When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 60: A New Discovery (2)

Among the KK members, those who had been in their senior year of high school were Do Wook and Park Tae Hyung. Two people.

However, Park Tae Hyung hadn’t taken the CSAT at all. It was because he had applied for early admission to the broadcast entertainment department of a university in the metropolitan area which only required practical skills and school records.

Do Wook, who had done reasonably well on the CSAT, applied to Ju Won College, which was ranked one of the highest in Korea for their practical music program. The school took 10% grades and 90% practical skills into consideration.

It was very competitive, but everyone thought it was harder to fail with Do Wook’s grades and skills.

“What text did you get?”

“Oh. It turns out today was the day they post the results…”

“The college? Check it!”

The message stated that the acceptance statuses had been posted.

“You’ll be a college student too now~! Campus life!”

Of course, because of their activities, it would be difficult to enjoy the ‘campus life’ Kim Won was talking about even if he went to college. Right now he was on vacation, but even Kim Won planned on taking a leave of absence next semester.

Furthermore, since it was the second college entrance for Do Wook, there was nothing for him to be nervous about. In terms of differences, one big change was his major.

He chose practical music as his major because he thought it might help him compose songs.

Do Wook opened the internet browser and accessed the Ju Won College homepage. As soon as he got on the page, the acceptance results page opened as a pop-up.

He entered his name and the exam number he had jotted down and clicked search.

[Exam Number 78789123 Kang Do Wook, fail]

Kim Won, who had been looking at the screen with him, had a hardened expression.

He was certainly in a different position from a typical student so his shock in failing wasn’t the same as them, but it was true that he was flustered.

‘Maybe I thought of it too lightly…’

Do Wook thought back to the day of the practical test. It wasn’t like he had been in bad shape. His CSAT score had been much higher than the average, and the song he had sung was objectively worthy of getting a good evaluation.

“Uh, mmmm, umm…But you got waitlisted. Hmm, 7th? It’s lucky number 7!”

Kim Won, who was more flustered than Do Wook, said whatever came to mind.

The acceptance rate for the practical music program was very low. Since its academic orientation was astounding, it was one of the programs famous for having a huge waitlist.

There were only two places better than Ju Won College’s practical music program, so at max only three people would drop out.

“It’s ok. It’s not like I absolutely have to go to college this year anyways.”

“Yeah. Still, it’s odd. Your grades are good enough to pass.”

Kim Won muttered as he rested his chin on his hand, as if it were difficult to understand. Do Wook also thought it was strange, but a practical exam had to be subjective to a certain degree.

‘The song might not have matched well with the faculty members who judged it…there could be many possible reasons.’

Even if college isn’t important to celebrities, it was hard to be in a good mood after failing. Do Wook tried hard to calm down his heavy heart.

‘I’ll have to think a little more about the future and entering college.’


To film the reality show, cameras were installed throughout the dormitory as well as the rehearsal hall, studio, etc.

Filming was every Thursday and Friday. It was twice a week, but it was arranged so that they could film themselves at any time with the personal camera they were provided.

Today was Wednesday, a day they didn’t have filming, but they were scheduled to shoot the music video so the ‘KK Broadcast’ filming was also moved forward.

It was because PD Shin Yoon Ho wanted to record the set of the music video shoot. PD Shin Yoon Ho, who they had gotten to know at the program meeting and throughout filming, was a normal PD who wasn’t particularly a stickler but also didn’t have a particularly good personality.

If the staff made a mistake while filming he would get mad, but it was at the right level.

‘He looks so normal…that I can’t believe he’ll take the entertainment and drama world by storm in the future. This is why they say you never know what the future holds.’

That was what Do Wook thought every time he saw PD Shin Yoon Ho. It was almost time to go to the music video shoot location. Do Wook finished getting ready and went to the living room. At that moment, a loud sound came from Ahn Hyung Seo’s room.

“This camera is still fascinating no matter how many times I see it!”

Ahn Hyung Seo was looking straight at the camera installed in his room and shouting.

The members had felt awkward when filming had first started, because they had to voice their thoughts out loud even when they were alone, but now they were comfortable talking in front of the camera about anything.

Of course members like Ahn Hyung Seo and Kim Won, who already talked a lot, took up a majority of the screen time.

“Leeeeeeft~! Riiiiiight~!”

It moved left when Ahn Hyung Seo moved left, and moved right when he moved right.

Do Wook called out to Ahn Hyung Seo who was in his room playing in front of the camera, moving around all over the room.

