Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 127 – Really A Good Person (2)

Cale needed to learn more about their current situation, as well as why Litana’s name came out of the Saint’s mouth, and why the Empire was using dead mana as a weapon, even though it could be poisonous for them as well.


The sword master, Hannah, called out to the Saint in a sleepy voice. However, Hannah’s eyes were focused on Cale, Choi Han, and Ron.
Cale was also checking Hannah’s condition.

‘She’s at the beginning stages of the dead mana poison.’

He could see that the injuries on her body were dyed black.
The dead mana bomb that she was hit with seemed to take a liquid form. The liquid must have landed on her injuries in order to poison her.

‘She must have survived until now because she is a sword master.’

Sword masters have strong vitality. Her aura was probably preventing the dead mana from spreading inside of her body.

However, the sword master was currently in a weakened state.
Cale automatically started to form a gentle smile on his face. That made the woman wary.

“…Who are these people?”

She barely regained consciousness, but she still seemed to be having a difficult time communicating. Her entire body was covered in sweat, and she barely managed to speak.

“I, cough, haaa.”

The sword master’s shoulders flinched, and she coughed up black blood. The Saint quickly brought his hands up to her mouth.

“Hannah! Don’t speak!”
“…Didn’t I tell you not to let strangers in?”

The woman glared at the Saint and tried to sit up. At that moment, a white cloth was placed at her mouth.

“You’re bleeding. Please relax, I will explain everything.”

A warm voice reached Hannah’s ears. Cale wiped the black blood off her mouth.

‘I should collect the black blood and ask the Dragon later.’

Cale made up his mind to ask Eruhaben once he got back and gently spoke to the wary enemy.

“I was touched by how desperate your oppa was as he was trying to save your life. So please focus on your health first.”
“Here is a potion, young master-nim.”

Ron handed Cale a new potion right on cue. Cale was in awe while looking at Ron, who was acting just like a benign old man, as if he had never had that cold gaze in his eyes.

‘Wow, he’s so good.’

This was completely different than when he was traveling with Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the children who averaged 8 years of age.

Cale handed the potion to the Saint with a relaxed expression.

Hannah’s mind became chaotic while watching all of this.

It was weird that a noble young master-like person and his servant were in this, ‘Path of No Return.’

“…Who the hell are these people.”

At that moment, Hannah could hear her brother’s gentle voice.

“Hannah, be respectful. These people are not like that.”

Hannah looked toward her brother after feeling like he was scolding her. She was worried what her brother, who was completely innocent to the point of stupidity, had done while she was unconscious.
However, the Saint’s expression was bright for the first time in a long time.

“Hannah, he is someone that you know as well. Remember hearing about Cale Henituse in Hoik Village? He is Cale Henituse, and those are his servant and his knights.”
“…Cale Henituse?”

Hannah’s eyes headed toward the red-haired man. The Saint continued to speak in an excited voice.

“Yes. You explained it to me. You said that he was the great hero who stepped up to protect the Roan Kingdom during the terror incident!”

Hannah’s eyes had an unexplainable look to them.

Cale slightly lowered his head as if he was embarrassed at how she was staring at him. He then started to think to himself.

‘Great hero my ass. I was an annoying enemy to her.’

As a member of the secret organization, Cale was not the Roan Kingdom’s hero, but one of the pests who got in their way.

But Cale was able to confirm one thing from the Saint’s statements.

‘The Saint is not a member of the secret organization.’

If he was, he would not be acting so stupidly.

“That is why young master Cale-nim gave us the potions and has his knight protecting us.”
“…Are you really that Cale Henituse?”

Cale put on an awkward smile at her gaze that seemed to be full of doubt.

“Yes. It is embarrassing, but I am indeed that Cale Henituse.”
“…Young master Silver Shield?”

It had been a long time since he had heard this embarrassing nickname that came out of the sword master’s mouth.

However, Cale needed to give her faith right now.


A small shield appeared with a silver glow.


The Saint was amazed, while the sword master seemed to be a bit relieved. Cale looked toward her and asked.

“Do you trust me now?”
“…Well, I guess so.”
“Then please get some rest, as you are still in a state of danger.”

Cale started to speak with a reliable look on his face.

“We will stand guard tonight. I do not know why you are in your current situation, but I believe it is a noble’s duty to protect the weak and troubled.”

The Saint was full of admiration, while the sword master had a look of relief. Ron then played along properly.

“Young master-nim, you are right. We are different than those evil bastards who caused the terror incident in the capital. We need to work hard in order to save others and to be different than those people who aim to kill others.”

The sword master nodded her head and agreed.

“…You are right.”

‘Oh, I didn’t expect for her to agree.’

Cale did not expect her to agree with Ron’s statement. However, he got an odd feeling after hearing what she had to say next.

“Those… those bastards need their blood sucked dry until they die.”

‘…So scary.’

Cale felt like this woman must have been betrayed by the organization. However, Cale asked with a casual expression, as if he did not hear what she just said.

“But how did you end up in the, ‘Path of No Return?’ It will be dangerous if you get lost.”

Silence suddenly filled the cave.
The Saint looked at his sister with a look of anxiety, while the sword master just quietly looked up at the ceiling.

