Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 142 – Isn’t It a Pity? (1)


Cale let out a sigh. Toonka responded immediately to the sigh.

– No need to worry about it too much. Did you forget who I am? I am Toonka. I will find a way, so you don’t need to worry about me.
“Spit out your coordinates.”
– … What?


Toonka could see the complicated expression on Cale’s face. Cale then started to speak in an annoyed tone.

“Tell me the coordinates of your current location. I will head over.”
– … Why?


Cale became extremely annoyed at Toonka’s question.

‘No, he’s right. Even I don’t know why I have to go there. But it’s not like I can not go.’

The Whipper Kingdom needed to take control of this castle in order to reduce the power of the Empire.

‘… Although I don’t know what the Empire is thinking.’

Cale didn’t know why the Empire would do this and relinquish the castle.

The Empire could be doing this in order to focus more of their forces on the other two castles that Toonka’s side was aiming for or they could be doing this so that they can ambush Toonka’s forces while they try to put out the fire.

He could figure things out once he got there.
Cale looked toward Toonka who was blinking his eyes in confusion.

“Why? Someone needs to bring over some priests and put out that fire.”
– … You’re going to do that?

Toonka asked with confusion before shutting up. There was no way that Cale Henituse, the man who was looking at him with a serious expression right now, would be joking about something like that.

– Yes, if it is you, I know that you wouldn’t say things you don’t mean.
“So hurry up and spit out your coordinates so that I can get there.”

‘I’ll go quickly and hurry back after putting out the fire.’

That was what Cale was telling himself.

Toonka watched Cale pick up a pen and paper to write down the coordinates.

Toonka was feeling odd.
Even if Cale Henituse had priests among his people and knew how to put out the fire, there was no reason to come over. The war was not yet over and nobody had given up.
It was just a continuous standstill.

That was why this battlefield could become dangerous at any moment. Toonka could not understand why Cale would have no qualms about coming to such a place.

At the same time, he could understand Cale’s current predicament.

‘He’s too nice.’

Toonka confirmed his opinion of Cale once more before starting to speak.

– I will tell the mage from the Roan Kingdom that you are coming. We will install a teleportation magic circle and give you the proper coordinates. (Looks like after going back and forth, ‘teleportation magic circle,’ is the winner. )
“Fine. Just hurry up.”
– Alright. It’s been a while since I’ve seen in you in person.

Cale nodded his head and started to speak.

“Ah, by the way.”

Toonka was smiling and telling Cale to say what was on his mind. Cale didn’t want to look at Toonka’s ugly smiling face, so he turned away from the screen as he continued to speak.

“I’ll be in a disguise.”
– What?
“I’m hanging up now.”


Cale ended the call.
There was nothing else he needed to say to Toonka right now. He just needed to find out the coordinates of the teleportation magic circle later.
He got up from the chair.

Raon appeared from the air and flew over to Cale’s side.

“Human! What do you mean by disguise?”

Raon’s round eyes were sparkling with curiosity. However, Cale ignored him and opened the door to head down to the fourth floor.
He then knocked on the innermost room on the fourth floor.

Knock knock knock.

“Come in.”

A clear voice answered from inside the room.
Cale turned the door knob to open the door.


He could see in the room as soon as the door opened.

“… Young master-nim?”

The Saint, Jack, jumped up to greet Cale.
The innermost room and the room next to it on the fourth floor were protected by all sorts of protection and alarm magic. These were Hannah and Jack’s rooms.

“Young master-nim, have you been well?”

The crazy priestess Cage also jumped up and greeted Cale as if she was a mercenary. Cale quietly observed the two of them before starting to speak.

“Saint-nim, is Miss Hannah currently training?”
“Ah, yes. She is learning how to handle the darkness attribute from Miss Mary.”
“Yes. I heard that Miss Rosalyn and Mr. Choi Han were with them as well.”
“I see.”

The crazy priestess Cage found it odd that Cale opened the door in a hurried manner but seemed to be very calm. Maybe Cale realized what she was thinking, as he turned his head toward her.
Cage flinched.

“Miss Cage.”
“Yes… yes?”
“Will you continue to stay in this villa?”

She was currently staying at Cale’s villa because the God of Death kept showing up and whining in her dreams whenever she tried to leave.

A god you cannot see whining in your head is extremely annoying. That was why Cage ended up staying here and happened to make friends with the Saint of the Church of the Sun God even though they were serving gods on opposite ends of the spectrum.
She answered Cale’s question.

“I wish to do so if it is okay with you, young master-nim.”

Jack added on from the side.

