When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 63: Expansion Pack (2)

“It’s you of course.”

Yong Soo Chul replied as he put his coffee cup down. He had a more serious expression than ever before.

“You mean me?”


Actually, Album Production Team Leader Shim Joon had also asked Do Wook before if he’d like to take on the role of producer for KK’s next album.

“It’s still too early…”

“I heard that Team Leader Shim brought it up too. A 20-year-old producer, it’s something a ruffian like me can’t imagine, but you, Do Wook, are different.

Yong Soo Chul responded, adding, “You’re a genius, right?” Do Wook vigorously shook his head.

However, in this world, Do Wook was already a genius. The knowledge and talent Do Wook had wasn’t that of a 20-year-old, and a tremendous amount of effort was hidden behind it.

It stood to reason that they’d call him a genius who is ahead of his time.

“I’m sure it’ll be a lot of pressure, you’re basically responsible for an album or team’s success. Still, if you overcome that pressure it’ll be a good chance to show your talents…everyone who’s seen you is thinking that.”

“Mr. PD.”

“I’m not trying to force you at all.”

Do Wook was still at a loss over the difference between the him who had been a nobody and his practically genius current self sometimes.

That was the reason he kept trying to step back, even though he was aware that there was currently nobody who could pick up on trends as quickly as he could or make an album with songs that matched KK’s spirit.
With good timing, KK’s ‘Very Sorry’ was playing in the restaurant.

“Will I really be able to do it well?”

Yong Soo Chul grinned at Do Wook’s question. It was a genuine smile but because of Yong Soo Chul’s appearance, it became a somewhat sketchy smile.

His skills had already been acknowledged. He had already composed many songs by himself, not just jointly. The reason they were not added to the album was because Do Wook himself had delayed it so he could make the quality better.

If the problem was only having a few years of experience, it was the same for Yong Soo Chul. Yong Soo Chul also hadn’t been composing for too long when he became the producer for KK.

Yong Soo Chul explained that he didn’t need to be worried about his age either.

On the outside, Do Wook was only 20 years old. Agewise, they weren’t that far apart.

“Team Leader Shim is also a capable person. Get help from him, and if you try and try but can’t get it, you can give up. Huhu.”

Yong Soo Chul’s additional comment was similar to a joke, but it was sincere advice.

‘Soon there will be idols who compose and produce their own songs. And those types of idols will become the trend.’

Do Wook took a sip of his tea to moisten his dry mouth.

‘Along with that, the opinion that idols just have to look pretty and smile becomes completely shattered. If KK stands in the forefront of that…’

No matter how you looked at it, it was currently the best path. Do Wook nodded his head at Yong Soo Chul as if he had made his decision.


The first comeback performance for ‘LAST DANCE’ was taking place at TBN for a special airing of ‘KK Broadcast’.

‘KK Broadcast’ had the highest rating in TBN history for an entertainment show, 2.9%. Because of that, the TBN broadcast station ordered for KK’s performance to be actively supported.

Therefore, that day, the TBN music broadcast was decorated extravagantly enough to be worthy of KK’s comeback special broadcast.

KK sang not just the full ‘LAST DANCE’, the title song of the mini album, but also the B-track song ‘Dancing with sunlight’ as well as a special performance of all their title previous title songs ‘Sorry but I Love you’, ‘Very Sorry’, and ‘Windy Day’ composed in a medley format.

Behind a sculpture, a huge statue was erected, and more blinding lights and special effects were visualized than ever before.

Articles gushed out saying KK’s extravagant comeback performance was the best ever.

Singing and dancing was a given, but it was also obvious through this performance that the members’ gestures and expressions on stage had also advanced a level compared to before.

Title: When someone here asked how they could get any better from here on out, KK showed what it means to do even better (See title*)
(TL Note: For clarification, this was saying that the content of the article is pretty much described in the title.)

