When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 49: Rendez-vous (3)

The song playing from Kwon Hyul’s cell phone was the song Do Wook had composed, ‘Song for Apollon’.

The total track length was 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

It was a shorter track time than typical songs, but that was out of consideration for jazz pianist Kwon Hyul’s piece that would be added to the prelude or bridge.

When a rhythm slightly faster than a heartbeat started to play, everyone held their breath and focused on the song for a bit.

The song started with an ad-libbed melody that went ‘Ahahah―’. The song was recorded by HIT Entertainment’s vocal trainer as a demo version.

Since they planned to document the entire process on video, including Do Wook working on the song with Kwon Hyul, Do Wook recording the song as the singer, etc., Yoo Sung Electronics wanted to do the first recording at that time.

The life of the glowing sun that shines on everything

It’s strong no matter where it is, in water or in fire

The one and only sun is eternal no matter how much time passes―

Because they had to symbolically capture the essence of Apollon, the Yoo Sung Electronics smart phone model, the Yoo Sung Electronics’ marketing team was consulted when writing the lyrics.

Do Wook worked together with KK member Kim Won to write the lyrics.

Keeping in mind that it was a song for the project, Do Wook made all the parts except the chorus like a rap. It was so that they could deliver many messages.

He felt that it would be good to have Kim Won write the lyrics for that part.

Even though it was a last-minute request right before the repackage activities, Kim Won still willingly participated in writing the lyrics.

“Man, is Do Wook like…the goose that lays golden eggs?”

“He’s a goose…”

Writing the lyrics was a bit of a headache, but Kim Won earned money from royalties, and it was definitely a good opportunity for him to be involved in a major project.

We, who are like the sun’s passion, Apollon―Apollon―Apollon―

The lyrics of the chorus repeated, with the song leaving a lasting impression as it ended.

Na Eun Soo quietly cheered as she said, “Wow”.

Oh Bin was in high spirits and continued to move to the rhythm. He shook his arms like a wave. The way he was moving his body to the rhythm was practically a complete dance routine.

“It’s good even the second time around, my God. And I have to make a video with this song in the background…they’ll say I messed up the song if I don’t make the video really cool. Ugh.”

Na Eun Soo muttered in a way that wasn’t clear whether she was talking to Do Wook or talking to herself. She seemed anxious about making the video already.

Pretty worked up, Oh Bin couldn’t wait to start dancing. The ‘Rendez-vous project’ camera made sure to capture all of Na Eun Soo and Oh bin’s actions without fail.

“Haha, thank you.”

As he thanked people, Do Wook glanced over at Kwon Hyul to see what he thought. Kwon Hyul had his arms crossed and was sitting still. The Marketing Manager was also waiting for Kwon Hyul’s reaction to the song.

Unlike Na Eun Soo and Oh Bin, Kwon Hyul exuded sensitive artist vibes even as he sat there quietly. You could tell just by his spotless glasses and shortly cut finger nails how meticulous he was about taking care of himself.

“It’s a song that has plenty of room to add a jazz piano part.”

As expected, Kwon Hyul understood the composer Do Wook’s intentions. Do Wook smiled.

“How long have you been composing for?”

“About one year…”

Everyone’s eyes opened wide at Do Wook’s response.

“The true genius is right here!”

They were all in their early to mid-twenties, and each ridiculously talented in their field. He was called a genius even though he wasn’t one. Do Wook couldn’t help but be surprised when even they called him a genius.

‘Genius…it’s embarrassing being called that.’

Do Wook shook his head as he waved his hands. To others, Do Wook seemed humble, but that was how Do Wook genuinely felt.

It was true that it had only been a little over a year if you only considered how long he’d been studying composition, but Do Wook had already listened to such a huge number of songs that a fellow 19-year-old couldn’t even imagine. There was also a lot he had picked up while working at the company.

Since he was repeating life for the second time, he was different from other people, starting with his will power. Do Wook couldn’t help but laugh when hearing ‘You can sleep when you’re dead.’

That was how hard he’d been working, making every second count.

“It really is surprising. I can’t say it’s finalized but it’s still an outstanding song. You were one step ahead of the song’s traditional arrangement while sticking to the basics. I wanted to meet you as soon as I heard the song.”


Do Wook was speechless after hearing Kwon Hyul’s analytical evaluation of the song. Kwon Hyul said the song wasn’t perfect, but that pretty much meant it was perfect. It was a compliment.

‘He had already started to make a name for himself as a jazz pianist by age thirteen. I can’t believe my song got such an evaluation from a true genius…’

Do Wook felt a different kind of joy from when the song he composed with Yong Soo Chul, ‘Very Sorry’, became popular.

“I’m truly flattered.”

“It made me excited to play this song in the background.”

Kwon Hyul tapped his fingers on the table.

While they were speaking extremely politely for a conversation between a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old, Na Eun Soo broke the stiff atmosphere and said excitedly,

“I can’t wait to hear the version with Do Wook’s singing. I think it’ll be really good~!”

Na Eun Soo seemed friendly like a typical female college student, but when she worked, there were times she wouldn’t leave her studio for a week straight.

One of her video projects was already being displayed at a famous foreign contemporary art museum.

The four of them casually started to talk about each other’s experience and specialty.

They realized that each of their fields were vastly different. At the same time, they could see how hard each of them were working in their respective fields, and how passionate they were about it. They also had a significant amount of pride.

They inspired each other too. It made Do Wook excited to sing.

