When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 34: One more time, Ok?! (4)

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The full story popped up when he clicked on the article.

There was a discrepancy between the article title, which made it sound as if Seo Kang Jun stated he was confident he could beat KK, and the content of the article. The title was Seo Kang Jun’s responses to the reporter’s questions compiled together.

It was obvious that the reporter purposely asked that question.

Among the rookie groups that debuted recently, KK was right behind M2M, who was drawing unrivaled popularity. The question was what he thought about the rivalry with KK.

Seo Kang Jun initially expressed a sense of pressure. He then responded that they’ll give it their all for their first full length album with their own M2M style and that he’s confident about the album.

It was a clean response, as if it had been prepared. Thanks to that, the comments towards Seo Kang Jun were positive.

Comments that were mixed with insults were those cursing the reporter who chose the title for clickbait. M2M fans were protesting that if you didn’t read it properly, it could make it seem like Seo Kang Jun was conceited and saying that he was confident he could beat KK.

‘Nevertheless, the fact that reporters are asking these types of questions must mean the rivalry has been developed for the most part…’

Even though their rivalry was established, for now it was true that M2M, who debuted earlier and was an idol group with the big agency Ara Entertainment, was superior.

Do Wook thought as he looked at the bustling streets through the heavily tinted windows.

The title song for M2M’s first full length album that will be released soon was as perfect as their debut song ‘You’re Too Pretty’.

‘Sorry but I Love You’ drew a lot of attention as predicted, and it was a relief that the follow-up song ‘You’ drew more attention than expected. Thanks to that, they were able to catch up to the popularity of M2M’s debut song ‘You’re Too Pretty’.

The sound of horns from the cars on the road seeped in through the earphones. Cars were getting tangled as they changed lanes trying to get in front of one another. At some point, the unfinished new song Do Wook was listening to ended.

Do Wook added to the unfinished new song every day, which only had the main melody, and furthered the song’s progress by putting the scores together.

Now, they had to prepare a song that could beat the title song of M2M’s first full length album ‘Look At Me’.


Brave Only Child’s Studio.

After KK’s title song and debut album, which he was the composer and producer of, was successful, the amount of the latest brand name equipment in Yong Soo Chul’s studio increased.

Also, the interior design was changed to suit Yong Soo Chul’s taste. It was a little darker and decorations, including gangster-like figures, were placed throughout the studio.

Yong Soo Chul moved out of the building he used to both live in and use as a studio and was only using the new studio. He practically lived in the studio, only using the officetel* HIT Entertainment provided for him, which was close to the company building, to sleep.
(TL note: An officetel is a multi-purpose building with residential and commercial units.)

Yong Soo Chul saw Do Wook, who came into the studio right at the agreed time.

“Do Wook, I’m glad you came.”

Despite Yong Soo Chul and Do Wook’s busy schedule, they met whenever they had time and talked about the next album and song projects.

“Congratulations on first place today!”

“It’s all thanks to you.”

“Not at all. Anyways, that’s amazing you got first place with the follow-up song.”

With an embarrassed expression, Do Wook thanked him. Yong Soo Chul glanced at Do Wook.

He came after finishing the broadcast so his face with the make up washed off was neat and clean. It might be because he had stopped by the dorm and cleaned up before coming, but he had a particularly white and clear vibe today.

On the outside, he was undoubtedly a 19 year old guy. However, his thinking was deep enough to be a 29 year old and achieved surprising things.

Every time Yong Soo Chul saw Do Wook, he admired how his fate was intertwined with Do Wook’s. Yong Soo Chul was someone who was certain of his own talent. Therefore, he also thought that he would have eventually succeeded even if he hadn’t met Do Wook.

However, he couldn’t erase the feeling that he was progressing faster since he met Do Wook, and that he had succeeded in the right direction.

Therefore, there was a part of him that was always grateful to Do Wook.

On top of that, it was true that seeing Do Wook was a good inspiration for him as a composer. He himself hadn’t been learning composing for that long, but he consistently listened to music and had experience, like being a DJ.

Despite that, 19 year old Do Wook, who had only been learning for a few months, always surprised him with his astounding instinct.

“The part that you were worried about last time, I worked on modifying it…”

Yong Soo Chul sat on the chair in front of the equipment and operated the buttons.

The line that was to become the backbone of the melody was Yong Soo Chul’s part.

The two of them had been working on a song together for a month.

Yong Soo Chul determined that the beat Do Wook submitted recently was too tedious to listen to multiple times since the beat repeated from start to finish.

In the modified song, there was a different version of the beat mixed in. Do Wook patiently listened then responded.

“I feel this is definitely better.”

“Huuu. It was worth pulling two all-nighters.”

Do Wook furrowed his brows at Yong Soo Chul’s words. Do Wook had thought that the dark beard on Yong Soo Chul’s chin somehow stood out more as soon as he saw him.

“Thank you for your hard work! I’m sorry.”

“I’m doing it because I like it. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Still…Ah! This is the part I modified.”

Do Wook inserted the USB into the desktop computer in the studio and transferred the file. He then played the file he brought through the studio speakers.

“…I played around with it a bit to see what it’d be like if the melody on the last part fluctuated like this.”

“Oh! I think it’ll make the end of the song hella strong if you do this!”

Yong Soo Chul spoke in a calm tone that didn’t match his tough appearance, but once in a while, he used cheap words and made the people around him flustered.

“….I’m glad that you like it.”

The two of them developed a song to put in the album as they enthusiastically exchanged ideas.

They continued to work on the song until well past midnight.

The studio door opened and Kwon Ji Hyung came in carrying black plastic bags in both hands. Do Wook jumped up from his seat and greeted him.

