Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 119 – Nice to Meet You (2)

Cale couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Do I have some unknown affinity with animals?’

He could not understand why he kept getting tangled up with so many different types of Beast people. Furthermore, they were all Beast people who were either struggling or in danger.

‘It’s not like I’m running an animal hospital or something.’

Cale looked around him. Ron and Beacrox were already standing by Witira and Cale so that they could see if anybody was approaching them. They really were a sharp father-son duo.

Cale’s gaze turned back toward Witira.

“What is the information that you want to trade?”

Witira used her tongue to lick her lower lips after seeing Cale’s gaze. Her mouth was going dry after seeing how Cale looked like he had no interest at all in her information.
However, Cale’s mind was just in a state of chaos right now.

‘What a mess it would be if I get tangled up with Tigers too.’

Cale was thinking about how horrible the future would be as Witira finally started to speak.

“Actually, you do not necessarily need to give us any information. It is us sharing information with you.”

Cale’s expression became odd.
Nothing in life was free. He continued to stare at Witira before he proceeded to speak.

“I’ll at least listen to what you have to say.”

Witira nodded her head and started to speak. She recited the information she had gathered while patrolling the Eastern continent’s coast.

“The organization you mentioned before, Arm, has taken full control of the Eastern continent’s underworld.”

Ron’s eyes headed toward Witira’s lips.

“The Tiger tribe discovered that a portion of Arm had crossed over to the Western continent. While gathering more information about that, they learned that a large number of experts have already arrived on the Western continent.”

Cale nodded his head.
It made sense. The magic spearman, the blonde sword master, all of them were rare experts.
Witira observed Cale nodding his head as she continued to speak.

“And they discovered that Arm’s First Battle Brigade, one of their many battle brigades, will conduct a large scale move in the near future.”


Cale, who was just blankly nodding his head, stopped moving.

“…What did you say?”

Cale wondered if he had heard correctly.

‘What is coming over?’

“The First Battle Brigade. The Tiger tribe is certain that the entire brigade is getting ready to move.”
“The Western continent?”
“Yes, the Western continent.”


Cale was at a loss for words after hearing this information that was much larger in scale than he had expected. He then raised his hand to cover his neck because it was getting the chills.
Witira noticed the worried expression on Cale’s face.

‘I knew he would worry about it.’

She started to feel warm thinking that Cale was seriously worried about the Western continent. However, Cale was worried about himself, not the continent.

“Young master Cale, that is why.”

‘That is why? There’s more?’

Cale looked toward Witira, who brought over information he did not want, like he was looking at a ticking bomb. However, Witira continued to speak, as if she was trying to resolve the concern on Cale’s mind.

“The Tiger tribe and the Whales are currently running around gathering more information. The Tiger tribe expects the brigade to move this winter.”

Cale started to frown. Witira had said that the Tiger tribe was close to extinction because of Arm. So why were they poking their noses around digging up information? Were they aiming to get revenge?

“The Tiger tribe had a suggestion for us when they shared that information with us.”

Cale quickly started to speak. He had a feeling that he should not hear the details of their suggestion.

“I see. So, what is the information you want from me?”

That was his way of trying to brush it aside. However, it was for naught, as Witira nodded her head and described the suggestion.

“What they suggested was that, the moment the First Battle Brigade reaches the center of the ocean…”

Cale started to frown and looked down at Witira’s waist.

Tap. Tap.

Witira was caressing the whip wrapped around her waist as she slowly continued to speak.

“We kill them all.”

Cale let out a deep sigh.

He finally understood why the secret organization worked with the mermaids in order to try to take control of the sea route. It was so that they could move their members to the Western continent safely.

Every word that Witira was saying sounded like thunder in Cale’s ears.

“The Tiger tribe thinks we should get rid of them and leave no traces behind. The ocean will be advantageous for us because we will be able to reduce the number of injuries on our side, as well more easily capture some prisoners to pry out more information.”
“Yes. It is a very entertaining plan.”

Hoo hoo.

Witira’s laugh roamed around Cale’s head.

‘They’re so scary.’

Arm was one of the branches of the secret organization. That meant that their First Battle Brigade would be very strong. For that reason, Cale did not want to get involved with this oceanic battle.
That was why Cale asked his earlier question once again.

“So, what is the information that you want from me?”

Witira did not respond right away. She peeked at Cale for a bit, before cautiously starting to speak.

“The Tiger tribe is looking for some information in return for spying on Arm until winter time. To be honest with you, we want to provide them with that information if possible, because we need to get revenge on that organization as well.”

Cale just silently stared at Witira instead of answering. Witira then continued to speak.

“It actually isn’t a very difficult piece of information to get. However, I thought you would have more knowledge about it than us.”


Cale did not hide his wariness at the fact that the word, ‘information,’ had changed to, ‘knowledge.’ However, Witira slowly started to explain what she needed.

“They are looking for a large area that does not have many people. As for the temperature, the cooler it is, the better. Furthermore, they need a forest, and it would be best if there isn’t any ruling power in the area. But it still needs to have a way to connect with the human world so that they can exchange any necessary items.”((PR: Welp, we all know where they will be staying.) )

Cale could not understand why the Tiger Tribe would need such information.

