When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 37: Sensation (1)

[Ahead of its time and trendy. Addictive sound, captivating performance.

Surprise release of the all-inclusive first full album of KK!

First Album (Full) < Sensation >

Arist: KK

Genre: Dance, Pop

Released: 06.10

Song Info

1. Intro / Lyrics: Yong Soo Chul, Kim Won, Jung Yoon Ki – Composition: Yong Soo Chul

2. Very Sorry / Lyrics: Yong Soo Chul, Kang Do Wook – Composition Yong Soo Chul, Kang Do Wook

3. Day and Night / Lyrics: Han Yoo Hyun, Kang Do Wook, Jung Yoon Ki – Composition: Han Yoo Hyun



9. Something / Lyrics: Chopin – Composition: Yong Soo Chul

10. Very Sorry alternate version / Lyrics: Yong Soo Chul, Kang Do Wook – Composition: Yong Soo Chul, Kang Do Wook]

At noon when the sun was at its highest point, KK’s first album was distributed to the music streaming site.

Similar to when their debut album had been announced, a teaser and concept photo had been uploaded to the official home page a week prior, and they released an article.

If there was one difference, it was the music video release being delayed until after the music stream release.

Furthermore, Fan Marketing stopped uploading the photos and videos they had been posting while the teaser and concept photo were being released. They also prohibited activity on the members’ personal social media pages. This way, the fan’s anticipation would increase as much as possible.

Everyone, the people involved in the introduction and track list of the released album the fans alike, shouted “Oh!” in admiration. Even if they took out track 10, which was just an alternate version, it was an album that contained 9 different songs.

You could tell how much effort they had put into this just by looking at the track list. It was obvious that they would stand out from other idols.

It seemed like three members, Kim Won, Jung Yoon Ki, and even Do Wook, were involved in writing the lyrics of practically all the songs. On top of that, Do Wook even composed the title song.

He wasn’t involved in the creation of the album, but Park Tae Hyung was involved in making the choreography for ‘Something’, which was one of the songs from the album they planned to perform on stage.

They weren’t simply pushing to be formally credited. They deserved for the press release to introduce them as ‘Not a manufactured idol group, but idols who make their own music’ and have the members’ contributions fully credited.

There was significantly more member involvement than the debut album, and naturally their affection for the album was higher than a singer who simply recorded the song.

The members were more excited and anxious than anyone else, but when the music stream was released at midnight, most of the members were fast asleep.

They had stayed up all night, rehearsing until the afternoon, and they had barely returned a few hours ago. They struggled, trying everything they could to stay awake until the music stream release time, but unfortunately they started to knock out one after another. When one of them started snoring, they heard the sound and fell asleep one by one.

With the comeback just around the corner, what was giving the members a hard time was the choreography rehearsals.

For the choreography of this album’s title song, ‘Very Sorry’, it was important that the six of them danced matching the angle and timing perfectly, moving as one body.

The title song had a repeating chorus with an addictive sound as a hook. Therefore, the choreography was made using the most spectacular, eye-catching strategies, like incorporating various formations.

However, in the chorus they made a flashy choreography that could become trendy.

After seeing the choreography for the previous follow-up song ‘You’ get popular through word of mouth, the company felt that it was important for the choreography to make a big splash too.

Either way, since a lot of effort was put into it for various reasons, it was a very difficult choreography.

“Yaaawn. Do Wook…you’re…awake?”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who had been sprawled in the living room, woke up after tossing and turning. He saw Do Wook sitting at the table and asked.

“Yes. I woke up not too long ago.”

Do Wook was tired as well. Do Wook, who had barely slept 3 hours, stroked his chapped chin. He was only able to wake up because he took such great care of himself, or else he would have also been knocked out.

“…mmm, what time is it right now?”

“It’s 12:20.”


Ahn Hyung Seo, who had been lying down on the sofa, jumped up. No, he tried to jump up. He was feeling impatient, but his body didn’t follow him. His feet got tangled and he stayed seated on the floor. Ahn Hyung Seo asked, not even able to open his eyes fully.

“How’s the response? Ow, my foot.”

“Are you ok? The response…the fans are saying they like it. The chart ranking comes out later so please go back to sleep.”

“Ahh…no, I can wait for it…”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who had been mumbling, crouched on the living room floor again and fell asleep.

The members finally woke up at 2 pm when rehearsals were about to start again. Do Wook also briefly fell asleep after checking their initial music chart ranking.

