When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 27: Rising Sun (7)

The image attached to the article he clicked showed Gae Na Ri with a pale, stiff expression next to Do Wook, who was giving his acceptance speech for first place.

‘Ah… It’s probably because she hadn’t gotten over the shock at the time.’

Honestly, there were a few people among the singers in the back who also had a dark expression. It’s just that with the joy of getting first place, KK forgot about the accident that happened right before. Most of the people who were in the middle were trying to calm themselves down from the shock of the accident that just happened.

It was also true for Gae Na Ri. She wasn’t particularly upset that she wasn’t able to get first place because she had been losing to KK since the album scores.

‘However, people who didn’t know the situation wouldn’t connect the stage accident to Gae Na Ri’s expression and will undoubtedly misunderstand her since she was a first place nominee…’

Most of the articles regarding Gae Na Ri were like that. A rebuttal article was released from Gae Na Ri’s side stating it’s a misunderstanding, but nobody believed it.

Most of the people posting negative comments about Gae Na Ri were also KK fans.


After looking at the article a little longer, Do Wook went into the fan cafe.

Fans on the KK fan page were still in a celebratory mood from yesterday’s first place. The post Ahn Hyung Seo uploaded last night under the ‘From KK’ section already had about 600 comments.

There was also a post Jung Yoon Ki posted at dawn that was written rhythmically like rap lyrics. Do Wook clicked the ‘new post’ button.

[Title: Our Beloved Fans]


I was very nervous MCing yesterday. Thank you Sul Lae Im sunbae* for all your help.
(TL note: Sunbae is a term used for someone who is a senior in your field, school, etc.)

I feel like I was able to successfully complete the broadcast because you supported me until the end.

During the first place announcement, the situation on scene was very chaotic. We’re sincerely thankful to Gae Na Ri sunbae, who still genuinely congratulated us on being first place in the midst of everything that was going on.

Most of all, we’re always grateful to you, our fans.



A few minutes after he uploaded the post, the fans started to post comments. Most of it were confessions of love towards Do Wook. Occasionally, there were also comments like “It looks like Gae Na Ri congratulated them?”.

Do Wook checked the comments, and then got up from the seat. Right then, Oh Baek Ho was coming to wake up the members.

“Oh? Do Wook, you’re already up?”


“You’re definitely diligent. Go wake up the rest of the people in your room. I’ll wake up the people in the other room.”

“Ok. Everyone slept later than usual, so it’ll be even harder to wake them up.”

“Haha, I suppose so.”

They were not scheduled for a music broadcast today, but they had a radio appearance.


KK appeared on the 2 p.m. radio program for about 30 minutes.

They introduced each member and talked about getting first place yesterday, which was becoming a hot topic. The 30 minutes passed in the blink of an eye as they listened to the two songs on the KK album and played some advertisements.

Right before doing the final greetings on the radio, KK was informed by the DJ that they were number one in the real time music chart as well.

With the successful completion of their radio appearance, on top of the news that they were number one on the real time music chart, the KK members had no way to contain their excitement.

“Wow, crazy~!!!”

Kim Won, who came out of the radio booth, yelled. The radio program staff outside the booth burst into laughter. Oh Baek Ho then stopped Kim Won.

While two songs played in a row, the DJ also came out of the booth to see KK off. He said to them that it’s their first time meeting, but he was excited to meet them and that he hoped they’d come on his program often.

The writer who was next to him also stepped up and praised KK.

“It’s unfortunate our time was so short. Next time, I’ll make it a full time corner so please come again.”

Oh Baek Ho gave his business smile and said all he had to do was invite them. The members also bowed their heads and thanked him.

“By the way, Do Wook. The internet seems to be a mess right now. I was shocked after seeing the video too.”


“Huh? You didn’t know yet? It was uploaded earlier around lunch time.”

The writer asked back when both Oh Baek Ho and the members had a surprised expression. They were preparing like crazy and moving around so they even had to eat their meal in the car. It was obvious that they didn’t have time to go on the internet.

It was when the writer searched on his phone and was about to show them the video.

Oh Baek Ho’s phone rang. It was Sul Lae Im’s manager. There was no reason to call each other since the special MC was over.

Oh Baek Ho wondered what was going on, excused himself, and answered the phone right away.

While he briefly went out to the hallway to take his call, the radio writer showed them on his phone the video of Do Wook that was making headlines on the Internet.

It was a video of yesterday’s on site accident during the Life Song live broadcast.

The image quality wasn’t very clear since it was a video taken on a basic cell phone camera. The shaking was also very severe, probably because it was secretly taken in an area where personal filming was not allowed.

It wasn’t quite right to call it ‘Do Wook’s video’. The person who filmed and uploaded the video was Gae Na Ri’s fan. Because of that, the camera’s focus was on Gae Na Ri. Do Wook and Sul Lae Im just happened to be caught to the left of it.

However, it still captured everything perfectly: the moment the stage collapsed, the scene of Do Wook grabbing Sul Lae Im’s hand and pulling her out, Sul Lae Im avoiding falling under the stage thanks to his help and barely calming down, and the surprised expressions of the other singers who were nearby, including Gae Na Ri.

Gae Na Ri, who until right before was smiling happily and greeting her fans that were below the stage, was pale and her expression was hardened.

“It almost became a much bigger accident.”

“Ah…Kind of.”

Do Wook laughed awkwardly at the writer’s comment and replied. The DJ, who was next to them, said he wanted to get a better look. He then took the phone and replayed the video.

“Oh, it’s true? That you saved Sul Lae Im? It’s like you’re the main character of that movie, Love and War?”


“It’s probably Love and Soul. Also, I think you’re thinking of a bodyguard…”

“That’s right! Bodyguard!”

