Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 129 – Really A Good Person (4)

“Then what should we do now?”

Hannah looked toward Cale while feeling lost. Her shaking pupils seemed to be asking Cale for some answers. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong opponent.

“You were suspicious of me just a moment ago, but now you’re asking me what you should do?”

Cale said whatever came to mind.
His mind did not have the room to deal with the twins right now.

“B, but, you are fighting against Arm-.”

‘Fighting? Absolutely not.’
Cale shook his head as he said the first thing that came to his mind.

“You two should ask Miss Lina for help right now. The Jungle is wide and has many places where you can hide. Miss Lina should be able to help you.”

Hannah calmed down a bit after hearing Cale sounding so calm. What Cale said next resonated in her mind.

“And heal yourself first. You are the only one who can protect yourself. But you already know that, right?”
“…I know. This situation has helped me realize that even better.”

Her brother was born with the healing abilities of the Sun God, but, potentially because of that, he was not athletic at all. Compared to him, she was very talented in physical activities and swordplay.
It was her responsibility to protect the two of them.
However, she could hear Cale continuing to speak.

“Yes, don’t trust anybody.”

She looked back at Cale.

“Don’t trust Miss Lina, and don’t trust me either. Only rely on each other.”

The man told her to not trust him with an indifferent expression on his face. Hannah thought about the magic spearman.

‘Think of me as your brother. Trust us. We will give the two of you freedom.’
She then thought about the pope.

‘I was the one who took two worthless children like you and turned you into superstars. Trust me. I will help you shine in the light of our Sun God.’

Everybody else had told the two of them to trust them.
She nodded her head at Cale, who was looking at her.

“Okay. I won’t trust you.”

That answer made Cale nod his head as well.
That was the right decision for Hannah to make.

All this woman in front of him had was her dying body and her brother, who only had healing abilities.
She had nowhere to run and just needed somewhere to hide.
After being betrayed by the Empire, the secret organization, and the church, she had nowhere to go.

That was why Cale said the following.

“And I will take you to someone who can save you, so just wait for me.”
“…Can I really live?”

The blonde sword master’s eyes started to be filled with life again. She touched a spot on her arm that was dyed black before looking at Cale with a focused expression.

“And what do you want from me in return?”

Cale started to smile.

“Miss Hannah, you are quite smart.”

Hannah had remembered everything that Cale had said.

“You told me that you were going to make a deal with me.”

Contrary to what the other organizations she had worked with had done, Cale had said that he wanted to make a deal. Cale did not disagree with what Hannah said.

“Yes, we need to make a deal. Of course, the deal will be locked in with a Vow of Death when I take you to the person who can save you. Let’s discuss the details at that point.”

‘I can recover. I can keep on living.’

Hannah believed that it was possible after hearing what Cale had to say. She subconsciously looked toward her brother, who was sleeping with an innocent expression on his face.

Her brother was too innocent, to the point of stupidity, but he was someone who put her above all else. Hannah bit down on her lips in order to prevent herself from crying.

At that moment, Cale said something else that made her heart jump.

“And I will give you an opportunity to properly get your revenge once you have healed, so hide well and wait for me.”


Hannah looked toward Cale with shock.

“… Is it really possible to get revenge?”

Cale nodded his head.

‘Definitely possible.’

Cale thought about the upcoming battle between the Tiger tribe, the Whale tribe, and Arm that Witira had shared with him.
It was the attack on Arm’s First Battle Brigade.
She had mentioned that it would happen in the winter.

‘Currently, the three Northern Kingdoms have aligned themselves with Arm and have a separate agreement with the Empire.’

Either that, or all three of them were working together. Cale could not be sure about which it was.
That was why he needed to sweep them all away when he had the chance.

The Northern Alliance was eyeing the Roan Kingdom, the location of Cale’s home. It was only right for Cale to get rid of anybody who would help the North attempt to take over his home.

Cale made up his mind to mess things up for them.
He then looked back toward the twins.

One was a sword master while the other was the Church of the Sun God’s Saint, even if he only had half the power of a Saint. Although they were framed, all of the believers of the Church of the Sun God would gather under his lead if his innocence was proven.

Cale said something that would attract Hannah’s attention.

“I will give you an opportunity for you to drench yourself in the blood of your enemies.”

Hannah loved to see blood. Cale recalled how she had commented about how beautiful a sea of blood would be.
Cale looked toward Hannah’s eyes that were sparkling and started to think.

‘She’s not normal either.’

Cale pushed back his red hair and observed Hannah. Hannah seemed to be suppressing the exciting vision that had appeared in her mind as she started to speak.

“Cale Henituse, you are weak, but quite nice.”
“I suppose it is true if you think that I am.”

Cale did not correct Hannah.

Hannah let out a quiet chuckle. Although her poisoned body was still in pain, she was now full of vitality. Cale gently asked Hannah, who seemed to be imagining the opportunity to get her revenge. (Cale just collects people who want revenge. )

“Then how about we stop talking and get some sleep now?”

