When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 111: Beautiful Person (2)

The previous day, with the sound file for Do Wook’s solo album’s first title song ‘Please Don’t Go’ already released, it topped the charts and foretold a ‘Kang Do Wook craze’.

‘Is this how…singing a song alone feels?”

Do Wook was standing on the stage alone.

He had always been with the members when he was on stage, so it was his first time feeling this kind of emotion.

The stage seemed so big. Whether he looked left or right, there was nobody.

Do Wook looked straight ahead. During KK events, they were able to easily gather about 300-400 people in the auditorium. Do Wook was a little nervous about how many fans would come today.

In front of Do Wook, there were many fans holding the Key Ring cheering sticks. Even though it was just Do Wook’s personal fans, the auditorium was packed.

Initially, KVS Music Broadcast expected about a hundred or so, but the number of people had increased by a lot because so many fans had gathered.

Doing the solo debut performance on KVS was one of Director Jo Myung Gook’s conditions.

It was a condition that came to be once they realized it’d be impossible for Do Wook to appear on ‘Camping 48 Hours’ because he was preparing for his solo. Do Wook felt the need to continue to maintain a good relationship with Director Jo Myung Gook. Director Jo Myung Gook seemed like an impulsive and easygoing person, but he used that image to to get things done.

It was Director Jo Myung Gook who openly said that now that Suk Ji Hoon, a KK member, was selected as a regular cast member of KVS entertainment show, they should establish a friendly relationship with KK and HIT Entertainment moving forward.

Considering that various broadcast stations like MVS or newspaper agencies had a partnership with Ara Entertainment, Do Wook had no reason to refuse unless it was an unfair or illegal relationship.

‘Those people are all here for me…’

When he saw his fans, who were looking only at him with a gleam in their eyes, he felt kind of emotional. He had various passing thoughts.

‘I, who used to only sing in my mind in the corner of a smelly bathroom, have changed so much to the point that I’m singing solo in a place like this.’

He was using the body of ‘Kang Do Wook’, but Do Wook* was now completely Do Wook.
(TL Note: Bo Myung who is now Do Wook)

Do Wook’s personality changed ‘Kang Do Wook’’s body too. He was giving off a completely different vibe from in the past.

Even though he was standing alone on stage, Do Wook had an aura that seemed to fill the stage. Overwhelmed by Do Wook, who stood still and stared straight ahead, the audience waited for Do Wook’s song to begin.

After a brief silence, the sound of the piano keys began to flow out.

The sound of the piano cut through the silence almost like a rippling wind on a calm lake.

Even though the fans had already heard the released sound file before coming, once the song started, it strongly resonated with them as if they were listening to it for the first time.

Do Wook’s voice was incredibly desperate.

How can you leave me like this

In the beautiful memories, I’m standing here all alone

Don’t go, don’t go, please―

With the addition of exact pitch and appropriate technique, the song clearly conveyed what it was trying to convey.

As the pitch got higher and the emotion became deeper, the fans in the auditorium felt overpowering emotions, cheering for Do Wook but holding their breath at the same time to better hear Do Wook’s voice.

It was as if Do Wook was singing the song to himself. The feeling of loneliness was conveyed so well.

Some of the more emotional girls were already teary-eyed.

“Why is it so sad….?”

The fan muttered, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, as the song headed to the end. The friend next to her handed her crying friend a tissue.

“Hey…why are you crying…?”

Even the friend doing the consoling was in a similar state. Her voice trembled.

Do Wook was a singer who was always dazzling in the spotlight, but it felt like he also seemed like ‘just another person’ who also went through loneliness and hurt just like they did.

It was sad but kind of comforting at the same time.

“Is this really live?”

Another side was wondering if it truly was live. The song, which was melting people’s hearts, didn’t have any sounds of him breathing mixed in. It sounded exactly like a CD.

“Of course, it’s live. By the way, Do Wook looks like he’s in peak condition today. His appearance as well as his song.”

