When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 32: One more time, Ok?! (2)

It was when Do Wook, who had come off stage after finishing the performance on Life Song, shut his mouth tightly and was thinking.

“Umm…Do Wook…Is something wrong?”

Park Tae Hyung, who was walking through the waiting room hallway with him, asked.

It was because Do Wook’s expression didn’t look good from being deep in thought. He lightened his expression and replied,

“No, it’s nothing. Are you ok, Tae Hyung?”

“Me?…What do you mean ‘me’?”

“Your body. I’m concerned you’re pushing yourself too much.”

Ever since the choreography was well received, people were making Park Tae Hyung back tumble at every meet and greet. It was suggested because they figured the follow-up song activity period was shorter than the title song activity period, but Do Wook was still worried that they were pushing him too hard.

“Oh! I’m fine…It’s nice that I got so much attention because of it.”

Park Tae Hyung laughed, embarrassed.

Despite being an introvert, Park Tae Hyung had chosen to be a singer as a career, which meant a life of going on flashy stages. Whether it’s an actor or singer, celebrities were all people who, to some level, had a strong desire to get attention from others.

‘Park Tae Hyung is in the same boat too. I’m glad.’

Do Wook thought, patting Park Tae Hyung’s shoulder as encouragement.

“If that’s the case, I’m relieved. Let me know if you’re having a hard time.”

“Ok! You too Do Wook.”

At Park Tae Hyung’s words, Do Wook laughed.

Then he became deep in thought again over how he could promote the follow-up song more during the remainder of the activity period, which had only two weeks left.


However, within a few days Do Wook’s worries easily resolved themselves without him having to do anything.

When he got back from finishing his morning workout, Do Wook saw Oh Baek Ho talking on the phone at a time when everyone should be asleep.

Oh Baek Ho ended his phone call. When he saw Do Wook, who had just come back, he waved his hand.

“Do Wook, come here.”


“Look at this.”

Oh Baek Ho showed him a computer monitor screen.

KK’s ‘You’ was proudly first place on the music chart.

He went to bed early last night, but before sleeping, the song stayed around 15th place. Do Wook asked Oh Baek Ho, surprised.

“How did this happen?”

“That’s what I’m saying. What is this…?”

Oh Baek Ho stared into the distance and muttered. Do Wook checked the music chart again. It was definitely first place.

“There’s no better example of ‘People who are meant to make it will make it’ than this.”

“Baek Ho hyung.”

“Look at this first.”

Oh Baek Ho moved the mouse as he muttered, ‘Could it really be that people need to be born lucky?’. When he entered the Celebrity News category, the main article was about Sul Lae Im.

‘Nation’s Sweetheart Sul Lae Im to appear in < Limitless Challenge >. Surprising Humor!’

< Limitless Challenge > was the unrivaled number one program among variety shows. The article stated that Sul Lae Im had come on as a special guest on yesterday’s episode.

“Why is this…?”

Even as Do Wook was looking at the article, he couldn’t find the connection between Sul Lae Im’s appearance on Limitless Challenge and ‘You’ being first place.

“It seems like Sul Lae Im chose KK as her favorite artist.”

Oh Baek Ho replied, but it wasn’t a satisfactory answer. Even though it was Sul Lae Im, who had the title of Nation’s Sweetheart, it would have been hard for their ranking on the music chart to rise this much solely because she mentioned she liked them.

Oh Baek Ho chuckled at Do Wook, who still had a doubtful expression, and moved the mouse again.

When they entered the trending videos tab, the trending videos were listed by number of views.

The more viral videos were mostly Limitless Challenge videos.

The top video among them was titled ‘(Shock Warning) Limitless Challenge’s Yu Hae Han Idol Dance’.

“I saw it for the first time too, but it was really funny.”

Oh Baek Ho clicked on the video as he explained.

When he pressed the play button, Limitless Challenge members were dancing on a makeshift outdoor stage wearing subpar versions of KK’s clothes, similar but with a completely different feel at the same time.

The previous situation was the same as the next one.

After they found out Sul Lae Im had been invited as a special guest for their spring picnic-themed episode, the Limitless Challenge members started to do a little research on her.

The Limitless Challenge members, who had met Sul Lae Im in the Life Song waiting room, threw a barrage of questions to her and she answered them in a sensible manner despite feeling flustered. One of those questions was about her favorite singer and song. Sul Lae Im’s response at that time was KK.

“Who is KK?”

“Ah, there you go again. You’re showing your ignorance. You don’t know the rookie idol group that’s hot right now?”

“It’s not that I’m ignorant, I’m just old. Man, I’m getting bullied by a youngster for being old….”

“He even saved Lae Im. I saw the video~!”

There were members who didn’t know KK yet, and there were members that knew about the KK member who saved Sul Lae Im. As they bickered, KK’s name was brought up a few times and ended up being included in the broadcast.

It would become a bigger promotion than they imagined at that time.

Anyways, the Limitless Challenge members ended up preparing a song by KK’s, a group Sul Lae Im likes, to surprise and please her.

During the preparation process, the members ended up looking up KK’s songs and performances. ‘Sorry but I Love You’ was a song most of the Limitless Challenge members had heard before.

“I know this!”

“I know this too! ‘But I Love Youuuuu~!’ lol”

The next trending performance video was the ‘You’ performance video.

Nah Jae Suk, one of the Limitless Challenge members who had been looking excitedly at the well-made makeshift stage, yelled,

“Wow~! Let’s do this! This! This is it!”

