When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 110: Beautiful Person (1)

< New member recruited to ‘Camping 48 Hours’...one of the KK members! First shoot today... >

< KK’s Kang Do Wook to stand alone solo! Teamed up with Lee Kwon Woo! >

< Kang Do Wook...signing with ‘Camping 48 Hours’ on top of doing a solo?! >

< It's a top secret, who is the KK member on ‘Camping 48 Hours’! >

The fan community, which had been quiet after the ‘Blue Sky’ activities ended and KK went on a brief break, quickly became abuzz.

They all went crazy over the two sudden news pieces.

News of Do Wook’s solo album alone was surprising, but Do Wook’s fans couldn’t help but go crazy once they heard that he became a regular on ‘Camping 48 Hours’.

-Do Wook going solo? Make some noise!!!

-Do Wook is going solo after all. It happened faster than expected.

-Can it be the Lee Kwon Woo I’m thinking of? Kang Do Wook is classy

-They always surpass our imagination

-But if it’s Lee Kwon Woo, is it a ballad? I totally can’t wait~~ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Camping 48 Hours! I woke up to this huge news! No matter who it is, I’ll cheer for them!

-It’s an entertainment show so probably Hyung Seo, no? Or is it Won?

-Jung Yoon Ki has a entertainment show personality ㅠㅠ

-Do Wook’s solo;;; He really works without taking a break

-Kang Do Wook. He should change his last name to Colt Do Wook. He really works like a horse.

-Camp 48 is most likely Do Wook too

-My friend’s dad is affiliated with Camp 48 and Do Wook appearing is confirmed. hehe

-Hurr Isn’t going solo and Camping too much?

-I know. I’m really worried that he’ll get sick again ㅠㅠ

-I understand why you’re worried, but appearing on a program like Camp 48 is really good for Do Wook…It’s an opportunity for him to completely become the Star of the Nation

-Even without Camp 48, at Do Wook’s level, isn’t he already well recognized?

-Still, it’s different from Camp 48 recognition…

As soon as they were told the news of Do Wook’s solo album and ‘Camping 48 Hours’, the fan community was overflowing with hundreds of posts a day.

The forum was growing, discussing things like whether or not it was possible for Do Wook to be on ‘Camping 48 hours’ while doing his solo album activities and future KK activities, whether it was even really Do Wook who would be on ‘Camping 48 Hours’ or not, etc.

Because of that, they also rose to first place in the active community ranking among fan communities.

This was what Do Wook wanted from the fans. During his PR days, what Do Wook had done since he was an intern was monitoring fan communities. What he felt back then was that fans liked to speculate on things more than he expected.

They discussed various things, sometimes concentrating more on uncertain facts than on definite facts.

For the fans, who had no issues other than a little war of nerves with Sa Bang Shin Hwa fans, Do Wook determined these kinds of small talking points would help spur the fans’ activities.

It was the same for the public as well. They had a lot of guesses about the KK member who would appear on ‘Camping 48 Hours’, and were talking about it a lot.

The ‘Camping 48 Hours’ team couldn’t help but be surprised at KK’s online popularity.

Admittedly, PD Um Woo Suk was surprised by KK and Do Wook’s popularity, and acknowledged that the Director of the Entertainment Bureau Jo Myung Gook’s view had some merit.

‘It seems like it was a really good idea to follow Director Jo’s insistence to have Kang Do Wook appear as a special guest.’

At the same time, seeing Suk Ji Hoon not even mentioned as KK’s entertainment show member made him satisfied with his choice too.

‘People will be surprised again by the unexpectedness, right? And if Suk Ji Hoon becomes a star, all credits will go to Camping 48 Hours. As long as Suk Ji Hoon does well….’

Do Wook was in the same mindset as PD Um Woo Suk.

Furthermore, as he got linked to ‘Camping 48 Hours’, expectations for his solo album also got higher. The two stories became intertwined as one.

