When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 48: Rendez-vous (2)

Fan Marketing Team conference room. It was already Do Wook’s second time there.

Team Leader Jo Anna called Do Wook for a one-on-one meeting so she could explain to him in more detail about being a Yoo Sung Electronics model.

While Team Leader Jo Anna stepped out for a sudden call, an intern came in and asked Do Wook if he would like some coffee.

“I don’t drink coffee…could I trouble you for a cup of water?”

“Of course!”

The intern blushed at Do Wook’s request and nodded vigorously.

After KK’s successful debut and the events that followed it, HIT Entertainment had no choice but to urgently hire more employees. They thought one employee from Fan Marketing in charge of KK would be enough for now, but the situation was different from what they initially expected. Even just doing fan club enrollment was a tremendous task.

Even though Do Ra Hee was a professional with years of Fan Marketing-related experience, she alone was not enough.

It was also tricky to assign another team member, since Do Ra Hee had already left Monster to start working with KK.

So the Fan Marketing Team started by hiring one intern to work under Do Ra Hee. They were also considering recruiting additional people.

For the Album Development Team as well, they had hired one person since the situation wouldn’t change too much once KK finished their album activities.

“Here you go…”

Not long after he asked for the water, the intern returned and placed the cup in front of Do Wook.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.”

After seeing how Do Wook thanked her, she hastily confirmed deep in her heart that Do Wook’s personality is really genuine.

She tried not to show it, but he could tell she kept hovering around the conference room door because she couldn’t help but want to look at him a little longer.

She was actually a huge fan of KK. She had experience being a fan of other idols, and prepared for jobs with the intention of working at an agency as her goal. Right before graduation, she saw the job posting with HIT Entertainment and applied without hesitation.

Competition to get into HIT Entertainment was more intense than ever before. Of course it was thanks to KK’s success that HIT Entertainment’s vision became clear. During that time, there was support from competent ‘nuna fans*’.
(TL note: older female fans)

She was one of those fans. She, a graduate of SKY college, ended up joining the company after successfully overcoming the dozens to one odds.

Before the intern, who was distracted by Do Wook, even opened the conference room door, it suddenly opened.

It was Team Leader Jo Anna.

“It was an urgent call. I’m sorry to make you wait when you’re busy.”

“No, it’s all right.”

It had been only 2 weeks since she started as an intern, but she caught on quickly and already understood well how the Fan Marketing Team works.

It was ok for Do Ra Hee to know that she was a fan of KK, but Jo Anna couldn’t know.

Honestly, since Fan Marketing Team is the department that needs to be the most knowledgeable about what fans want, the agency decided to hire fans. However, that often led to people who couldn’t distinguish between their professional and personal lives.

What Jo Anna hated the most was someone who couldn’t keep their work life and personal life separate. She didn’t kick out someone just for being a fan, but it was obvious she’d watch over such people like a hawk even more.

“Intern, why are you just standing there like that?”

“Ah, It’s nothing.”

The intern quickly bowed her head, bidding them goodbye, rushed out of the room as quick as a bullet, and closed the door as quietly as a mouse.

Jo Anna placed the documents she received from the Yoo Sung Electronics Marketing Team involving the ‘Rendez-vous project’ on the table and told Do Wook to look them over.

He actually knew almost all the information on it, but that was from a consumer’s point of view. It was his first time seeing the data from the inside as an involved party.

Do Wook carefully looked through the documents.

If Do Wook were a normal 19-year-old, Jo Anna would have prepared a separate summarized version of the document to show him instead of the documents given by Yoo Sung Electronics.

However, Team Leader Jo Anna had observed Do Wook’s actions closely as an insider starting from his debut until now, and had already discussed the business with him before. Jo Anna acknowledged that Do Wook’s understanding of the entertainment business was higher than most employees, regardless of age.

The documents contained a general explanation of Yoo Sung Electronics’ art-related marketing project. It also included details on how they would put samples of popular singers’ songs into the Apollon models.

