Grissle – Chapter 3: Farewell

After the death penalty was announced, Grissle barely resisted the urge to break through to the prison and knock her teacher in his head. Why did he have to do this? She genuinely thought he lost his mind. Yet, she still had to remain calm.

In normal circumstances, a murderer would not be allowed any visitors. However, there were too many questions unanswered and unsaid.

If she didn’t look for him, then, what would be the point of having overflowing money?

She was dressed in a dark green dress and had a veil falling over her face, hiding away her unsightly expression. A parasol forever in her hands, blooming like a lonely flower.

No one should be able to recognise her from those alone. The guard just accepted the money without questioning who she was.

Grissle went to find her teacher’s cell after being told where he would be.

She followed the gloomy path with grimy walls, feeling disgusted. The place was damp with little puddles from water leaking through the ceiling. She even heard the squealing and rustling noises of rats. It was a wonder how the criminals were able to live here for a period of time. Her grip on the parasol tightened.

Her teacher didn’t belong here.

She quickened her pace, and finally, she stopped.

It was a dark and dirty cell. She could barely see, if not for the lamps hanging on the wall.

With the light facing her back, she crouched down.

“You’re here?”

Even with the disguise, Thio could still recognise her. She was his best student afterall, and only she would come to such a filthy place just for him.

She scrunched her face in distaste. He looked more haggard than their first meeting.

I could have bailed you.

Bribed the bureau.

Put a scapegoat.

And I wouldn’t feel a twinge of guilt.

Yet when you looked at me with those resolute eyes, I couldn’t do it. It was a choice you made.

“Can I at least be there for your conclusion?”
‘Please agree. If you don’t, I’ll set the town ablaze.’

She accepted the fact that she couldn’t bring her teacher out. Even so, there was a heavy, suffocating feeling in her heart.

The people were burning with rage, crude language filling her ears. They hated, despised and resented Thio, the one who stole dozens of lives.

“He should be burned alive!”


“Tear him apart!”

Their words, laced with malice and hate.

Among the people that yelled, screamed and cheered, there stood her, the only one who knew the truth. She gritted her teeth.

‘It can’t just end like this.’

For a moment, her ideals and rationality countered each other.

Shoving the crowd apart, she paved a way for herself.

Drinks spilt on her clothes.

Even though she wanted to destroy every single one of them, raze the bureau who took away Thio, she held back.

So that his legacy would not end with her.

She inched closer to Thio, closer and closer until—

She could no longer go forward. She was the second closest to him.

Even though she wanted to be the closest to him.

Even though she wanted to be by his side the day he passed on.

Why was it the executioner that accompanied him?

Thio’s eyes wandered around the crowd. His head remained upright, his gaze bright and clear. He knew he did nothing wrong.

Those unwavering eyes held no remorse. The rage in the hearts of those who noticed it bubbled like a fiery volcano on the verge of erupting.

Then, their eyes met.

The intrusive thoughts that poked at her ego dissipated.

Grissle’s black dress dampened by spilt drinks, her reddened eyes— they all stood out.

It was a stark contrast to the vibrant and lively crowd.

She tried to maintain her stoic expression that began to fall apart.

Even while insulted…

Even while rotten foods were thrown at him…

Grissle’s eyes stung, turning redder by the second.

A pain incomparable to the stab in her heart.

In the end, he gave a smile.

A smile just for her.

For her, who was the only one who knew the truth…

For her, the only one who stood by his side until the very end.

“Teacher! What’s your full name?”

A little girl asked.

The teacher opened his lips then hesitated. He grabbed a nearby pen and parchment.


“Mm… could you read it for me too?”

“…Sa, thio, der.” He spoke every word carefully.




End of Part 1

Written and Idea by Rwonn
Edited by Blupi Iris Yohan.

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    ahahhahahahha. so classic! I will follow this book! Thio and Grissle! the name is so beautiful and it appeared in my dream a long time ago! Thanks for the chapter! I’m happy! ^^


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