“Why do they want to know about such a place?’
“So that the Tiger tribe can move there.”
“Ah. In that case, there is a-.”

Cale could not finish his sentence as he looked toward Witira.

‘What are the Tigers trying to do?”

“Yes, it makes sense they want information on such a location because they want to move. That is why I was hoping you might know of a suitable place.”

Cale could not say anything.
Did he know of such a place?

A place without people nor a ruling power.
Cool, but not cold, along with a forest.
At the same time, has easy access to trade with humans.

Raon’s voice shouted out in his head. He sounded like a contestant on a game show who was about to answer the winning question.

– There is such a place! The Forest of Darkness!

Cale naturally ignored Raon’s answer.

“I’m not sure. I can’t think of anywhere right now.”

Why did he ignore Raon?

Would Witira be asking because she doesn’t know the answer? The reason she was asking like this was because she wanted Cale to be the one to bring up the Forest of Darkness.


See? Witira’s expression right now was one that seemed to be saying that she knows Cale knows the answer to her question. She desperately seemed to want Cale to say it.

– Human, you don’t know? I do! Just repeat after me. Forest. Of. Darkness!

‘Nope. Not doing it.’

“Yeah. I can’t think of anywhere right now.”

Cale’s expression seemed realistic. He really seemed like he didn’t know. Witira lightly bit down on her lips before nodding her head.

“In that case, could you let us know if you remember such a place next time we meet?”
“Sure. I’ll do that.”

Cale had no plans of doing that.

She’s going to ask me to let the Tigers live there if I say the Forest of Darkness.

Of course, the Whale tribe would not ask for that favor without compensation. They would probably compensate him fairly, however, Cale did not want that.

Taking in the Tiger tribe that wants to get revenge on the secret organization was like jumping in front of a train.

‘Well, it would be beneficial to have the Tigers with us when the Northern Knights come down.’

But he still didn’t think this was the right answer.
He already had a Wolf Battle Squad.
By the time Cale organized his thoughts, Witira started to say something else.

“Oh, the organization is going to send a couple of people across the ocean first in an attempt to find a sea route where they can avoid us.”

She sounded very casual. Cale immediately asked back.

“You’re just going to let them do that?”
“Yes. We will just observe them.”

The reason for this was obvious. Cale immediately answered back.

“You want to see where they go.”

He knew that was the case.

The Whales probably wanted to know where they were headed. Those members probably wouldn’t head right to Arm’s Western base, but they should be able to gather some information about it.

“Alright, work ha-.”

Work hard. That was what he wanted to say before ending the conversation. However, he looked around, feeling a lot of gazes on him.


Ron, Beacrox, Choi Han, Lock, and even Pendrick.
Although Rosalyn, Hans, On, and Hong were not here, the majority of his battle strength were all staring at him. All of them were people who had negative feelings about Arm.

‘But it is still too much.’

Cale found it odd that their level of anger seemed to have increased, however, he could only start to speak again after seeing Ron and Choi Han’s cold gazes.

“Yes, work hard. You’ll share the information with me?”
“Of course.”

Choi Han was staring at him and Witira. He looked like he was ready to pick up his sword and run wild. Ron was clenching his dagger tightly.

‘Does that old man still hold a grudge for his arm?’

However, the cowardly Cale ended up having to say one more thing.

“Ahem, let me know as soon as you find out where they are going.”

Cale peeked around once more.

Choi Han nodded his head in satisfaction, while Ron started to smile and mumble.

“…I need to make them cough up blood and starve to death.”

‘Such scary words!’

Cale, who had coughed up blood and starved after using the fire thunderbolt, started to shiver after hearing those words. He then started to think.

‘These people really are too much for a coward like me to handle.’

“Umm, young master Cale.”
“What is it?”

Witira pointed to a spot behind Cale. Her action made Cale turn around, only to see the Golden Turtle shell shining in the sun.

“Is that your ship?”

Witira’s voice was shaking. Cale did not know this as he nodded his head.

“Yes. To be more accurate, it is a ship that belongs to our territory. You figured it out right away.”

Cale pointed to Mueller, who was fidgeting off to the side without being able to approach them.

“He made it.”


Cale’s flicked his index finger as a signal for Mueller to approach, and Mueller quickly ran over. This Dwarf and Rat half-blood were still short, but he had gotten a bit plump.

“Young master-nim, great to see you again. Have you been well? Hee hee.”

Mueller, who was smiling as he greeted Cale, was much less scared than before. Cale was shocked, but he liked it like this. This was better than having Mueller being scared of everything.

“Yes, I have been well. On and Hong want to see you. The four of us will have dinner together at some point.”


Mueller suddenly started to hiccup. His shoulders closed in as he cautiously started to speak.

“D, did the two respected kitten-nims come with you?”
“Yes. They keep talking about you. They must be really excited to see you again.”

Mueller’s face became pale. Cale did not care about this as he introduced Mueller to Witira.

“He is a Dwarf and Rat half-blood and is extremely talented. Right, Mueller?”