Hannah finally laid down with a relaxed expression. She looked over at Choi Han once, but after seeing that Choi Han was looking at Cale, she just quietly closed her eyes.

Cale watched her close her eyes before looking back up at the cave ceiling.
He would not be getting any sleep tonight.

‘Why does everybody want to fight?’

Cale, who wanted to cry, could not fall asleep.


The rain stopped early next morning.

Cale looked out at the foggy forest and sat down on a round boulder. The cool morning air greeted him as he walked outside of the cave.

“Why are you sighing so early in the morning?”

Cale turned around to look at the person standing behind him.

“Miss Lina.”

Queen Litana approached Cale. She sat down on a boulder next to Cale and looked at him with a concerned expression.

“Young master Cale, it doesn’t look like you got any sleep.”
“…There was a lot on my mind.”

The slacker life moved further away from him once again.
Cale was saddened by that fact.


Litana let out a small gasp. She then looked toward Cale with both pity and respect.

“Of course. Knowing your personality, this type of situation and the information you received is probably hard to handle.”
“Yes, this is all too much for me.”

Litana felt bad seeing the good and just Cale sounding so weak. However, she had something to tell him because he was such a person.

“Young master Cale, you mentioned last night that ignoring the enemies and living a happy and healthy life was the greatest revenge, right?”

Cale looked toward Litana and started to think.

‘Is it time to cause a mess?’

He had a pretty good idea about why she had approached him. That was why he answered back quickly.

“Yes, I believe that that is the greatest form of revenge.”

Of course, that was not what he really thought.

“I see. But I have a different perspective about it.”

Cale could see the fury in Litana’s eyes. She had not forgotten about the fire that had burned the Jungle last year.
Thankfully, nobody had died from the fire, but the people were not the only subjects she ruled over in the Jungle.
The people of the Jungle believed in the concept of, ‘an eye for an eye.
She calmly started to speak, like the calm before the storm.

“Numerous trees, vegetation, and animals died in that fire. We also have needed to put in a lot of time and effort in order to restore Section 1 of the Jungle. The people who used to live there have been forced to continue to wait until the restoration is complete.”

Litana did not become the Queen of the Jungle for no reason. A leader needs to know how to care for their people, but, more importantly, they needed to defend their people against danger while fighting against their enemies.

“As a citizen of the Jungle, I need to get revenge for them.”

She wondered what kind of expression Cale would have about her perspective.
However, what Cale said before she managed to look at his face made Litana start to smile.

“I believe that there is only one reason why you are suddenly bringing up what we discussed last night.”

It was obvious why Litana would look for Cale alone so early in the morning. Cale started to speak.

“I will contact his highness on your behalf.”
“…Young master Cale, you really are as wise as you are good.”

Litana was different than Toonka. She wanted to do something about the fire as well as the dead mana bombs. However, she knew that it would be difficult to do anything alone.

“I’m sure that crown prince Alberu will welcome a conversation with you, Miss Lina.”
“Thank you for saying that, young master Cale. I think that we will not be able to do it alone because the Empire is involved. We will need to prepare to reveal the information about the dead mana bombs soon.”

Litana did not seem to be rushed. Cale asked in a casual tone.

“Are you aiming for when the Empire finishes their war against the Whipper Kingdom?”

Cale could see Litana touching the tip of the spear by her side as her eyes started to sparkle. She then quietly added on.

“We need to prepare for war as well.”

She was vicious.
The moment Cale tried to turn away because he got the chills, she started to speak again.

“Ah, young master Cale. Here is your compensation.”


Cale looked at the paper she placed in front of him before looking back at her.

‘This is compensation?’

Litana just smiled at Cale’s gaze before pushing the paper closer to Cale. Cale picked the paper up and opened it in order to see what was inside.


Cale internally gasped in shock.

Litana started to speak.

“The size of the land you picked to build your villa was too small. As such, I thought that it would be nice to give you the hill, as well as a part of the shore that is next to the land that you picked.”

Section 1 of The Jungle’s shoreline.
It was a deed that indicated that she would hand over the ownership of the entire hill where he had found the Magic Stones, as well as about half of the shoreline. Cale’s heart started to beat fast with excitement.

Cale could see Litana chuckling before she started to speak.

“We are not done with the restoration yet, but thankfully, the land was under the jurisdiction of the Chief. The tribe agrees with my decision as well.”
“…Half of the shoreline is too much.”

He said that just to seem modest.
Litana shook her head.

“No, not at all. You travel by ship, so we are giving it to you so that it is easy for you to travel.”
“Mm, but still.”
“Please accept it as the feelings of the people of Section 1.”

Cale sighed before putting the paper into his pocket.