“You have to get ready now…”

“Do Wook! Aren’t you amazed? How does it move automatically like this? The miracle of science! Come over here and try moving around too.”

Ahn Hyung Seo pulled Do Wook in. He grabbed Do Wook’s arms from behind and moved them like he were controlling them. The camera moved along with Do Wook’s movements.

Do Wook laughed as he looked at Ahn Hyung Seo, who was so fascinated and having fun like a child. He called Ahn Hyung Seo “hyung”*, but in reality Ahn Hyung Seo was much younger, so once in a while when he saw him act like this it looked as adorable as watching his nephew acting cute.
(TL Note: Hyung is what males call older males)

Do Wook called Ahn Hyung Seo over as if he had a secret to tell him. Do Wook pretended to whisper, making Ahn Hyung Seo’s ears stand up.

“Hyung Seo, did you know?”

“Hmm? What is it? What is it?!”

“This is controlled manually. There’s a person behind the camera.”

The camera he had believed all this time was moving on its own using a sensor, was actually being controlled by a person.

Ahn Hyung Seo, who belatedly understood what Do Wook meant, screamed. Yelling that it was a lie, Ahn Hyung Seo looked at the camera with an expression full of betrayal.

He was the type to stay in front of the camera and pout all day, but it really was time to head out to the music video filming location. Oh Baek Ho grabbed Ahn Hyung Seo, who wouldn’t leave the room, by the neck and dragged him out.


The filming set for the ‘LAST DANCE’ music video.

Not only the music video filming team, but also the ‘KK Broadcast’ filming team were there so there were more people than usual on site.

It was decided that the choreography version would be shot separately at a studio. Today’s shoot for the drama version was taking place at an abandoned factory in Namyangju.

The director for this music video was Director ‘Jin Young’. His real name was Lee Jin Young but he was using the name Jin Young as his director name.

He was considered the nation’s best CF* Director. He recently became interested in music videos after watching the ‘Rendez-vous project’ music video and had shot the music video for the solo singer Gae Na Ri not too long ago. Since it was a different field than CFs, there were voices of doubt, but his debut as a music video director was incredibly successful.
(TL Note: CF is commercial film)

On top of discovering a new side of Gae Na Ri in the music video, it expanded Gae Na Ri’s reach about 10 fold. It was also a screen composition that went very well with the song.

And KK’s music video was his second one. Director Jin Young wanted to make a music video with a story for KK.

“As I explained in the last meeting, Do Wook’s acting is important. You have to act out well the role of a youngster who has failed and is in despair.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Now, for the first take, it’s the scene where the young man is feebly entering the factory after having lost everything.”

After Director Jin Young had explained it to Do Wook, he said to the members who had been next to him while also listening to the explanation.

“All you guys have to do is pass by Do Wook one by one in the order stated in the script and lip sync full of emotion.”

All the members paid full attention to the explanation of the script and nodded their heads.

The music videos they had shot until now were not music videos that needed acting talent. They simply had to lip sync to match their acting on stage.

However, this music video had a story, and it wasn’t only Do Wook who had to play the main character but also the other members who had to act to a certain degree.

Before filming began, Do Wook’s makeup was done to look like he had been hit in the face, and he changed into shabby clothes.

The members were wearing the hip-hop style outfit that they would be wearing for their performance.

“Brrr, it’s too cold. Oh! Do Wook~”

“Do Wook’s face is a complete mess, man.”

Ahn Hyung Seo noticed Do Wook, who had returned after finishing getting his makeup done, and Jung Yoon Ki expressed his appreciation. It was as Jung Yoon Ki said. The right side of Do Wook’s face had a purple bruise and his lips and left cheek had what looked like dried blood. He also had scratches and scars here and there.

Of course it was all fake, but it was so realistic that it could pass off as real.

“I was worried that he’d still look too good even with makeup because he’s so handsome, but I guess that wasn’t the case~!”

“It looks like he really got beaten up by someone.”

Suk Ji Hoon added after Ahn Hyung Seo muttered out of surprise.

“S…Still, he’s handsome. If you look closely.”

Everyone giggled, saying what Park Tae Hyung said was true.

“As expected, you can’t hide it.”

Do Wook scratched his head when Suk Ji Hoon, the youngest, complimented him.

It was acting for a music video, but Do Wook had never even considered acting. ‘Acting out’ someone else’s feelings other than his own was new to him.

Therefore, when he first heard he’d have to act in the music video as the main character, Do Wook couldn’t help but be a little worried.

The company and Director Ji Young debated between Suk Ji Hoon, who could act, and Do Wook, but they decided to give the music video’s main role to Do Wook because they concluded Do Wook fit the image better and was more popular than Suk Ji Hoon, who was still a minor.

