Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 107 – Forgot About It (4)

Cale was definitely sitting in a respectful way and looked like a proper noble while eating his cookie.

Crunch. Crunch.

He was eating the cookie as quietly as possible in order to follow proper etiquette, but the crunching noises could still be heard throughout the room.

– Human, is the cookie tasty?

Cale could hear Raon gulping behind him.

“Your highness, is there something you need?”
“N, no, nothing.”

The crybaby fourth prince, Pen, quickly turned away from Cale.

The Roan Kingdom’s crown prince, Alberu Crossman, had told him that Cale was a, ‘talented and respectful,’ person.

‘I believe that Cale Henituse will eventually become the Kingdom’s treasure.’

However, Pen thought that it was not enough to serve his older sister, who had been the star of the Breck Kingdom.

Cale seemed like a struggling noble when Pen first met him. The Henituse territory currently looked terrible as well, mainly because they were currently fortifying the castle and the castle walls.

‘But what is this?’

Pen immediately noticed that Rosalyn and Cale’s relationship was different from what he had expected. Rosalyn and Cale seemed to be at the same level.

“Sooooob, noona.”

That fact made Pen start to cry.

“Noona, why are you suffering at a place like this, sob.”
“Pen, there is no noona here to console you because you are crying.”

Rosalyn was speaking gently with a smile on her face, but the tone of her voice was vicious.

“Pen, why did you come here?”
“Because I wanted to see you. You were the pride of our kingdom, noona.”

She was beautiful, smart, and stylish. For the Breck royalty that had nothing special, Rosalyn was a shining beacon. The current crown prince, Pen’s older brother, was a hard worker, but he had nothing special other than his diligence.

Pen did not like that. In his opinion, the only person deserving of that golden crown was this red-haired woman with red pupils in front of him. His sister was the only one.

“But you suddenly showed up with some weird people and destroyed everything! How can you just disappear after doing that?”

Rosalyn flinched and looked toward Cale after hearing Pen saying that she destroyed everything. Cale, who seemed to be harder to approach than usual, had an odd smile on his face as he looked back at her.
She had not told Cale about it, but Rosalyn and Choi Han had blown up one of the Breck Kingdom’s palaces during their trip.

“Sob, noona, I wanted to see you each and every day. But why would you stay in a lacking countryside like this with nothing but rocks?!”

For reference, Pen and Cale are the same age.
This crybaby was also 18 years old. Cale found that to be shocking. Especially since a member of the royal family, who should have been instilled a sense of responsibility and dignity, was really just an immature brat.

‘Why would the crown prince say that this idiot was a sincere and decent guy?’

Cale questioned Alberu Crossman’s judge of character. Pen was continuing to flap his mouth during that time.

“Noona, I took care of the palace that you destroyed. It was cleaned up, and I even restored your palace. Don’t worry about the costs. I used the money allocated for my palace to take care of it.”

‘Oh. I guess he is a bit talented after all.’

Pen looked fine after he finally stopped crying.

“Noona, there are still a lot of people waiting for you to return.”

This was the truth. There were many waiting for their shining star to return.

“You’re telling me to take back the heir position that I do not even want? Are you trying to step on your older brother’s dreams?”

Rosalyn’s expression became completely cold.
Her younger brother, the current crown prince, did not want the position. While she was still the crown princess, he would always tell her that he wanted to help her make the Breck Kingdom a, ‘good kingdom.’
That pure personality was the reason she felt that he was more suitable to be the future king. That was why her father and mother had respected their decisions.

“…No, that is not what I am trying to say. But!”

Pen could not finish what he was saying. Cale watched him and started to think.

‘He’s just a kid.’

He was certain about his observation after listening to what Pen said next. The fourth prince and the youngest of the six children looked toward Rosalyn and raised his voice again.

“Then what are you doing in this countryside village, noona? I thought your dream was to be a mage? Then shouldn’t you at least aim to be an Archmage? It doesn’t make sense for a former princess to live in a tiny territory like this as their mage. It’s not like you are the liege of a Magic Tower or anything. Are you satisfied with being a territory’s mage?”

His sister had originally left saying she was going to go visit the Whipper Kingdom’s Magic Tower. Pen could not accept the current situation of a person who had such grand aspirations.

He stared right into his sister’s red pupils and could see that she was thinking.

At that moment, the siblings heard an indifferent voice.

“Who knows whether or not she will eventually become the liege of a Magic Tower?”

Rosalyn slowly turned her head. Her eyes, which had been focused on Pen, reached the still relaxed man to the side.

Cale added on, like he was just sharing his thoughts.