That allowed Cale to make his assumptions.

‘They must be on their way to meet with Litana.’

The Queen of the Jungle’s name probably did not slip out of the Saint’s mouth for no reason.
It was obvious.

His assumptions were proved to be true very quickly.


On, who had been guiding Beacrox to the entrance of the forest, walked into the cave. She then immediately headed for Cale and urgently tapped on his arm.
At the same time, Choi Han, who was still standing at the entrance of the cave, called out to Cale.

“Young master-nim, there is a light approaching in the distance.”

Cale walked toward the entrance of the cave with shock.

The rain had gotten strong again. There was a light approaching the cave in the middle of the night even during this terrible rain.

Cale finally understood why the Saint, who had to hide with his injured sister, still lit a fire inside the cave.

At that moment, Choi Han whispered in a quiet voice that would be drowned out by the rain so that only Cale could hear.

“I heard this during our battle at the Elf Village.”

Choi Han recalled what the magic spearman had said while they were fighting.

‘I’m already busy because of those blonde twins! Why are these bastards always getting in my way?!’

He repeated the magic spearman’s words to Cale. Cale patted Choi Han’s shoulders and turned around. His gaze was headed toward the pair of siblings.

“They seem to be your guests. Am I right?”

The Saint looked toward the sword master, who got up while struggling and looked toward Cale with her face that was dyed black by the dead mana in multiple spots.

“Yes, they are probably our guests.”

Cale could see the people approaching the cave as soon as Hannah answered.

“…Young master Cale!”
“Long time no see, Miss Lina.”

Litana, the Queen of the Jungle, was standing there with a glowing orb in her hand. Instead of looking at the shocked Litana, Cale was looking at the crest on the orb.

It was the crest of the Sun God.
The light inside of the orb was in the shape of an arrow pointing toward the location of the Saint.

Cale slowly turned around and looked toward the Saint.

“It is the crest of the Sun God. Why is that pointing to you?”
“That, you see, young master Cale…”
“Now that I think about it, the two of you look like siblings, no, like twins.”

Cale, who was looking at the Saint who was quietly stood there with an awkward expression on his face, let out a sigh.

“Haa, I think I understand how Miss Lina got here without getting lost. I also think I know who the two of you are.”
“… Young master Cale.”

Litana approached Cale after seeing the stiff expression on his face. She had never seen such a look on Cale’s face before. He looked like he was trying to hide the complicated thoughts on his mind.
Cale did not look at the approaching Litana, instead, he started to speak as if he was mumbling to himself.

“I was helping you because I thought it was the right thing to do, but the people I helped-”

Sorrow filled Cale’s face.

“Why did the people I helped have to be the ones responsible for the Church of the Sun God’s terror incident. How could you do this to me?”

At that moment, the Saint’s voice echoed in the cave.

“Oppa, calm down.”

The sword master calmed the Saint down, and Cale made eye contact with the Saint. His gaze seemed to be full of anger, like he was upset about something. Cale then looked toward Litana and started to speak.

“I’m sure that there was a reason for it?”
“…Young master Cale.”
“If it is the Miss Lina that I know, she would never help out people responsible for such a horrible tragedy.”

Cale’s hand pointed toward the siblings.

“I also think, no, I want to believe that a pair of siblings who care about each other so much would never do such a thing.”

The Saint’s pupils started to tear up with admiration.
Litana was the same way. She vigorously nodded her head and answered back.

“Do not worry, young master Cale. You are indeed right about me.”
“Yes, young master-nim. We did not come here with bad intentions.”

One of Litana’s loyal subordinates added on. Cale struggled to smile after hearing their responses and nodded his head.
Litana seemed relieved after seeing his actions as she approached the siblings.

At that moment, Cale secretly made eye contact with Ron.

Ron stealthily gave him a thumbs up and had a satisfied look on his face, while Choi Han was looking at Cale with a blank expression.

‘This much was nothing.’

Cale gave a gaze that seemed to be saying that before turning to look at Litana, who was speaking to him.

“Young master Cale, you should listen to their story with me.”
“…That is okay. I feel like it will be burdensome for me.”

He declined once to start, acting as if he did not want to get involved.

“It is not because we need your help. It was something I planned to tell you when I saw you again anyway.”

Cale nodded his head after hearing that she did not need his help.

“Is there something I need to be aware of?”
“Young master Cale, do you remember the fire in the Jungle?”

‘Why is she suddenly talking about the fire?’

“…Yes, I remember. It was terrible.”
“It really was. We found the culprits responsible for starting that fire.”

Cale quickly figured out what the twins used to approach Litana.

The Imperial Prince had caused the fire in the Jungle.

They probably called her out with this information.
However, Cale pretended like he didn’t know anything.

“I presume these siblings are not the culprit?”
“Yes, it is as you suspect. They were the ones who told me about the culprit.”

Cale looked toward the twins with disbelief. At that moment, the sword master started to speak to the Saint.

“Oppa, tell them everything.”

The Saint started to speak with a determined look on his face.

