When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 65: Expansion Pack (4)

“A way?”

“Yes. If we play our cards right, we’d have an opportunity to perform at the end of the second half. Please contact Seo Tae Joon’s agency.”

“Contacting them won’t be a problem…”

“There’s been a rumor circulating around the internet that they’re looking for a cover dance team for that concert. I guess there wasn’t a suitable dance team…what if instead of a dance team, we filled that spot?”

Although he couldn’t be certain, Team Leader Shim Joon nodded his head right away at Do Wook’s words. If it was for someone at Seo Tae Joon’s level, even being a backup dancer for a one-time event was worthwhile.

Trying to contact them didn’t require a lot of time or cost additional money. If there was a plan for a dance team to perform with Seo Tae Joon, it was worth trying to get that spot.

Do Wook was relieved by Team Leader Shim Joon’s response. Honestly, it was a lie that there was a rumor floating around the internet. Seo Tae Joon considered confidentiality as important as life itself.

The fact that he hadn’t been able to find a dance team that he really liked to perform with him so far and finally scrambled to find one a week before the concert was a story only Do Wook knew.

“Seo Tae Joon has never had someone perform with him at a concert before. I wonder why he’s looking for a separate dance team.”

Team Leader Shim Joon muttered to himself. The staff member who was next to him seemed like he was also curious about that.

Do Wook already knew the reason but he kept it to himself.

Seo Tae Joon was now over 30 years old. It was hard for him to perform live and dance like he had in the past.

The songs that he’d release this time were not the Seo Tae Joon songs everyone was thinking of. Unlike the pop dance like he did before, it would be a very fast-tempo rock dance. The singing style would also be changed.

There would be a flood of praises for his shocking attempt, saying he is indeed the President of Culture. It would also bring about the revival of the rock dance genre. Despite that, for the fans who would miss his old self, Seo Tae Joon was getting a dance team to perform his old hits.

Some of it was for fan service, but since he was only human there was pressure on him over returning after 8 years.

Strategically, reliving his past glory by recreating his hits at the end of t
he concert would stir up nostalgia in the people who came to his concert and would give them the impression “As expected of Seo Tae Joon” after the concert, regardless of whether his new song was actually good or not.

It’s easy for people to forget how they felt in the middle part anyways. The excitement they feel as they leave the concert venue will determine their appreciation of the concert.

‘He truly is a music genius from his debut to his retirement and beyond that too, but besides that he’s also a frightfully strategic person.’

Jung Yoon Ki, who had also been listening, asked,

“If it’s a strictly dance team performance, we don’t have to sing, right?”

“Yes. That’s probably the case.”

Team Leader Shim Joon replied as he looked at the calendar,

“Even if KK was chosen as the dance team for the concert, I think the rehearsal times will be a problem…do you think it’ll be ok?”

“Even if it’s not ok, we have to make it work! It’s Seo Tae Joon.”

Jung Yoon Ki stepped up and showed his hardened resolve.

‘This isn’t something I can do by myself. I need help from all the team members. It’s a relief that he actively wants to be in Seo Tae Joon’s concert, and wants to stand on a bigger stage.’

Do Wook was relieved.

The ‘LAST DANCE’ activities would wrap up soon anyways. There was a local festival on the weekend, but Jung Yoon Ki thought it’d be ok. When he said that they would just have to rehearse like crazy for one week, Team Leader Shim Joon shook his head and laughed.

“When I look at you guys, I can see why you guys are successful.”

Other idols were overwhelmed by their busy schedule and wanted to postpone even already scheduled events. However, KK had a strong sense of ambition.

It was ingrained in their hearts that if there were an opportunity for them to climb, they’d give it a try even if it were a little difficult. Even when they were told their previous concert ‘Windy Day’ was going to be live, the members grumbled once or twice then worked hard on rehearsing for it.

That was how they grew. Thanks to the KK members’ individual tendencies, and the general team spirit.