“It has been wonderful having Cage-nim here. If it is okay with you, young master-nim, I hope that Miss Cage can stay here longer.” (Went from Cage-nim to Miss Cage in one breath. New ship? Poor Taylor. )

Cage’s existence made it possible for Jack to suppress his power of purification. She allowed Jack to approach Mary and his sister without any issues.
Of course, he still couldn’t even shake hands with his sister, but that was not important compared to having his sister being alive and well.

Cale slowly nodded his head.

“I am happy having you here as well, Miss Cage. That is why…”

Cale spoke to both the half-Saint and the crazy priestess.

“Let’s go save some people.”
“Excuse me?”

The Saint asked with confusion while Cage asked her question calmly.

“Where are we headed?”

Cale smiled at Cage’s response before answering her question.

“The battlefield.”

This time, Cage was confused as well. However, Cale looked toward the two of them before saying what he needed to say.

“And let’s disguise ourselves.”
“Excuse me?”
“…I’m not sure what you mean, young master Cale.”

Raon, who was trying to peek into the room from behind Cale, started to shout.

“Are they disguising themselves too?”

Raon’s comments made Cage flinch as she asked.

“…Are you disguising yourself as well, young master Cale?”
“Yes. I’m calling it a disguise, but we will all only do small things like changing the color of our hair.”
“…Hair color? You as well, young master Cale?”

Cale answered back.

“Yes. Something that makes me look holy.”
“Ho, what?”

Cage looked toward him with disbelief, but Cale just gave Raon an order.

“Go tell Miss Rosalyn and Choi Han to come here.”
“Will they be wearing disguises as well?”
“Maybe. Bring them here first.”
“I got it, human!”

Raon flew toward Rosalyn excitedly. Cale let out a sigh after seeing Raon flying off like a missile.

Cale had no choice but to wear a disguise.

Toonka’s soldiers had already seen Cale before.
The Whipper Kingdom was currently in a war against the Mogoru Empire. Although there may be none of the Empire’s forces there right now, things would get complicated if a noble from the Roan Kingdom showed up at that location.

“Excuse me, young master-nim.”
“What is it, Saint-nim?”
“I recommend white for a holy color.”

Cale turned his head toward Jack. Jack seemed to be happy that he could make a recommendation for Cale.
Cale looked toward the face that seemed to be waiting for a response and started to speak.

“…I will keep that in mind.”

‘Aigoo, my difficult life.’

Cale was having the same thoughts Eruhaben frequently had while dealing with Raon.

* * *

The scent of blood and burning flesh tickled his nose. However, it didn’t do anything to faze him after being in this battlefield for so long.

However, a new source of stimulation quickly approached him.

Toonka looked toward the teleportation magic circle they installed in secret away from the rest of the soldiers. A total of five people had appeared.

Toonka looked toward the man standing in the center with a blank expression as he started to mumble.

“… What the…”

The man in the center put on his trademark twisted smile as he pushed back his hair.

The long hair that was close to pure white followed his hand.

Cale Henituse was wearing a white priest outfit without any crest and his hair was just as white as his clothes. The white hair looked like it was faintly glowing, making it look silver as well.

Cale ignored Toonka’s confused expression and instead looked toward Chief Harol.

“How do I look?”
“I don’t think anyone will recognize you, young master-nim.”

Harol responded and looked at the mask in Cale’s hand. It was something that would cover only around his eyes.

“That mask will definitely make it so nobody can recognize you.”

Cale, who now also had blue eyes, smiled gently toward Harol. Harol couldn’t help but let out a gasp at Cale’s smile.

“You look like a real priest.”
“Then it was a success.”

Raon, who had followed the coordinates to teleport himself in advance, was curled up in a corner of the tent in his invisible state. He started to speak into Cale’s mind after hearing Harol’s comment.

– It really is my masterpiece! Human, you look like the real Saint!

Raon had been in charge of everyone’s disguises this time.

Rosalyn and Choi Han traded colors with each other. Rosalyn had black hair and black eyes while Choi Han had red hair and red eyes.
The crazy priestess and the Saint had their hair dyed to the common brown color. They all had masks in their hands as well.

Cale asked Harol a question.

“Where are the patients?”
“Are you planning on starting right away?”

Cale put on the white mask and opened up his arms as he started to speak.

“Going to find the people in pain, going to help the people in need, that is truly the will of the lord.”

Harol scoffed at how holy Cale looked and sounded before responding back sincerely.

“I will guide you to them.”

* * *

The Whipper soldiers were looking at the pillar of fire with concern.
This was especially the case for the soldiers creating a barricade around the pillar.

It had been raining all night, but this fire was not shrinking at all.

That oddness instilled fear in people. Trying to take even one step closer to the pillar made them feel intense heat.

One of the soldiers looked around before whispering to his friend.

