixties.

‘Choi Han is stronger than Huten, but a sword master’s sharp intuition may recognize Choi Han’s skill level.’

Even though they were both sword masters, Choi Han was multiple levels higher than Huten.
Choi Han was someone who could even go up against a Dragon.

Raon must have noticed that Cale’s gaze was on Huten, as he started to speak into Cale’s mind again.

– That swordsman is slightly stronger than our mage, Rosalyn! However, he is very weak compared to my great and mighty self!

‘Of course. He is much weaker than our Raon.’

Unless Raon openly used his magic or sent his mana out as he did to Choi Han and Rosalyn in the past, Huten would never notice Raon’s presence.

‘That’s that.’

‘She is the Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s Vice Tower Master?’

Many famous individuals showed up for this first celebration since the Empire’s war with the Whipper Kingdom.
Cale’s gaze moved toward Metelona, The Vice Tower Master of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower.

The middle-aged woman in her fifties was standing next to the Imperial Prince while wearing a robe. She had a bright smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying this celebration.

Huten and Metelona. ((PR: Their names sound like pokemon.) )
The two people made it difficult for others to approach the Imperial Prince.

‘The two of them are Adin’s power.’

Alberu and a few of the Roan Kingdom’s administrators were currently by the Imperial Prince’s side.

Cale naturally did not want to be with them, and had thus come to this corner as soon as they arrived.

– Human, hand me just one more piece of cake underneath the table!

Cale casually picked up a plate of strawberry cake and stealthily pushed it underneath the table. Raon happily grabbed the plate and started to eat.

‘Yes, eat a lot so that you can work hard.’

Cale was filling Raon up. He was going to put Raon to work soon in order to find the Sun God’s divine item.

He looked around.

The Sun Palace had a total of 3 stories, with a wide opening up to the second floor. There was a terrace on the second floor. The third floor was supposed to have an area for VIP to discuss with each other.

‘They said that they are not opening the third floor today.’

Cale’s gaze headed toward the knights who were stationed around the first floor.
There were knights in armor standing at the eastern and western entrances. There were also some knights in regular clothes within the hall as well.

The Roan Kingdom’s knights were stationed to one side as well.

Although they seemed relaxed, they still gave off an aura of strength.

‘That guy is here too.’

It was the red-haired Cat Knight.
He was also by the Northern wall and was glaring in the Imperial Prince’s direction. He had a fierce gaze that seemed to be saying that he would prevent any danger from happening to the Imperial Prince.

Cale turned his gaze away from the Cat Knight, whose gaze was sharper than the other knights.

‘I guess we should start going to steal, no, to pick it up.’

The Condemnation of the Sun that should be in the Sun Garden.
Cale slowly started to walk away from the dessert table. He was heading for the second floor while slowly looking around and acting casually.

“Ah, young master Cale!”

Then he heard a voice calling out for him.
Cale made eye contact with the Imperial Prince Adin, who was smiling at him.

‘Damn it.’

Cale wanted to swear out loud. However, he put on a gentle smile and walked over to the Imperial Prince and the crown prince.
The Imperial Prince asked as soon as Cale arrived by their sides.

“Young master Cale, how was your time in the Empire?”
“I am happy to have been able to spend some quality time in the Empire.”

The Roan Kingdom’s investigation team was unable to gain anything from the trip. But seeing that Cale was still saying that he had spent some quality time in the Empire made the Imperial Prince look toward him with pity before introducing him to the sword master Huten.

Duke Huten, young master Cale is the Roan Kingdom’s hero.”
“Ah, this young master must be the noble who prevented the terror incident.”

The sword master, Duke Huten, looked toward Cale with a gentle smile. Cale lightly bowed his head. Alberu patted him on the shoulder as he did that.

“He is someone who understands the mentality of the Roan Kingdom.”

Imperial Prince Adin played along.

“I’m sure that he will become a great individual.”

The Roan Kingdom’s envoy agreed as well, saying that Cale was a rare person with a proper demeanor and mindset.
Cale just smiled while listening to people say all sorts of incorrect things about him.

At that moment, he heard Raon’s voice.

– They’re wrong! The weak human is weak, but he is already a great individual! I have approved of him!


Cale almost sighed after hearing what Raon had to say, but managed to hold himself back. He made eye contact with someone at that moment.

The Cat Knight.
The Cat Knight was looking his way with a piercing gaze. Cale just ignored it and turned away only to make eye contact with Vice Tower Master Metelona.

She had a gentle smile on her face and Cale responded with a modest smile as well.

