When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 68: Formula (2)

Since Ara Entertainment had many singers under their agency, each project’s schedule was planned at least six months in advance, sometimes up to one year in advance, so there would be no conflicts between the project schedules.

That also went for M2M as a group Ara Entertainment ambitiously created to inherit Shin Bang Shin Hwa’s popularity.

M2M’s direction and concept had already been firmly decided before their debut, and this album was also going according to that plan.

From Ara Entertainment’s perspective, it must have been a pity that M2M lost the Rookie of the Year award due to the appearance of a dark horse called KK.

‘Since they probably planned on winning the Rookie of the Year award through a strong fandom and having a hit song with this album that they release afterwards …’

If it weren’t for KK, ‘You’re Too Pretty’ was a song that could have become the best rookie song.

Honestly, Ara Entertainment was more popular and had good songs, so they purposely debuted M2M with the experimental song ‘You’re Too Pretty’, which was overflowing with elegance that the public might find unique.

To give M2M a trendy image that they didn’t have before, they tried to brand them as a special group.

It was a strategic choice. They calculated that a truly strong and popular song should be released once they’d reached a certain amount of popularity for it to properly have a synergic effect.

If you start off strong, you have to release an even stronger one next, and one all the stronger after that, so this was also a strategy to reduce that burden.

‘Since I knew that was M2M’s plan, I chose popular songs for KK starting with their debut song.’

It wasn’t that Do Wook didn’t have any concerns when he released ‘Very Sorry’ right after their debut song.

‘Can we make a song that’s better than this?’

It wasn’t pride, but a concern. However, Do Wook was currently working on releasing a song that he put his all into. To beat M2M, who were taking a more and more aggressive approach, he had no choice but to do that.

Do Wook became deep in thought as he listened to the repeating lyrics of the teaser.

M2M’s newest album was an album that Ara Entertainment prepared ‘for real’. With this album, M2M would advance to the same level as Sa Bang Shin Hwa as an Ara Entertainment band.

Starting from the following year, M2M would firmly engrave their name in the top spot of the music industry.

“Oh, that’s dope.”

Jung Yoon Ki commented from behind as he watched the teaser video, which probably cost a lot of money to produce, with them.

They could feel Ara Entertainment’s capital power through the movie-like video as well as through their use of a CGI galaxy.

HIT Entertainment also had outstanding working and management staff who were practical and even welcomed a challenge. It was thanks to them that KK was created and that they were able to accept Do Wook’s suggestions.

However, when it came to basic capital power like this, they were behind.

It was an almost uncontrollable factor.

If KK gained huge success, the next group would be able to get even greater support than KK did, just as KK got more support than Monster did.

“They really sank their teeth in this time.”

Manager Oh Baek Ho said with a slightly serious expression. ‘Sink their teeth in’ was an accurate expression.

It was probably an album they were preparing anyways, but with M2M losing the Rookie of the Year award they probably put a lot more effort into preparing it.

“People will go crazy if they perform this.”


With his arms crossed, Oh Baek Ho nodded his head to what Jung Yoon Ki said.

KK’s ‘To A Friend’ continued to top the music charts without going on a music broadcast even once.

Therefore, there was a flood of requests for broadcast appearances, but HIT Entertainment made their position clear that they did not plan on doing any broadcast appearances.

The song ‘To a Friend’ suddenly came to be because of their connection with Seo Tae Joon.

The concert performance itself had been an unscheduled performance, so there was no break. The company decided that if they did ‘To A Friend’ activities on top of that, the KK members would not be able to handle it.

Furthermore, the popularity was substantial with the sound file alone. ‘To A Friend’ was playing on radios and all throughout the streets. There was no particular need for them to push themselves.

KK’s schedule was packed already with preparing for the ‘Very Sorry’ full length album release and performances that would take place in Japan next month.

“The fans might all go over to M2M.”

Jung Yoon Ki expressed his honest anxiety as if he were talking to himself.

It was true that the members had a sense of rivalry with M2M to a certain degree, but it really was to a normal level that can’t help but arise in their position.

It was only to the level that they felt uncomfortable with them after Ahn Hyung Seo hurt his leg.