The Marketing Manager cleaned up the area.

The cameras were turned off, and Oh Baek Ho as Do Wook’s manager, and M2M’s manager, as well as Kwon Hyul’s manager gathered together.

“Today’s first meeting was just to introduce ourselves to each other. We’ll meet in a week to discuss each other’s work.”

The four people nodded their heads.

“I’m sure next time will be a casual atmosphere like this too, but…the set will be set up, and the music video director will be here as well to give some direction.”

“Are you saying I have to act?”

Kwon Hyul asked kind of sharply. The manager quickly answered in the negative.

“No, only scenes that absolutely have to be in the music video. There will pretty much only be a script for those kinds of scenes. ‘When Kwon plays the piano, the rest of you will stand next to him and listen.’ Those kinds of scene directions.”


“I’ll send you the script ahead of time.”

It was a music video shoot for an ad, so Kwon Hyul didn’t think that everything would progress like a documentary. Still, it was a part he was concerned about and dwelled over in case they had him act too much.

“We’ll schedule a time to do individual VJ* shoots. We’re just shooting a short video of you guys working on the projects. We appreciate your cooperation.”
(TL note: VJ is video jockey)

The manager said as he looked at not only the models but also the managers.

This time, the managers nodded their heads. The three of them, excluding Na Eun Soo, had to coordinate their schedules with their managers.

“This is the newest model of Apollon that will be released in a few days. I’m giving it to the four of you early. Please include you using it naturally in your individual shoots. The VJ will know what to do.”

The manager gave the four of them cases containing Yoo Sung Electronics’ smartphones that came straight off the factory line a few days ago.


The four of them had to use Apollon for the duration of the advertisement contract. Oh Bin excitedly accepted the case.

“Then I’ll see you again next week.”

They all said their goodbyes and left the studio.

There was a very good feeling about the ‘Rendez-vous project’ right off the bat.


Then, a few days later.

A huge promotion that started along with the release of the new Apollon model.

The new Apollon model had KK’s ‘Windy Day’ original version soundtrack along with the never released acapella version soundtrack.

A male actor was the model for the TV ad where he was holding the Apollon, and once he pressed the play button the chorus of ‘Windy Day’ played, although shortened by about 4 seconds.

It was also used as the music for the ad.

On an internet ad that many KK fans saw, they extensively hyped up the fact that the soundtrack of the never released acapella version of KK’s ‘Windy Day’ was included.

-Sick! KK ㅠㅠ You’re the best, I’m proud of you.

-No-name rookie KK’s song is in Apollon? KK’s lucky

-It’s Yoo Sung Electronics that got lucky~ They’re using KK to promote it;;

-Isn’t it undeniable that Apollon is more famous than no-name KK? lol

-HIT Entertainment is good at their job~

-Hey anti, it’s long past the time that KK can be considered a no-name. Get lost.

-They’re getting big because they’re talented and they’re kind. Even the industry acknowledges them.

The reactions on the communities where idol fans gathered were very fervid.

There were a lot of fans who said they were planning on getting a new phone and decided on Apollon, but there were also a lot of sarcastic comments. It could be interpreted as people were that interested.

Also, the controversial comments were mostly written by fans of other idol groups to keep KK in check.

Outside of the communities, comments on the article on the portal site were normal.

-I was wondering what this song was. It’s from a recent idol haha

-KK oppas* I want to buy Apollon ㅠㅠ
(TL note: oppa is what females call older males)

-The screens became clearer and bigger so this model looks good, but the price is too high…

-It came out as a device to listen to music. Is the sound quality good?

Feedback regarding the new model itself was circulating.

Among them were people saying that the song was good. It was definitely true that Apollon was more famous than KK among middle-aged people. Because of that, the promotional effect for the group KK and the song ‘Windy Day’ was huge.

The new Apollon model that only Do Wook had received through the ‘Rendez-vous project’ arrived for the rest of the members of KK. As soon as they turned it on, the members opened the music app and played the built-in ‘Windy Day’.

The acapella version of ‘Windy Day’ started reverberating throughout the rehearsal hall.

“Whosoever’s song it is, it’s nice~!”

“Oh…it’s nice…”

Excited, Ahn Hyung Seo hummed the song. Park Tae Hyung followed his lead and added a harmony.

Park Tae Hyung struggled the most when recording the acapella version. Compared to the other members or compared to his dancing skills, his singing skills were lacking.

To help Park Tae Hyung who was struggling even before they started recording, Ahn Hyung Seo was kind enough to share his knowledge.

As for Do Wook, it became an opportunity for him to discover the appeal of singing together instead of alone as he practiced harmonizing etc. with Ahn Hyung Seo, Suk Ji Hoon or Park Tae Hyung.

‘It seems like it gets better as the music builds…’

Do Wook, along with the other members, admired the acapella version of ‘Windy Day’ playing from the cell phone.

At that moment, Do Wook’s cell phone rang.

‘Huh? Who is this?’

It was a message from a number he didn’t know. There was also a file attached to the message.

[This is Kwon Hyul.

I tried playing it a bit.

Please listen to it and get back to me.]

Do Wook quickly downloaded the file. He left the rehearsal hall where the rest of the members were, and headed towards an empty rehearsal hall.

The ‘Rendez-vous project’ was in full swing. Do Wook looked forward to how Kwon Hyul would build on and express his song.

After playing the file, Do Wook’s forehead became slightly scrunched up.

‘Was Kwon Hyul’s performance always like this…?’

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