When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 23: Rising Sun (3)

“10th place.”

The music ranking rose to 10th place over the span of a day. They were speechless for a brief moment, then everyone applauded Yong Soo Chul.

“Don’t get too excited, everyone. This is just the beginning.”

RDT Team Leader Im Sung Ahn said as she cleaned up the area. Her words were out of concern and encouragement rather than with the intention of breaking the upbeat vibe.

Everyone knew that’s what she meant and genuinely took her words to heart.

Do Wook assessed the path going forward.

‘10th place. I’m looking forward to sales of the album that will be released tomorrow.’

As MP3 players were trending and music file sites started to appear, CD sales didn’t have the same prestige as before.

It was even safe to say that there were barely any people who actually listened to albums these days now that there were smartphones.

Nevertheless, CD sales were meaningful because it was practical in demonstrating the size of the fandom.

Also, CD sale revenues, unlike music files where the distributor got most of the profits, were financially meaningful because it was the system that had the largest investment returns for copyright holders.

“First of all, we’ll be going around to all the music shows in the broadcast company this week…We have to distribute autographed CDs, so be ready to sign tomorrow.”

The members’ jaws dropped when he mentioned autographs. Park Tae Hyung was visibly flustered.

“Is it because you don’t have a signature?”

Do Wook asked Park Tae Hyung, who was frozen. When he responded ‘yes’, Ahn Hyung Seo confidently said that making a signature was quick and to leave it to him. Other members had already made signatures while they were living the trainee life.

Come to think of it, Do Wook also didn’t have a signature yet. When he thought of making a signature, he somewhat started to feel like he became a celebrity.

“You all familiarized yourselves with the lines for the team introduction and album introduction that we distributed, right?”

The members flinched and nodded their heads to Team Leader Im’s question, who was being mindful of future appearances in radio and entertainment programs, etc.

“KK is an abbreviation for King’s Key… A boy hip-hop group that is leading the generation…They are also an artist group that actively participates in the album production…”

Jung Yoon Ki, who was in charge of lines regarding introducing the overall team vibe and team name etc, muttered compulsively.

“Producer Brave Only Child composed…”

Ahn Hyung Seo, who was in charge of introducing the title song, also recited the lines he memorized like a vending machine. The two of them were only able to stop memorizing the lines once the team leaders and Manager Oh were satisfied.

It was time to clean up the area and leave the rehearsal hall. Team Leader Shim Jun called Do Wook privately.

“Do Wook, can I talk to you for a second?”

“You mean me?”

“Yes. Let’s go up to PD Yong’s studio together and talk.”

As Do Wook looked around, Manager Oh was already leaving with the other members as if he already knew the situation. The other members, who didn’t know the reason, looked curious.

‘What’s going on?’

There was nothing that particularly happened recently so it couldn’t be something bad, but he was still curious what was going on. As they watched Do Wook follow Team Leader Shim to somewhere else, the members felt curious as well as anxious.


Three people entered what was originally a public studio for the company, but was now Yong Soo Chul’s personal studio.

And in the room was Kwon Ji Hyung, a member of Monster.

Kwon Ji Hyung was wearing a yellow hoodie with the hood over his head, sitting cross-legged on the studio sofa. When he saw the three people come in, he stood up from his seat.

‘Why is Kwon Ji Hyung here?’

Do Wook politely greeted his sunbae* Kwon Ji Hyung out of reflex. Despite being in the same agency, Monster finished their album events and was on break, so it was their first time meeting in the office face to face.
(TL note: sunbae is the tern used for someone more senior/experienced)

“It’s the first time you guys are meeting, right? As you know, this is Ji Hyung, a member of Monster.”

At Team Leader Shim’s introduction, Do Wook properly greeted Kwon Ji Hyung again.


“Are you that famous rookie? You’re handsome, as I’ve heard.”


Kwon Ji Hyung said and smirked. Team Leader Shim laughed as he introduced Do Wook.

“It’s because I’ve been bragging about you so much. This is KK’s Do Wook.”

Monster was mid-aged* in the idol world and had already released four albums. Kwon Ji Hyung: age 25. He was young, but for an idol, it wasn’t a particularly young age.
(TL note: Not “middle aged”, as in old. Mid-aged as in the age of the members were in the middle range among idols)

Do Wook grabbed the hand that Kwon Ji Hyung playfully held out. Team Leader Shim led the two of them, who were shaking hands, to the seat.

Kwon Ji Hyung and Do Wook sat side by side, while Yong Soo Chul and Team Leader Shim Jun sat across from them.

“PD Yong has been preparing Monster’s 5th album recently.”

Do Wook finally knew why Kwon Ji Hyung came to Yong Soo Chul’s studio after Team Leader Shim’s explanation. Actually, as Monster’s leader, Kwon Ji Hyung was the one member of Monster who was talented in composing.

“The song Ji Hyung wrote will be a track in the album. Although, the PD will probably do the arrangement.

“Ahh…Is that so? That’s impressive.”

Do Wook sincerely complimented Kwon Ji Hyung.

