Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 115 – Great and Mighty (3)


It was another Dragon aside from Raon.

Cale did not want to meet another Dragon.

In most fantasy novels, old Dragons were characters that served as helpers who would give the MC the key for a critical point in the novel. However, the Dragons in, ‘The Birth of a Hero,’ were all just egotistical and arrogant beings.

‘Didn’t the novel say that all of the Dragons here were very selfish?’

Raon was an exception. Cale started to frown as he started to worry.

– I know there are no Dragons as great and mighty as I am in this world, but I am curious! Everybody has other members of their race, except me.

Raon saying, ‘except me,’ made Cale flinch.

– Well, you are one of a kind as well. There is nobody else as weak as you. That is okay. I will be with you!


A deep sigh came out of Cale’s mouth. He brushed his face with his hands as he continued to think.

‘Why did things end up like this?’

He had done things according to the plan, so why did all these other things keep getting in his way? Was it because he had both a Dragon and the MC, Choi Han, with him?

Raon’s worried voice went off in Cale’s head.

– Human, are you sick again?


Cale covered his face with both hands as he asked the Elf Chief.

“Can you tell us the location?’
– Oh yeah!

Chief Canaria started to smile at Cale’s question. She seemed like a fan who was about to watch her two favorite celebrities meet each other.

Cale started to feel iffy after lowering his hand to see the smile on Canaria’s face.

“Does the Dragon have a good personality?”
“I do not dare to speak on the personalities of such revered beings. They are all great and mighty beings.”

Cale shouldn’t have asked such a question to Dragon worshippers.

“Is it an adult Dragon?”
“He is an Ancient Dragon-nim. He is also a sociable Dragon.”

– An old Dragon!

Raon added on after hearing Canaria say that the Dragon was an Ancient Dragon. On the other hand, Cale’s expression did not seem to be too good.

‘A sociable Dragon is still a selfish Dragon.’

But Cale was still a bit relieved. Chief Canaria’s words meant that the Gold Dragon would at least show some curiosity toward Raon.

– I will prove the greatness of I, Raon Miru!

Cale held back a sigh after hearing Raon’s response. Would a goofy Dragon like Raon manage to survive in front of an Ancient Dragon? He was actually a bit worried.
However, that worry quickly disappeared.
It was because of what Chief Canaria said next.

“However, I am worried because, as an Ancient Dragon, the Dragon-nim is struggling with his health. I hope that seeing another Dragon-nim will make him happy and help him recover some strength.”

Thankfully, that Dragon was weak.
This lessened Cale’s worries, because he felt like they would be able to run away, even if Raon ended up in a fight with this Gold Dragon.

‘We can run if all else fails.’

Raon should not be at a disadvantage if he took Choi Han and the rest with them. Cale debated what he could do to be able to take a strong enough group to be able to look down on that Ancient Dragon. However, Canaria started to smile and speak again.

“I believe it would be a beautiful sight when the two Dragon-nims meet.”


Cale was worried that blood would be shed. However, an even greater concern arose. The Guardian Knight motioned to the Chief with his eyes.
Canaria’s expression stiffened a bit after seeing his gaze. She then turned to make eye contact with Cale.

“Young master-nim, is it possible.”

Canaria said a collection of words that made Cale have a bad feeling. Cale picked up another piece of bread and started to eat again.

“Could you meet with the swordsman?”

‘You damn Elves.’

Cale took another bite of the bread and swallowed the things he wanted to say to the Elves as well.
These Elves didn’t give him anything but continued to ask him for stuff. Even if Cale kept saying he didn’t need anything, isn’t it only proper to bring something over when asking for something?

‘They were like this in the novel too. This Chief put Choi Han to work quite a bit.’

Cale thought that the Chief was a like a raccoon. She didn’t give any rewards while saying that materialistic greed was bad, but still asked for a lot of help.
Naturally, Cale had no plan on being swindled by Canaria.

Cale looked toward Canaria with an indifferent expression.

“Why do I need to meet him?”

Canaria cautiously started to speak after seeing Cale’s indifferent expression and hearing his cold voice. She had never been this cautious around a human before. However, he was someone who was protected by a Dragon. That great and mighty Dragon was probably nearby watching them right now.

“The swordsman would not say anything, no matter how much we interrogate him. You mentioned that you do not know their identity, but we thought you might be able to get more information out of him since you have dealt with them three times already.”

Canaria could see Cale chewing on the bread while he observed her. This noble who was eating the bread gracefully finished the piece of bread before starting to smile.
It was similar to her own smile.

