When I opened my eyes I was a Superstar – Chapter 104: Blue Sky (4)

The day the album teaser was released.

In a way, they should have known that people wouldn’t think of Ji Moon Jae’s ‘Blue Sky’ even though the title of the song was ‘Blue Sky’.

KK members wearing white silk shirts with skinny denim jeans torn around the knees was the embodiment of sophistication.

Furthermore, the album jacket design also used English fonts giving it a very alluring design, so it was difficult to think of it as an album with a remake of an old song.

Therefore, when KK’s stage performance began along with the MC’s introduction, people who were watching the stage were surprised.


“Ji Moon Jae? Who is Ji Moon Jae?”

Among the younger KK fans sitting in the audience, there were even some who didn’t know who Ji Moon Jae was when the MC stated in the intro that they remade a Ji Moon Jae song.

However, after the performance started, people started to think it wasn’t important whose song they had remade.

Furthermore, the song was very good, to the point people started humming along.

Middle-aged people who already knew and liked Ji Moon Jae’s ‘Blue Sky’ immediately felt a huge sense of satisfaction after listening to KK’s version, unlike when they listened to other idols’ songs.

“It’s a classic. It’s still good even now.”

“I know. How did they think of remaking Blue Sky? They have so much courage.”

“Courage? What courage?”

“It’s true. The original song is a classic. It’s easy to get criticized if you mess it up.”

“True. Still, this version is good too. I’m able to sing along to a KK song, I totally feel like I’m getting younger!”

It was a conversation between the staff who were waiting behind the stage carrying the next set for the stage.

On stage, KK was igniting the big performance.

The image of KK, who was dressed in sophisticated clothes and singing a song with lyrics about yelling out for their love into the blue sky, was the embodiment of youth itself.

It was a song that went very well with the clear March weather wherein flowers started to bloom.

I confess to the heavens― that I love you!

I want to show you this blue sky too―

I confess to you― that I love you!

Every time the lyrics “I love you” repeated, the voice of the fans cheering for KK became louder. When Do Wook, who had the chorus part for verse 1, sang the lyrics “I confess to you” and shot finger guns to the front, the audience made a noise, practically fainting.

Even fans who were watching the performance through their TV couldn’t help but yell “kyaaa” at the close up of Do Wook’s face as if they were on site too.

Ahn Hyung Seowas excitedly bouncing around. It was a performance where he could do his signature wink as many times as he wanted. He winked all over the place and even though it was live he did his high part very comfortably.

KK now had lots of performing experience. The flexibility one gets from experience was making KK’s performance even more perfect.

‘Blue Sky’ that Do Wook had reinterpreted was definitely well organized. Like watching a musical, the song clearly stirred emotions, which reached a peak and had a conclusion.

Kim Won decorated the last part splendidly with his English rap.

Like that, KK’s little, more mature 3rd full-length album comeback performance concluded successfully.

It wasn’t until the performance started that articles were released, including about KK remaking Ji Moon Jae’s ‘Blue Sky’.

Articles were going on and on about the broadcast content, opinions, etc. of ‘Return of KK Broadcast’. As the loyalty and sincerity between members and the preparation for the comeback were shown in ‘Return of KK Broadcast’, even people who weren’t fans started to become fond of KK.

Articles about KK’s comeback performance album started pouring out immediately, and people who were reading other articles were enticed to click on them by suggestions.

Entertainment articles were talking about KK all evening.

HIT Entertainment had purposely not released any information about the 3rd album. It was to maximize the publicity effect.

The album promotion article provided details, starting from the reason young Do Wook picked Ji Moon Jae’s ‘Blue Sky’ from the album production stage to the exchanges with Ji Moon Jae.

It also included Ji Moon Jae’s thoughts on it that they had prepared ahead of time.

Ji Moon Jae said “KK is one of the singers that even I am enjoying these days. I didn’t know one of the members was doing the composition and writing the lyrics, I only recently found out. I’m just happy that a young person remembers ’Blue Sky’, a song that I’m particularly fond of. I’m looking forward to how he’ll reinterpret it. We had lots of discussions, and having heard the music he sent over to me I think we can expect great things.”

In reality, Ji Moon Jae didn’t just have phone calls with Do Wook. Ji Moon Jae wanted to meet up and work on the project together with Do Wook.

They only talked on the phone or sent emails, but Do Wook earned Ji Moon Jae’s favor. Do Wook’s music definitely was a great inspiration to Ji Moon Jae too.

Immediately after the performance, the sound file and music video were released.

The music video showed the members driving down the road while singing ‘Blue Sky’. Even just watching the music video was satisfying.

In order to preserve that feeling, the music video was filmed on rooftops, roads, and beaches to capture various scenes of skies. At the time of filming, the weather was colder than now, so the members had to suffer quite a lot.

The members succeeded in pretending to enjoy the brisk air when the camera was on, even though they were shivering from the cold when the camera was off.

-Seo Tae Jun and even Ji Moon Jae, amazing~

-KK, whom even Moon Jae acknowledges T.T

-Kang Do Wook…is a broken character. truth.

-When I saw the video of the hidden camera prank earlier, they all seemed kind. I wish them well. Fighting!

-Looks like it’s another hit haha

-I predict Blue Sky will be a hit this year! I’m excited just listening to it lol

-KK, whom my daughter likes~ I was told this time they made something that I’d like too and it was true~

-The silk looks so soft. It must have been expensive.

-Ji Hoon’s baby skin looks softer than that silk

-Please make sure to watch today’s comeback performance T.T It’s better if you watch it in person T.T

-The MV is a hit too. Everyone’s expressive acting got better lolol

-Kim Won’s English rap is fire

-Who’s the cute guy who winked in the middle?

