When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 29: Overhead Casting (2)

KK Debut Album Title Song, ‘Sorry but I Love You’.

The follow up song was ‘You’. Originally, it should have been the title song. Therefore, it’s currently being used as the follow up song but ‘You’ was a very good song.

It’s true that, realistically, it was difficult for a rookie to get first place with the already announced follow up song ‘You’ or to draw in a lot of attention. Therefore, it was inevitable that they’d have to prepare for it with less effort having gone into it than the title song.

On top of that, decisions on KK’s follow up song events were made hastily because the title song was received better than they expected.

From the company’s perspective, they wanted to make it as successful as possible since the song was exceptionally good.

“As expected, it’s good.”

Jung Yoon Ki, who finished watching the choreography video, said. It was a choreography that went well with the vibe of ‘You’.

Noh Yoon Tae, the choreographer in charge of HIT Entertainment’s dance lessons, was a nationally renowned choreographer. Being someone of that caliber, he was able to complete an acceptable choreography within a short amount of time without much trouble.

Considering the tight schedule, it was less difficult than the title song’s choreography.

‘It’s true that it’s clearly good… It’s not a song that focuses on the choreography anyways. However, it also feels too weak…’

Overall, it received a positive reaction, but truthfully, it wasn’t a choreography that could receive high praise.

Do Wook became lost in thought.

It was a practical problem, but he couldn’t carelessly give his suggestion to increase the quality. Considering the current schedule, situation, etc., performing with this level of quality was impressive.

Both Team Leader Shim and Manager Oh Baek Ho took that part into consideration and determined that it was ok.

Team Leader Jo Anna did not make any other comments. It was because that aspect wasn’t something Jo Anna, Team Leader of Fan Marketing Team, touched on.

“First, get familiar with the choreography in the video. We’ll start rehearsal this weekend at the latest.”

At Team Leader Shim Joon’s words, the members enthusiastically replied, “OK!”.

Continuing on, Team Leader Shim said to Noh Yoon Tae,

“Instructor Noh, I think you can create a schedule and give it to Manager Oh.”

“Yes. Then Manager Oh, I’ll send you the rehearsal schedule by tomorrow.”

“Yes, please.”

Like that, preparation for the follow up song performance was quickly progressing.


A small meeting room inside the Fan Marketing Team Office

Do Wook was sitting on one side of a large table. Team Leader Jo took out a vitamin drink from a personal mini fridge she kept in the conference room. After taking one out for herself, she turned around and asked Do Wook, who was sitting down,

“Do you want some?”

“I’m ok.”

After politely declining, Do Wook straightened his posture. Team Leader Jo Anna sat across from Do Wook.

“Did you say you’re nineteen?”


“I came on strong so you’d get discouraged, but you didn’t back down one bit.”

Do Wook didn’t respond and waited for her to continue.

Team Leader Jo was someone who lacked nothing. Even when it came to work, she was only working because she wanted to. She was someone born into a good enough background to stop and live a free life whenever she wanted. Do Wook didn’t think for a second that someone like that would be similar to other employees.

“Fine. What tenacity. I can’t stand seeing a singer under my supervision be looked down upon by others. I don’t think that’d be the case with you.”

“…..Thank you.”

It would be a stretch to call it a compliment. Rather, Jo Anna squinted at Do Wook, who thanked her over something that could make him feel bad. Just as the rumors said, he was definitely not a typical bet.

Team Leader Jo Anna’s mentality was closer to that of a CEO rather than a Team Leader.

The agency and its affiliated entertainers. Prior to debuting, the agency was the gop and the trainees were the eul*. Once they get to the peak of their activities, it’s a symbiotic relationship running towards mutual success. However, at a certain point, the relationship could be flipped.
(TL note: Gop/Eul are words used to express the power dynamic between two people or groups. Gop represents the person with more power, and eul is the subjugated.)

Therefore, the power struggle between the agency and their affiliated entertainers only gets worse the more successful the latter gets.

They monitored the broadcast, but today was the first time they met in person. Nevertheless, Team Leader Jo was able to gauge Do Wook’s value right away.

On a personal level, she quite liked Do Wook, who maintained eye contact, but Team Leader Jo Anna was not planning to accept Do Wook completely.

Additionally, Do Wook was a central member of a rookie idol group that got first place not long after debuting. It was the perfect situation to be conceited.

“You said you’d like a different method to communicate with fans?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

“As I’ve mentioned, there’s a limit on what you can show through broadcasts alone. It can be pictures the members took themselves….I thought of uploading videos of the dormitory or waiting room and such. So we can approach the fans in a friendly way…”

“Somewhere else besides the fan café?”

“Yes. Since only fans visit the fan café. I think it’d be good to edit and post videos somewhere, like that recently created video site.”


“Something similar to that.”

Team Leader Jo Anna took a sip of her vitamin drink and put it down hard enough to make a sound.

It aligned with the direction the Fan Marketing Team was thinking of going with KK’s marketing recently.

Since they were not a large agency that can inherit the interest of existing fandoms, Team Leader Jo also thought KK should give off a friendly vibe rather than a mysterious concept.

“The more you meet and encounter each other, you can’t help but get closer.” Do Wook added.

He was right.

‘Making a channel through the internet since you can’t get exposure by just pushing multiple broadcasts? Needless to say, it’s creative. Even the suggested content topic is perfect!’

