Idols Rewind – Chapter 10: The Greatest Singer, Hae-chun Lee

Single Releases.

Usually, established artists would set a release date after considering various factors and promote it with teasers. However, there was no need for us to do that. We just did a live stream for the handful of remaining fans and posted something on our official fan café. 

(T/N: Fan café is an online fan club where fans can share their love for celebrities and even interact with the artists directly.)

Since we weren’t performing on any music shows, our fans didn’t need to prepare anything in advance either. That’s why we proceeded straight to releasing a single as soon as we were confirmed to appear on ‘Yeol’s Music Notebook.’

Our banner didn’t appear on the music sites, nor did it get featured on the main page. We were already aware of this. That was why we had to give an impressive performance on ‘Yeol’s Music Notebook.’

“Please make it more natural and elegant, not too flashy.”

“I got it already. Don’t worry so much, President Kang.”

We decided on the outfit early before going to the salon for hair and makeup. When everything was done, she looked stunningly beautiful.

“President Hae-yeol will help you feel comfortable, so there’s no need to be nervous. Just think of it as singing a short song and chatting with a friendly neighbor.”

“I understand. I’ve been here before, remember?”

“That was as a group, and Jin-ah did most of the talking. This might feel different.”

“It’s fine. I’m not nervous.”


Then, at least drink your water properly. She was trying to drink water without even opening the bottle cap while claiming not to be nervous. Hee-yeon was a bundle of nerves despite her calm demeanor.

We arrived at the broadcasting station and headed to the waiting room. Hee-yeon was up first.

Regardless of the music quality, the lineup was based on debut and popularity. But as long as Hee-yeon didn’t get too nervous, she could be the star of the day, regardless of the lineup.

– Everyone, raise your hand if you’re here as a couple.

Hae-yeol’s voice resonated in the studio, and the audience reacted with excitement. 

The air felt thick. Time flew by quickly, and we were waiting backstage. Hee-yeon kept her mouth shut tight as usual, adjusting her in-ear monitors with a blank expression. She didn’t look nervous on the outside, but I could tell her mind was racing.

“Hee-yeon, remember when we filmed the music video?”


“You remember the emotions you captured back then, right?”


“Bring out those feelings. Right now, you are not Hee-yeon Lee. You are Hae-chun Lee, the singer. Hae-chun plans to give the greatest performance to her audience. You need to draw them in with the emotions of the song. Do you understand?”

“…Not Hee-yeon Lee… Hae-chun Lee… Hae-chun Lee.”

” Hae-chun is the greatest singer. Always confident and never nervous. You need to act like Hae-chun.”

“…Okay, I’ll try.”

Muttering ‘Hae-chun Lee, Hae-chun Lee,’ she received a signal from the staff and went up on stage. She walked confidently towards the center of the stage.

– Wooooh!

The audience clapped and cheered on autopilot. Blue lights focused on her, and the sound of instrumentals began to flow through the studio.

Hee-yeon stood still in the middle of the stage with her eyes closed and head slightly bowed. I could see the staff getting anxious, and the audience tilted their heads or giggled. They probably thought she was too nervous and had frozen.

But the music continued. And when it was her time to sing, she raised her head and brought the mic to her lips.

– Wish Upon A Moon.

I made a wish to the moon.

There’s no way a miracle would happen, but just in case.

It probably won’t happen, but just in case.


“Oh! What is this?”

“Her voice is amazing!”

The staff breathed a sigh of relief, and the audience reacted in an instant.


Hae-yeol was surprised when he heard the song from the assistant director. Before the recording began, he was filled with anticipation. It had been a while since he discovered such a gem.

The group had appeared once before, and although their song was good, it wasn’t particularly memorable. But he felt this song would stay with him for a long time, if not forever.

‘I wonder how she’ll do live.’

From the side, Hae-yeol watched Hee-yeon standing center stage. Was she too nervous? Even though the music started, she stood frozen.

“Ah…” A disappointed sigh escaped his lips. 

But the disappointment was brief.

As she raised her head, her face reminded him of the senior artists he watched in his youth. Then, Hee-yeon brought the mic to her lips and began to sing.

– Wish Upon A Moon.

A shiver spread through his body. This was it. This was the feeling – the something he couldn’t find in modern songs and singers, making him question if he was getting old.

The problem wasn’t with him. How many years had it been since this program started? He had seen countless live performances, but never a gem like this.

From her expressions to her gaze, she captivated her audience. Her voice immersed the entire studio in the song.

– Wish Upon A Moon.

I wished upon a moon.

Today was really hard, too.

I’ll be vulnerable with you.

Would that be okay?

The audience’s reaction was immediate. They smiled at the bright music and gently embraced the emotion conveyed by the lyrics.

– Wish Upon A Moon.

Today, too, I made a wish.

Share some of that radiance with me.