“Is there ever a time he’s not in a good condition?”

“That’s true. There isn’t.”

People who started talking, thinking the performance was over, were completely surprised and looked at the stage.

Do Wook took off the jacket of the suit he had been wearing and tossed it offstage.

The blue-colored suit that was Do Wook’s stage outfit today was sponsored by Mark Ross, one of the world’s best luxury brands.

Mark Ross Korea had expressed their intention to sponsor Do Wook with not only a suit but also dress shoes and even the accessories he was wearing. From head to toe, he was wearing Mark Ross. Of course there were other designer brand’s products mixed in here and there as well.

It was the styling team of stylist Han Jung Ah, who was Do Wook’s personal event stylist, that asked for the Mark Ross sponsor. The concepts for this active period went very well with the new season’s outfits from Mark Ross.

On top of that, Han Jung Ah came to the conclusion that if it were Do Wook, it would be possible to get a sponsorship from Mark Ross. This was a judgment made after considering the reaction he received during the New York Fashion Week.

The name Mark Ross held brand value, so they didn’t often grant sponsorships to celebrities. He only sponsored big actors with a suit during awards seasons occasionally.

Therefore, they were going to decline Team Leader Han Jung Ah’s request. Even if KK held a fashionista image and Do Wook’s image, unlike other idols, wasn’t exactly weak, it was a hard brand policy to break.

However, after hearing about this situation in Mark Ross Korea, headquarters actively encouraged to go in a new direction and sponsor Do Wook with the new season’s products during his active period.

People at Mark Ross headquarters had seen Do Wook in ‘Bombe’ magazine after getting photographed at the Mark Ross fashion show.

Of course, even if they had money, they couldn’t buy Mark Ross or other brand’s clothing and use it as their stage outfit. However, a sponsorship meant that they were also acknowledged by said brand. It was a different concept.

Wearing a luxury brand that is rarely used on stage like that, Do Wook was more colorful and luxurious than anyone else appearing on today’s KVS music broadcasts.

The white shirt that was revealed when he took off the jacket was also designer brand, but that wasn’t why the fans cheered. They were cheering over Do Wook’s body.

His decently built chest muscles were distinctly visible.

On top of that, when the bass went thump thump and the beat of the new song began, the fans, who were mesmerized, couldn’t help but cheer.


“Do Wook!!!”

“Do Wook! Ahhh―!!!”

‘Please Don’t Go’ wasn’t the only performance Do Wook was going to release in today’s KVS music broadcast.

Do Wook’s new solo album was released in two different versions. On it, there were two title songs. His first solo debut apart from the group and also two title songs. Anyone could see that he had incredible confidence.

The fact that he successfully got Lee Kwon Woo’s project was reason enough to be confident.

The song that Do Wook had prepared aside from the ballad song ‘Please Don’t Go’ was a dance song. Two title songs, a ballad and a dance song. It was also his confidence that he could do any genre well.

And there was a strong foundation for that confidence.

Do Wook started the choreography as he stomped his feet to the rhythm.

Cry, Cry, Don’t cry, darling!

You just need to come here, we’ll run into the wind!

If the dance songs KK had done so far were close to the hip hop genre, Do Wook’s solo dance song ‘Darling” was a song that brought a jazzy vibe to life.

With quick footwork as if tap dancing, Do Wook recited lyrics that seemed to comfort a lover.

It was a live performance where he moved his body quickly, yet it wasn’t shaky. It was to the point that everyone might even suspect that AR was installed.

However, while preparing for this solo dance song, Do Wook was well aware that he had to sing a song that was usually divided among several people by himself.

Even when singing in the same volume, the more you gather your mouth to the center of the microphone when you dance, the better the sound gathers and the sound of your breathing doesn’t get included, and a clear AR-quality sound comes out.

Do Wook endlessly researched and honed even those kinds of techniques.

Hey! (Hey!) Darling! (Darling!)