The members got up one by one, zombielike, and gathered in the living room.

“What happened to us? Man~!”

Kim Won asked Jung Yoon Ki, who had been the first to get to the living room.

Jung Yoon Ki had no choice but to wake up before everyone else after he received a heated call from Oh Baek Ho telling them to eat and get ready for rehearsal. Oh Baek Ho had gone to a meeting to work out the music broadcast schedule.

“One second. I’m looking at it now.”

While Jung Yoon Ki was checking on his cell phone, behind him Ahn Hyung Seo looked for Do Wook as he opened his eyes.

“Do Wook said he was going to look at it. Do Wook! You should have woken me up.”

“I fell asleep soon after too…our initial ranking was 3rd place.”


“Oh My Gosh!”

Ahn Hyung Seo, whose eyes were already rabbit-like and became even more rabbit-like, blinked.
(TL note: I never owned a rabbit, I don’t know if it means small, big, cute, red, or what.)

Even Kim Won, who had been mumbling nonsense rap like “I want to sleep, I want to eat”, pulled at his hair as he cheered.

Suk Ji Hoon and Park Tae Hyung also looked at Do Wook blankly.

“Huh, it’s true. We’re still third place.”

After Jung Yoon Ki confirmed it, everyone was thrilled. Everyone started getting “congrats on the comeback” messages one after another on their phones from friends and family.

The fact that they raised their recognition through their debut album definitely was a big influence on their music ranking.

Also, the fact that one’s fandom was growing honestly wasn’t enough to get a high music ranking. They were able to reach the ranking because they got their name known through a national entertainment show like Limitless Challenge as a group recognized by the public to have good music.

“At this rate, won’t we be first place by tomorrow?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself!”

Jung Yoon Ki yelled, cautious of Ahn Hyung Seo’s ‘outburst’.

Actually, they were in a situation where getting first place might be difficult. The comeback happened to overlap with an unforeseen encounter. A singer who would continue to be a strong contender in music streaming.

It was the male solo artist who was currently defending first and second place, Kim Woo Yeon.

“Ah, I’m hungry. Let’s order food first.”

“I want stir-fried pork!”

“Me too!”

“Stir-fried pork please.”

“I’ll take a stir-fried pork.”

“Everyone wants stir-fried pork? Then I’ll go with stir-fried pork too!”

Jung Yoon Ki got everyone’s orders. Everyone unanimously wanted stir-fried pork. Only Park Tae Hyung’s selection was left.

“Umm…Tuna…Kimchi stew…”

“Huh? Tae Hyung, you want tuna kimchi?”

Jung Yoon Ki briefly stopped when Park Tae Hyung, who they assumed would get the same thing from the menu as them, chose something else.

“Ok! We can afford to order one more stew now, right?!”

Jung Yoon Ki frowned at Ahn Hyung Seo’s words.

“It’s now been 3 months since we debuted. Ahn Hyung Seo, come to the rooftop for a bit.”

“Man, can’t I even joke? Please order already, Mr. Leader!”

As they bickered, the members went to the living room to wait for their food to be delivered.

Their first broadcast performance was in 5 days on Life Song. With the first performance so close, they had little time to sleep, so watching television was practically a luxury. Although only briefly, they all gathered in front of the television whenever they had a chance.

A rerun of a currently popular entertainment program happened to be on.

“This! Let’s watch this!”

“What is it? Is it a program you know?”

Suk Ji Hoon, who had been holding the remote, asked. It was Ahn Hyung Seo who said let’s watch the show.

“You don’t know this? ‘Old King of Singers’? It’s ridiculously popular these days~!”

Ahn Hyung Seo watched clips of ‘Old King of Singers’ on his phone even during rehearsal. It was a program the other members had also seen at least once. Suk Ji Hoon spoke curtly, his expression looking like he had never heard of it before.

“Old King of Singers. What kind of title is that?”

Ahn Hyung Seo shook his head at Suk Ji Hoon, who had been mumbling. Ahn Hyung Seo’s biggest complaint was the youngest member not having the charm of being the youngest.

Currently on air, an extraordinarily talented female singer was singing a new remixed version of a song from a trot singer who was popular in the 80’s.

“Wow…She sings really well.”

Park Tae Hyung listened to the song with pure admiration. Do Wook also admired the female singer’s song.