Do Wook thought,

‘Once the first shoot is over, the news will leak out a little no matter how hard we try to keep it a secret…Still, since there are two members, they won’t be certain…’

One week after the first broadcast.

Do Wook’s solo album activities were also scheduled to start around then.


Back at the NanJiDo camping site, site of the ‘Camping 48 Hours’ shoot.

“Ok, I’ll give you 15 minutes to discuss! Please find the new member!”

Jin Won and Lee Suk Geun shook their heads.

“This is like Where’s Waldo…”

“We at least know what Waldo looks like!”

While the two of them bickered, Kim Jae Min started examining one person at a time.

“They’re all in disguises?!”

“That goes without saying!”

Kang Chun Ho gave a dejected laugh at Kim Jae Min stating the obvious. All the cast members earnestly observed each face with a piercing gaze one at a time.

“Do we just need to find the celebrity among them?”

At Jin Won’s words, everyone looked for someone who looked like a celebrity in disguise. However, the disguises were so meticulous that everyone looked unfamiliar and didn’t seem like a celebrity.

“Geez…Did this person disguise their scent too?!”

Everyone laughed even while frowning when Lee Suk Geun, who was standing in front of Do Wook, said that. Do Wook made a gloomy expression like he was actually a street person, bowed his head, and stepped back.

Lee Suk Gun shook his head and remarked that whoever this supporting cast was, was really into it.

At that moment, Jin Won was in front of Suk Ji Hoon.

“Man, I think this person looks kind of handsome even with the disguise.”

“Huh? Good looking?”

When he said that, the cast who were observing other people all gathered in front of Suk Ji Hoon.

Wondering if his identity would be revealed by the cast that gathered in front of him, Suk Ji Hoon’s back began to sweat. However, his expression was calm.

Suk Ji Hoon was also a child actor. He hid his anxiety and acted leisurely by smiling and even waving his hands.

The cast, who had been looking at him intently, thought that maybe it wasn’t him and backed off.

“5 minutes left.”

PD Um Woo Suk’s cold words made the cast shout.

“This is seriously like findin’ a needle in a haystack!”

Flustered, Kang Chun Ho’s dialect came out. Jin Won reasoned with PD Um with a pouting face.

“Shouldn’t you at least give us a hint or something?”

“He’s a singer-turned-celebrity.”

“Celebrity? We already knew that…how is ‘he’s a singer’ a hint right now?! They’re all in disguises!”

“Let’s at least have them talk one at a time!”

Lee Suk Geun suggested it, but the 10 people in disguises started talking all at once as promised. Because all 10 of them were talking at the same time, it was very hard to hear their voices.

The cast went in front of the disguised person that they suspected and focused to try to hear their voice, but it was impossible.


Jin Won yelled loudly. Everyone’s gaze turned towards Jin Won.

“Ah! What the! I found him!!!”

Everyone’s eyes opened wide at what Jin Won said. Jin Won was standing in front of Do Wook.

“Geez! Man, Suk Geun, how can you say that it’s not this person!”

“What, what?! Who is it?!”

Do Wook was bewildered, but hardened his expression. At that moment, PD Um Woo Suk also became rigid. They were actually pretending to be bewildered, since PD Um Woo Suk as well as Do Wook had thought that the cast might at least recognize Do Wook.

Honestly, his features were particularly pronounced, so it was hard to hide with a disguise.

More confident in his answer after looking at the bewildered PD Um, Jin Won grinned.

“It’s KK’s Kang Do Wook!”

“What? Kang Do Wook?!”

When Kang Chun Ho heard that it was Do Wook, he hurried over to in front of Do Wook. He scolded Do Wook for keeping looking down and made him raise his head. Once they started suspecting it was Do Wook, it really was Do Wook. The cast was delighted.

“Then is he your final choice?”

“We’re done choosing!”

The cast were all standing behind Do Wook. Kang Chun Ho shouted, full of conviction.