Do Wook said after having read all the documents through.

“KK’s song will be in all new Apollon models…it’s truly amazing.”

“I worked hard to get favorable conditions.”

“Ah…Thank you for putting in so much effort.”

“There’s no need to thank me. I did it because it was good for the company. Rather, should I be thanking you for the Rendez-vous project?”


Do Wook asked back.

Team Leader Jo Anna explained to Do Wook how he was selected to be a model.

The Yoo Sung Electronics Marketing Team were originally debating between the vocalist of a band, who was an outstanding singer, and Do Wook, who was an idol member good at singing with visuals to match. Considering the purpose, going with the band vocalist would be the right thing, but his star power was lacking.

The higher-ups at Yoo Sung Electronics were leaning more towards band vocalist who was more suitable for the project’s purpose.

While the extremely divided opinions over the model casting was causing chaos, the Yoo Sung Electronics president decided to go with Do Wook.

“President Lee Chul Ho did?”

“That’s right. I heard he saw you at the fashion show. The President’s secretary even sent you a cell phone.”

“Yes. Just briefly.”

“You left a deep impression when you were on the runway, and after talking with you a bit he was certain you’d be good as a model.”


“It IS true that you have a charisma that’s never felt in most people your age.”

“You’re also trustworthy,” Team Leader Jo Anna added. Do Wook was a little surprised that she thought so highly of him.

Jo Anna explained the contents and conditions of the ad. Their purpose for agreed to do the ad wasn’t to make money anyways. Having the title of model for Yoo Sung Electronics’ ad was enough.

The content was as Do Wook knew it to be. The members of the ‘Rendez-vous project’, made up of artists from different fields, would express within their own fields the theme of ‘Youth, Passion, Dream’.

Also, that whole process would be recorded on video in its entirety, which would be edited into the ad and music video.

‘The most important thing is the ad music. The jazz pianist will probably rearrange a jazz piano song for the bridge part, the B Boy artist will do a dance to go with it. The graphic designer will fill the rest of the ad and music video with a video that goes with the theme and song.’

As a singer, Do Wook’s role was to sing the song they composed.

However, the music, which was the foundation for all the work, would later be labeled as plagiarism. After taking a sip of water, Do Wook asked Jo Anna.

“That project’s music…is the song ready?”

“It seems like they’re still trying to recruit a genius Korean power who lives abroad for the song”

“Were they able to get him…?”

“He keeps refusing, saying he’s in a slump. So the schedule is being pushed back. He’s so full of himself. Maybe it’s a ploy to get to them to keep raising the payment.”

Do Wook finally understood a little bit. The composer was in a slump and feeling backed into a corner after having received a large sum of money, so he committed the atrocious act of plagiarizing the song.

Of course no matter what the situation was, plagiarism was unforgivable.

“I was considering maybe sending Yoo Sung Electronics my song.”

For an instant, Jo Anna’s eyes sparkled. “Ha,” Jo Anna laughed, as if it were unbelieveable.

This was Do Wook’s plan to take advantage of opportunities and to try to turn even crises into opportunities.

‘It could seem presumptuous to recommend going with a different composer and changing the song. However, it’d be a different situation if I were to bring it up first that I’d like to be involved with the song. If the project’s purpose really is a product made from young artists’ “direct participation”, it would be more fitting for the purpose.’

After checking Team Leader Jo Anna’s reaction, Do Wook was certain his idea was right.

“How brilliant. I assume you have a song prepared?”

Of course Team Leader Jo Anna said that because she figured Do Wook had made this suggestion to make himself stand out more.

His reasons for it aside, she was correct that he was ambitious and ultimately wanted to produce a good result. From Team Leader Jo Anna’s perspective, if Do Wook did well, she would look that much better.

“Yes, one of the songs I’ve written could go well with it.”