So that our darkness can disperse.

Hae-yeol couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Conflicted between the desire to close his eyes and enjoy the music and the desire to keep watching her, he stayed still, eyes wide open.

Time was short. He wanted to enjoy it for hours, but it was far too short. Only after the song ended did Hae-yeol close his eyes and immerse himself in the lingering sensation.

Just a few seconds. He couldn’t stay like this for long because he had to continue with the show.

Hae-yeol walked to the center of the stage with a face mixed with deep regret and admiration. He sat in the chair the staff brought as Hee-yeon took her seat.

“Hello. Please introduce yourself.”

She stood up again and bowed deeply.

“Hello. I’m the greatest singer, Hae-chun Lee,” Hee-yeon greeted.




“Oh. I’m Hee-yeon Lee of Blue Sherbet.”

With a blank face, she sat down and looked forward, as if nothing had happened. The audience, the staff, and even Hae-yeol all blinked in surprise.

“Uh… So… What?”

The audience started laughing at Hae-yeol’s bewildered reaction. Despite their laughter, Hee-yeon remained still, causing them to burst into laughter again.


“Yes, sunbae.”

“Who did you say is the greatest singer?”

“…That was a mistake.”

“But you just said it.”

“Hae-chun Lee.”

The audience watched the interview with great interest at the friendly-sounding name.

“Who is that person? The greatest singer? Is it… your father or something?”

“No. President Kang told me to do it.”

The audience’s reaction suddenly cooled. Could it be that the president made her say all this?

“He told me to act like the greatest singer Hae-chun Lee because I was nervous,” Hee-yeon continued.

Interest sparked again in the audience, and Hae-yeol was no exception.

“What do you mean by that? We’d love to. Know. One step at a time please.”

Hee-yeon explained, repeating Hyuk’s words verbatim. The audience roared with laughter again. Hae-yeol bent over, chuckling.

“You’re saying… Pft! You’re… So… Pftha!”

Unable to finish his sentence properly due to his characteristic laugh, Hae-yeol eventually calmed down enough to speak to the audience.

“What an interesting personality, right?”



“I had a lot to say about the song and the music. But what’s this? Suddenly, Hae-chun Lee appears! This is cheating! What about my emotions? My lingering feelings, what will I do with them!”

We got lucky.

The audience could have been bored with Hee-yeon’s lack of reaction, but instead, they received her personality positively.

“But to think it was all an act. True musical geniuses would have said, ‘You seem a bit off,’ the moment they heard the music. But I missed that. No, it’s not my fault, everyone. It’s because Hae-chun Lee is so great. The greatest singer, they say!”

“I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.”

Her unexpected apology led to another round of laughter. The atmosphere was excellent, but Hee-yeon’s mind was in chaos. It was so complicated she couldn’t figure out where things went wrong.

“Hee-yeon, you’re so charming! These people have already become fans, including me.”

“Thank you. I’ll do my best.”

“Is that your usual personality?”





Hae-yeol chuckled and said, “Let’s move past the skit and talk music. How was this song created? It’s been a while since I felt such nostalgia. Everyone, I felt…”

Hae-yeol shared his unfiltered thoughts about the song he heard. The audience, familiar with his music critiques, understood how genuine his praise was. They could empathize with him since they also listened to the live performance.

“I met the composer, and he immediately started composing. I sang a few of my favorite songs like the president told me, and the composer created the song right then,” Hee-yeon said.

“Wow! That’s amazing! This song came about like that?”


The audience might not know, but Hae-yeol, as a fellow composer, knew.

“Everyone! This is really incredible! Wow. Of course, other composers and I could do this, but creating something of this quality while matching the vibe of the singer is hard. Maybe I should demonstrate it myself. Everyone, I’m doing this after hearing only one song, so don’t be too disappointed if it’s not great.”

Hae-yeol walked to the piano. The audience cheered loudly, knowing what was coming.

“Hee-yeon, can you come over here? Copy what I sing but in your own voice.”


“If it’s hard, bring out Hae-chun. She’ll do great.”

“Oh, yes.”

Kim PD was beaming with joy. It was an unexpected all-in-one package.

Hae-yeol played the piano and showed off his less-than-ideal singing skills. At the same time, Hee-yeon, or rather Hae-chun, got the feel of it and showcased her talents without reserve.

With the enthusiastic audience’s support, Hee-yeon’s recording time naturally extended. The protagonist of today’s recording was undoubtedly Lee Hee-yeon, the first performer.

“Ah! This is so fun, I’m going crazy! This can’t do. Hee-yeon, let’s work together when your activities are over.”

“I’d be so honored, but I need the president’s permission first.”

“President Kang, what do you say!”

Hae-yeol called out to Hyuk, who was standing next to the stage. Naturally, Hyuk gave him a thumbs up.

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