When the DJ, who was famous for showing his ignorance by saying the wrong thing, began to speak, the writer corrected the story while thinking he was ridiculous. The KK members were about to burst out in laughter, but they had to contain it as they couldn’t laugh at the DJ, who was a veteran.

Thankfully, Oh Baek Ho came back after finishing his call. The KK members then said goodbye to the DJ and the staff and left the studio.

Once they returned to the car, Oh Baek Ho asked what the video that the writer had mentioned earlier was. Jung Yoon Ki, who was sitting in the passenger seat, explained about the video. Oh Baek Ho then checked the content on his phone.

Among the messages Oh Baek Ho wasn’t able to check, there was a link that RDT Ahn Young Mi had sent him. When he clicked the link, the community page comment, which was the original source of the video, came up.

[Title : Life Song Accident Do Wook Saves Sul Lae Im (I am Gae Na Ri’s fan and am posting this because it’s unfair)]

I secretly filmed it because I wanted to keep it, but I’m posting it because it’s unfair.

Anyone who was on site that day would know.

The stage floor collapsed and something bad almost happened.

Kang Do Wook saved Sul Lae Im. Sul Lae Im fans should bow down to Kang Do Wook.

The reason I’m posting this video is because, as you know, Na Ri nuna* was getting criticized.
(TL Note: nuna is used by guys when referring to an older female)

Does she have a gloomy expression because she didn’t get first place or is it because she was shocked? Please decide after watching the video.

+Life Song stop messing around and apologize.

The comment on the post had over a thousand replies.

Gae Na Ri fans were a given, but it became a place where Sul Lae Im and KK fans and also fans of the various cast that appeared on Life Song gathered.

Criticism towards Life Song poured out for not equipping the stage properly. There were even people saying, “Isn’t this ignoring safety?”. The biggest complaints were from Sul Lae Im’s fans saying what if she had really fallen…..

There were also many comments that said Gae Na Ri was misunderstood for no reason. It was worth it for the person to make the post.

There were also praises pouring out towards Do Wook for handling it well and quickly. Among the comments, there were even screen shots of the post Do Wook uploaded to the fan cafe in the morning.

There were also posts pouring out with Do Wook’s name as the title on the community post.

Among the post, a GIF was made of only the part where Do Wook pulled Sul Lae Im with his hands. The post it was attached to was very popular, second only to the video post.

Comments like, ‘Your body movement doesn’t seem ordinary”, “I feel bad saying this about a scene of an accident but you’re too nervous”, “Sul Lae Im must have been nervous”, “You’re such a man!”.

It was a heated response in various ways.

“Gentleman baby~!”

Kim Won, who was reading the post with them from the back, exclaimed.

When they went into the portal site and checked the articles, there were massive amounts of articles about Life Song’s apology and Do Wook. Furthermore, there was a lot of positive talk about KK.

‘I didn’t intend for it to go this far, but the issue was handled well currently and even our image is good. It’d be nice if it continued to be this way…’

Do Wook thought as he read the article.

Life Song’s side saw it already and distributed a press release that they’d take responsibility for their carelessness and apologized to Sul Lae Im and the former cast once again.

The Life Song production team was trying hard to make the issue of the accident go away quickly in any way possible. Therefore, they didn’t cause problems for the person who uploaded the video. They didn’t want to make any unnecessary scandal. It was a relief.

“Everyone uses the internet on their phones these days so they all find out immediately. We’re the only ones who found out too late…”

Ahn Hyung Seo muttered, wanting Oh Baek Ho to hear, but Oh Baek Ho started the car without even pretending to listen.

“Hyung! Are you listening?! I said are you listening~?”

“Ahn Hyung Seo, are you messing with me?”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who was being loud, closed his mouth at Oh Baek Ho’s words. He had gotten comfortable and would joke around, but he still quickly became disheartened if Oh Baek Ho frowned.

“Oh, Do Wook. While you have the phone out, find Sul Lae Im’s manager from the call history and give him a call.”

“A call?”

“Yes. Ms. Sul Lae Im felt that she wasn’t able to properly thank you because she was too shocked at the time. She says she wants to give you a proper thank you.”

“She doesn’t have to…”

“You have to consider the thankful person’s feelings too. Give her a call.”

Do Wook nodded his head and pressed the call button.

“You’re calling her?!”

Ahn Hyung Seo’s face got bright red out of embarrassment when he wasn’t even the one talking with Sul Lae Im.

“What to do? Put me on the phone too. Let me ask how she’s doing.”

Oh Baek Ho warned Ahn Hyung Seo again, who was making a fuss.

“Hyung Seo, you’re being cheeky.”

“Ah…I can’t believe he’s on the phone with Sul Lae Im one on one…”

However, contrary to Ahn Hyung Seo’s uproar or expectations, the call finished blandly after just two sentences were exchanged; ‘Thank you’ and ‘It’s ok’.


The members, who had returned to the HIT Entertainment building, started rehearsal again.

They had a cable music broadcast tomorrow, and they were the first place nominees again on Life Song.

Being first place on the real time music chart, the album sales were increasing day after day. The fan cafe subscribers were increasing by the thousands as well. It meant there were no problems for internet voting or live broadcast text voting.

If it stayed this way, they were sure to get first place for 2 consecutive weeks. However, it didn’t mean that they could be lazy about rehearsing.

It was true that there were no major singers that could be first place this week. Even so, next week was the week when a mid-level female singer known as a powerhouse in music was making a comeback.

Winning first place two weeks in a row was already a big dream for rookies who just debuted, but they couldn’t settle there.

Oh Baek Ho gathered the members, who were drenched in sweat, rehearsing even after completing their radio appearance.

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