Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 145 – Isn’t It a Pity? (4)

The soldiers subconsciously started to step back. They then heard a loud command.

“Everybody, retreat!”

It was Commander Toonka.
The soldiers quickly moved away from Maple Castle.

Toonka gave an order to the warriors.

“The warriors with magic resistance to the front!”

The warriors with magic resistance moved in front of the soldiers and set up a formation. Their movements were quick, but oddly awkward.

It could not be helped.


Thunderbolts, a downpour, and the gushing wind.
All three of those were surrounding Maple Castle right now.

In this night with the new moon, the Maple Castle was the center of the storm.
However, there was something that was even more eye-catching.


“T, the fire-”

The soldier subconsciously clenched onto his spear and started to mumble.

The fire was going out.
The pillar of fire that was taller than the castle was slowly getting smaller.

The rain and rising mist made it difficult for the soldiers to see the castle.

“W, what monstrous sight!”

The Whipper Kingdom warrior let out a gasp. ‘Is it magic?’ He looked toward the storm that surrounded only the Maple Castle and started to shiver in fear.

He lifted his head to the sky.

He could see two people through the rain.
The two people that were covered in black slowly started to descend.
The warrior’s gaze naturally followed them down.


The warrior could see that the pillar of fire was now shorter than the castle.

Plop plop.

He could now see the roof of the castle with the Mogoru Empire’s flag fluttering in the air.
He turned his gaze to the red roof on the tallest tower of the castle.

There was someone on the roof holding the flagpole.
He was also completely covered in black.

The warrior looked toward the person’s hand that was not holding onto the flagpole.

A strong gust started from the man’s hand and rushed up to the sky. It seemed like that person was controlling the rain cloud.

He felt a sense of pressure that he did not feel even when he went up against the Empire’s mages or knights.
At that moment, the warrior thought about a different existence.


As someone who believed in nature, this warrior knew about the strength of nature. Nature was a dominating force that did not care about magic or humans.


The warrior took another step back.

At that moment, the warrior could see someone pat him on the shoulder before moving forward.
It was Commander Toonka.

The warrior could finally put some strength into his hands again.
Commander Toonka. He was a strong individual who had fought against nature ever since he was young. That was why the citizens of Whipper Kingdom chose to follow him. They respected that he did not succumb to nature.

“Who are you?!”

Commander Toonka raised his voice.

The person who heard his voice from on top of the roof, Cale, started to think.

‘He sure has a loud voice.’

Cale started to feel cold from the rain. Even the Vitality of the Heart could not make the coldness disappear entirely. Cale decided that it was time to end it.

“Who are you?!”

Toonka shouted one more time. At that moment, a gentle voice echoed in the area.
It was a voice that had been changed with voice magic.

“I wonder. Who could we be?”

It was Rosalyn.
Her teasing tone reached the Whipper Kingdom’s soldiers. Cale was thinking that Rosalyn really was a good actress as he slowly rustled through his magic bag with one hand.
Choi Han shouted at that moment.

“We are the secret organization!”

He used his aura to make his voice loud.
Choi Han looked toward Cale to ask if he had done well. Cale had told him to say that this time. Cale let out a sigh and looked toward Toonka.

“What? Secret organization?”

Toonka started to frown as the soldiers started to get restless. They did not know that he was acting.
The warriors calmed the soldiers down. However, they did not turn their gazes away from the monstrous people that had shown up.

It was at that moment.


One of the soldiers’ eyes opened wide.
The person holding onto the flagpole started to move.

The warrior could not help but gasp.


The Mogoru Empire’s flag that had been fluttering on top of Maple Castle was ripped from the flagpole.
The man on the roof used the dagger that he had used to rip the flag off to stab the Mogoru Empire’s crest. He then threw the dagger toward Toonka.

The dagger and a whirlwind rushed toward Toonka.


Some of the shocked warriors called out to Toonka. However, Toonka only focused on the man on top of the roof.

The dagger stabbed into the ground.
It was right in front of Toonka.

As people looked toward the dagger with shock, the man who cut the flag started to speak in a disguised voice.

“The fire is out.”

The pillar of fire was completely gone.

Drip. Drip.
It was still raining slowly.
The drops of water landed on the soldiers’ cheeks.

At that moment, the soldiers could hear Toonka’s voice.


His voice filled the void left by the storm coming to an end.

Toonka ripped the Mogoru Empire’s flag with his hands.
The ripped flag was then stepped on.

Toonka’s calm voice echoed in the area.

“Advance to the castle.”

The fire was out.

“Capture them, the Empire, and anything else that is still here.”

Toonka gave the order. He then started to run in front of the group.
This was Toonka’s style.

He rushed toward Maple Castle that was slowly becoming visible.
He then arrived at the castle’s first-floor entrance. He swung the metal club in his hand toward the largest wooden door.


The door broke down.
He didn’t need something like aura. His natural physical strength was enough.
He could see inside of the castle through the broken door.

“Everybody, move! Advance!”

Toonka shouted while Pelia, his right-hand woman, lifted her spear into the air. Toonka’s direct subordinate warriors ran behind her.

Pelia and the warriors rushed toward the castle gate.

A strong gust of wind blew by again.


The strong gust of wind that pushed Pelia and the warriors back surrounded Maple Castle. Only Toonka was okay after being hit by the gust of wind.

“Commander-nim, up!”

Toonka looked up after hearing one of his warriors shout.

Cale was up there.
He had gathered with Choi Han and Rosalyn as they floated in the air.

“Raon, invisibility please.”

Cale could hear Raon’s response coming from right next to him.


Cale’s group slowly became invisible.

“T, they!”
“Are you trying to run?!”

Cale did not care what they were saying and instead just ignored them. Once they became invisible, Raon used flight magic to quickly move them back to their tent.

