A New Sequel Novel, A Willing Abjurer

It’s been a few months since An Unwilling Prince ended. I am happy to confirm that the sequel, A Willing Abjurer, will start being published on Sunday, January 1st and will follow the same weekly Saturday schedule as the previous novel! If you haven’t read An Unwilling Prince, you still have a week to catch up.

Title: A Willing Abjurer

Synopsis: After faking his death and running away from the life of an imperial prince two years ago, Jonathan has chosen to live as a lumberjack. He must take a break from his idyllic cabin life as new adventures, mysteries, and friends knock on his door.

Chapter 1 Sneak Peak

He pulled out a small book, made to fit in a pocket and squinted at the small text as he flipped through. The author of the book only left their initials: H.L. ‘A way to fully bring back the sentient dead, optional contract’ was the title of this page.

“The last person who died here, your grave shall be dug up by your own hands.” He continued to mutter the rest of the lines and then slapped his hand over a small circle. Behind his goggles and scarf, his eyes—including the sclera—were fully black.

About Ren

Writer of An Unwilling Prince. Longtime reader, fanfic writer, artist, and animator. Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/thesilverhunt3r Tumblr: https://anunwillingprince.tumblr.com/

4 Replies to “A New Sequel Novel, A Willing Abjurer”

  1. Lia

    Wahh, I can’t waitt!!!
    I binge read the Unwilling Prince and really loved it! I was kinda sad it ended really fast but then I saw this and was really really excited!
    I hope this will be good too!!!

    1. Luxa Ren Post author

      The sequel is a bit shorter, but I am writing other novels in this series to put up once a year. Currently I plan to have a total of four main characters and six novels (around 30,000 to 70,000 words each), so there will definitely be a lot of stuff for this series.
      <3 glad you enjoyed An Unwilling Prince and hope you enjoy A Willing Abjurer!


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