“Do you really think the Empire is responsible for this fire?”
“How would I know?”
“If they know how to make such a fire, won’t we all burn to death too?”
“Bad! What nonsense are you saying?!”

The friend scolded the soldier in shock. He was glad that there were no higher ups around them. However, the friend saw the soldier’s expression and started to frown.

The soldier had said that after shivering in fear for a while.

“No, I know it is nonsense, but I’m feeling uncomfortable after seeing the Empire run away after leaving this fire behind.”

The war was dragging on and they now had to guard this weird pillar of fire.
For this soldier who was a citizen of the Whipper Kingdom and hated magic, this pillar of fire reminded him of the magic used by the mages in the past.

“Bad! Our Commander-nim still brought all of the injured soldiers with him. He even gave a bit of those precious potions to the ones with serious injuries.”

The soldier relaxed a bit after hearing his friend speak.

Commander Toonka did not throw away the injured this time. It was different than how he had acted during the Civil War in the Whipper Kingdom.

However, his expression soon stiffened up again.

“…But they are all dying.”

They didn’t have enough potions and there was a limit to what a doctor without healing abilities could do. It was painful listening to the moans of the soldiers who were dying without a chance to return home.

“Why are you saying such negative things? The Commander-nim and Chief-nims will find a way for us soon.”

The soldier put on a bitter smile after hearing his friend’s response. He had participated in the war due to his anger about magic, but he was starting to see the reality of the situation as time dragged on.
A doubtful voice came out of his mouth.

“Do you really thi- huh?”

However, he could not finish his sentence.

He saw a group wearing white heading toward the center of the formation.
There were a total of five people wearing white masks and priest outfits heading into the tent with the injured alongside Commander Toonka.

They were naturally Cale’s group.

Cale looked around as he headed toward the tent with the injured soldiers.
The atmosphere was very heavy.

– Human, do you see that pillar of fire? Are we getting rid of that? It will destroy the castle as well if you do it like last time.

This was the Maple Castle, one of the three main castles at the border of the Mogoru Empire and the Whipper Kingdom.

‘Break it? Why would I break such a precious thing?’

Cale was planning on calmly taking care of business this time. He continued to look around until he made eye contact with one of the soldiers. It was the soldier guarding the medical tent.

Cale smiled gently at the soldier and started to ask.

“May we enter?”
“Ex, excuse me?”

The soldier became anxious at Cale’s distinguished air. At that moment, Toonka started to speak.

“Lift the flap.”
“Yes, yes sir!”

The soldier who made eye contact with Cale, as well as the soldier standing next to him, quickly lifted the flap. The smell of medicinal herbs and the stench of injuries started to flow out.

Cale slowly entered into the tent.
The soldier mumbled the thought that came into his head as he watched the five people enter.


The soldier could see that the two people walking in behind the white-haired priest. One had a black aura in her hand while the other had a golden aura in his hand. They both had the power of healing.

The tent that was full of the aura of death and pain slowly started to change as the patients and the doctors all turned their gazes toward the five priests.

Cale started to speak.

“Hello everyone, we are here following the will of the heavens to help all of you who are working hard to fight.”


Someone let out a gasp.

At that moment, Cale lifted his hand up.

“Let us get started.”

The crazy priestess Cage and the Saint Jack moved in opposite directions to the left and right. Rosalyn and Choi Han followed behind the two of them.

Jack put his hand on a patient’s arm.


The injury started to quickly heal while glowing in a gold color.

“My, my arm-.”

The patient started to tear up and cheer while looking at his arm healing.

Choi Han and Rosalyn took potions out of their respective magic bags to assist the two priests. Cale observed them for a bit before making eye contact with Toonka. (Priests (the male form) is being used here to refer to the collective group, as seen in many languages. )

Toonka started to speak with tears in his eyes.

“You even brought so many potions … really, thank you very much.”

Cale felt the gazes of the soldiers and doctors focus on him as he responded back in a dignified manner.

Alberu had prepared the potions for him.

Cale recalled the conversation he had with Alberu before heading over.

‘You’re going to put the fire out like you did in the Jungle? You’re going to be wearing the secret organization … you’re going to be wearing the Arm outfit while doing it?’

Cale, Rosalyn, and Choi Han were all wearing the updated Arm outfit underneath their priest outfits.

Alberu had laughed out loud.

‘Hahaha! I’m sure the Empire is hiding somewhere observing the Whipper forces. It’s going to be a great way to cause some chaos between the Empire and the secret organization.
I will personally support you in this endeavor, so go act like a proper priest.’

Cale looked around the tent where the healing had commenced.

‘Isn’t it a pity to only put out the fire after I had to come all the way here anyway?’

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