When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 108: A Song You Sing Alone (4)

He spotted Kim Woo Yeon as soon as he entered. Kim Woo Yeon scolded Do Wook who was greeting him.

“I’m not your teacher anymore, no need for ‘teacher’. It’s embarrassing!”


Kim Woo Yeon frowned when Do Wook laughed.

“It’s really hard to meet up with you! Hey?!”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you often.”

“It’s also a problem if we see each other often. Come in, come in.”

Do Wook followed Kim Woo Yeon into the recording studio.

Inside the recording studio, Lee Kwon Woo, Kim Woo Yeon’s junior singer and a songwriter, was sitting down.

Lee Kwon Woo graduated from a prestigious university as a composition major and debuted as a male duet, making a milestone in Korea’s R&B and ballad with only three albums.

He wasn’t a particularly outstanding vocalist compared to the other member of the duet, so the solo album he released after they separated was not drawing sensational popularity.

However, one by one, he was gathering fans who liked his unique music world, and delicate songs that had the piano arrangement he had composed as its background were still relevant.

His path crossed with Kim Woo Yeon when he did a feature in his album.

“Over here, as you might know, is Do Wook. Here, you probably don’t know, is Lee Kwon Woo.”

At Kim Woo Yeon’s playful introduction, Do Wook quickly lowered his head, a little unsure what to do.

“Hello, sunbae. I really wanted to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you. Haaa…Woo Yeon always puts me down like that…”

After sighing loudly, Lee Kwon Woo continued slowly.

Like the music he made, he spoke very quietly. Still, he was the type to say what he needed to.

“Don’t just stand around like that, let’s sit. Do Wook, you might not know because you’re young, but for oldies like us our legs hurt. “

“Woo Yeon…I’m 5 years younger than you. Stop grouping me with you.”

Grumbling, Lee Kwon Woo sat on the opposite side of the table where Kim Woo Yeon was sitting. Do Wook also sat down at the table and got out the food he had bought.

“There was a cake shop known as a patisserie from France near here, so I bought a few slices…I’m not sure if it’ll be to your liking.”

“But I don’t like sweets,”

Kim Woo Yeon said curtly, shaking his head.

“That’s why I also purposely got the cake they said is the least sweet.”

“It’s still cake.”

“Ha…Thank you for the cake. I really wanted to try the cake from there…it’s difficult because you have to get in line.”

Regardless of whether Kim Woo Yeon liked it or not, Lee Kwon Woo looked at the colorful cake, his eyes shining.

Feeling that it was off to a good start, Do Wook gave a pleasant smile.

Actually, he had heard from Kim Woo Yeon that Lee Kwon Woo liked sweet desserts.

Kim Woo Yeon also knew that Lee Kwon Woo didn’t give a song to just anyone. Therefore, he also knew Do Wook had to gain Lee Kwon Woo’s favor.

When the duet album was released, producers and singers, who knew Lee Kwon Woo would be the composer of superb masterpiece songs that would be remembered in Korean music history for a long time, rushed in like a swarm of bees when Lee Kwon Woo began his career as a composer in earnest.

Lee Kwon Woo, however, did not carelessly hand over his songs. As a composer, Lee Kwon Woo thought much more artistically than commercially.

Therefore, he had no desire to give his song unless it was someone who really suited and loved the song.

You didn’t have to be someone like Do Wook who knew the future to know that there was a pile of ballad masterpieces on Lee Kwon Woo’s computer hard drive that hadn’t seen the light of day. That was a fact anyone involved in the industry easily knew.

Kim Woo Yeon was able to connect with Lee Kwon Woo because the first interaction was not with Lee Kwon Woo the composer, but Lee Kwon Woo the vocalist.

While they worked on a collaboration project, Lee Kwon Woo could feel the marvel of Kim Woo Yeon’s song.

Thus, Lee Kwon Woo proposed to Kim Woo Yeon that he wanted to give him a song. With the song he received at that time, Kim Woo Yeon was able to succeed from his 2nd to his 3rd solo album.

“Hmmm…so you want a song from me.”

Lee Kwon Woo asked straightforwardly as he grabbed a piece of tiramisu, which had a strong chocolate taste, with a disposable fork.


“A dance singer, but doing a ballad…honestly, I’m not sure. Woo Yeon kept pushing me to meet with you…that’s why I’m here.”

“Hey, did I tie you up or something? I just asked to meet with him once, and you said ok.”

“Hurrr…you said you wouldn’t feature on my solo album if I didn’t meet with Do Wook…”

Do Wook chuckled vaguely, scratching around his temple.

“Anyways, he said you’re a pupil he cherishes so….you’re good at singing right?”

“Hey. I told you, I made him who he is!”

Kim Woo Yeon was being overconfident on purpose. Even Lee Kwon Woo wasn’t expecting that Do Wook would be as skilled as Kim Woo Yeon. Kim Woo Yeon was one of the top three vocalists in Korea.

However, Kim Woo Yeon had taught him and he had recommended him, so he had some faith to a certain degree.

“Hmm. Even within ballads, there are many genres…What kind of song do you want to sing?”

Do Wook melted the chocolate on the cake in his mouth and swallowed it before he started speaking.

Do Wook didn’t like sweets either, but since he ate something sweet he felt like his brain cells were more active.

“A sad song. Very sad, but where that sadness becomes a comfort to others, I want to sing a song like that.”

The two peoples’ gazes became deeper at Do Wook’s response.

Lee Kwon Woo’s question was honestly vague. It could be seen as asking about the specific subgenre. However, the answer Do Wook gave was very emotional.

“I’ve told Teacher before, but when I was sad, I got a lot of comfort from the song ‘If it were a dream.’ In that sense…I want to sing a song like that too. If it’s possible.”