‘The person who made the team’s vibe like this is probably…Do Wook. The fact that Yoon Ki, who’s the leader, supported Do Wook without hostility played a big part too.’

Team Leader Shim Joon gave a satisfied smile as he thought it over.

After that, he instructed the staff member to find the contact information for Seo Tae Joon’s manager.


4 days after speaking with the Album Production Team.

Do Wook and Jung Yoon Ki were dressed the best they could. It looked clean but stylish.

KK had two scheduled events. In the morning they had a music broadcast pre-recording, in the evening they had radio recording.

Originally Do Wook and Jung Yoon Ki were also supposed to go to the radio event too, but Manager Oh Baek Ho urgently adjusted the schedule to only send the rest of the members.

It was because they had an important meeting.

That meeting was a meeting with Seo Tae Joon.

“Crazy. Wow, why am I so nervous?”

As he became nervous, Jung Yoon Ki’s accent became thicker.

Honestly, it was difficult to say Seo Tae Joon is an idol for Jung Yoon Ki’s generation. Seo Tae Joon’s heyday was when Jung Yoon Ki was in kindergarten, and by the time Jung Yoon Ki started to properly listen to music, Seo Tae Jon had already retired.

However, Seo Tae Joon’s fame still affected Jung Yoon Ki.

It was similar to the foreign top singer Michael Jackson being an idol to all the KK members despite the difference in generation and country.

Jung Yoon Ki had studied music very deeply to become a rapper. Even when listening to Seo Tae Joon’s music after the fact, Jung Yoon Ki was always in awe.

“I’m…nervous too.”

“Right? You too, Do wook? I thought it was just me.”

Jung Yoon Ki was very relieved by Do Wook’s words. It was a reaction Jung Yoon Ki rarely made.

“You guys aren’t the only ones who are nervous. I’m nervous too. To think I would live to see the day I will meet Seo Tae Joon in person…”

Team Leader Shim Joon, who was driving, added.

With nervous hearts, the three of them headed towards Seo Tae Joon’s mansion.

The meeting arrangement had progressed fast.

First off, they had to make a decision quickly whether they were going to do the concert or not so KK could start rehearsing. Team Leader Shim Joon immediately contacted Seo Tae Joon’s agency that very day. Luckily they got a response the very next day.

Seo Tae Joon had also heard KK’s music before, and Seo Tae Joon’s team didn’t know how HIT Entertainment found out, but it was true they were looking for a dance team.

It was a simple cover dance performance, and the image didn’t fit well for well-known singers or they would feel tremendous pressure so they didn’t reach out to them. However, after listening to the situation, they started to think that it would be ok even if it was an established singer.

Additionally, they asked to set up a meeting because Seo Tae Joon wanted to meet up personally. They wanted a meeting as soon as possible since there wasn’t much time left until the concert.

That was the short and long of it.

As requested by Seo Tae Joon’s side, Team Leader Shim arranged it for as soon as possible and scheduled the meeting in two days, which was today.

KK’s schedule wouldn’t be completely free until the next week, and today’s schedule was flexible.

Once the date and time was decided via email, Seo Tae Joon’s side sent the personal contact information and address of Seo Tae Joon’s manager.

The address was of Seo Tae Joon’s hidden residence/workshop that hadn’t been disclosed yet.

“You’ve arrived at your destination.” The announcement came from the GPS. Team Leader Shim stopped the car.


Jung Yoon Ki was in awe. Team Leader Shim also looked outside, his mouth agape. Team Leader Shim, who was the driver, knew that it was a rich neighborhood when he entered the address into the GPS, but the place they arrived at was beyond his imagination.

“This is his house…”

Do Wook also couldn’t help but be in pure admiration. There were a lot of nice mansions in the area, but it was so big it was hard to take it all in at one time. The buildings looked newly built.

When Team Leader Shim called the person in charge of Seo Tae Joon and told them they arrived at the house, the door opened.

Behind the open door, there was an endless green grassland.

The person who had answered the phone walked out and greeted the three of them.