Take my hand!

At the chorus, fans were singing along as if they were possessed.

Do Wook gave a calm wave as he folded up the sleeves of his white shirt and pretended to check his watch. The choreography to show off masculinity by folding the sleeves was a choreography made with the choreographer’s heart and soul.

Every time Do Wook moved, the cross-shaped silver earrings fluttered. Given wasn’t wearing anything that could be considered tacky, he looked very sophisticated.

When the fluttering silver earrings on his ear shone, Do Wook winked at the camera, ending the two successive performances.





“Crazy…it’s so crazy…”

“Kang Do Wook!”

“Kang Do Wook!”

“Kang Do Wook!”

At the end of the performance, cheers erupted. Even as Do Wook was getting offstage, fans were chanting his name with no signs of stopping.

Do Wook’s whole body was drenched in sweat. Excitement poured over him to the point his toes twitched.

Going back and forth between tension and excitement, Do Wook seemed to be possessed by something.

‘Did…I do ok?”

Heading towards the waiting room, Do Wook briefly looked back. He could see the fans who were shouting his name.

Do Wook, who had poured out all his energy on the stage, was exhausted, but still had a sincerely happy smile.

People were cheering his performance. He could faintly see their happy faces.

‘Thank goodness.’


The response of people who saw Do Wook’s performance on air was explosive.

The second title track “Darling,” which was released at the same time, was also ranked first in the music rankings. After some time passed, Do Wook’s two songs, “Darling” and “Please Don’t Go”, were in a neck-and-neck race for first and second place on the music chart.

Coincidentally, the music chart ranking of the special music Sa Bang Shin Hwa release remained in the top 30, proving that the idol music powerhouse whom no one could catch up to was KK and Do Wook.

It was the perfect example of what the athlete who said, ‘I’m my only rival,’ meant.

Even though the atmosphere of the two songs was completely different, they unified enough to be in one album, so the critics’ reviews were good.

There was a lot of praise for the video of the performance. There were even a lot of people saying that he was good enough to leave KK and do everything on his own.

“Do Wook! Congratulations!”

“I’m proud of you!”

“Do Wook, you were really the best.”

The KK members welcomed Do Wook back when he returned to the waiting room.

Timing it with the end of Do Wook’s performance, the members went to the waiting room and were waiting for Do Wook. They were there to cheer for Do Wook.

“Thank you.”

Do Wook greeted the members one by one. The members were there for him when he was having various concerns, including over releasing the solo album, and helped him like it was their own project.

In reality it was Do Wook who did all the work, but the members’ encouragement was a big support.

Do Wook was truly grateful for the members who supported his success without self-interest. If the members hadn’t been on board, there would have been a lot of obstacles for Do Wook, who was also a KK member, to release a solo album.

Generally, there was bickering amongst members in other groups under these types of situations, but there was no such thing within KK.

“Ah, we can’t miss photos on a day like this! Let’s take a picture! Chul Min, Please take a picture of us.”

At Ahn Hyung Seo’s words, Gu Chul Min accepted the cell phone he was handed.

The members stood in a line. Do Wook was holding the bouquet he received from the members.

“One, two, three!”

Gu Chul Min pressed the button at the count of ‘three’.


The first solo event for this active period, besides music broadcast, was a photo shoot.

Do Wook, who arrived at a studio in Chung Dam Dong, entered the studio by himself while Manager Gu Chul Min parked the car.

The original scheduled time was 3 o’clock, but Do Wook arrived around 2:45 wanting to come early to get ready.

Do Wook, who had been walking up the stairs, stopped walking when he heard the sound of people having a conversation coming from the hallway on the floor above him.

He could hear the conversation between the editor and photographer.

“Kang Do Wook?”

“Yea. I had a jacket shoot with him before. KK was nice and polite. Please write a nice article.”

“Polite my ass.”

“Why…Everyone praises them.”

“That? That’s all an act.”

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