“They disappeared!”
“Commander-nim, what should we do?”

“We will first go into the castle and investigate every corner! Make sure that you are thorough!”

Cale left Toonka’s fake angry voice behind him as he had Raon remove the invisibility magic inside their tent.

“Ah, so cold.”

Cale was very cold. He had been hit by rain for too long while trying to look cool as he ripped the flag. Two towels appeared in front of him.

“Young master Cale, here’s a towel. I will use magic to dry you off.”
“Cale-nim, you will faint if you catch a cold.”

‘I don’t think it’ll be that bad.’
Cale received the two towels with an iffy expression.


A warm breeze brushed by Cale’s body. Raon started to speak in Cale’s mind.

– Human, it will be bad if you catch a cold! You can’t vomit blood and faint again!

Cale was completely dry in an instant because of Raon’s magic. He put his priest outfit over his black outfit and looked toward the others.
All three of them had removed their masks and put their priest outfits on.

Cale went up to the entrance of the tent and lifted up the entrance flap.

Chief Harol was standing there.
Behind Harol was a warrior who guarded the chiefs and was one of Toonka’s trusted subordinates.

“Priest-nim, I hope you weren’t shocked by the sudden commotion.”

Cale started to smile with the white mask on his face at Harol’s question.

“I am okay. But I was thinking about going back to helping the patients since it woke me up. Are there any more patients?”
“There are no more.”
“I see.”

The three priests who were woken up by the commotion headed back to the tent with the patients and stayed up the rest of the night. The soldiers all saw this, but they did not pay much attention to it as they were busy with the castle that was no longer surrounded by fire.

However, the soldiers still felt gratitude toward the priests.

Of course, Harol, who was one of the most thankful, whispered in Cale’s ear.

“Thank you very much, young master-nim.”

Cale looked toward his, ‘priests,’ working in the tent and started to speak to Harol.

“It is a debt. Remember it.”
“I will not forget it.”

* * *

The top of Maple Castle. The Whipper Kingdom’s flag was flying up there now.

“… Are you leaving?”
“We must go.”
“Sob, thank you very much.”

One of the soldiers was holding Saint Jack’s hand while thanking him over and over. The crazy priestess Cage was in a similar situation. There were soldiers bowing in front of Cale as well.

Two days had passed since the fire was put out. The three priests wearing white masks were standing in front of the castle while preparing to leave. The soldiers surrounded them.

Toonka pushed them aside and walked to the front.

“It’s a pity that you cannot rest for a few days in the castle.”
“Not at all Commander-nim.”

Cale rejected Toonka’s offer and looked around. He made eye contact with each and every one of the soldiers.
The white-haired priest started to speak.

“Resting is not fitting for us. I’m sure there are still people in pain right now.”

Cale looked up at the clear sky as he continued to speak.

“That is where we should be.”

The group behind him all showed their agreement. Toonka looked toward the soldiers as if he had no choice.

“Open a path. Do not block the path of the priest-nims!”

The soldiers created a path even though they were filled with disappointment. The priests who had been healing patients without getting much rest for the last few days had given the Whipper Kingdom’s soldiers potions while telling them not to get hurt again.
They also used amazing powers to save those who were about to die.

The soldiers felt reverence for these priests. One of the soldiers subconsciously started to shout.


The gaze of the white-haired priest in front headed toward the soldier. The soldier must have received strength from the gaze as he started to speak.

“I am curious to know which god you serve. Although I do not believe in a god, I would still like to know.”

Although this soldier believed in nature more than those so-called gods, he wanted to learn more about the priest who worked so hard to save him. That was why he wanted to give a prayer to thank their god.

The soldier could see the priest pointing to his god.

The priest was pointing to the sky.
He could see the sun.

The soldier looked back down.
The priest smiled at him before starting to walk again. The priest said one more thing as he left.

“The sun shines down without discriminating on life.”

The soldier let out a gasp.
The Church of the Sun God that the Empire believes in. Although it was currently falling apart, it was the closest thing to their national religion. The soldiers finally understood why the priests were wearing masks.

Toonka confidently started to speak at that moment.

“If you are thankful to them, do not forget them. After being discriminated by magic, we have overcome those hurdles to create a fair world. Do not forget about that either.”

The soldiers repeated Toonka’s words in their minds as they looked back toward the five priests as they disappeared in the distance.
The five priests took off their masks once they could not see the soldiers anymore.

Cage looked toward Cale and started to speak.

“Young master-nim, why did you decide to talk about the Sun God?”
“I have a plan.”

He would make the Saint and Holy Maiden infiltrate the Empire in the future while wearing white masks. However, Cale did not need to tell her about that.
The crazy priestess was curious but did not ask anymore before joking with Cale.

“Young master-nim, I think you’ll make a great Pope in the future.”

Jack also nodded his head. He looked toward Cale with sparkling eyes.

“She is right. Even if you do not have any divine powers, you are a warm person who has the purest of minds, Cale-nim. You definitely have what it takes to be a great Pope that looks after the believers of god. ‘Not discriminating on life.’ I learned something new again.”

The crazy priestess Cage forgot what she wanted to say after looking at Jack.
Cale didn’t care as he looked toward Raon, who was no longer invisible, and started to speak.

“Let’s go home.”
“Alright, human!”

* * *

Early winter.
Cale turned off the video communication device and stood up.
He then headed toward the Holy Maiden’s room and knocked on the door.

The fake Holy Maiden, otherwise known as the sword master Hannah, opened the door.

“What is it?”
“Let’s go.”

Cale confidently responded back.

“To get revenge.”

Arm’s First Battle Brigade. They would soon head to the ocean.
The sword master Hannah had a venomous smile on her face.

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