Light mode changed Updated February 18th

Update 2: People didn’t like the colors so I tried a different dark mode plugin. Better now?

Update: I set the ‘default’ to dark mode and people can use the toggle to turn it into light mode. Is this better?

Trying out a new dark mode plugin so light mode is back. Please let me know your thoughts on this one.


16 Replies to “Light mode changed Updated February 18th”

  1. Alex

    Woah I love the new dark mode, however, In my preference I still prefer the previous one. Nevertheless I am very much thankful and grateful for fixing the light mode and also for updating the tcf and the smthg superstar. Thank you very much po.

  2. Azrage

    I appreciate the option for light mode, but I much preferred the previous dark mode. I’m mostly bothered by the bar at the top that stays white with black text in both modes, but I’m also not a fan of the gold colored sides. Also, if I scroll down further while the next page loads all the parts I scroll to are in white mode.
    If it matters, I’m viewing the site with safari atm.

  3. eros

    Agreed.. I also prefer the previous black mode… the gold sides is too bright …
    The light mode seems a bit strange fo me now because Im used to the black mode now … 😂😂

    Thank you for updating the TCF .. much love to your website..

  4. sanda888

    I feel the current light mode is different from the original one, no?
    Like the color of links is currently light blue and with a light background almost unreadable


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