-It’s Ahn Hyung Seo! Please give Hyung Seo a lot of love (wink)☆

-I’m a mother born in the 60’s and raising a child. I rediscovered what a good song Blue Sky is. It feels like old memories are coming back again. Thank you.

-I should listen to Ji Moon Jae’s original song too. I’m going to listen to Ji Moon Jae’s songs for the first time in a while

-Tomorrow might be the day KK becomes a national band

-No no, today

Do Wook smiled as he looked over the responses.

More than any other albums that came before, Do Wook felt an unwavering confidence that this album would do well.

When ‘Blue Sky’ was completed, even Do Wook had to admit it sounded really good.

He had written songs in his own way until now, but this was the first time he had made such a satisfying song. If he honestly told someone how he felt, it might come across as arrogant, but the truth was that it was good.

It paid off to pour his heart and soul into it.

‘In the end, it’s the song. If a song is good enough to overcome something, the other factors become unimportant.’

In addition, KK also had the individual members’ abilities. The company’s planning power was also set in place. The members couldn’t do anything but succeed.

In the case of ‘Blue Sky’ this time, the power of the original song was huge.

‘I have to be able to write a song this good without it being a remake…’

However, it wasn’t that he absolutely had to write the song himself. If there were a composer who wrote good songs, getting a song from them was fine too. Since Do Wook was also a singer anyways.

Currently, Do Wook knew KK’s style the best, and him doing the composition, lyrics, and production himself also had a huge promotional effect, so it was a good thing.

Do Wook was preoccupied thinking about various things and briefly closed his tired eyes. He was busy looking up various reactions after yesterday’s comeback performance and hadn’t slept properly.

Today was the day they had a KVS music broadcast.

“Hyung Seo, you were winking so much that fans are counting how many times you winked.”

“Oh? Really? They’re able to count it?”

“Yes. They looked at your close-up shots and counted. So please stop winking…”

“Oh, let’s see. 12 times? You mean I only did it 12 times?! Today I promise to do it 20 times!”

Suk Ji Hoon and Ahn Hyung Seo, who were in the back seat, were talking while looking at fans’ Facenote posts on their cell phones. Suk Ji Hoon was trying to tell Ahn Hyung Seo to stop winking, but Ahn Hyung Seo responded he would wink 20 times during performance today, so he sighed and shook his head.

“What, 20 times? You might as well just keep your eyes closed.”

“I know.”

Suk Ji Hoon agreed with Jung Yoon Ki’s scolding.

Paying it no mind, Ahn Hyung Seo was excitedly posting a message on the KK Facenote account that he was going to wink 20 times during today’s performance and to look forward to it.

During that time, the van Gu Chul Min was driving had arrived in front of the KVS main building.

Manager Oh Baek Ho, who was sitting in the passenger seat, yelled after surveying the area.

“We’re here! Be careful getting off. There’s going to be more fans today.”


Since it was a public broadcast station, KVS was more open than other broadcasting stations. Anyone could get as far as the entrance of the main building.

Therefore, on the day of music broadcasts, fans almost completely occupied the space from the parking lot to the entrance, and camped out waiting for singers.

Today, the day of KK’s comeback, almost a record-breaking number of people were waiting to see KK ‘on their way to work’.

Hoping that there would just please be no fans who would pull on their hair, the members quickly got out of the van.

The moment Park Tae Hyung, who was the first to exit, got out of the van, the entrance became loud from the sounds of people frantically yelling out to the members and the sound of camera shutters.


After finishing the KVS music broadcast rehearsal, the KK members ate the support box lunches the fans had sent for lunch, and waited for it to be time for the pre-recording.

KK’s comeback performance today was planned to proceed as a pre-recording. About 400 or so KK fans attended the pre-recording.

Slipping away from the other members who were dozing off in their seats, Do Wook went to the restroom.

“Oh? Kang Do Wook!”

Do Wook, who was on his way to the waiting room, turned around at the sound of someone calling out to him.

The sound was coming from the employee café inside the broadcast station. A man got up from his seat and quickly approached Do Wook.

It was a middle-aged man that he didn’t know at all. Based on his clothes, vibe, and manner of speaking, one thing for sure was that he was affiliated with KVS.

‘Is he a PD? Who is he?’

The middle-aged man was acting overly familiar with Do Wook, who was standing idly because he did not know who this man was.

“Oh man, it’s nice to meet you. You’re KK’s Kang Do Wook right?”

“Yes. I am…”

“I’m an employee here. But that’s not what’s important. Please take a picture with me.”


“My daughter is such a huge fan.”

Normally the right thing would have been to decline the photo, but since he was an employee at the broadcast station word might get out if he declined.

Thankfully he had make-up on so it wasn’t difficult to take a picture.

“I threw away my pride to ask you on behalf of my daughter, please do it for me~”

When the man saw Do Wook hesitate a little, he continued to pressure him. Do Wook said ’yes’ with an awkward expression on his face. He stood next to the man, smiling, and took a picture with the cell phone.


“Ok. Thank you~! I’ll brag to my daughter!”

The man said goodbye and disappeared to the opposite side. It was a little uncomfortable because he was acting too friendly, but it wasn’t too difficult of a request so Do Wook stayed polite, then turned around.

At that moment, another middle-aged man, with a familiar face this time, got up from the café and passed by Do Wook while on the phone.

‘That person is…!’

“Ah, I know. That’s what the department head told me to do. I told him we need young blood. I don’t know. It’s not bad right now either…although the ratings are dropping. If we’re not careful we can just mess up the vibe. We need to be cautious.”

As Do Wook walked in the same direction as the man, he could hear the content of the phone call.

‘Could it be, right now…’

Do Wook realized the content of the phone call he was hearing. His eyes sparkled.

Next chapter: How will these two chance encounters affect KK’s future?

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