‘If they knew that Ara Entertainment tried to pull something during the Rookie of the Year award…’

As he looked at Jung Yoon Ki who didn’t particularly seem to have ill will, Manager Oh Baek Ho stopped thinking that to himself and pushed the thought out of his mind.

Manager Oh Baek Ho now automatically frowned when he thought about M2M or Ara Entertainment, but it would cause a lot of chaos if the other KK members knew.

‘Hmm, on top of that there will be more situations for us to run into them at the broadcast station in the future. I hope nothing happens.’

Manager Oh briefly worried about the rivalry between M2M and KK, which was sure to become more serious.

However, in the fight against Ara Entertainment, which was also the most vicious among the large agencies, he could only hope that nothing would happen to the KK members. There was also not much he could do at this time.

“You guys have to try even harder too.”

“Baek Ho! How can we try more than we are…”

Jun Yoon Ki was about to complain, but closed his mouth. It was because Oh Baek Ho hardened his expression. “Yes, yes. I understand”. Jung Yoon Ki purposely replied especially politely.

Jung Yook Ki muttered, concerned.

“Anyways, what am I going to do about that?”

“Yoon Ki, is something wrong?”

Do Wook asked.

Currently at the dormitory, there were only three people: Manager Oh Baek Ho, Jung Yoon Ki, and Do Wook. The rest of the members had gone out for individual engagements.

Park Tae Hyung and Suk Ji Hoon had gone to the rehearsal hall, and Ahn Hyung Seo had gone to the shop to get some hair care done.

Kim Won had a friend visiting from abroad that he hadn’t seen in a while, and was touring the GyungBok Palace and showing him around. There were posts on the fan cafe here and there about spotting Kim Won around.

“Ah. It’s about when I had gone to the broadcast station recently. I don’t know what to do.”

“The one you got casted for? Which program is it?”

Jung Yoon Ki was about to explain to Do Wook, who had shown interest.

Jung Yoon Ki wanted to ask the other members’ opinions anyways. However, it wasn’t an urgent decision, and it was something they had been putting off since they’d been busy.

Oh Baek Ho intercepted Jung Yoon Ki.

“Do Wook, it’s your exam soon. Focus on that for now. It won’t be too late to discuss Yoon Ki’s stuff after your exam.”

It wasn’t that the team members weren’t pulling their own weight, but it was true that Do Wook was carrying too much of the burden.

Oh Baek Ho often felt that Do Wook was doing his* share too. He didn’t express it, but Oh Baek Ho was grateful and sorry whenever he thought about it.
(TL note: For clarification, it’s saying Do Wook is doing things that Baek Ho, as the manager, should be doing.)

He didn’t want to give Do Wook another thing to worry about before his exam.

At Oh Baek Ho’s explanation, Jung Yoon Ki remembered and also spoke up.

“Yeah, man! You said your exam is just around the corner.”

“Ah…It’s ok.”

“Are you confident? Is there anything I can help you with? Should I be your scene partner?”

Do Wook laughed at Jung Yoon Ki, who pulled up his sleeves to show his motivation.

The person that was most helpful to Do Wook in practicing acting for the upcoming Korean National University of Arts practical test was definitely Suk Ji Hoon.

Suk Ji Hoon always practiced with Do Wook when he received practice scripts from Instructor Lee Kang Yeon.

“I want to do it with Ji Hoon once he comes back.”

“Wow, are you belittling me?”

“It’s because it’s a Seoul person’s role.”

Do Wook got up from his seat as he answered bluntly.

Jung Yoon Ki huffed over the fact that Do Wook made fun of his accent.

“That’s right. I told you that if you’re going to go on more broadcasts, you’ll need to fix your country accent.”

Laughing, Oh Baek Ho also chided Jung Yoon Ki, then left.

“I feel so wronged! That’s my charm. Man!”

Jung Yoon Ki sat where Do Wook had been sitting and went to the fan cafe website.

He put ‘Jung Yoon Ki’ and ‘Accent’ together in the search box.