Both Witira and Cale turned to look at Mueller. Mueller flinched after seeing Witira’s beauty, before vigorously nodding his head and starting to shout.

“Yes sir! This ship is designed to have the strongest offensive capabilities and will dominate the seas in the future. You will never be able to find another ship like this!”

Witira nodded her head.
Even she could tell that the golden ship in front of her had extremely strong defense. Although she could not tell how strong the offensive capabilities of the ship will be, she knew that it would be completed properly, since Cale was in charge of it.

‘Young master Cale really has good foresight.’

Witira was amazed at how Cale was already ready for naval warfare.

“Young master Cale, you really are amazing.”
“… Me?”

Mueller stopped talking once he saw that Witira and Cale were chatting with each other once again.

He wanted to explain that this ship had the greatest defense in the world, however, he did not have the moment to do that.

As he stood there disappointed, Cale asked him a question.

“The blueprints for the villa?”
“Ah, they are almost completed, sir!”

Cale started to smile.
Cale was talking about the blueprints for Cale’s new villa that would be built on the Ubarr coast.
It was a house that would allow him to safely enjoy the slacker life, even during a war. The details of this dream house were being described by Mueller.

“I plan to expand the basement as much as possible while being as sturdy as possible. It will also have an extremely strong defense!”

Pat, pat.

Cale leaned over to pat the short Mueller on the shoulder.

“You’ll need to give it your all to make it.”
“Yes sir! I will definitely! I will definitely get it done!”
“Good. I will trust you.”

The word, ‘trust,’ made Mueller turn even more pale. However, Witira was amazed.

‘Although they are calling it a villa, it sounds more like he is making a secret base.’

A sturdy building with a large basement. It was perfect for a secret base. Witira could see the others behind Cale as well. Choi Han continued to nod his head with a smile on his face. The others seemed pretty relaxed as well.

‘They really are special.’

Witira did not share her thoughts as she turned to speak to Cale, who was finished speaking to Mueller.

“Will you be leaving tomorrow?”
“That is the plan.”

It was almost one year since Cale had last visited the Whipper Kingdom. But there was one other thing Cale needed to do before heading back.


Cale returned to the Magic Tower right before a year had gone by.

“Young master-nim, we’re glad to see you again after such a long time.”

Cale shook the hand of the person in front of him.
This was the former liege of the Magic Tower’s secret son, the one who was the child of a Whipper Kingdom’s citizen and a mage, the unfortunate person who could not use mana.
He was the crazy bastard who was one of Toonka’s top advisors.
The man in front of Cale was Harol Kodiang.

“Harol, long time no see.”

The man who had a total hatred of magic seemed much better than a year ago.

“Where is Toonka?”
“I am right here!”

Cale let go of Harol’s hand and looked toward the sound of the voice.


The rusty iron gate opened and the large Toonka walked out of the building.

Toonka was coming out of the Magic Tower.
This building, which was a reminder of the terrible past for the Whipper Kingdom’s citizens, was surrounded by weeds.

“You became the Commander-in-Chief.”
“Hahaha! Yes, I am the Commander-in-Chief.”

Toonka laughed at Cale’s statement and answered back with excitement. His eyes were sparkling as he looked at Cale.

“That is why I want to end this reminder of the past before I start working as the Commander-in-Chief.”

Toonka definitely gave off the vibe of a crazy bastard. Toonka pointed toward the Magic Tower behind him as he asked Cale.

“You will destroy it, just as you promised?”

Part of the deal last year was that Cale would destroy the Magic Tower.
Toonka looked like he would kill Cale if Cale did not plan to hold up his end of the deal. Of course, that could never happen because of Choi Han and the others behind Cale, but that would be what Toonka would want to do.

“You see.”

Cale started to speak. Neither Toonka nor Cale had changed much in this past year. Cale then continued on with his usual indifference.

“I am someone who keeps my word.”

Both of them started to smile.

“I’ll make it quite the sight.”

‘And I’ll make a profit in the process.’

The value of the documents and the seed he had found in the underground lab last year had gone up by quite a bit.


Toonka let out a loud laugh. He seemed to like Cale’s words quite a bit. At that moment, Raon started to speak into Cale’s head.

– Human! Human! You know…

Cale flinched at Raon’s sudden words. He always got uncomfortable whenever Raon acted like this. What was he planning to say this time?

– To be honest with you, I enjoy breaking things! That is why I am very excited right now! Let’s blow it away!

Raon was excited while thinking about blowing up this historic monument. Raon’s statement actually made Cale start to smile.

‘We’re actually thinking the same thing for once.’

Raon and Cale were both feeling the same way.

Honestly speaking, Cale was excited as well.

He was excited about the show that would soon take place.

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    “Yes, work hard. You’ll share the information with me?”
    “Of course.”

    Choi Han was staring at him and Witira. He looked like he was ready to pick up his sword and run wild. Ron was clenching his dagger tightly.

    ‘Does that old man still hold a grudge for his arm?’

    However, the cowardly Cale ended up having to say one more thing.

    “Ahem, let me know as soon as you find out where they are going.”

    Cale peeked around once more.

    Choi Han nodded his head in satisfaction, while Ron started to smile and mumble.

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