‘’Old King of Singers’. It was a popular program that made it to Season 2, something unprecedented at the time. It was also where a lot of hidden singers who were good at singing were discovered…’

The music entertainment program ‘Old King of Singers’ was a program where singers with outstanding vocal talent got to stand on stage and sing reinvented versions of popular songs from the past.

The program was also the reason Kim Woo Yeon currently held first and second place on the music chart. The remake of ‘The More I Like You’ that he sang on this program was the song currently in first place.

The song that rose to second place was ‘If It Were a Dream’, the title song from Kim Woo Yeon’s first album which became popular when the singer came into the spotlight. Do Wook saw ‘If It Were a Dream’ on the chart a little earlier and was hit hard with nostalgia.

‘If he continues like this and a second album is released, he will truly be acknowledged as the best vocalist in Korea.’

The person who came on stage after the female singer was Kim Woo Yeon.

On top of being wildly popular, Kim Woo Yeon continued to win contests and was practically a regular on the show.

“It’s Kim Woo Yeon!”

“Ah…The one who is above us on the music chart.”

At Ahn Hyung Seo’s exclamation, Jung Yoon Ki muttered as if it were a pity.

Kim Woo Yeon’s ‘If It Were a Dream’ had a surprising climb up the music chart and album sales, holding the first place position on a singing program for several weeks in a row. It was said to be a singing program where only popular idol groups could get first place, making it impossible for vocalists with only somewhat decent skills to get first place.

“He seemed like a scary person when I watched the interviews~! Totally~!”

Do Wook felt he knew what interview Kim Won was talking about.

It was a provocative interview starting from the title. However, it wasn’t a clickbait title from the writer but from Kim Woo Yeon’s actual words.

< If you don’t have talent you have to disappear from the stage...Kim Woo Yeon Throws A Warning to the Singing Industry! >

The comments were flooded with comments defending Kim Woo Yeon, stating that idols who merely move their mouths should obviously not be on stage.

They were only able to make that statement because nobody could deny Kim Woo Yeon’s talent when it came to singing.

Do Wook watched Kim Woo Yeon on the tv, singing with enthusiasm. He was definitely singing at a level that was currently out of Do Wook’s reach. It was a song that tickled the ear and moved the heart.

‘Will I be able to sing songs like that too one day? This week on the Life Song stage…We’ll probably be able to stand on the same stage then.’

Do Wook was nervous about sharing a stage with a singer he respects.

‘I’ll do well so I don’t embarrass myself.’


After finishing their meal, the members immediately left the dormitory to go to rehearsal.

The members had all bleached their hair into bright colors for their comeback. There was already a teaser released, but the company ordered them to keep it a secret as much as possible, so they wore beanies, caps, etc. whenever they went outside.

“Hurrr~ Hyung Seo oppaaaaaaaa~”

“Yoon Ki oppa. This way! Just once, look this way just once please.”

“Do Wook! Kang Do Wook! Here, take this!”

“Tae Hyung, I’m Soo Min. Do you recognize me? We even said hi last time.”

There were five or six fans waiting for the KK members outside the dormitory. There was probably 15 people in front of the company building.

There had been fans gathered in front of the company building during their days as trainees, but this was on a different level. The number of people kept increasing, and they never stopped approaching the members.

It wasn’t a far distance from the dormitory to the rehearsal hall, but they had to walk because of that and it was true that it was a little exasperating. As soon as they realized Oh Baek Ho wouldn’t be there, fans who typically wouldn’t have been able to get so close came near enough to link arms with the members.

A female student with short hair stuck to Do Wook like glue and held out a shopping bag and an envelope towards him.

Do Wook glanced at the female student. After grabbing only the envelope and nodding his head, Do Wook went past the female student. The female student followed him trying to hand him the shopping bag too, but Do Wook didn’t accept it.

‘There isn’t much I can do about the letter since she put so much effort into it…but it’ll get worse if I start accepting gifts too.’

Do Wook walked as quickly as he could. It was the same for the other members.

Fans were something to be grateful for, but stans were a different problem.

Even Kim Won, who was known as the Smile Man, had a very serious expression and signaled with his finger to be quiet. Since it was in front of the dormitory, he was concerned they’d disturb the other residents.

“You can’t come to a place like this.”

When Jung Yoon Ki spoke with a slightly hardened tone, the fans hesitantly dispersed.


That was when it happened. Suk Ji Hoon yelled and slapped away the hand of the female student who had been grabbing his arm.

The atmosphere immediately became cold.

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