“Hello. I’m Manager Seo Sam Won. I was your contact person”

“Hello. I’m Shim Joon from HIT Entertainment’s Album Production Team.”

The two of them exchanged business cards. Afterwards, Do Wook and Jung Yoon Ki also exchanged greetings with manager Seo Sam Won.

Seo Sam Won introduced himself as a manager, but he was no ordinary manager. Since Seo Tae Joon didn’t interact with the outside world at all, Seo Sam Won was taking care of all the external affairs in his place. He was the agency’s representative for Seo Tae Joon who took care of all of Seo Tae Joon’s business, both internally and externally.

Following Seo Sam Won’s guidance, they were able to enter Seo Tae Joon’s house.

The interior was also a sight to behold. It wasn’t surprising since it was the home of someone who had held the title ‘President of Culture’, but it was in no way an ordinary house.

A man with hair down to his chin came out of the inner living room. It was Seo Tae Joon.

When they noticed Seo Tae Joon, the movements of the three of them except Seo Sam Won became stiff.

“Tae Joon, here.”

When Seo Sam Won pointed out the three of them, Seo Tae Joon extended his hand to Do Wook who was at the very end.

“Hello. I’m Seo Tae Joon.”

Do Wook swallowed his saliva and held the white, firmly extended hand.

“I’m KK’s Kang Do Wook. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“I’m…I’m Jung Yoon Ki.”

“I’m Album Production Team Leader Shim Joon who is in charge of KK.”

After shaking the three of their hands in order, the people gathered in the living room took a seat on the sofa for now.

Once they sat on the sofa, the housekeeper they hadn’t noticed silently approached them and asked what they would like to drink. There was even a menu, like a cafe.

“We don’t often get guests, but we do get them once in a while so making a menu was easier.”

Seo Tae Joon said lightly to the three of them, who were full of anxiety.

Contrary to his reluctance to interact with the outside world, Seo Tae Joon actually had an image of a little shy yet rather energetic young man when he was on broadcasts or speaking to fans.

And true to that image, he was treating the three of them in that manner. Still, he was exuding charisma.

“I see. Thank you very much for personally inviting us into your home.”

Seo Tae Joon smiled brightly at Team Leader Shim Joon’s words.

“No. I was having a hard time looking for people to perform, but I was glad you contacted me first. My acquaintances also like KK very much.”

They had heard he knew of KK, but hearing it directly from Seo Tae Joon felt different. While looking at Jung Yoon Ki and Do Wook, whose eyes were shining, Seo Tae Joon cut to the chase.

“I heard you want to perform.”

Do Wook kept eye contact with Seo Tae Joon and answered.

“Yes. I want to perform together at your concert. I’m confident that we won’t hold you back.”


As the three of them were coming out after finishing the meeting, they took a deep breath before getting in the car.

It had barely been one hour, but it felt like five hours had passed. As soon as they stepped out the door, the fatigue they hadn’t noticed because of their nervousness hit them all at once.

Team leader Shim, who was warming up his stiff muscles by rotating his shoulders and arms around, said as he headed toward the car.

“You guys really prepared a lot for it. I was very surprised.”

“Of course we prepared. It involves our performance after all,”

Jung Yoon Ki replied in a confident tone. From the moment they realized they might perform at Seo Tae Joon’s concert, Jung Yoon Ki and Do Wook carved out time to look up Seo Tae Joon’s performances and research them.

Even if they would end up not being able to perform with him, they had the mindset that it would benefit KK’s future performances.

“Thank you very much for your hard work today.”

At Do Wook’s words, Team Leader Shim shook his head.

“Thanks, to you, there was good…”


Team Leader Shim stopped talking. A blue sports car stopped next to Team Leader Shim’s car that the three of them were about to get in to.

A woman stylishly wearing a two-piece dress got out of the sports car. An air of wealth overflowed from her to the point that you could tell right away that she was one of the chaebol* families living in the neighborhood.
(TL Note: Chaebol is a rich family, often one who owns a conglomerate company.)

The woman started to approach the three of them.

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