When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 56: LAST CHANCE (2)

There were 4 groups, Group 1 through 4. KK was part of Group 3. Group 3 was provided sky blue sweats. Park Tae Hyung approached Do Wook, who was rolling up the sleeves of his light blue sweatshirt.

“Do Wook…do more warm-ups. Or else you’ll hurt yourself.”

Do Wook laughed when Park Tae Hyung said that and replied that he would. He then repeated squats 3-4 times.

The official title for today’s program was ‘Lunar New Year Special: Idol Olympics’.

The MVS broadcast station ambitiously prepared this pilot program for the holidays to see how it would be received before making it a yearly holiday special.

‘Of course this first episode, with the massive amount of hype it created, secured its place among the special holiday entertainment programs. Although the format becomes tedious later and there are so many issues that there will be a series of requests to cancel it…’

Do Wook thought as he stretched his arms. Do Wook’s fans in the audience were capturing every little bit of Do Wook’s flexible movements on camera.

Honestly, there would be so many participants in ‘Idol Olympics’ that it wouldn’t really be worth it to be on the program; they had to keep their whole day free, and it was a program that they could get injured on.

More and more celebrities and agencies would be opposed to it. There would also be a considerable amount of resistance from fans, who had to be there as the audience all day without compensation.

However, the broadcast station benefited from it. It became a program one absolutely had to go on if told to do so, just as much as music programs or other entertainment programs.

It was a program where agencies could get their rookies some exposure when they were trying to do whatever they could to grow, so they even sent their talents kicking and screaming.

‘Anyways, at least for now it’s definitely a chance to get some exposure during the Lunar New Year holiday, when it’s hard to be active.’

Among today’s events, KK would be participating in a total of 5 events.

Long jump, archery, futsal*, 100m dash, and relay race.
(TL notes: To my understanding, futsal is a smaller version of soccer with only a 5-person team.)

Do Wook for the long jump, Jung Yoon Ki and Do Wook for the 100m dash, all the members except Suk Ji Hoon for the relay race, Park Tae Hyung and Ahn Hyung Seo for futsal, and Kim Won for archery.

Do Wook, who was athletic and exercised a lot regularly, ended up participating in 3 events: the long jump, 100m dash, and the relay race.

“The futsal will be held at a different gymnasium right?”

“Yes…the events overlap so I don’t think I’ll be able to cheer Won on for the archery finals.”

Kim Won and Ahn Hyung Seo were in front of the audience area giving fan service as they blew kisses.

Kim Won, who had never held an arrow before, displayed surprising focus and understanding. He scored 9 points after a little bit of practice, even scoring 10 points in the preliminaries which put him in first place in his cluster and advanced him to the finals.

The MCs sitting in the broadcasting booth were a given, but even the former national archery athletes who made a special appearance to help out were surprised by his skills.

“I’ll be here cheering for you, then as soon as the competition ends I’ll head over to cheer on the futsal team.”


Just then an announcement was made that the long jump competition would be starting soon.

The participants, who had been scattered throughout the area, started to gather around the location of the competition. Suk Ji Hoon and Jung Yoon Ki, who were tired from recording since 8 am and had been zoning out in their seats, also got up. It was already 5 pm.

“Do Wook, good luck man.”

Jung Yoon Ki gave a disheartening cheer as he yawned. Ahn Hyung Seo and Kim Won on the other hand came running from far away and were in high spirits, even singing cheering songs.

As he headed towards the area prepared for the long jump, Do Wook smiled awkwardly at how completely different the members’ energies were.

There were about 20 people participating in the long jump. There were no preliminaries and they went straight to the finals. Each group sent either a tall member or a slightly shorter but flexible member to participate.

After he learned he would be participating in the long jump, Do Wook watched videos of athletes when he had a chance and even practiced a few times on the track.

Do Wook was number 14. When he was practicing during his downtime, he was easily able to jump about 5m. He didn’t absolutely have to win first place, but he entered the competition with the mentality that since he had to do it he might as well try for first place.

The average scores of the people ahead of him were on the higher end of 4m. However, the record was 5m 15cm.

After Number 13’s scores were recorded, it was Do Wook’s turn. When Do Wook stepped forward, the cheering in the stadium became as loud as if it reverberated through a megaphone.

“You’re so handsomeeeee!”

“Go Kang Do Wook!”

