When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 28: Overhead Casting (1)

As he distributed the healthy drinks that he bought as a snack, Oh Baek Ho notified the members of their scheduled events.

“Mmmmm….After the music broadcast is over tomorrow, one more interview with the magazine is scheduled. It’s a simple interview, so there’s nothing to particularly prepare for. But everyone, be mindful of what you say.”

When they heard the news that they had another schedule after the music broadcast, the members let out a sigh weak enough for Oh Baek Ho to not notice.

Before they debuted, they couldn’t understand why members of Monster, their singer sunbaes in the agency, were so exhausted after doing just one music broadcast. You’re on the broadcast for 3 minutes- 4 minutes at the most.

They even naively thought, ‘Are they having that hard of a time after doing just one performance a day?’

However, they woke up at 4am to prepare for those 3 minutes and worked hard until the evening. They weren’t strenuously dancing and singing on stage each time, but the multiple rehearsals, long wait time etc., were enough to make you exhausted.

“They’ll decide depending on the situation, but if you fall from first place, you’ll immediately start preparing a follow up song, and you’ll be going on music broadcasts again within 2 weeks.”

Before they could even open the bottle cap, the members lost strength in their hands because of the schedule they received. They were thinking that tomorrow will be a packed day too, and it seemed like it’ll continue to be packed.

“You guys will work hard, right?”


However, Jung Won said ‘Yes’ in a loud voice to Oh Baek Ho’s question soon after. Everyone knew that the busy schedule was only the beginning. It was because local performances and festivals hadn’t even started yet.

At the same time, they were well aware that the fact that they were busy was a measure of their popularity.

“Then go back and practice.”

It was when they went to their individual spots and were practicing.

The rehearsal hall door opened wide.

A woman dressed in a two-piece suit and 7 cm tall red high heels was entering the rehearsal hall as the “clack clack” sounds from her heels rang out. The members, who were busy practicing in sync with loud music, saw the woman’s reflection in the mirror and immediately ceased their movements.

“….Team Leader Jo?!”

The only person that recognized the woman was Manager Oh Baek Ho.

Oh Baek Ho rushed to the woman’s side, lowered his head, and greeted her. Oh Baek Ho was polite to RDT Team Leader Im Sung Ahn and Album Production Team Team Leader Suk Joon, but it wasn’t to this degree. The vibe was different.

He was nervously walking on eggshells and was, in turn, making the KK members even more anxious.

Honestly, even if Oh Baek Ho didn’t do that, the members were already frozen solid by the force radiating from her appearance.

Everyone started greeting her without even knowing who she was since Oh Baek Ho called her Team Leader.

“What brings you here, Team Leader Jo…”

“Don’t you think I’m here because I have business with the members?”

Team Leader Jo was the team leader of the Fan Marketing Team.

Originally, she worked as the Team Leader of the Strategic Planning Team, which could be called the core of the company. While doing that, she felt that the most crucial part for an entertainment company that managed actors and singers was Fan Marketing, so she personally applied for transfer and moved teams.

It went without saying that Team Leader Jo Anna was incredibly good at her job and was someone who had amazing force.

Of course, many people thought the enormous force could be thanks to being born with a golden spoon in her mouth. Team Leader Jo was the only daughter of one of HIT Entertainment’s major shareholders.

“Did our members do something wrong?”

“Please introduce us first.”

“Ah, ok. I forgot to introduce you. Guys, this is the Team Leader of the Marketing Team…”

“I’m Jo Anna. Jo of the Poongyang Jo*. Anna is English. Don’t get it confused.”
(TL Note: In Korean culture, the origin of your family name and which generation of it you are is often referenced.)

Team Leader Jo interrupted Oh Baek Ho’s introduction and started talking. Everyone nodded blankly, their mouths wide open.

Jo Anna. It was a strong introduction.

In the meantime, Kim Won, who was a little slow in gauging the vibe of the Korean language because he had lived abroad and whose curiosity was second to none, asked,

“What about your Korean name?”

Jo Anna blinked her long false lashes.

“That’ll be later.”

Ahn Hyung Seo nudged Kim Won’s side, who was about to say more things.

Clack Clack.

Jo Anna moved towards the end and stood in front of Do Wook. Everyone gulped out of nervousness.

“You’re Kang Do Wook?”

She was already taller than most women and with wearing high heels on top of that, Jo Anna was similar in height with Do Wook. She squinted her eyes and observed him thoroughly.

‘Jo Anna… This is where she must have been originally.’

Do Wook did not back down despite Jo Anna’s sharp gaze and kept eye contact.

Around the time Oh Baek Ho became Department Head, Jo Anna was the CEO of HIT Entertainment.

The current vice president inherited the president position and HIT Entertainment faced at least one big crisis within a few years. The lack of income due to KK’s sluggishness was one of the crises. It was Jo Anna who brought HIT Entertainment back up during that time.

‘Not everyone can get the title of ‘First Female CEO’ in the entertainment industry. It’s true that she came from a good household, but she is amazingly talented to bring struggling HIT Entertainment back on its feet.’

She was someone who often appeared as an example of a successful CEO.

‘To think I’m meeting that very Jo Anna like this. The future CEO… If a relationship with Manager Oh is important in the next year or so, a relationship with Jo Anna is for decades.’