Lee Kwon Woo turned towards Do Wook.

“I felt that would be possible if it were your song.”

“I do have a song I wrote with that kind of vibe in mind. With a desperate mood….haaaaa…For now, I’ll have to properly hear you sing.”

Lee Kwon Woo said as he put down his fork. Holding on tightly to the tension that permeated his hands, Do Wook nodded his head.

‘Lee Kwon Woo’s song…I really want to sing it.’

Do Wook genuinely meant what he said to Lee Kwon Woo.

Do Wook now had a small but earnest wish aside from simply wanting to bring down Seo Kang Jun or Director Seo Joong Won.

He wanted to comfort people’s wounded hearts with his songs, give them hope, and make something change.

It’s something you can only do if you have a certain amount of influence.

Do Wook’s solo album was the first step for that.

So, overturning the expectation everyone definitely had that if he released a solo song it’d be a dance song, Do Wook planned on releasing a ballad.

In order to stir people’s hearts, he needed a song from someone like Lee Kwon Woo who wrote songs soaked in emotions.


What Do Wook was thinking of wasn’t just a ballad.

“Then go ahead, sing whatever song you want. I’ll put the MR on for you.”

Lee Kwon Woo spoke to Do Wook, who had entered the recording booth. Behind Lee Kwon Woo, Kim Woo Yeon was watching the two with his arms folded.

It was more nerve-wracking because he was singing in front of his teacher, but Kim Woo Yeon was someone who supported Do Wook, so it also gave him strength.

Do Wook named the pop song that he had prepared for today, the one that had left the deepest impression on him recently.

It was a song called ’Soulmate’ by Tain. It was a song full of a man’s desperation in wanting to find genuine love. The melody line was incredibly strong, and it was a song where vocal skills were important.

Hey, you’re my soulmate―

Outside, there was a short conversation taking place as they watched Do Wook sing.

“Hmm…his tone is good but his technique isn’t perfect like yours.”

“It’ll take him 10 years to be perfect like me.”

Regardless of Lee Kwon Woo’s reaction, Kim Woo Yeon was admiring that Do Wook’s singing skills had improved a lot.

‘He was probably crazy busy but…that Do Wook, he has a relentless side to him.’

There were improved parts that Kim Woo Yeon could recognize since he had seen Do Wook from how his skills were in the beginning up to now. Even in the beginning, Do Wook had followed his hard training without grumbling. Even when he wondered, ‘Would he even be able to keep up until this point?’ Do Wook kept up with it all.

Even after that, his singing skills undeniably progressed because he tried very hard on his own.

‘When he told me he would be doing a solo, I thought he was getting caught up in his popularity and might be doing something stupid…I underestimate that kid too much. Every time.’

Even if he were to say he’d debut as a solo ballad singer immediately, his skills were enough to hold his own. No, he was much better than some current singers.

However, Lee Kwon Woo had previously rejected requests from great ballad singers already. It was hard for even Kim Woo Yeon to say whether Lee Kwon Woo liked him.

“I think that’s enough.”

After the first verse was done, Do Wook took off the headset and came out of the recording studio at Lee Kwon Woo’s instruction.

Do Wook was still immersed in the song he had been singing until a while ago. He was smiling awkwardly, but it showed that he was immersed in the song.

“Whether I have a song that will suit you or not…honestly it’s hard to decide right now.”

“Ah…is that so?”

“Yes. I’ll send you a response as soon as I can.”

Do Wook nodded his head.

In case he couldn’t get Lee Kwon Woo’s song, he had to get another ballad composer’s song.

‘Right now, I’d really like it to be Lee Kwon Woo’s song…’

Do Wook was a little more desperate because he knew that the current vibe of the public matched Lee Kwon Woo very well. If Lee Kwon Woo rejected him, Do Wook had something smart in mind.

‘Although, if he says no, I’ll have no choice but to find a different person…’

After cleaning up the area, Do wook left the recording studio. Do Wook was in the middle of thinking that he should find Kim Woo Yeon and express his thanks somehow.

Lee Kwon Woo, who followed behind Do Wook and exited the studio, called out to him.

“Ummm…Do Wook!”


Do Wook looked back, smiling like he was excited to see him, feeling hopeful.

What Lee Kwon Woo held out to Do Wook was a white paper and a pen.

“I’m very sorry but can you autograph here…”


“Well…my girlfriend is a KK fan. Your fan… I’ve been contemplating it since earlier but I feel like we’ll definitely end up fighting if I don’t get your autograph…”

“Ah! Yes yes. I’ll do it for you. Your girlfriend’s name is…”

Do Wook grabbed the pen as he laughed. Squirming out of embarrassment, Lee Kwon Woo stuttered as he said his girlfriend’s name.

Suddenly, Do Wook thought that he didn’t have to worry about it too much. It was a small request, but he felt Lee Kwon Woo wouldn’t treat him like a complete stranger after getting an autograph from him.


And as expected, Lee Kwon Woo contacted him a few days later.

He sounded like he had given it quite a bit of thought. He said that it actually wasn’t hard for him to decide to give Do Wook a song. The problem was something else.

“Thank you sunbae. Thank you….for saying you’ll give me the song…Thank you so much.”

-No, I’m grateful too. But to be honest, this song, I…haaaa…

Lee Kwon Woo sighing could be heard through the receiver.

‘What kind of song is it that he’s…’

Do Wook, who received Lee Kwon Woo’s call while in the van heading to the final music broadcast performance for ‘Blue Sky’, couldn’t help but be doubtful.

Next chapter: Lee Kwon Woo agrees to give Do Wook a song, but why does he sound uncertain about the song?

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