When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 61: A New Discovery (3)

Do Wook became wide awake as soon as he saw that article reporting that Seo Kang Jun passed.

Many celebrities applied to the Ju Won College practical music program, and it was the school Seo Kang Jun had attended in the past life as well.

Do Wook had only thought about how he’d compete in earnest if he passed, he had never considered he’d fail.

However, he had failed. He was dumbfounded over the unexpected result, but he had let it go because it wasn’t as if he absolutely had to go to college.

But once he saw that Seo Kang Jun had become the PR ambassador, he became suspicious.

‘This smells fishy…’

Since Do Wook was inherently far from malicious, he often didn’t pick up on how low people like Seo Kang Jun or those around him could stoop.

‘My college entrance wasn’t the problem. I’ll have to look into it.’

Do Wook stared at the picture on his phone screen of Seo Kang Jun smiling and waving in front of Ju Won College’s main entrance.

It wasn’t easy to reveal the other incidents of school violence he undoubtedly inflicted in this timeline too since so much time has passed, and to reveal it other victims also had to step forward.

Not only were they hard to find, there was a possibility they’d get victimized a second time.

If Ara Entertainment were to smoothly bury it as they had done in the past, the victims would be left with pain that will never go away.

‘In that case, if there were a problem with the college entrance…it could turn out to be a good opportunity for me.’

At first, Do Wook looked through the list of professors for the practical music program again. The name of the head of the department was familiar, but it was hard to tell whether or not it was simply because the school was popular.

Do Wook, who searched for the name of the Ju Won College president, stopped in his tracks when he came across the president’s equally familiar name, and tried to recall his memories.

It made his head throb.

‘Who are they…these names…!”

At last, Do Wook realized why the name of the Ju Won college president was familiar to him. Do Wook recalled crimes such as bribery, money laundering, and embezzlement.

‘Could it be…’

Do Wook turned off his cell phone screen and briefly closed his eyes.

If Seo Kang Jun had hidden these skeletons in the closet, then Kang Do Wook was going to lay bare its contents down to even the tiniest detail.

He also had to think about when and how he’d properly use it.

The sky that had been pitch black started to tint blue.

There was a knock on the window next to Manager Oh Baek Ho, who was dozing off in the driver seat with his arms crossed.

As soon as Manager Oh Baek Ho had woken up, the staff exclaimed,

“We’re getting ready to shoot!”

Oh Baek Ho quickly nodded his head and got the members ready.

Everyone had been alternating between sleeping in a crouched position and being awake. The members were barely able to open their eyes as they unwillingly stretched.

Do Wook, who had briefly fallen asleep, woke up and opened the car door. The sleepiness went away as soon as the cold air entered his lungs.

On the rooftop of the abandoned factory, the members shot the last scene of the day for the ‘LAST DANCE’ music video.

In Do Wook’s case, additional outdoor filming was scheduled to shoot the scene where he gets kicked out of his house a few days later, the scene where he gets pickpocketed, and the scene where he gets assaulted while roaming the streets, etc.

Anyways, it was the last scene of the shoot.

The sky that had been all blue started to show a bright light.

“Wow! Beautiful!”

Kim Won yelled as he saw the sun rising.

The sunrise scene was one of the harder scenes to film. The filming team, who had to also consider the CG work, whispered among themselves that even the weather was helping KK.

It was because any staff who had heard the song ‘LAST DANCE’ even once, no matter who they were, predicted that KK would make a huge hit with this album too.

With Do Wook as the focus, Director Ji Young captured on camera the touching scene of the members standing with their arms around each others’ shoulders and watching the sunrise.

There was no particular need to act. The members were filled with emotions as they looked at the truly beautiful sky.

The ‘LAST DANCE’ song started to play throughout the rooftop.

There were now less than 2 weeks left for the comeback.

The shoot wrapped up as everyone clapped.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“Thank you~!”

The members bowed and thanked the staff who had worked hard alongside them.

Do Wook, who separately shook Director Jin Young’s hand and discussed the next shoot, went to every corner of the area to find and belatedly thank the staff members.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Do Wook knew very well that they had worked harder than anyone else had done for them in this cold weather. When he thanked the youngest staff member, who had worked hard moving the equipment around all day, they shook their head.

“You worked harder than I did.”