-Rebuttal X

-Seriously GOAT performance every day…Goosebumps…

-Hyung Seo and Do Wook’s ad-lib part at the end was a treat for my eardrums ㅠㅠ

-I’m withdrawing from Do Wooks’ Rolled Tissues…It wasn’t a face you could wipe with a lowly tissue…Bring out a LX handkerchief

-What the heck lol. Is the writer trying to say something wise? So corny lol

-More tears! More more tears! They’re corny but…it’s so true lol

-After watching today’s performance, I was proud to be a Key Ring ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Every time their performance on a music broadcast ended, the fans went wild.

KK finished their former music broadcast comeback performances, and ended with their Life Song comeback performance. The active period this time was scheduled for one month, and it was definitely centered around music broadcasts.

However, when they needed to appear on entertainment shows for PR purposes, it was the company’s strategy to send Ahn Hyung Seo and Kim Won to get their faces known.

The two of them were even scheduled to appear on a quiz show panel taking place tomorrow.

They were looking forward to Kim Won’s performance, who was very knowledgeable. How long Ahn Hyung Seo would last was a subject for betting among the members.

“Do Wook, if we send you we’ll get more PR, but you’re busy and…you’re already well recognized…”

Do Wook was heading towards the company conference room with Manager Oh after finishing his schedule.

Do Wook was briefly confused by Oh Baek Ho explaining and walking on eggshells, but he promptly understood why Oh Baek Ho was being like that.

The common way to promote and grow a group is to push one or two central members first, then later include the other members in broadcasts after the group becomes more popular.

From there, divisions in the fandom psychological warfare among members start.

Those who have been central members from the beginning feel that they have grown the group while the other members are just benefiting from their work, and feel disappointed because they feel like they’re getting pushed out.

The other members will then get angry that they are not being supported.

It was also Manager Oh Baek Ho’s job to manage and control those situations.

“Baek Ho.”


“I’m composing songs and will be starting acting soon. I can’t be the only one doing everything when it’s an active period as a group. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Oh Baek Ho awkwardly scratched the back of his head. As expected, Do Wook was mature beyond comparison to typical young 20-year-olds.

Oh Baek Ho’s concerns, which started from the fact that people change when they gain popularity, were completely groundless.

“Yeah. I was worried for nothing when you’re asking me to find you an acting coach despite how busy it is.”

Oh Baek Ho muttered as he opened the conference room door.

When they knocked and entered the conference room, a woman with long straight hair elegantly down and looking in her mid-to-late 30s was sitting down.

It wasn’t that HIT Entertainment didn’t have acting instructors, but she was an instructor they specially brought on to be an acting coach for Do Wook, who wanted to get into the ‘Korean National University of Arts’.

“Hello, Instructor Lee.”

The woman he greeted stood up and turned towards him and Do Wook, who was next to him.

Do Wook bowed his head and greeted Instructor Lee.

“This is Instructor Lee Kang Yeon, who will be guiding you in acting from here on out. Instructor, this is Kang Do Wook.”

“It’s impossible to not recognize him! He’s so famous these days, haha.”

Lee Kang Yeon replied to Oh Baek Ho’s introduction as she covered her mouth with her hands and laughed.

“Hello. I look forward to working with you.”

When Do Wook greeted her, Lee Kang Yeon had a genuine smile on her face. Her first impression as an elegant person, her way of speaking, and her actions were all very poised and feminine.

“Seeing you in person, I can understand why you’re so popular~ I look forward to working with you.”

When the three of them sat down, the employee who had been outside brought them tea.

Oh Baek Ho briefly introduced Instructor Lee Kang Yeon.

“She’s a very talented person. The company put in a lot of effort to get her. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that all the actors who are currently big in Chungmuro were taught by her.”

Lee Kang Yeon was the best of the best among those who graduated magna cum laude from the Korean National University of Arts. However, contrary to her school grades, she wasn’t able to find a good project and quit acting after being on a movie board for 2 short years.

Also, while making a movie, she realized that rather than she herself doing the acting, being an acting coach fit her more, and that she had a talent for it.

With that, Lee Kang Yeon started working as an instructor at an acting academy and her skills as an acting coach were recognized more and more. Currently, she was the private acting coach for well-known stars.