From the company’s perspective, it would broaden Do Wook’s spectrum of activities and was also a good opportunity to test his acting skills.

After hearing the explanation about his role, Do Wook thought that it might be doable. He might have thought it’d be harder if the role was a typical cool male lead.

Being frustrated and sad…that was a feeling Do Wook was extremely used to.

“I’ll have to do well.”

Jung Yoon Ki patted Do Wook’s shoulder, who was unusually nervous about doing something new.

“Let’s see Do Wook’s acting skills!”

The ‘KK Broadcast team’ was recording everything, including the members gathered around Do Wook and talking before the shoot.

“Ready, action!”

With Director Jin Young’s yell, the filming of the second scene started.

Shooting for the first scene got okayed after just three takes, so shooting for the second scene was able to be quickly underway.

They did a third take because Director Jin Young wanted an even better scene and better match the timing of the members lip syncing, not because they made any particular NG*s.
(TL Note: NG stands for no/not good.)

Do Wook, who plodded into the factory, was the embodiment of ‘loser’.

Even though his expression wasn’t excessive, the empty atmosphere his expressionless face gave off was exactly the picture of the main character.

And the second scene was a solo scene of Do Wook crouched down on one side of the abandoned factory, crying and full of sorrow.

Do Wook leaned against the wall and got a hold of his emotions. The members and the staff observed Do Wook as quietly as possible to help Do Wook’s acting.


Director Jin Young, who had been zooming in with the camera, yelled cut.

Do Wook’s eyes on screen were red. He was biting his hips hard and holding back tears.

In a rush of excitement, Director Jin Young clenched his fists that were on his knees.

“We’ll go one more time!”

At Director Jin Young’s words, the ‘LAST DANCE’ melody flowed throughout the abandoned factory again.

And in Do Wook’s mind he recalled the days he would wait for morning to come while singing ‘If It Were A Dream’.

Drip drip drip. Tears fell from Do Wooks’ eyes.


Everyone was sniffling at the tears reflected on the zoomed-in camera. It was tears that would pull at your heartstring without you understanding why. The members recalled that this might be why the tear Do Wook shed at the awards show went viral.

Once again, drip drip drip. Tears were flowing down continuously. Do Wook’s face was drenched.

They had thought Do Wook had never gone through hardship, but there was desperation in his tears.



There was a kind of silence on the set as everyone watched with bated breath. ‘LA, LA, LAST DANCE…’ It was to the point that the melody felt somehow somber.

“Cut! That was good! That was very good!”

Director Jin Young jumped out of his seat and yelled. It was only the end of the second take, but they had completed a satisfactory take.

Do Wook, who had gotten out of his character, rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands and got up from his seat.

After temporarily putting on Kim Bo Myung’s expression, he was once again back to being KK’s central member Kang Do Wook.

The shoot moved on. They shot the scene where they all gathered in the abandoned factory and danced the choreography as well as individual shots of them lip syncing.

It wasn’t until after 1 am that the members and staff were starting to look tired.

However, there was still one last scene to film today.

It was the scene where they stand on the rooftop of the abandoned factory and look out at the morning sky during sunrise. As such, the members had returned to the car and were waiting.

“Manager Oh, Please turn the heater higher.”

Suk Ji Hoon said even as he was wrapped tightly in a throw blanket. Suk Ji Hoon felt body aches coming on from continuously filming in the cold weather in an abandoned factory that wasn’t properly heated.

“Do Wook, what were you thinking of when you were crying earlier? You were really good at crying.”

“That’s right, man. If you’re also good at acting, there’s nothing for the rest of us to do.”

Do Wook simply smiled at Ahn Hyung Seo and Jung Yoon Ki’s series of compliments and didn’t say much else. He couldn’t exactly say he was recalling his past memories and life.

Honestly, the members were bothered about Do Wook recently getting rejected from the college they were sure he’d get into, even more than Do Wook was.

He wasn’t certain, but Ahn Hyung Seo was walking on eggshells wondering to himself if that was the reason he was able to cry well.

Do Wook, who had no way of knowing that that was what Ahn Hyung Seo was thinking, opened up his cell phone and was looking through articles to pass the time.

< M2M Seo Kang Jun, Admitted to Ju Won College Practical Music Program >

< Seo Jun, who was both admitted to Ju Won College and became its PR ambassador at the same time, “Lets go to school together!” ... >

Do Wook grit his teeth hard.

“Seo Kang Jun…”

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