“Not at all. Ah, please allow me! Let’s carry it together.”

“Sorry? Oh, it’s ok…!”

Before the staff member could stop him, Do Wook took one of the heavy boxes of equipment the staff member was carrying.

After putting the equipment away together, Do Wook was on his way back to where the KK members were when he was approached by PD Shin Yoon Ho.

“Do Wook.”

“Ah, yes Mr. PD.”

Honestly, there was no need at all for PD Shin Yoon Ho to stay at the music video film location until the very end.

From the ‘KK Broadcast’ team’s side, they had sent at least the VJs home so they didn’t get in the way of the set, and PD Shin only had to edit today’s recording at the broadcast station.

There was a reason PD Shin Yoon Ho had still specifically chosen to wait at the film site.

“Acting…Didn’t you say it was your first time?”

“Ah, yes. I’m sure I was very lacking. Although, there were no lines so you can’t even call it acting.”

PD Shin Yoon Ho frowned at Do Wook’s modest response.

“Being too humble can also be seen as a bad thing.”

“Pardon? Ah, I’m sorry.”

“After watching you, I don’t think you’re just pretending to be nice, haha.”

PD Shin Yoon Ho, whose eyes were definitely sleepy and full of fatigue, let out a hearty laugh as if saying he lost.

“Are you interested?”

“In you?”

“Haha. You must be very sleepy too. I meant acting.”

At that moment, Do Wook understood what PD Shin Yoon Ho meant.

‘Can it be?!’

PD Shin Yoon Ho continued as he pulled his jacket zipper up all the way to his neck.

“There’s a program I’m ambitiously preparing for the latter half of the year and there’s a role there that I think you would be good for. Haha.”


“It’s the role of a polymath who’s good at studying, athletics, everything. Right now it’s in the planning stages.”

While watching the variety show ‘Limitless Challenge’ that Do Wook was on, PD Shin Yoon Ho had clapped. A person that had the exact image he had been looking for was smiling and waving hello on the tv screen.

And so PD Shin Yoon Ho became interested in KK. As he looked into them, he could feel natural charisma from the members. When the Director said that it’d be good to have an idol-related program in the first half of the year, he immediately suggested the ‘KK Broadcast’.

And while filming, PD Shin Yoon Ho closely observed Do Wook more than anyone else.

The reason he had stayed behind at the music video filming set today was also an extension of that. It was a fruitful day for PD Shin Yoon Ho.

Do Wook showed exceptional emotion while acting today. He’d have to do a script reading, but PD Shin Yoon Ho didn’t think there’d be anything to worry about. Do Wook was more perfect for ‘that’ character’s image than PD Shin Yoon Ho had thought.

It was to the point that he couldn’t picture anyone else for ‘that’ role except Do Wook now.

“A polymath…”

“It’s a drama, not a variety show.”

Do Wook opened his eyes wide and blinked.

“It’s unexpected since I’m a variety show PD, right?”

Of course it was an unexpected challenge. However, it was hard to be still when he thought about the impact of this challenge.

“No. Rather, it’s refreshing.”

“That’s right. That’s what we were going for too.”

The ‘Get ready 1999’ that PD Shin was planning was a drama that takes place in 1999.

PD Shin’s intent was to portray the love and friendship among five high school friends as they go through life together while demonstrating the family image of that era at the same time.

‘It is definitely different from the already existing dramas that revolve around the male and female protagonists, and it becomes a drama that encompasses all generations as it brings about the nostalgia for 1999.’

It was a drama Do Wook had enjoyed.

‘If it’s a genius role…’

Among the five main characters, the polymath role was the main protagonist.

When Do Wook had thought about working together with PD Shin Yoon Ho, he had thought that it would have been a good opportunity to gain popularity if he could appear on ‘Get ready 1999’, no matter what role it might have been.

‘But the main character is a tremendous opportunity!’

As he looked at Do Wook’s shining eyes and full attentiveness, PD Shin nodded his head, even more certain of his choice.

“If you’re interested, let’s give it a try together later.”

“Yes, Mr. PD. It’s an honor.”

“Haha. I’m eagerly anticipating getting you for the role. I’m trying to cast you already when I don’t even have a synopsis. I’ll send the synopsis to your company once it’s finished. Please put in a good word at your company.”

KK was expected to get busier and busier.