Jo Anna, who met Do Wook’s gaze, smiled with only one corner of her mouth raised.

“You have fire in your eyes.”

Do Wook did not respond. Ferocity. It was something he had never had and words he never heard when living as Kim Bo Myung, who was born naturally innocent and was victimized all his life.

He wasn’t wicked to the point that he was going to hurt someone, but it was true that every moment was overrun by determination to get ahead of someone or be the best. It deserved to be called fierce.

The members were just taken aback, and Oh Baek Ho tried hard to grasp the true meaning of the Team Leader’s words.

It was partly because they had bonded while living together in the dorm, but Oh Baek Ho sincerely hoped for Do Wook’s success. It was because he thought of him as a talented person with both sincerity and star quality.

Honestly, Oh Baek Ho could guess what Jo Anna meant by “fierce”. Do Wook’s sincerity, which Oh Baek Ho regarded highly, also stemmed from it.

Determination and desire to succeed.

What was important was if Jo Anna, who was immediately able to tell that Do Wook was like that, took a liking to him. Nothing good would come out of being disliked by someone like Team Leader Jo Anna.

Team Leader Jo’s background aside, the content produced and distributed by the Fan Marketing Team was to control KK’s external and internal popularity.

She was the Team Leader of such a team. Team Leader Jo practically determined who would be the focus for gathering fans moving forward.

“Well, you said there’s something you want to say to me?”

“Sorry? Oh, yes. Through Team Leader Shim.”

Do Wook understood right away why Fan Marketing Team Leader Jo Anna came to see them.

“Ok. Go ahead.”

Team Leader Jo Anna recently heard from Team Leader Shim Jun that Do Wook, one of the KK members, had something to tell her regarding personal cheering tools for fans to use.

She thought that he should just perform well instead of worrying about useless things, but honestly, it wasn’t common for an idol member to worry about “useless” things, so she actually became curious about him.

Therefore, while trying to send one of the Fan Marketing employees, Team Leader Jo Anna came all the way here instead to hear about it directly.

“What I wanted to speak to you about was…I’d like to manufacture special cheering tools for the fans.”

“Yes. I’ve heard that part. Specifically?”

“Not something that’s the same as the other groups aside from the color. Glow sticks in the shape of a K, or based on our logo. There has to be something specific to KK.”

The members, who were standing next to him, were impressed by Do Wook again for not getting discouraged even under Jo Anna’s spirit and saying what’s on his mind. They were also surprised by him, wondering when he had time to think about that.

“…..And I think the more luxurious the better.”

“Are you going to pay for it? The production cost?”

Do Wook briefly chose his words. It was to determine to what extent of aggressive appeal was appropriate towards Jo Anna.

‘If it’s something you think is right, you can’t back down at all.’

That was his personal know-how that Do Wook learned from interacting with different situations and colleagues while working at a company.

“I simply suggested an idea. I’ll have to think about how it’ll make a profit.”

“Impressive, when you’re still so young.”

“Could I give you another suggestion?”

The members and Manager Oh’s faces hardened at Do Wook’s words, as if they heard thunder in a clear sky. It was even more so because Team Leader Jo Anna’s expression was not particularly good either.

It was a good idea, but from Oh Baek Ho’s perspective, he was hoping that Do Wook wouldn’t get on the Team Leader’s nerves.

“Do you want to be an employee instead of a singer? What is it, tell me.”

“It would be nice if… There were other means besides the fan café. For communicating with fans.”

“Communicate? Easier said than done.”

Jo Anna replied as if she didn’t like the idea.

However, Do Wook had a clear reason; they had to become the type of group that was friendlier with their fans. M2M was currently going with a “mysterious” concept. It would be hard to beat M2M, who debuted first from a major agency, with the same “mysterious” concept.

Do Wook came to the conclusion that KK needed to emphasize KK’s strengths. Currently, all the members had no weakness in their personality, and they each had their own talents. Broadcasts were too limited to demonstrate all that.

Aside from that, Do Wook’s interview was becoming viral on the internet since its public release. Do Wook quickly became well known on the internet. If there’s an opportunity, it could definitely help increase KK’s popularity.

“Kang Do Wook, your thoughts?”

Team Leader Jo Anna extended her hand to Do Wook.

At that moment the rehearsal hall door opened again and two men came in. This time, it was Album Production Team Leader Shim Jun and the dance instructor.

“I came here because I heard everyone was gathered here. Team Leader Anna, it’s been a while!”

Shim Jun made a loud entrance with a laptop on his side.

Most of the people in the rehearsal hall breathed a sigh of relief that they didn’t hear the rest of what Team Leader Jo Anna was going to say. It was because anyone could tell that she was just about to go off on Do Wook.

“The choreography for the follow up song is ready, so I came to show you!…But the vibe is strangely heavy?”

“Not at all, Team Leader Shim. I’m very curious about the choreography for the follow up song!”

When Team Leader Shim Joon started to get weary, Oh Baek Ho quickly accepted the laptop and answered. He thought it would be better to quickly check the choreography and change the atmosphere.

The laptop was turned on, and everyone gathered to watch the choreography for the follow up song that the dance team recorded.

While everyone was focused on the choreography video, Jo Anna said in a low voice from behind Do Wook.

“Kang Do Wook, come to my office alone later.”

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