“I will help you only up to this request, since it is for everyone’s benefit.”

Canaria’s expression became odd. However, Cale did not show any reactions to her expression, instead, he looked toward the others as he continued to speak.

“Pendrick, don’t you agree? We need to help each other out so everyone can live well. As long as it is within our abilities.”
“You are right, young master-nim.”
“Yes. Helping each other without any materialistic gain in mind is indeed very cool. You agree with us too, right, Guardian Knight-nim?”

The Guardian Knight flinched at Cale’s sudden question before fixing his posture and responding.

“Ahem, yes indeed. I’ve never met a young master-nim, ahem, another human, who knows the value of such deeds. You definitely deserve the protection of a Dragon-nim.”

“Indeed. Like you mentioned, Guardian Knight-nim, such deeds can only be repaid with action.”

Contrary to Cale’s gentle demeanor, his word choice was very specific. However, his gentle smile made the two Elves only hear what they thought to be the words of a benevolent person. Pendrick loudly responded back.

“You are right! The heart cannot be filled with materialistic things!”

Pendrick was showing the type of reaction Cale wanted.
‘Good, good. So next time, you will all need to give it your all to help me out.’

Instead of sharing his inner thoughts, Cale looked toward the Chief and put on a smile that seemed even more benevolent than the Chief’s smile.

There was nothing in the Elf Village to take other than their manual labor. Putting the Elves to work also meant that he would be getting the Elementals to work as well. Shouldn’t he put them to use since he helped them out? Furthermore, the Elf Village was at a great location between the Roan Kingdom and the Breck Kingdom.

– Human, why are you smiling like you smile around the crown prince? Did they do something wrong?

Instead of responding to Raon’s words, Cale stood up from his seat.

“Let us go right away.”

Cale and the Chief made eye contact.

“Shouldn’t we do our best to help as quickly as possible if there is a need?”

The Chief’s expression turned odd again. It was as if this human in front of her was pressuring her to do as he said. She could also feel the source of the pressure as well.

‘What a unique ancient power.’

This unknown ancient power was pressuring her. She found Cale to be interesting. He had unparalleled luck, a unique ancient power, and …

‘His speech is eloquent as well.’

Canaria got up as Cale had done. She could see curiosity in the eyes of Pendrick and the Guardian Knight as they looked at Cale. The other Elves would probably have similar expressions on their faces.

This was an interesting human. She wondered what he was trying to do by getting the Elves’ curiosities. She was curious as well, but she could not continue to stay by Cale’s side.

“Unfortunately, I need to return to the restoration site, so Pendrick will guide you there.”
“I see.”

Cale made eye contact with Pendrick.

“Shall we go?”
“Yes sir.”

Pendrick took the lead and opened the door. Cale, as well as the rest of the group, started to move. However, Cale soon stopped walking.

“What is it, young master-nim?”

Cale rummaged through his magic bag as he responded.

“Everybody, masks on.”

The mask that Cale had taken off to eat had returned. The group let out a collective sigh before taking out their masks as well. Cale gave them a few commands once everybody had their masks on.

Pendrick blankly watched before flinching at what Cale was telling the group to do, but soon started to walk at Cale’s urging.

“We can go.”
“Yes, yes sir.”

Cale followed Pendrick to the back of the Chief’s residence. They were heading in the opposite direction of the flower garden from earlier. A large boulder soon appeared, and Cale’s expression turned odd after entering the underground room underneath the boulder.

This location had never been described in the novel.

Cale had thought that the Elves had done some simple interrogations after imprisoning the swordsman from the secret organization.

‘This is not what I had expected.’

The underground room in front of Cale was dyed with blood. It seemed more proper to call this an underground prison.

Cale did not know that the Elves would torture the swordsman. Cale reaffirmed his belief that stereotypes were useless before he pointed with his chin as he looked at Pendrick.

“How can we chat when he is like that?”

Pendrick was at a loss for words as he started to smile awkwardly. The Elves guarding the underground prison smiled awkwardly as well.
Cale could see that the middle-aged swordsman was almost unrecognizable as he sat there with his legs twisted and his body covered in blood.

‘Choi Han said that he paralyzed him.’

Cale peeked toward the Elf with the torturing tools and mumbled as he crouched down.

“Elves and humans, they’re all the same.”

Pendrick flinched at Cale’s words. The words from this person who had no greed and simply moved to save everyone felt cold and sharp.

“Pendrick, can you send the other Elves out? You can stay. I want to chat in peace.”
“Yes sir. I understand.”