‘Oh, sunbae*! How are you?”
(TL note: sunbae is a term used for a person who is your senior at the school, job, industry, etc.)

“You’re here Ji Hyung.”

“I was told that you were here working on something so I brought you something to eat. I’m not interrupting you guys, am I?”

At his remark, Yong Soo Chul responded that he was feeling peckish anyways.

Kwon Ji Hyung spread out the spicy rice cakes and Korean sausages he brought on the table in the middle of the studio. Do Wook helped him and placed the drinks.

Kwon Ji Hyung and Yong Soo Chul developed a strong friendship as they prepared the Monster album. Since Monster wasn’t currently active, Kwon Ji Hyung had a lot of time. He also had a very social personality.

“What brings you here so late at night?”

“I can’t sleep the closer it gets to the comeback. I wanted to see you and I heard Do Wook was here too.”

Kwon Ji Hyung already felt very fond of Do Wook since their brief encounter previously.

Do Wook laughed. He brought an A4 paper and asked for his autograph as if he just happened to remember.

When Do Wook told him his cousin was Kwon Ji Hyung’s fan and the story of how he ended up auditioning with HIT Entertainment and nowhere else because of that, Kwon Ji Hyung was very happy.

Kwon Ji Hyung had already gathered a lot of fans, but it was the heart of a celebrity to be happy if there was another person that liked them. Furthermore, he was a little proud of the fact that a major rookie like Do Wook ended up coming to the company because of him.

“My, my. I should tell either the Team Leaders or the Director that I was the one that brought Do Wook in.”

Everyone chuckled at his joke.

After signing and happily adding an extra dedication to Do Wook’s cousin Kim Seo Hyun, Kwon Ji Hyung started complaining again.

“Why did our comeback period have to overlap with M2M’s of all things…”

His expression was bitter as he spoke. He looked like he wanted to step out and smoke.

Monster wasn’t at the level to sweep the nation, but they were still a very popular group that could survive in the idol fandom. However, all groups’ popularity had an uphill and it was a given that they would have a downhill too.

Kwon Ji Hyung was experiencing that in person. He realized that it was almost time for them to give up their position to the rising rookies who were climbing their way up.

“It’s not…Completely overlapping though, right?”

“Hmm? That’s true. We’re about two weeks later. Still, I don’t know if we’ll be able to get first place on Life Song even once. We’d save face if we could get first place at least once.”

Do Wook tried very hard to recall his memories as he listened to Kwon Ji Hyung.

However, the time M2M’s ‘Look At Me’ was doing very well was when Bo Myung was intensely preparing for his CSAT. Additionally, it was also when he told himself to not be distressed as he watched M2M’s success.

Because of that, his memory was fuzzy whether Monster could get first place.

‘It’d be nice if I could somehow be helpful to Monster too…’

It stands to reason that the more popular entertainers there were in an agency, the more power they would get. It was good for Do Wook too if Monster, who was in the same agency, did well.

Yong Soo Chul shoved an entire piece of Korean sausage in his mouth and asked as he mumbled.

“Ji Hyung, did the problem with writing the lyrics for ‘Moonlight Love’ get resolved?”

“Ah, no. The lyrics have to be written soon so we can record.”

‘Moonlight Love’ was one of the songs that would go into Monster’s album. It was Monster’s first attempt at a ballad.

They planned to show fans of Monster “we can do this type of stuff too!” through the song. All of Monster’s members unexpectedly showed off their singing skills.

When Do Wook asked what the problem was, Kwon Ji Hyung explained although the song itself was good, the song recording was being delayed because they couldn’t find suitable lyrics.

Do Wook’s eyes shone after he heard the explanation.

What popped into Do Wook’s head was Kim Soom. Kim Soom was outstandingly talented in not only composing ballads, but also in writing lyrics. She had exceptional intuition when it came to ballads.

Do Wook was certain that if Kim Soom was available, she would write great lyrics. It could also be an opportunity for Kim Soom, who was underground, to get her foot in the door for pop songs.

“There is one person I know. I’m not sure if it’ll work out though.”

“Really? You never know so please at least introduce us anyways!”

“Ok, I’ll give them a call.”

“Ok, ok. Do Wook, your cell phone number…! Let’s exchange numbers. It’s very late now so try contacting them in the morning and let me know.”

Kwon Ji Hyung exchanged numbers with Do Wook with excited eyes, as if saying he’d do anything if he could only find good lyrics.

If Kim Soom ended up writing the lyrics for Monster, they would have to consult with the album production team, but he had to check Kim Soom’s interest and schedule with her first.


Do Wook, who didn’t get back to the dorm until dawn, started thinking about the importance of writing lyrics.

‘A good song needs good lyrics.’

The singer singing the song, the choreography to go with the performance, as well as the outfits. There wasn’t one thing that wasn’t important. The best song, best performance, was complete when everything became one.

Before he fell asleep, Do Wook read the book of poems he kept by his bedside using the light from his cellphone. To write good lyrics, it was important to read lots of books. Since he already read a lot of books in his past life, Do wook had read enough books, but Do Wook tried hard to not do anything lazily.

Do Wook didn’t fall asleep until the morning sun rose.

And around lunch time, Do Wook opened his eyes to Oh Baek Ho’s booming voice telling him to wake up.

Team Member Do Ra Hee from Fan Marketing, who was officially placed in charge of KK, had personally come to the dormitory.

Since a woman with a petite figure and a cute face was standing in the dormitory living room, the members who were in their underwear were shocked and all started hastily putting on their clothes.

Oh Baek Ho yelled in the midst of that.

“Everyone! I have happy news!”

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