“If that is the case, then I will accept it.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

Litana looked at Cale, who accepted the large plot of land without any issue, with a satisfied smile on her face. However, she quickly got rid of the smile once they made eye contact with each other.
Cale then started to speak as if things had worked out for the better.

“I guess you can meet with his highness at that location. I will be able to sneak him in through my ship.”

Litana was in awe of Cale who had thought of that plan. How could he always be thinking about the future, as well as about other people and his kingdom?

Cale cautiously added on after seeing Litana’s reaction.

“Oh, and Miss Lina, it is so sad about what happened to those twins. Please take good care of them until I return with someone to heal her.”
“…Your caring nature always makes me so full of admiration, young master Cale.”

Cale put on an embarrassed smile for Litana as he started to think.

‘His highness is going to tell me that I’m driving him nuts again.’

It was obvious how Alberu would respond.

Cale’s group walked with Litana and the twins until the entrance of the, ‘Path of No Return,’ on the side of the jungle. Of course, Cale had stealthily handed Hannah a video communication device.


Cale nodded his head at On’s meow.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Cale started to head back toward the Gold Dragon Eruhaben’s lair on Mount Yellia.


Cale flinched as soon as he arrived at the peak of Mount Yellia.

“Human! Human!”

He could see a black blob rushing toward him.
It was, as expected, Raon.


Hong and Lock came out of the lair behind Raon.

‘How did they know we were coming?’

Cale slowly took a step to the side. He felt like he would die if Raon rammed into him. That was how fiercely Raon was rushing toward him.


Raon’s expression brightened up after seeing Cale’s indifferent reaction.

“Human, you haven’t changed!”

Raon started to fly in circles around Cale’s body.

“Are you hurt?”
“Did you miss me?”
“Do you know what I have learned?”

Raon started to ask question after question. Cale felt like Raon would never stop asking questions, so he just petted Raon’s head and answered back.

“I’m sure that you are doing well, since you are a great and mighty Dragon.”

Raon started to snicker.

“You are right! The Golden Dragon said that I was a genius!”
“Yes, yes, you are a great and mighty genius.”
“Human, do you know what I learned yesterday? Something like a volcano-”

Cale cut Raon off, as he thought that it would never stop.

“Video communication device.”
“Connect me to the crown prince.”
“I got it!”

Raon shouted that he understood and quickly connected Cale with the crown prince. Alberu stared at Cale with a grumpy expression for the first time in a while.

– What is it? Is it about what Miss Rosalyn told me yesterday?
“No. I have something else to tell you.”

Alberu’s expression turned odd while looking at Cale.
This was the first time Cale had gotten right to the point without useless bullshit about how he was the star of the kingdom and what not.

– What is it? And where are you? Why is everything so shiny?

The room that Eruhaben had lent Cale was a fancy room covered in gold. It was part of Raon’s request to give Cale the best treatment possible. Alberu was looking at the room that seemed fancier than even the King’s room and wondering where the hell Cale might be. However, Cale did not answer that question and instead said something else.

“The organization that was responsible for the terror incident is apparently working together with the Northern Alliance.”
– What?

Cale explained what he had learned to the now shocked Alberu.

The relationship between the Church of the Sun God and the Empire.
The actions of the Empire.
His meeting with the twins.
The relationship between the Jungle and the Empire.

Furthermore, Cale also mentioned that they had an incident with the Whale tribe and that the Whale tribe was planning on fighting against the secret organization’s First Battle Brigade.

Alberu blinked a couple times as he asked.

– So you’re telling me that the Queen of the Jungle wants to meet with me? And that the Empire did all of that? They are also working together with the Northern Alliance?”

Cale’s response was simple.

“Yes, your highness.”

Alberu continued to speak.

– Who are you?
“Cale Henituse.”
– Haaa. You’re driving me nuts.

Alberu responded the way Cale had expected him to respond. Cale asked Alberu a question.

“Isn’t shit really about to hit the fan?”
– What a mess above and below our kingdom.
“That is why we need to cause a ruckus as well.”

Alberu stopped frowning and looked toward Cale.

“Your highness, aren’t we currently allied with the Breck Kingdom? Furthermore, think about who else we have on our side.”

Alberu started to smile.

– The Jungle, the Whales, and the Whipper Kingdom.
“We also have the framed twins as well. Don’t forget about the Dark Elves who can handle the dead mana bombs.”

Cale did not mention this next part, but there were things he had prepared in advance for this as well. They also had a Dragon who would help them with everything, as well as another Dragon who they might be able to rope in to help.

Cale Henituse and Alberu Crossman had similar looking smiles on their faces.

Raon, who had been standing outside of the visible range of the video communication device, started to speak into Cale’s mind in a jovial voice.

– Human, I haven’t seen that smile of yours in a while! What are you planning to do?! I want to get excited as well!

‘What am I planning to do? I’m preparing to smack the Empire, the Northern Alliance, and the secret organization around.’

Alberu started to speak.

– Might be worth a try.

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