Cheapskate of the Count’s Family- Chapter 2- Young Master Cheapskate (2)

When he woke up in Cale Henituse’s body, he also regained the memories of this young master of the Count Henituse’s Family. That’s why he was aware of how this person –who used to be such an adorable kid in his childhood– ended up being known as a trash.

He knocked lightly on the bathroom mirror onto his own reflection, as if admonishing the original owner of his body who was no longer here. 

“My God, I have never seen such an idiot in my life.” He dissed the original Cale with no shame whatsoever. “Was it fun damaging your own reputation like that, huuh?” He asked, but of course, the original owner wasn’t here to answer him anymore. 

He couldn’t help but let out a helpless sigh. 

“What a foolish child,” He muttered under his breath.

He stared at the reflection in the mirror that showed a red haired young man of about eighteen with bright brown eyes, unblemished fair skin, and a good physique. 

He didn’t know where the soul of the Original Cale Henituse had disappeared to, and why. He also didn’t know whether he would be able to come back or not…. But there was one thing he could say with certainty.

“If you ever come back and want to take back your body, I will gladly give it back to you,” He vowed.

He didn’t have the habit of ripping off from innocent people, after all. 

Cale walked out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe. He ran his fingers through his damp red hair and halted when he saw Ron waiting for him with a tray in his hands. On the tray was a bottle and a glass. 

“Young Master, here’s your drink.”

Ah, he did ask for a drink earlier, didn’t he?

Nodding at the elderly butler, Cale glanced at the bottle, and did a double take. The label on the bottle showed that it was a well known brand of wine from the Caro Kingdom. While he did not dislike drinking, he did think that alcohol is not suitable for a morning drink. 

That’s why he couldn’t help but blurt out in disbelief. “Alcohol?” 

“Is there any problem, Young Master-nim?” Ron asked with a benevolent smile in his face. 

He opened his mouth to argue, but then closed it back when he realised it was a futile effort. 

Cale Henituse was a trashy young master who drank alcohol and caused a ruckus on a daily basis. In fact, Cale would sometimes even drink expensive alcohol as a hangover drink. He had once even claimed that his day doesn’t go well if he doesn’t drink in the morning.

The corner of his mouth twitched as he remembered the original Cale’s trashy behaviour.

‘That brat has dug pits everywhere for me.’  

“Not at all.” He spoke as he picked up the bottle directly, foregoing the wine glass. After all, he was Cale Henituse now. He should act the part of the trashy young master to the end.

He drank directly from the bottle, not worrying the least about getting high this early in the morning. After all, Cale had a high alcohol tolerance, not to mention that he himself was immune to most poisons and harmful drugs since his powers automatically purified the toxins in his body. 

After emptying half of its contents, he put down the bottle of wine on the cabinet beside his bed. He then gestured to Ron, who called in other servants to help him get dressed for the day.

While the servants flurried around him, doing their task of grooming him up, he licked his lips as he remembered the rich taste of the wine he had a while ago. The flavour was neither overbearing nor dull, suiting his tastes perfectly. The fruity aroma and the slightly fruity tinge to the alcohol was quite memorable too. 

That was a good wine. Expensive too. It was something he wouldn’t be able to afford if he was a poor bastard like before. 

A small smile formed on his face as he thought-

‘Being wealthy is truly the best.’

By the time Cale arrived at the dining room, everyone was already seated and were waiting for him. As the breakfast was served, everyone else tensed as they waited for Cale to throw another tantrum. However, that never happened.

He wasn’t so childish as to cause a scene just because the breakfast wasn’t up to his taste. Also, it’s not like he actually had any complaints with the food. 

‘As expected of a noble family. Even the breakfast they serve is nothing less than a sumptuous feast.’

For someone who had struggled all his life for food and money, even a piece of fresh bread would taste heavenly. To say nothing of these delicacies laid out before him for just breakfast. 

If Glutton was still alive, she would’ve become a blubbering mess at the heavenly taste. She would’ve even revered the Henituse Estate’s chefs as gods simply because they made such a delicious feast.

‘Beacrox deserves a pay raise.’ He thought as he took a bite of the sausage and let out a satisfied hum. ‘This is truly delicious.’ 

Of course, that money will not come out of his pocket. If he personally had to take out his own stash of money to pay the chef for the meal, he’d rather go hungry than eat such an expensive meal.

(Of course, Glutton would’ve protested if she was here. 

But that’s the thing, wasn’t it? She wasn’t here. So he can do whatever he wants.)

His content expression threw his family a bit off, but he cared naught for that. He was too busy gobbling up the food to pay them any mind.

Of course, the best part of this meal –other than the food, of course-was when Deruth Henituse –the father of Cale Henituse and the Lord of this territory– offered him an allowance. He gladly accepted it, of course. After all, who was he to say no to money? Besides, Henituse County was rich. There’s no way a little bit of money would affect its finances anyways.

Shaking the money pouch in his hands, he smiled in satisfaction when he heard the noise of the gold coins made as they clinked against each other. After waking up in the body of Cale Henituse, he sure had known that he was rich now. But the fact didn’t truly dawn on him until he got his hands onto actual money

He juggled the money pouch between his two hands and resisted the urge to grin like a lunatic as he thought,

‘If I had known earlier that I’d wake up as a rich second generation after my death, I’d have happily died sooner!’

You know, Cale had plans. He had a detailed plan on how, when, and where to spend this money. 

But then his abysmal luck struck again –it must be the collective misfortune of his former friends that was rubbed off on him, he was definitely sure it’s their fault somehow!– and his plans derailed from ‘shop to your heart’s content’ to ‘babysit the traumatized descendant of a former friend’.

What a shame, he can’t even enjoy splurging (someone else’s) money with all his heart even after getting reborn as a rich second generation.

How unfair~


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  1. HavenHavenUwU

    Aigoo… such is the fate of the people named “Cale Henituse” it’s a curse more likely… having their plans of “living peacefully and happily” derailed or taking a detour… a verryyyyyyy long detour one at that.

    “You unlucky bastard.”

    And thanks for the chapter~!

  2. sagi

    Omo it’s a series!!!
    can’t wait for the next chapters~

    anway… ‘babysit the traumatized descendant of a former friend’.
    *GASP* WHO IS IT??!!!

  3. Kitsune

    ¿Este es el capítulo que va a salir hoy?
    Como vi en uno de los comentarios, ser Cale Henituse debe ser una maldición, todos quieren una vida tranquila y pacifica…Jaja, vida tranquila y pacifica.

  4. Eternal perspective

    thanks for this

    TL-ssi…… no TL-nim , I have very huge and concerned question about these fanfic chapters.
    The stuff they put here isn’t spoilers?right? plz its not right?
    (1. That choi han or someone close to cale(keyword truamatized) in early chaps was a descendant of those 5 heroes
    2. Original Cale was a good kid but started acting trashy for some reason(and cheapskate thinks the reason is silly))

  5. Red tomato

    Well i don’t think that this fanfic related to the original story so its not spoilers
    And choi han is from another world so most likely not him – also didn’t the super rock said it waited for his freinds descendents but no one show up till cale so how is there descendent from the 5 heros ?
    Anyway love the story its funny
    I hope the cheapstake mange to gather his freinds ancient powers

  6. Abigail

    I bet Cheapskate Young master-nim is gonna want to beat up Venion Stan if they ever meet…… just a random thought~~~


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