PD Um Woo Suk, who had briefly paused to build suspense, responded,

“That’s incorrect.”

Nobody could hide their confusion. They were frozen out of shock. Jin Won, who was the first to recover from the shock, was unable to comprehend it at all, so he stepped up and asked Do Wook,

“Huh, that’s really odd. KK’s Kang Do Wook! It is him! I know because I watch television all day at home…! Isn’t it Kang Do Wook?”

Do Wook slowly took off his long-haired wig.

“That’s right. I’m Kang Do Wook.”


The camera director did a close up of Do Wook smiling while answering politely. He still had a coat of charcoal on his face, but Do Wook, who had taken off his wig and relaxed his expression, was “handsomeness” itself even with the charcoal.

That was the part the cast was admiring.

He was handsome to the point that it was strange he wasn’t found out right away. A strangely handsome face that they didn’t find at once. He seemed to be shining through the charcoal.

After being briefly entranced by the beauty, the cast went wild.

“You said it’s a celebrity!”

Smirking, PD Um Woo Suk replied,

“Ok. I’ll introduce the new member.”

Taking off the glasses and wig, Suk Ji Hoon slowly walked towards Do Wook. It wasn’t on the same level as Do Wook, but Suk Ji Hoon also boasted a warm appearance.

The cast looked at Suk Ji Hoon, dumbfounded. Suk Ji Hoon bowed politely. At the same time, he was laughing, not hiding the youngest’s instinct that finds it fun to tease the hyungs.

“Hello. I’m Suk Ji Hoon.”

“This is a scam!”

“There’s two of them, how are we supposed to guess?!”

“I told you to go with your instincts.”

“Wow, PD Um is scary…”

After overreacting by doing things like wrapping his shoulders and rubbing them saying he had goosebumps, Kang Chun Ho exchanged greetings with Do Wook and Suk Ji Hoon.

Even as the cast said they were glad to see them, they complained saying, “I have to sleep in a tent because of you.”

“He laughed earlier! I went over to him and he laughed! He’s something else.”

Jin Won vouched for Suk Ji Hoon’s acting skills and the atmosphere on set became even better.

Suk Ji Hoon’s first appearance was a success. He also immediately got the title of ‘Fearsome Youngest.’


Once Suk Ji Hoon’s first recorded part in ‘Camping 48 Hours’ aired, it became a hot topic as expected.

KK fans, who were watching ‘Camping 48 Hours’ with all kinds of curiosity and expectations, were surprised that the regular member was Suk Ji Hoon.

There was a rumor circulating that Suk Ji Hoon was in the photo released after the recording so they thought, “Can it be?”, but they didn’t know it would really be Suk Ji Hoon because he didn’t really have much recognizability and had not done individual activities until now.

Even fans were surprised, so the general audience even more so. In fact, there were many people who did not know who Suk Ji Hoon was, but the episode with Suk Ji Hoon was fun so the voice of concern about whether an idol member would work out quickly faded away.

Suk Ji Hoon got a lot of laughs paying a lot of attention to cleanliness all the time, because he couldn’t get rid of his habit while filming and nagging at the older members in a polite voice.

On top of that, he received a lot of affection from Kang Chun Ho after just one recording by showing he could work well with veteran actors.

Also, the scene where Do Wook said, “That’s right,” as he took off the wig had the record for the most views in that ‘Camping 48 Hours’ episode.

PD Um Woo Suk made the scene more fun by editing a comparison scene from Kim Won Bin’s movie < The Man Next Door > where he shaved his head.

And Do Wook got a new nickname, “The Answer Man.” It was a nickname that came about from the slogan, “Kang Do Wook’s face is truly the answer.”

With Suk Ji Hoon’s successful entertainment show debut behind them, now Do Wook’s solo debut performance was next.

The MC’s introductory remarks started.

Next chapter: The time has finally come. It’s Do Wook solo album performance

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