Jo Anna’s eyes shone. Ways to manage agency entertainers are one thing and work related things are another.

Even though she tried not to accept him completely, it was impossible to reject Do Wook’s idea. It was to the point that she wanted to scout him into the Fan Marketing Team. Of course, his star power was too great to use as an employee.

“Kang Do Wook?


“Your opinions. They’re useful.”

Team Leader Jo Anna stood up from her seat first. Do Wook got up after her and bowed.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to me.”


Team Leader Jo Anna was stunned by Do Wook’s polite greeting. Now, he really had plenty of reasons to be offended, but Do Wook remained firm until the end.

On the contrary, Team Leader Jo Anna became embarrassed of herself after seeing Do Wook’s attitude.

Team Leader Jo Anna thought to herself that it might be possible Do Wook wasn’t someone she had to fight with over power, but someone who would be with her in the entertainment world until the end.

However, the person in front of her was barely 19. Before she made a rash decision, she had to observe him further.

“I should be the one thanking you, don’t you think?”

“Not at all, Team Leader.”

“Then that’ll be all. I’ll see you again soon.”

Team Leader Jo Anna left the conference room first, her heels making noise as she walked. It was still an arrogant attitude, but Do Wook could feel the subtle change in tone.


In the rehearsal hall, the members were divided into two categories.

Jung Yoon Ki, Kim Won, and Ahn Hyung Seo were going over the ‘Sorry but I Love You’ performance for tomorrow, and Park Tae Hyung and Suk Ji Hoon were checking the choreography of ‘You’ as they watched the video on the laptop.

Before they started the full-scale choreography rehearsals, it was definitely a big help for the members who were good at dancing to get familiar with the choreography first. It was because that way, it would be easier for them to lead the inexperienced members.

The performance for the title song was quite familiar now so the members had some leeway. Ahn Hyung Seo, who had a lot of talent, even ad-libbed some poses here and there.

“Do Wook, did you get in trouble?”

Ahn Hyung Seo ran over to Do Wook when he noticed him and asked.

“No. She was receptive to my opinions and said she’ll reflect on it.”

“Really? That’s a relief.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

He didn’t show it much but Park Tae Hyung, who worried about Do Wook the most and had been very anxious, was also at ease.

It was when Do Wook took a breath and headed towards the water dispenser to get a drink.

Park Tae Hyung came and stood next to Do Wook.

“……Umm, Do Wook.”

“Yes, Tae Hyung? What?”

The gap between Park Tae Hyung on stage and Park Tae Hyung off stage was still very substantial.

Do Wook could directly feel the power of the song when he looked at Park Tae Hyung. Now, when the song was playing on stage, he could feel the charisma of Park Tae Hyung.

However, regular Park Tae Hyung was still a timid and fragile person. Park Tae Hyung took a second then said to Do Wook,

“Um…Actually, I have a favor I want to ask of you.”

“A favor?”

A ‘favor’ from Park Tae Hyung. It was difficult to imagine.

“I almost learned the entire ‘You’ choreography earlier…”


Do Wook left the rehearsal hall to meet with Team Leader Jo Anna for about an hour. Park Tae Hyung surprisingly memorized the entire choreography within an hour. Even considering that it wasn’t a highly difficult choreography, it was still a surprising speed.

‘Talent is definitely incredible.’

When Do Wook looked at him with admiration, Park Tae Hyung scratched his head out of embarrassment.

Do Wook patiently waited for him, who was internally preparing what to say.

“It feels a little lacking.”

“As expected, you felt that way too.”

“Ah, you too?”

Park Tae Hyung asked back out of surprise at Do Wook’s response. Do Wook nodded his head. The choreography Noh Yoon Tae made wasn’t bad, but it was an undeniable fact that there were parts that were lacking.

“In the chorus, the part that goes ‘Yes, I like you. You. I like you-’”

“Yes, that part.”

“….Do you think it’d be possible to change it?”

Honestly, if it was the original Park Tae Hyung, he wouldn’t be able to even think about changing the choreography made by the dance instructor and choreographer of the song.

However, Park Tae Hyung had just seen Do Wook give his opinion to Team Leader Jo Anna without getting discouraged one bit. That image was subconsciously ingrained into Park Tae Hyung’s heart.

Whenever the team needed anything, Do Wook gave his opinion right away without reservation regardless if it’s to Manager Oh, the composer, or the Team Leader. He was doing it for the team, and there were a lot of things that worked out because of Do Wook’s opinions.

When it came to dancing, it was Park Tae Hyung who had instinct-like knowledge. The more he watched the choreography, the more Park Tae Hyung couldn’t get the idea out of his head that it was too ordinary.

While Do Wook was meeting with Team Leader Jo Anna, Park Tae Hyung was watching the choreography intensely.

“How do you want to change it?”


Park Tae Hyung briefly stopped talking when Do Wook asked that. He didn’t have a specific idea yet. It was because it was already very daring for him to consider if it’d be ok to change it.

Do Wook smiled as gently as possible as he looked at Park Tae Hyung.

“If you happen to have better choreography, you can tell the instructor to put that in.”

“You…You think so?”

“Of course.”

“Uhh…If I plan it out, I think I can do it quickly…”

“You can take your time. The full-on rehearsal doesn’t start until the weekend anyways.”

Park Tae Hyung nodded his head.

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