Since group activities took priority, the company might not let Do Wook do individual activities. On top of that, it wasn’t an official drama but a drama for cable broadcast.

Because of that, PD Shin Yoon Ho wanted to lay the groundwork with Do Wook directly ahead of time.

Of course Do Wook, who knew ‘Get Ready 1999’ would be a success, would have appeared on it at all cost anyways if he was offered the opportunity.

They could see Manager Oh in the distance looking for Do Wook. Manager Oh Baek Ho saw Do wook with PD Shin Yoon Ho and gestured.

Before they knew it, the sun had completely risen.

It was a clear winter morning.


The day the rough edit of the music video came out, Do Wook, who had finished the monitoring meeting, asked Manager Oh Baek Ho for a private conversation.

Today, they didn’t have anything scheduled besides the performance rehearsal in the afternoon, not even the “KK Broadcast”.

Manager Oh Baek Ho made instant coffee in a paper cup. It wasn’t to the same extent as the KK members, but Manager Oh Baek Ho was also busy day in and day out with lots of schedule meetings as the day of the comeback got closer.

“Yaaawn…we’re interviewing for one more road manager but there’s nobody suitable,”

Oh Baek Ho complained as he yawned.

Manager Oh couldn’t follow KK to all their schedules forever and the number of fans was growing, so they were hiring an official road manager for KK.

“Do Wook, do you want water?”


Oh Baek Ho handed Do Wook the water cup. The two of them were in the conference room facing each other.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“I’d…like to learn acting.”

“Huh? Acting?”

Manager Oh Baek Ho was lost in thought as he stroked his chin.

Do Wook was, true to the name, KK’s visual member. He wasn’t picked as the music video protagonist for no reason. Furthermore, the music video shoot confirmed that acting was an option for him.

The company had some plans to have Do Wook act. However, now wasn’t the time since KK had only been active for 2 years. It would be a little further in the future.

“I didn’t know you were interested in acting too. I think it’s too early for preparations to be an actor…”

That was what Do Wook expected Manager Oh Baek Ho and the company to think.

“It’s because I want to prepare in advance. Do you think you’d be able to find a teacher?”

“Getting you a teacher won’t be a problem, but I mean, will you be able to handle it? You’ll be busy enough with activities alone, but you also work on the songs.”

Oh Baek Ho briefly picked his words as he went “Hmmmm.”

“As you know, this album is PD Yong’s last one…after that, you, Do Wook, would essentially become the producer. I’m not asking you to be the producer. I’m saying that even if someone else comes, that’s what essentially would happen eventually.”

“Probably. But I’m not a full-fledged producer, and I can learn at the same time.”

Oh Baek Ho could feel Do Wook’s resolute will.

Then again, he still went on morning exercises every chance he got without fail. If he said he could do it, Manager Oh Baek Ho had faith that he could do it.

“Ok. Then give it a try and let me know if it’s too hard. For now I’ll tell the company to get you an acting teacher.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh, that work ambition of yours…”

Oh Baek Ho criticized Do Wook in a gentle way. He had given various counterarguments, but he was very worried that Do Wook might push himself too much.

“Baek Ho. Regarding college…”

“Yes, what would you like to do about college? Ju Won College can’t see talent. I’m speechless. I should network or something and figure out why you didn’t make it.”

Do Wook lightly laughed at Oh Manager Oh Baek Ho’s words. It was because he knew Manager Oh Baek Ho genuinely acknowledged him and worried about him.

“I want to try applying to the acting program at the Korean National University of Arts.”

“What? The Korean National University of Arts?”

“Yes. Even for the acting teacher, I think someone knowledgeable about their entrance exam would be good.”

Oh Baek Ho seemed to immediately understand Do Wook’s big picture. He nodded his head.


All of the outstanding performers in Korea were graduates of the Korean National University of Arts. It was the gathering place and training center for talented performers in Korea.

Do Wook was already recognized as a singer and composer. Even if he didn’t go to a practical music program, he could meet top composers at any time and learn from them.

After filming the music video and receiving PD Shin Yoon Ho’s proposal, Do Wook thought that it was rather a relief that he didn’t get into Ju Won College’s practical music program.

He planned on going down a new path.

‘Seo Kang Jun will also start acting in due time anyways…It’s not too early. I’ll be going one step ahead.’

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