“I believe it is definitely possible. I don’t know if it will happen for princess Rosalyn, but the Miss Rosalyn that I know will definitely be capable of doing it.”

As a mage, Rosalyn would go on to become the liege of a Magic Tower. She would soon reach the level of a highest-tier mage. Although this was just Cale’s opinion, he thought that she was the only one who could lead the mages once the Breck Kingdom and the Roan Kingdom formed an alliance.

‘Of course, our safety comes first.’

Cale was at least certain about the strength and abilities of his crew. He then added on.

“Miss Rosalyn will continue to grow in any environment.”

Cale looked toward the fourth prince Pen. The two of their eyes met and Pen’s shoulders slightly flinched. Pen had felt a similar feeling as to when he had met the Imperial Prince of the Empire.

Pen felt like he was becoming smaller.

“Do you not believe in Miss Rosalyn?”

Cale’s eyes seemed full of trust as he said that.
In that instant, Pen was at a loss of words. Cale quietly observed this crybaby whiner of a prince.

“You do believe in her, right?”

A gentle smile was on his face as he calmly asked the question.

“… Of course, of course I believe in my sister.”

This was the only answer Pen could give, since he was the one who believed in his sister more than anyone else.

Cale started to smile. Cale definitely seemed respectful to him, but Pen still felt like he was beneath Cale. Pen started to frown and subconsciously clenched his fists and started to shout to get out of this pressure-like fear.

“A lowly noble’s son like you dares to question me about my sister?! Hek!”


Pen was drenched with water from above. The Water Ball that was in Rosalyn’s hand exploded on top of Pen’s head. Rosalyn gently started to speak to her younger brother, who seemed to be lost at the sudden attack.

“Looks like we need to have a nice long conversation for the first time in a while. Pen, get up.”
“Noona, what did I do wrong for you to suddenly, ugh!”


An even stronger blast of water landed on Pen the moment he tried to turn around to look at Rosalyn. Pen started to cough, as if water had gone down the wrong pipe. Compared to the tiny Water Ball that was in Rosalyn’s hand, Pen was completely drenched, like he had taken on a wave.

– I don’t like him. That crybaby doesn’t know how great our mage Rosalyn is, and even dares to mock our house. He also looks down on you, weak human!

Cale put on an awkward smile after hearing Raon’s voice in his head.

– I used very cold water for him to come to his senses! I did a good job!

Rosalyn looked toward Cale, who shrugged his shoulders. This second water bomb was much different compared to her small Water Ball.

Pen thought his sister had done this as well and looked toward Rosalyn as he coughed.

“Cough, ugh, noona. Why would you!”
“Pen, shut up.”

Pen shut up after seeing her cold gaze. Rosalyn turned her gaze toward Cale. Pen, who turned around following her gaze, quickly looked down after feeling the unknown pressure from Cale.

“Young master Cale, may I borrow the training grounds?”

“What are you planning to do, that your brother’s face is turning pale at the mention of the words, ‘training grounds’?”

“I plan to spar and chat with my younger brother for the first time in a long time.”

Cale, naturally, played along with the gently smiling Rosalyn.

“I will make sure it is completely empty for your sibling chat. Please have a wonderful conversation.”

Rosalyn lightly chuckled. She knew that Cale’s personality was one that would not be looking at her brother fondly right now.

‘I feel the same way.’
Rosalyn got up with a cold expression still on her face. However, she heard something that made her stop.

Knock knock knock.

Hans started to speak after knocking.

“Young master-nim, the mage in charge of our video communication has visited us. He says that his highness the crown prince has contacted you.”

Cale and Rosalyn made eye contact. Rosalyn looked toward Pen before nodding her head.

“Come in.”

The door soon opened and the mage walked in with the video communication equipment. Hans followed in behind him. The two of them were shocked after seeing what was going on, as Pen looked like a total mess.

“Uhh, mm, shall I connect you?”
“Yes. Please do.”

Rosalyn answered and waved her hand. Pen was instantly dried up with her drying magic, and no longer looked like a wet rat. The territory’s mage flinched at her magic casting abilities, before quickly connecting the equipment. Alberu’s face soon appeared on the screen.

“Thank you crown prince Alberu. I was able to safely meet my sister thanks to you.”
– I am glad.

Cale admitted that the current Pen looked well-mannered and decent.

“I plan to stay here for a couple of days before I leave.”
– Is that so?

Alberu, who continued to chat with Pen, could see Cale standing behind Pen. Cale had a normal expression while looking at Pen, but as two peas in a pod, Alberu could tell that was not how Cale felt about Pen.