As he shouted, Na Jae Suk shot finger guns at the cameras here and there. He was very impressed by the finger-gunning and back-tumbling part of ‘You’’s choreography for the bridge.

There were some who opposed Nah Jae Suk’s suggestion, thinking ‘how are we supposed to do this?’, but those opinions were immediately disregarded. They prepared immediately for the ‘You’ performance.

After that, the episode was edited right away and, with the guest star Sul Lae Im as their sole audience, the Limitless Challenge members appeared standing on a makeshift stage.

They captured on camera Sul Lae Im laughing hysterically from the comical choreography that they obviously rushed to learn over the past week, and how awkward the Limitless Challenge members’ movements were.

Additionally, when the live broadcast started, she couldn’t hold back her laughter. However, everyone was focused on the performance with a more “strict, sincere, solemn” attitude than ever since it was a performance for Sul Lae Im.

Honestly, an even funnier situation was happening because of it.

“The street I used to walk with youuuu~!”

‘The street I used to walk with you’ was Ahn Hyung Seo’s harmony part. The Limitless Challenge member who ended up being assigned Ahn Hyung Seo’s part was off pitch. However, rather than laughing, he carried on with a confident expression as if he sang the best song ever.

During the broadcast, they were compared to the original KK performance video by overlapping them through editing.

Then it was the chorus, the highlight.

Everyone finger-gunned and made an expression as if they were the most handsome and successful person. The camera got a shot of them one at a time with the caption ‘handsome’ added next to them in huge red letters. It was worthy of screenshotting and making into a viral meme.

The Limitless Challenge member who stood in the middle attempted the back tumble. He had put his blood, sweat and tears into practicing it for the last few days.

The caption ‘Failed’ popped up along with dozens of skulls.

His fall onto the floor before he could even flip halfway backwards was broadcasted as is. However, the other members continued facing forward and shot finger guns at him rather than being concerned.

The video ended with a shot of Sul Lae Im clapping as she laughed.

Do Wook checked the comments posted under the video. Everyone was enjoying it and teasing the Limitless Challenge members. At the same time, there were playful comments from proud KK fans stating it didn’t compare to the original and to please watch it.

Furthermore, there were numerous people saying they’ll listen to ‘You’ because the real song is good and they’re addicted to the ‘The road I used to walk with you’ part and the bridge.

Due to public interest, ‘You’ quickly rose in the music chart and had become number one.

“The call just now was from the writer of Limitless Challenge.”

“Limitless Challenge?”

“He asked for us to do a brief appearance on the show, meeting in the broadcast studio waiting room or something.”

Going on variety shows was the best opportunity for idols to get their names known.

A national entertainment show on public television was not a place you could just appear on by being popular. The opportunity to appear in a place that could have a huge influence on raising their recognizability with a single appearance seemed to have fallen onto their laps.

“That’s really great news.”

“Of course. However, it’ll be the first appearance on a variety show and it had to be Limitless Challenge. It’s such a huge variety show. I’m concerned whether you guys will be able to do well without messing up.”

“They’ll do well. The members will be happy when you tell them.”

“Yeah. I’m sure they will.”

Do Wook smiled as if saying have faith in him and the members. When he saw Do Wook’s smile, Oh Baek Ho’s uneasiness disappeared.

‘He’s barely 19 now, but he really has a way of putting people at ease.’

On that thought, Oh Baek Ho got up from his seat.

“Go wash up, you’re probably sweaty from exercising. Sorry to keep you from washing up.”

“Not at all.”

Do Wook headed to the bathroom as he thought about the broadcasts he’ll have to go on and the events that would unfurl.


As expected, the KK members were happy over the news of the Limitless Challenge appearance and let out yells of delight.

Kim Won in particular was the happiest, since he used to watch Limitless Challenge as a way to study Korean when he was studying abroad. It was also a comfort to him whenever he felt lonely among his foreign friends.

“I seriously can’t believe it~! Unbelievable man~!”

Kim Won practically bear hugged Oh Baek Ho and screamed.

“You’re going to make me deaf.”

Oh Baek Ho understood how Kim Won felt, but he had no choice but to speak harshly and get Kim Won off of him since he was screaming next to his ear.

However, Kim Won paid no attention to it and hugged Jung Yoon Ki this time and cheered. Jung Yoon Ki made an awkward expression as he was captured by Kim Won.

Sang Ahm MVC. Variety Show Network Waiting Room.

The members prepared in anticipation for their appearance with the Limitless Challenge members that was going to take place soon.

After they finished with hair and make-up, they took turns changing into outfits similar to the ones in the ‘You’ performance.

Since it was their first time on a public television entertainment show, it was a style similar to their performance outfits. However, they also planned to wear outfits that Lucas, KK’s current stylist, especially poured his heart and soul into.

Lucas prepared a tight denim jacket for Do Wook’s outfit today too. The gray t-shirt underneath the jacket slightly hugged his body, exposing Do Wook’s upper body which had improved significantly recently.

Do Wook, who had already changed and was waiting for the rest of the members, saw Park Tae Hyung and Ahn Hyung Seo, who had returned after finishing getting dressed.

Their outfits seemed ordinary at first glance, but Lucas’s unique sense was expressed well in the ‘boyfriend look’.

The yellow t-shirt Ahn Hyung Seo was wearing went especially well with his image.

“Hyung Seo, that looks good o…?!”

Do Wook, who was about to compliment him that it looked good, stopped talking. Ahn Hyung Seo, surprised by Do Wook’s twisted expression, asked,

“What’s wrong, Do Wook?”

“Where is Lucas?”

Do Wook’s question was urgent.

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