“It’s nothing. I heard you know how to compose too. PD Yong complimented you.”

Kwon Ji Hyung said, his eyes shining like he was intrigued. He knew Do Wook’s age. He was barely 19 now. He thought about when he was 19. Back then, he was busy preparing for his debut, and when he was active, he was busy with events. He only got interested in composing after finishing the events for the 3rd album.

It’s easy to be distracted by flashy things at 19. Ultimately, as a musician, there was no field that only does composition. Kwon Ji Hyung felt it was interesting and amazing that Do Wook was interested in composition, a field that’s not in the public eye.

“It’s embarrassing to say I know how to do it. I’m barely a novice that’s still learning.”

“Beginner? you’ve already written a song. You have great sense, Do Wook, so you’ll learn it even faster.”

Yong Soo Chul stepped up and encouraged Do Wook in response to his humble reply.

There was a practice song he had written as he was learning from Kim Soom. When he played it for her, she was extremely surprised and said that it’s better than most new composers’ songs. However, Do Wook thought it still fell short.

Therefore, to get some advice, he emailed Yong Soo Chul the song he composed even though he was busy. He did not get any significant feedback on that email so he thought Yong Soo Chul was either too busy or it wasn’t good enough to really comment on. He didn’t know Yong Soo Chul would bring it up like this.

Do Wook tried to shake his head, but Team Leader Shim Jun interjected,

“Yes. That’s why I called you, Do Wook. Won’t it be hard for you to learn composition outside now that you’ll be busy with events?”

“Ahh…That’s definitely true.”

Do Wook had been concerned about that anyways. It would be hard to take time out of his schedule to take separate lessons while he’s active.

“What do you think about working on a project together with PD Yong? You can also learn more composing at the same time.”

Do Wook alternated between looking at Team Leader Shim and PD Yong Soo Chul, not knowing how to respond. Kwon Ji Hyung whistled.

“Won’t I get in the way?”

“Well…I never formally learned either so I won’t be able to teach you. I don’t think it’d be bad to just try it together as we talk…”

Yong Soo Chul muttered, somehow looking embarrassed. It was a hesitant tone that didn’t match his large figure.

Yong Soo Chul, who had only worked alone so far, truly enjoyed talking about how Do Wook gave him the idea for the song and sharing their inspirations regarding the song. Because of that, he eagerly came forward first when he heard that Team Leader Shim was thinking of assigning a composition teacher to Do Wook.

Additionally, Yong Soo Chul was the person who told Team Leader Shim that Do Wook was not simply interested in composing, but also had the talent to actually compose songs.

“I’m honored.”

Like that, Do Wook ended up composing songs together with PD Yong Soo Chul when he had free time during his activities.

Yong Soo Chul and Kwon Ji Hyung decided to work on the rest of the project, and Do Wook left the studio with Team Leader Shim.

Only after getting in the elevator did Do Wook sigh at the belated realization.

“What’s wrong?”

Team Leader Shim Jun wondered and Do Wook politely replied that it’s nothing. It really was nothing serious.

‘I should have gotten Kwon Ji Hyung’s autograph.’

It was because he remembered his cousin Kang Seo Hyun too late. However, they will probably occasionally meet at PD Yong Soo Chul’s studio anyways. Do Wook felt he was someone he’d run into for various reasons.

“Ah, Team Leader Shim. I have something I want to ask you.”

Do Wook stopped Team Leader Shim Jun as they got off the elevator. Team Leader Shim Jun willingly replied that he could ask anything.

“I was wondering if it’d be possible to make cheering tools or something.”

“·······Cheering tools?”


It was a thought he had after seeing the fans supporting KK during the debut performance today. Until now, the individual fans only held different colored balloons corresponding to their team or waved disposable glow sticks as cheering tools. Personally-made placards and banners were also used during a performance a lot, but they weren’t cheering tools that gave a sense of unity since they were all different.

‘If you make cheering tools that are exclusive to KK, fans who like KK will become special. It’ll feel like a privilege…’

If they manufactured and distributed premium cheering tools directly made by the company, the fans could feel like they owned a special item different from the other fandoms within the fandom world instead of a balloon or disposable glow sticks that could only be used once.

‘That will have a positive impact on improving KK’s image…’

That’s not all. When he was in the PR department, one of the big businesses in the department was, in fact, the “goods” business. Manufacturing cheering tools would be the start of that business.

“I’m not sure. That’s up to Fan-Marketing. The color of the balloon isn’t even decided yet. You’re already thinking about cheering tools on your first day of debuting? Good, good. Futuristic ideas like that!”

Team Leader Shim Jun, who already only had positive interpretations when it came to Do Wook, tapped his shoulder.

“On that topic, I had an idea. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to tell you about it later.”

“Well, we’re opening a fan café and I’ll have to meet with that team’s manager during that process anyways. I’ll tell the team leader of the Fan-Marketing Team ahead of time as well.”

“Ah, If you could do that, I’d appreciate it.”

“No need to thank me.”

Team Leader Shim Jun smiled at Do Wook, surprised once again by his unimaginably deep thoughts.

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