Cale and Alberu made eye contact.

‘Didn’t you say he was a well-mannered prince?’

That was what Cale’s gaze seemed to be saying to him. It seemed to be asking where he found such a useless idiot. Alberu quickly turned away from Cale.

‘I guess he is a mess.’

Alberu quickly figured out that Pen was not the person to talk about their alliance. He trusted Cale’s judgment.

– I hope that you have a wonderful stay in our Roan Kingdom.
“Thank you very much.”

The video communication ended and Rosalyn immediately addressed Pen.

“Change into training clothes and go to the training ground.”

Pen started to frown, but still listened to Rosalyn.

“I look forward to seeing you again, your highness.”

At that moment, Pen flinched at Cale’s gentle words. Pen was aware of the fact that he was ill-mannered. Pen felt his back getting cold while looking at Cale, who was smiling at him.

“Since our territory only has rocks, the training ground’s floor is made of rocks as well. We like it because it is very sturdy. Haha.”

Pen avoided Cale, who was happily smiling. Once he turned to the side, he could see his sister, who had a cold smile on her face. It was only then that Pen figured it out.

‘They are similar!’

They traveled together because they were similar. Pen finally figured it out after seeing how Cale and Rosalyn were smiling at him. He wanted to quickly get away from Cale, who gave him more pressure than even the Imperial Prince.

Pen ignored everything Cale was saying as he quickly left the room.

It was only then that Rosalyn approached Cale.

“To be honest with you, I think the discussion is better suited for my first brother than Pen.”

She seemed to have a lot of thoughts about the alliance. She would personally need to make a move to meet the Breck Kingdom’s crown prince. However, she had left her home, saying she did not need her title as princess anymore.

Rosalyn could not help but worry. Would it be okay for her to go back to the kingdom?

“Miss Rosalyn.”

Cale quickly realized what was going on in her mind. He wanted Rosalyn to personally make a move. That would increase the chance of things remaining a secret and progressing well.

“Do you think that it is necessary to give up on other things that are precious to you in order to achieve your dream?”

Rosalyn looked toward Cale. He seemed confident, as usual, but sometimes, that confidence made him seem difficult to talk to. It was difficult for her to handle Cale today.
However, right now, as she had felt many times before, she could feel the warmth deep in his heart.

“You can go visit your family as a mage.”

Not as the princess but as a mage. Rosalyn was relieved after hearing Cale’s words. At that moment, Raon became visible and appeared in front of her.

“He’s right! You are pretty amazing as a mage! Everybody will say that you are amazing!”

Rosalyn started to smile.

“I will go and come back.”
“Of course. You have to come back home!”

Rosalyn lightly smiled at Raon’s words before she looked toward Cale. Cale added on indifferently.

“It’ll be even better if you bring souvenirs back with you.”

Rosalyn couldn’t help but laugh loudly after hearing, ‘bring souvenirs back with you.’ She recalled what Choi Han had said to her in the past.

‘I have a home, but I can no longer go there. However, I now have a new home. It is difficult to explain this feeling of no longer being forever alone.’

Rosalyn felt like she now understood that feeling. A home with people who believed in her skills.

“Of course. I have to come back to our home with many souvenirs.”

Cale did not know that this was the first time she used the term, ‘home.’ However, he was relieved that the alliance would probably be completed without a hitch.

One week later, Rosalyn left with a completely pale Pen and headed for the Breck Kingdom. Cale started to speak once they left.

“Let’s go back.”

They would stay at Harris Village in the Forest of Darkness until next spring.

Cale half-heartedly responded to Raon’s questions.

“Human, does it snow here in the winter?”
“Then will there be a lot of flowers in the spring?”

As Cale had answered, Raon would go on to see snow in the winter and flowers blooming in the spring.


Time had gone by, and Cale had turned 19 years old. (They seem to be using the Korean process of becoming one year older on January 1. While Koreans celebrate birthdays, everybody gets one year older at the same time on January 1. )

“Young master-nim, it is time to wake up.”

Ron was trying to wake Cale up. Cale was curled up underneath the blanket, with even his head covered. On and Hong, who had grown up much more, were pressing down on him with their paws.

“Human, you have slept for 13 hours! Are you hibernating? You are not a bear! Spring is over, so you can stop sleeping!”

Raon, who looked like he grew about 10 cm, urged Cale to get up. Cale, who was rolling around the bed, answered without opening his eyes.

“Haaaa, time goes by so quickly.”

It was already late spring.
It was time for him to head to Ten Finger Mountain, the location of the final ancient power.

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