“Although we are known as a Saint and a Holy Maiden, I am a Saint who only has half of the divine abilities, and my sister Hannah is not a Holy Maiden at all. She was raised as a swordsman, as she was talented with the sword.”

The Saint showed his anger toward the church.

“The church used the two of us and proclaimed that we were both born with divine abilities and made us live as the Saint and Holy Maiden. That was why we were never able to even see the world.”

Cale held back his smirk.

‘What lies.’

He couldn’t believe the casual look on Hannah’s face. Hannah, who was leaning on the cave wall to stand, had been all over the world as a member of the secret organization.

The Saint continued to speak while Cale observed Hannah.

“Some unknown organization threw a magic bomb into the church and the church was ruined. The Empire then claimed that we were in cahoots with the organization and started to chase us down.”
“Then you are saying that you did not cause that incident?”

The Saint nodded his head at Litana’s question.

“Yes, it was not us. However, the Empire said that it was us because they wanted to get rid of the two of us.”
“Why would they want to do that?”

The Saint was quiet for a moment before he started to respond.

“It was because of the information the church was planning on revealing during the celebration. Everybody else who knew about the information was killed by the bomb.”
“What information is that?”

Litana urged the Saint on, as if this was the information she had been waiting for. However, the answer came from the sword master instead.

“The Empire used Alchemy to make a bomb out of dead mana. They were also responsible for the giant fire in the Jungle.”

The Saint added on.

“The church planned on using that proclamation to suppress the throne.”

Cale finally understood why the Church of the Sun God had agreed to have their celebration together with a celebration for Alchemy.
They were aiming for something.

“But a bomb suddenly went off and we were blamed as the perpetrators right before the proclamation! The Empire must have been aware that we had that information! That is why we are being unfairly chased down like this and Hannah ended up hurt! Ugh!”

The Saint’s eyes started to turn red as if he wanted to cry.

Cale quietly stood there while listening to everything that they had said. However, his mind was quickly processing the information.

‘It seems like something between the Empire and the Church of the Sun God, so why is the secret organization in the middle of it?’

He wondered if one of the sides was involved with the organization.

‘What about that woman?’

Cale’s gaze headed back toward Hannah. The Saint was venting at this point.

“We were used! It is so unfair!”

The sword master Hannah started to mumble.

“Yes, we were used by everyone and betrayed by everyone who we considered to be family.”

Her choice of word, ‘everyone,’ let Cale know that there was someone else other than the Church and the Empire.

Litana started to speak at that moment.

“Then are you asking us to protect you in exchange for that information?”

The Saint nodded his head.

“Yes. We currently have information about the Alchemists’ Bell Tower. I will give this to you, so please find a way for us the leave to the Eastern continent.”

The twins’ plan was to run away to the Eastern continent.
At that moment, Hannah’s voice filled the cave.

“Please just send my brother there.”
“Hannah, what are you talking about! What about you?!”

The Saint looked toward his sister with confusion. However, the sword master had a serious look on her face.

“I’m going to die anyways.”

Contrary to their original plan, Hannah was poisoned by dead mana. She would die on their way to the Eastern continent.

“No! Don’t say that Hannah! I’ll save you!”

The Saint’s desperate voice did nothing, as Hannah quietly stood there while looking at the ceiling. Litana looked toward the siblings with a complicated expression on her face.
At that moment, a calm voice started to speak.

“What, are you going to get revenge?”

It was Cale.

The blonde sword master, who had been looking up at the ceiling, turned her gaze toward Cale.

Cale looked back at the blonde sword master as he continued to speak.

“You look like that is your plan.”

The woman responded back.

“And if I am?”

She did not hide her intentions. Her body may be dying, but her eyes were full of anger and betrayal.

“Hannah! Getting revenge on the Empire? You told me not to do it.”
“Right, revenge on the empire. You cannot do that.”
“You said I couldn’t, so why are you!”

Hannah closed her mouth again.
However, Cale understood her intentions because he knew about her identity.

She was not planning to get revenge against the Empire.
She was planning to get revenge on someone else.

Cale recalled what Choi Han had said to him.

‘The magic spearman said that he had a lot of work because of the blonde twins. I believe that he was talking about the two of them.’

The woman had been betrayed by the secret organization as well.

“Hannah, say something! We need to say something! There’s no point in living alone!”

The Saint’s sorrowful voice could not make Hannah speak. She closed her eyes again only to hear Cale’s voice again.

“Excuse me. Mm, Miss Hannah?”

She wanted to ignore the voice of the Hero of the Roan Kingdom, the good and sincere Cale Henituse.
However, she could not do that.

“Do you want to make that revenge a success?”

Cale started to smile after seeing Hannah open her eyes in shock to look at him.

“…Just what.”
“Since you are going to die from dead mana anyway, I will let you live longer.”

The entire cave became silent. Only Hannah responded to Cale.

“…Just what the hell are you talking about.”

Cale’s smile became even wider after seeing her chaotic expression.
He then said something that neither Litana, the Queen of the Jungle, nor the Saint would understand.

“You can’t die like the blood crazy mage, right?”

Hannah’s pupils started to shake.
Cale did not miss that.

Although he couldn’t take in yesterday’s enemy as a friend, he could definitely put her to use.

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