Do Wook already knew the quality of the song of the composer that Yoo Sung Electronics originally went with. The song he had prepared by himself wasn’t on the same level as ‘Very Sorry’ that he had put together with PD Yong Soo Chul, but he could proudly say it was at least the same quality as the original song.

It was really fortunate that he had been working on composing various songs whenever he had time, either while on the road or working on it until morning during the active period for the repackage album.

“If they are at the same level of quality, this one would be more meaningful, and the obvious choice would be to go with the more active person.”

Team Leader Jo Anna replied, her lips that had dark red lipstick on curling into a smirk.

“Sure, send it. I’ll suggest it to Yoo Sung Electronics.”

Thankfully, the Yoo Sung Electronics Marketing Team responded very positively.

Hiring a composer was a difficult task. HIT Entertainment sending over Do Wook’s song as a suggestion right when they were about to sign someone else for a lot more money was a welcomed opportunity.

The quality of the song was impressive too. The person in charge of Yoo Sung Electronics Marketing praised Do Wook, saying he was exactly the type of person he was looking for for the ‘Rendez-vous’ project.

And so Do Wook ended up being the singer and composer for ‘Rendez-vous project’.



“You know me, right? M2M.”

“Oh Bin…sunbae*?”
(TL note: sunbae is someone more senior or experience then you.)

“Wow, you do know! Nice to meet you!”

Oh Bin held out his hand for a handshake. He seemed really happy to meet Do Wook, repeating, “It’s nice to meet you, it’s nice to meet you~!” several times. Even at first glance Oh Bin looked like a big dog, excited over meeting Do Wook in his large muscular body

After briefly hesitating out of shock, Do Wook quickly grabbed Oh Bin’s hand. Oh Bin grabbed Do Wook’s hands tight and shook it enthusiastically.

‘Why is M2M’s Oh Bin here…could it be that he’s the B-boy artist?’

He remembered that Oh Bin was a B Boy artist. Originally a different B Boy artist would have been in the ad.

However, when Do Wook was chosen as the ad model over the band vocalist, M2M’s Oh Bin was also selected as the B Boy artist instead of a member of a B Boy team.

It was expected that there would be backlash from Ara Entertainment, saying ‘If KK can do it, why not us?’ Even if Ara Entertainment was a major agency, Yoo Sung Electronics had no reason to fear them. Still, they didn’t want to give the wrong impression to affiliates or the public that they were solely endorsing HIT Entertainment.

Another reason was that Yoo Sung Electronics decided they might as well push for as much star power as possible while they were at it for a greater promotional effect.

‘A lot of things are changing. It’ll get harder and harder to predict things…’

The person in charge of marketing introduced the others to Do Wook after Do Wook greeted Oh Bin.

“This is jazz pianist Kwon Hyul, and over here is graphic designer Na Eun Soo.”

“It’s an honor to meet you. Hello.”

At Do Wook’s words, Na Eun Soo giggled and clapped. M2M member Oh Bin and even KK’s Do Wook. She was happy and amazed to see celebrities in person.

“The honor is mine!”

When Na Eun Soo laughed, Oh Bin smiled big and said he’d even give her an autograph.

The person in charge of marketing smiled and introduced Do Wook.

“I’m sure you all know, but this is Do Wook, a member of KK. He’ll be the composer as well as singer for your project. “

“I look forward to working with you.”

Do Wook bowed his head and greeted her.

“Are you the one who composed this song?”

It was the jazz pianist Kwon Hyul, who was known for being a harsh critic when it came to songs. Kwon Hyul played the song on his cell phone.

Translator’s comments: Hello! I hope you guys are enjoying the series! I wanted to mention that I had mistranslated something in the last 2 chapters. It is actually Apollon not Apollo. I’ve been informed Apollon is the Greek way to spell it and Apollo is the Latin way to spell it. It has been corrected in the older chapters now. Thank you for your continued interest in the story! Only 2 weeks left until the end of Volume 2!!

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