Pendrick motioned to the guards, who soon exited the room. Cale was looking at the bloodied man while Pendrick did that.
He had been with the tamer and the magic spearman. This swordsman had seemed pretty talented for his age.

“Do you know his name?”
“No, he has not said anything.”

Pendrick mumbled as he answered. Cale found it odd that a healer like Pendrick could calmly stand in this prison as he turned his gaze back to the middle-aged swordsman.

It was at that moment.


The swordsman suddenly started to laugh. It was a fairly creepy laughter. However, Cale looked toward him and spoke with indifference.

“I’m glad that you are not pretending to be asleep.”

Beacrox chimed in at that moment.

“His name is Balbud.”

Balbud, the middle-aged swordsman, instantly stopped laughing.

Cale turned toward Beacrox and flinched. Beacrox had put on a new pair of white gloves at some point and was holding a sharp dagger in his hand. Beacrox misunderstood Cale’s shocked expression and explained himself.

“That was what the magic spearman called him during the battle. He seems to have been responsible for protecting the tamer. However, based on how similar his name is to the tamer’s name, he just seems like a dispensable tool.”

“Kehehe, he!”

The swordsman started to laugh as soon as Beacrox finished speaking. However, he still did not say anything. Cale’s voice reached the swordsman, Balbud, who was looking down at the ground.

“You’re not going to say anything?”

However, Balbud started to speak, contrary to Cale’s expectations.


Balbud slowly raised his head. He didn’t care about the Elves. However, he was curious about these people. They still had those masks and annoying fake uniforms on, as if they were making fun of him.

“Just who the hell are you? Who dares to go against us?!”

Balbud started to grind his teeth.

He had never seen such experts before. That was why it felt so unfair. He wanted to know who they were before he died.
However, Balbud could see Cale smiling behind the mask.
This was the person who had fainted after launching the red thunderbolt. He believed this man was the leader.
That man said a single word.


Balbud’s eyes opened wide. He tried to move his head back down to avoid Cale’s gaze, however, there was a hand that pulled on his hair.

It was not Cale but Beacrox, whose white gloves were quickly being stained red by the blood on Balbud’s hair. With his head being held in place, Balbud had no choice but to look at Cale.
Cale slowly asked before Balbud managed to close his eyes.

“I guess the Eastern continent was not enough?”

Cale could see the anxiety in Balbud’s face.

“W, what the hell are you ……!”
“Sun God.”

However, Cale just continued to say what he wanted to say. He decided to ask all of the questions he had while he had the chance.

“Roan, Wolf Tribe, mermaids, and the Empire. The mermaids were probably for the sea routes, but why did you aim for the Roan Kingdom and the Empire?”

Cale made eye contact with Balbud, who had seemed anxious ever since he brought up the Eastern continent.

Balbud started to frown. He had no idea who this person was nor how he knew about Arm, the Eastern continent, as well as their actions on the Western continent.

He lightly bit down on his lips as his eyes became cloudy and he started to smile.

“Hehe, you think I would tell you anything?”

Balbud moved his tongue to find a bitter taste deep in his mouth. His heart would stop moving the moment he burst this capsule. Balbud started to laugh while thinking about how he would kill himself without revealing anything.

He provoked Cale with his fiery gaze as he tried to bite down on the small capsule in his mouth.

“I will never tell you, ugh!”

The middle-aged swordsman Balbud suddenly grunted. He could see the eyes behind the mask turning into crescents.

“You’re looking down on me too much if you think that such a method would work.”


The red kitten removed his stealth and slowly appeared in front of everyone.

On and Hong were, naturally, with Cale. Balbud, who couldn’t look down because Beacrox was holding his head up, could not see the fog surrounding his legs.

They were using a paralyzing poison.

“Ugh, cough!”

Balbud’s body was shaking as a white glove went into his mouth and pulled out the small capsule.

– That is a magic device! I will analyze it!

Cale turned his gaze back toward Balbud after seeing Beacrox cleaning his white glove and putting the small capsule away. He smiled while looking at Balbud, who was slowly losing consciousness from the paralyzing poison.

“You can’t expect me to fall for such a common pattern.”

Cale had read many novels about how the MC could not gain any information from the enemies they captured because the enemy would use poison or a hidden device to kill themselves. As he was not the MC of a story, Cale did not want to suffer such a disappointing loss of information.

He got up after seeing that Balbud finally lost his consciousness and gently started to speak to Pendrick, who was looking at him.

“All lives are precious. Isn’t it great we saved him before he died?”

Pendrick suddenly forgot what he was going to say.

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