-Raise your hand if you really like Jung Yoon Ki’s accent ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


-I hope he continues to use his accent instead of fixing it…ㅠㅠ

-It’s so sexy…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-But it’s funny when he switches between his accent and no accent ㅋㅋ

-I’m not / a \ Gyeong \ / Sang Do per \ son~!*
(TL note: The / and \ were used to show when he switched from a dialect to no dialect)

-Raise your hand if you also like it when Jung Yoon Ki speaks Arabic!!!

-If it’s Jung Yoon Ki, I’d embrace it even if he speaks a foreign language…

-The part where he raps in a foreign language?

-I like that part too ㅇㅇ

Jung Yoon Ki found peace of mind as he read the comments from the fans who liked him.


As expected, M2M’s comeback was a success.

The title song “Accelerator’ was a dance song that expressed the feelings of a man who is running toward a woman he loves as if he were speeding on the road.

M2M, who catches the eyes of fans through flashy videos, even caught the public’s attention with their colorful performance that mobilized a large number of back dancers.

An addictive chorus like KK’s ‘Very Sorry’’s started to flow throughout the streets, and the ending scene where Seo Kang Jun winks became viral.

Every community had a picture of Seo Kang Jun winking posted.

Do Wook’s single tear and Seo Kang Jun’s wink. There were dozens of posts every day comparing the two of them and asking who they’d want more as a ‘boyfriend’.

The competition between Do Wook, who was the face of KK, and Seo Kang Jun, who was the face of M2M, had started in earnest.

“Did you see Seo Jun on Idol Camp? He’s really good looking. That’s what people mean when they say gorgeous.”

“But Seo Jun is too thin. Being muscular like Kang Do Wook…”

“Kang Do Wook has muscles?”

“You didn’t know? Look at this! It’s muscles he developed by dancing like this.”

After getting out of the car that Oh Baek Ho had driven and entering the Korean National University of Arts’s halls, Do Wook was listening to the female students’ conversation comparing him and Seo Jun right in front of him, just like the internet posts.

He couldn’t avoid hearing it even if he wanted to.

Today was the day of the practical that Do Wook had worked very hard to prepare for in a short amount of time.

Do Wook was wearing a slightly form-fitting white shirt and jeans. Most of the students that came for the practical exam were wearing similar outfits as him in accordance with the regulations.

The female students in front of him seemed to be current students. They were very good at pulling up pictures of Seo Jun and Do Wook on their phones to show to each other while carrying thick textbooks in their hands.

“He’s that muscular? He has a good body~ I thought he only had a nice face~!”

“Right? Kang Do Wook is the best. To me, Seo Joon is just ok. He’s not my type.”

“Psh, I like both of them.”

Do Wook briefly looked at the two female students excitedly talking away without even imagining that Do Wook might be right behind them.

It wasn’t that Do Wook wasn’t anxious about M2M’s success. However he wasn’t exactly anxious either.

It was something he had expected in the first place anyways, and unlike before, KK and M2M’s popularity was neck and neck. No, they didn’t have the exact numbers but KK’s popularity was a little higher.

It was the opposite situation. The situation was that M2M had to catch up to KK’s popularity.

‘However, I have no intention at all of getting caught.’

Rather, KK planned on getting even further away. So far away that M2M couldn’t even dream of catching up to them.

Do Wook intended to watch what decision the hot-headed M2M will make.

Do Wook’s revenge would be taken after Seo Kang Jun had reached a certain point anyways, so that it’d be meaningful when he fell from there.

‘To do that, I absolutely have to succeed as an actor too. If I want to break down Seo Kang Jun’s personal success.’

The Korean National University of Arts would become the foundation for that. More than ever, Do Wook calmed his nervous heart.

After he passed the garden that was full of green leaves, he saw the acting department building. Even though he arrived about 20 minutes early, there was already a large number of students gathered around the building for the exam.

“Oh?! Kang Do Wook…?”

A student who was standing at the entrance noticed Do Wook and said his thought out loud without thinking.

At the same time, everyone’s gaze fell onto Do Wook.

The glances were not those of good intentions. They were all glances of disapproval. Even the glaces from female students who would have normally liked Do Wook were not particularly positive.

Do Wook checked the practical exam number then sat in his seat.

Do Wook could hear the students whispering amongst themselves.

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