That was the best word to describe the discussion between the Empire and the Roan Kingdom’s people.

The leaders who were around Cale right now, as well as the variety of people around the banquet hall, were all enjoying the end of year celebration in peace.

However, Cale knew the truth about these people.

Duke Huten, who was smiling at him, sold slaves to Vice Tower Master Metelona to experiment on inside of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower.

“I pray that you don’t lose that mindset and continue on to become a great noble.”
“Yes sir! I will definitely become such a person!”

The Mogoru Empire’s Duke Huten and Cale Henituse, the Roan Kingdom’s young noble.
Their conversation made the atmosphere in the banquet hall even brighter. However, Duke Huten noticed that Cale’s expression did not seem to be so good.

“I hope I didn’t say anything that places a burden on you. You don’t look so good.”

Cale responded to the concern with a bitter smile.

“I have fallen a bit ill after giving it my all to investigate the last few days.”
“Oh no.”

The Vice Tower Master sounded concerned.
Cale smiled as if he was sorry to say such a thing in this type of environment.

“I apologize. We’re all supposed to be enjoying ourselves right now. My body has always been on the weaker side and I had high expectations about settling the Roan Kingdom’s grudges with this trip that I was terrible at hiding my emotions.”
“No, not at all.”

Duke Huten tried to console this just noble.

“We will one day uncover the truth and catch the criminals. Isn’t that right, your Imperial highness?”
“Of course. We must. But young master Cale, you have a weak body?”

Cale nodded his head at Adin’s question.

“Yes, your highness. I also needed time to recover after the capital’s terror incident.”
“Our young master Cale has a weak body. It is very sad.”

Alberu played along with Cale properly.
Adin put on an odd expression before gently starting to speak.

“I can’t keep a sick person for too long. Please enjoy the celebration. Chat with some of our young nobles as well.”
“Thank you very much. I am honored to have had some of your time.”

Cale pretended to be a respectful noble until the end as he started to walk away.

‘This is so tiring.’

He felt annoyed and tired after that interaction.
He just wanted to go home and roll around on his bed.

However, Cale forced himself to chat with some of the Empire’s young nobles before walking up to the second-floor terrace when everybody else seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There were many terraces on the second floor.
Cale opened the door to the terrace in the farthest corner.

He quickly walked in and locked the door.

“I can finally breathe.”

The chilly winter breeze rushed by Cale’s face.
He could see the Sun Garden as well.

The Sun Garden was famous for shining brightly even at night time.
However, the lights were off because they had just finished a war.

Despite that, there were still a few magic spotlights around the fountains in order to celebrate the end of year.

‘Shall I go?’

Cale did some light stretches in order to ready himself. It was at that moment.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the terrace door. Cale opened up the curtains covering the door before pushing the door open.

“Vice Captain.”
“Young master-nim.”

Cale gave an order to Hilsman, who came to the promised location as discussed.

“Guard properly.”
“Yes sir. You can leave it to me!”

Cale looked around after hearing Hilsman’s energetic response. There were not that many people up at the terrace as it was still the beginning of the evening.


A small wind was created. Hilsman covered the terrace door with the curtain and stood like a statue outside as he looked around.

Cale smiled at Hilsman after easily jumping onto the ledge.

“I’ll be back.”


Cale flew away from the terrace using the Sound of the Wind.

He soon appeared at a dark area of the Sun Garden.

– Human, there are no guards nearby.

Cale brushed the leaves off of his clothes as he listened to Raon’s report about the patrol. He took off the cumbersome brooch and handkerchief before shoving them into his pocket.

A streak of wind roared on top of Cale’s palm. He started to walk in the direction of the wind. Although he was walking leisurely like a noble on a stroll, his steps were stealthy.

Cale recalled the information in the diary. There was more to the diary than what Raon had originally read.

< Divine items only show their powers to those accepted by the god. The rotten church will not be able to use it. >
< Those idiots wouldn’t know a divine item even if it was in front of their faces. >

< They’re all old and corrupted! How would those bastards without any divine powers know what a divine item is? >
< Forever! I expect that it will be buried underneath the palace forever! >

However, unfortunately, there was a person who could recognize divine items even without having any divine powers.
The thief. The former owner of the Sound of the Wind could do it.

‘I didn’t expect the ancient power to carry on the owner’s abilities.’

Cale continued to walk while following the Sound of the Wind’s guidance.
The Sun Garden. Cale quickly walked through this wide maze-like garden.

Leaves rustled as he quickly walked past them.
At that moment, he heard Raon’s voice.