“Oh Manager Oh, aren’t you exaggerating too much?”

“What do you mean? I heard that the rookie actor Joo Yeon Han who starred in < Running > and Lim Seung Woo were also your pupils.”
By Lim Seung Woo, he meant the excellent actor who made everyone in Korea bawl in < Running >. Since then, Lim Seung Woo held the title of top actor, dominating not only movies and dramas, but also even musicals.

‘So this person is Lim Seung Woo’s acting coach…’

Do Wook, who was no different than a layman in terms of acting, couldn’t help but look at Lee Kang Yeon with amazement.

After introducing them to each other, Manager Oh Baek Ho left for a meeting regarding the security for KK’s one year celebration fan meeting taking place in a few days.

Instructor Lee Kang Yeon and Do Wook discussed future plans.

“I guess the first thing would be the issue of entering KUA, right? Since June is the entrance exam. It’s definitely too tight. Even if your vocalization is reasonably good…you have no experience of acting or learning to act.”

“Yes, Instructor.”

“And the fact that you’re a famous singer could actually become an obstacle in getting into KUA. The school has a lot of pride…they want to find talented people who are crazy about ’acting’. They probably have biases about doing another field at the same time….”

“I’m well aware that it’s hard work.”

“You’re doing well as a singer right now, but you absolutely want to act, right?”

Do Wook looked at Lee Kang Yeon with a sincere expression. Before she taught him in earnest, Lee Kang Yeon wanted to check his dedication.

She was being paid to be an acting coach anyway, but it was true that an instructor’s mentality changes based on the mentality of the person they’re teaching, so nowadays she didn’t just take on anybody as a student.

“Yes, I want to. I don’t absolutely have to get in this year. So please don’t feel too pressured about that. Just, please help me so I can truly properly act.”

“Ok. Acting is up to you, I can only teach you techniques. Still, if you keep up that determination, I think it’s definitely worth trying.”

Lee Kang Yeon replied as she smiled. Her smile was as elegant as her pearl earrings.

“I’ll work very hard.”

“I’ll give it my best too.”


Olympic Stadium Handball Court.

The cold snap passed and spring quickly came. The spring weekend weather was clear. RIght before the KK anniversary fan meeting took place, there was a sea of fans waiting in a long line surrounding the stadium.

Because of such fans, the convenience store at Olympic Stadium was always number one in sales in the nation.

“I’m hungry, but I’ll have to wait 10 minutes just to buy one samkim*. The line is crazy.”
(TL Note: A riceball but triangle shaped.)

“I’m thirsty too!”

“Get a drink from that vending machine there. I can’t even buy merchandise, what is this…I really wanted to buy a Do Wook hand fan!”

“These obsessed people. Who lines up at dawn to buy goods?”

Honestly, the fans who were waiting in line for the fan meeting were lucky.

Only the first generation of KK’s fan club ‘Key Ring’ could attend the fan meeting this time. It was open for general reservation, but there weren’t enough tickets to get to them. It was because all the seats were already sold out during the fan club reservation period even though it was their second performance.

Those who became KK fans after the first round of recruitment were pulling their hair out, regretting not becoming KK fans sooner.

After finishing rehearsals at the concert hall in the early morning, the KK members went back out to get their hair done at the shop and returned to the concert hall after eating lunch.

The members lost their vigor when they saw fans had even swarmed the parking lot.

“…Do you think we’ll be able to get out of the car?”

Park Tae-hyung, who had been quickly looking out of the window, asked Do Wook. Do Wook was also worried once he saw the situation in the parking lot. It was understandable why Manager Oh Baek Ho signed a new contract with a security company and increased the number of security guards to 1.5 times the usual amount.

Counting from the ‘LAST DANCE’ activities, the KK fandom had grown into the Top 5 fandoms in the nation.

It was at that moment.

Do Wook, who had been surveying the situation through the window, caught sight of a huge performance banner wrapped around the gymnasium.

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