When he looked towards where it was the loudest, two banners were fluttering there.

‘A face genius is made of 99% handsome and 1% tears – Do Wook’s Tissue Roll -’

‘We’re rooting for you, face genius Kang Do Wook.’

Do Wook read what was on the banner and grinned. He then lightly lifted his feet off the ground when the whistle blew.

Do Wook ran at top speed and accurately stomped his feet at the top of the take-off board. He wasn’t gritting his teeth, he just had a peaceful expression. Do Wook practically flew up.

From stomping on the takeoff board to landing on the ground, his entire form was precise, just like the pictures in textbooks.

The audience, who had been holding their breath, erupted into cheers the second he landed. The members who had been watching from the sidelines also clapped.

“What a clean form!”

The commentator yelled in admiration from the broadcasting booth.

Do Wook’s score was 5m 14cm. It was 1cm less than the record, but it was a very solid score. Do Wook was the first among the members to receive a medal. It was a silver medal.

The competitions after the long jump were archery and futsal. In the middle of the archery final, the futsal participants had to head over to the futsal arena that was right next door.

The archery competition that was done tournament-style really made one’s hands sweaty. Do Wook, Jung Yoon Ki, and Suk Ji Hoon, who were watching, felt strangely nervous every time Kim Won pulled the arrow back.

Even though this Olympics was just for entertainment without much of a prize, the KK members were giving it their all once the competitions started.

Kim Won was the favorite to win the finals. Kim Won got through the first and second rounds with ease.

“Oh my gosh!”

His opponent was a male solo singer from the Blue Moon Agency. Kim Won put his hands on his forehead as he looked at the trajectory of the arrow. As he expected, the arrow he shot landed precisely on 10 points.

With that, the difference in score between Kim Won and the male singer was just one point. It would be decided by one last arrow.

In terms of physical strength, the male solo singer could be considered to have a small advantage.


However, in terms of focus Kim Won was almost beastly. Kim Won drew a breath and stared at the target.

Kim Won was the member who’d make wisecracks. The fans in the cheering section became fans again then and there as they whispered about seeing Kim Won’s serious side for the first time.



The arrows Kim Won and the male solo artist shot landed on 10 points and 9 points respectively.

After putting the bow down, Kim Woon ran to the members and hugged them.

“Wow, dude you really should become a professional archer.”

His skills were incredible to the point that even Jung Yoon Ki, who never got too surprised, was pumped up. Do Wook also looked at Kim Won with an awestruck gaze. Kim Won scratched the back of his head and quipped.

“Do you think I can still do that?”

Everyone shook their heads and laughed.

With Kim Won receiving a gold medal, KK had now acquired 2 medals.

“They’re probably still in the first half of futsal. Let’s head over.”

Jung Yoon Ki led the members out of the arena.

“We already have two medals.”

“If we also get a medal in the 100m dash later…our group might win if we keep this up.”

“It’s because I didn’t do anything.”

“You cheered us on, man. So cheer for us even harder.”

The futsal arena was connected with the main arena by a waiting room hallway. Jung Yoon Ki and Suk Ji Hoon talked as they walked through the hallway reserved for participants and staff.

Kim Won hummed. They were tired, but everyone was in a good mood from winning the medals back to back. Do Wook was thinking that since it was a program they were participating in anyways, it’d be better to try to enjoy it.

“Huh?…Manager Oh?”

Suk Ji Hoon spotted Manager Oh Baek Ho, who was standing by the inner entrance of the arena, and tilted his head.

During a time when it should have been loud from the futsal game, the arena was unexpectedly quiet. The game was currently suspended.

Even Oh Baek Ho’s expression was unmistakably unusual. The members quickened their steps.

Once they entered the futsal arena, Oh Baek Ho and the filming staff were gathered by the entrance.

They saw Ahn Hyung Seo on the ground in the back getting medical treatment and Park Tae Hyung next to him, shaken.

Oh Baek Ho was having a serious conversation with the staff so the members, including Do Wook, immediately headed towards Ahn Hyung Seo.

“Hyung Seo!”

“What happened?”

When they entered the arena, they could tell that the vibe was definitely uneasy. The fans in the fan area were clearly stirred up, concerned for Ahn Hyung Seo.

“Are you guys already done?”

“Hey! Are you ok?!”