-Human! Is that the right way?

Cale stopped walking.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
His beating heart let him know that he had arrived at his destination.

-Human! Why are you heading toward that trash can?

Cale let out a quiet laugh.
This trash can in the corner of the garden looked amazing, but in the end, it was just a receptacle for trash.

He needed to get to the ground underneath the trash can.

‘This is driving me nuts.’

Cale started to speak.

“Is there anybody around?”
– No!

Cale pulled up his sleeves and pushed the trash can that was half his size to the side.
He then took out a small hoe from his magic bag.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

The hoe started to dig into the frozen ground.

Cale stepped back after digging for a bit and Raon blew a light gust of wind to reveal the contents.

– …Human, I don’t see anything.

Raon continued to dig until the ditch was about Cale’s height.

– Is it really in here?

Raon did not say what he planned to say after hearing Cale’s short response. Cale’s clothes were slightly flapping in the wind.
The Sound of the Wind was cheering.

Cale stared at the ditch that was slowly getting deeper.

< Even I never got to use that divine item! Nobody would have been able to call me a heretic if I used it. >


A different noise could be heard.

Cale reached his hand out and Raon used magic to lift the dirt-covered item from the ground.

Cale took his handkerchief out of his pocket in order to clean the item.

– Human, there is a scary aura coming from this item! It is hot!

Cale did not hide his smile.

A small compact hand mirror revealed itself in his hand.
He opened the lid.

“… It’s cracked.”

He saw that the mirror was cracked.
There was no way anybody would think that this was a divine item, especially the Condemnation of the Sun. The item in front of him did not match the scary name.

“Ah, how entertaining.”

Cale put the compact mirror in his inner chest pocket.

“Let’s go.”
– Alright, human! By the way!

Cale, who was trying to quickly return to the terrace, tried to not pay much attention to what Raon was saying.

– The book from a few days ago is even more evil and scary than this compact mirror!

However, he could not do so. It was something from the mouth of a Dragon.
He was still a Dragon, even if he was only five-years-old.

Cale felt as light as a feather after earning over ten billion gallons and two divine items.

– Human, are you happy?

‘Of course.’

Cale happily headed back toward the terrace. He could see the Sun Palace in front of him.
He then started to panic.

“Y, young master-nim!”

Hilsman was rushing toward Cale.

“What is wrong with you?”
“You must run away right now!”

‘What is he talking about? Why are people coming out of the Sun Palace right now?’

Cale could see knights, soldiers, and nobles rushing out of the entrance of the Sun Palace in the distance.

Paaaat, paaat.

The magic lights around the garden started to turn on.
Cale stopped heading toward the terrace and instead moved toward a dark area in the garden. He looked toward Hilsman in the dark and the Vice Captain started to speak after calming down a bit.

However, the words coming out of his mouth were shocking.

“There was someone who tried to assassinate the Vice Tower Master of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower just now.”

‘Hmm? What in the world?’

There was shock on Cale’s face.

“The assassin was one of the Empire’s knights, but he only managed to injure the Vice Tower Master before running away!”

‘No way.’

Cale started to speak.

“Did he have red hair?”
“How did you know? You’re right! He was attacked by the alchemists and the knights, but still managed to escape. They are currently searching for him! I believe that they will catch him soon because he is injured!”

‘Oh, goodness.’

Cale couldn’t believe it.

“Young master-nim, I was thinking that our story could be that you were resting in the terrace because you are ill and that I jumped off the terrace and carried you to the garden when the incident happened.”

Hilsman spoke calmly.

“Young master-nim, don’t you think that it is a good story? Please get on my back! I think it will be fine if we manage to get to his highness, the crown prince.”
“Let’s go for now.”

Cale decided he should get out of this area first.
It was at that moment.


There was the sound of rustling leaves and something fell from the tree.


A small animal seemed to have fallen while jumping through the trees. The animal groaned and tried to get back up to run.
Cale started to speak.

“Oh, what the… Hilsman!”
“Yes sir?”
“Catch it!”
“Excuse me?”

Cale looked toward the red cat that was bleeding in multiple locations.

‘How could something like this happen?’

– Human, it is the Cat!

‘I know!’

Cale started to speak as Hilsman awkwardly approached the Cat and the Cat growled while trying to escape.
He made eye contact with the Cat.

“Are you also trying to destroy Alchemy?”

That word made the Cat flinch.

Cale started to think at that moment.

‘They all just keep rolling over on their own.’

The existences that would help him destroy the Empire and Alchemy were rolling into his hands on their own.

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