Jung Yoon Ki and Ahn Hyung Seo usually bickered with each other, but Jung Yoon Ki’s expression immediately hardened when he saw Ahn Hyung Seo sitting down icing his leg. It was the image of an older brother concerned for his little brother.

Do Wook, along with the other members, frowned.

“Wow, I’m kind of touched by everyone’s worried faces~!”

“Do you think this is the time to joke?”

Seeing how serious Jung Yoon Ki’s face was, Ahn Hyung Seo cleared his throat. However, feeling that he was a little harsh out of concern, Jung Yoon Ki apologized to Ahn Hyung Seo. Park Tae Hyung explained the situation instead.

“Well…Hyung Seo was running with the ball and got tackled,”

“Oh my gosh! Tackled? Who did that?!!!”

Worked up, Kim Won interrupted Park Tae Hyung but Ahn Hyung Seo waved his hands.

“No! He didn’t get hurt from the tackle. After the tackle hi legs gave out or something and he fell.”


Park Tae Hyung confirmed Ahn Hyung Seo’s explanation with a somewhat dubious expression. Park Tae Hyung was running next to him. From his perspective, the tackle was clearly aiming for the Achilles tendon. Do Wook asked calmly,

“Who’s the one that tackled him?”

“It’s…M2M’s Seo Jun.”

“It was just a situation that warranted a tackle.”

Ahn Hyung Seo explained to the riled up members. Ahn Hyung Seo would normally make a fuss even over a paper cut, but now that everyone was worried he was being mature.

Of course that probably was the case. However, the members, who had no one to blame, wanted to put the blame on Seo Jun.

Do Wook’s thoughts were a little different. Do Wook looked around and spotted Seo Kang Jun among the other participants who were resting due to the competition being suspended. At that moment, he made eye contact with Seo Kang Jun who happened to be looking that way.

‘If it’s Seo Jun…’

Seo Kang Jun looked like he was in a good mood, he was smiling at Do Wook unlike when he usually saw Do Wook. A chill went down Do Wook’s spine.

‘I’m certain. He tackled him on purpose.’

Do Wook clenched his fist. As Do Wook predicted, Seo Kang Jun, who lost his round, maliciously tackled Ahn Hyung Seo, who was running with the ball, to scare him because the game wasn’t going well for them.

The competition was one thing, but he also wanted to vent his frustration for KK ‘stealing’ the Rookie of the Year award. Seo Kang Jun genuinely believed that the Rookie of the Year award, that he was so sure would be his, had been stolen from him.

Seo Kang Jun’s tackle skillfully passed by Ahn Hyung Seo’s legs, which made it seem like a legitimate tackle while going for the ball. Because of that, it wasn’t even a foul.

Ahn Hyung Seo, who briefly fell because of the tackle, got up right away. However, the pain from the graze was severe. Ahn Hyung Seo, who ran a little more after that, eventually fell and sprained his leg.

Although he wanted to immediately run after Seo Jang Jun and punch him, Do Wook bit his lips.

‘It’s hard to change or protect a future that I didn’t know about in the previous life. After all, I can’t know everything…’

Do Wook, who had briefly blamed himself because he thought the reason he wasn’t able to prevent Ahn Hyung Seo’s injury was because he was lacking, shook his head. He didn’t think he could change everything or prevent anything in the first place. Even if Do Wook had tried to stop it, Seo Kang’s evil nature would not change.

Do Wook ignored Seo Kang Jun, who was laughing, and turned his head.

‘Let’s see how long you can laugh. You’ll end up hitting rock bottom.’

After he was done talking to the filming staff, Oh Baek Ho headed towards where the members were gathered. Thankfully it didn’t seem like a serious injury, but Oh Baek Ho nodded his head to the medical staff’s advice to get a thorough check-up.

“You guys will be ok on your own right? Ra Hee will be staying here.”

“We’re not kids. Please take him to the hospital quickly.”

Oh Baek Ho, who patted Jung Yoon Ki’s shoulder, helped Ahn Hyung Seo get up along with the medical staff. Onlookers were abuzz, expressing their concern. Ahn Hyung Seo headed to the hospital.

Even in this situation, Park Tae Hyung still had to participate in the competition. The competition resumed with the standby player entering the field.

The highlight of today’s recording, the relay, was the last competition.

The participants for the relay, which was a team match instead of a group match, included M2M and KK. It was a big match between the rookies.

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